Work and industry: W005
Old photo W005

An extensive system of small railways brought iron ore, flux (limestone) and timber to the furnace. (Date and owner of original photograph unknown.)

In August 2010, Roy Barnes offered the following thoughts:

"The line in the foreground is the Furness Railway branch line to the former Askam Ironworks. More interesting are the bridges. First Bridge is the former mineral (tramway) line to Greenscoe Quary/ Mousel (via Greenhaume). If you look closely at the right-hand side of this bridge ... you will note that the embankment is missing i.e. line is partially demolished. I know from my dad that he walked along this line during the war so the earliest this picture can have been taken is 1939. The Bridge in the rear is the old White Bridge (Different form – it's an arch) so this would bound the latest date for the picture."