Work and industry: W020
Old photo W020

The above photo of Askam Brickworks was sent in by Kevin Alexander in August 2008. I almost put it into the "Views and landscapes: Askam" section, but decided that it probably sat more comofrtably in "Work and Industry". It was taken in 1960, only two years after W018. Says Kevin, "the original owner is Richard Collinge, of Furness Brick & Tile Co. Ltd; James Collinge kindly loaned the picture". Thanks to both Kevin and the Collinge family for allowing us to reproduce the photo here for everyone.

W020 with rail track markedIn July 2009, Roy Barnes alerted me to the remains of the light rail track, visible in the foreground of the picture. Roy said, "If you look at W020 closely you can see the railway track for the miniature railway engine that ran from the Brickworks to the Shale pit behind Park Farm". Well, I couldn't see it, so Roy kindly boxed the relevant section of the photo in and sent it to me; I've reproduced it here.