Schools and school groups: S009

This detail is from a Deed of Covenant, dated 25 September 1612, between Giles Brownrigg and the tenants of Kirkby Ireleth (meaning, in this context, the village of Ireleth, not the parish). Giles was born in Ireleth but made his fortune as a tailor in London; it was his endowment in 1608 that made the building of ireleth school and the endowment of a teacher possible.

The deed details the teacher's stipend provided by Brownrigg, and the provisions the residents of Ireleth must make in order to maintain the endowment. These provisions included: fencing and enclosing a piece of land, Hobkins Garth, for the use of the master; granting him pasturage for his "nagge" at Moor Close; maintenance of the school house; and "every tenant . . . would once a year provide and deliver at the school one cartload of good peat from Angerton Moss".

The original of this document is held at the Cumbria Records Office, Barrow.