Sport and recreation: R033
Old photo R033

This unusual photo was taken by me, Mark MacLean, some time around 1985 or 1986.

I can't now remember the circumstances that led to Askam Town Silver Band playing in the front yard of our house. From memory, it was a summer evening, maybe late July or early August, and everyone had carted their instruments up the hill. Were they on their way to St Peter's, or the Temps? Either way, for one reason or another they couldn't go to where they were intending to go, and so this impromptu concert took place. They were, of course, absolutely magnificent.

Postscript. In January 2011 I was walking down past the library on my way to Fallowfield Park to watch Askam A play some team whose name I can't remember. The game was called off. How do I know this? Because I bumped into Sandra Broom walking her dog. As we walked back up Ireleth hill, Sandra told me the story of the band's impromptu concert.

Turns out they weren't "on their way" to anywhere. The mini-concerts took place in several different locations in Ireleth and Askam as a "thank you" to those who'd helped support the band through various fundraising efforts that year. At least, that's my understanding of what Sandra tole me. Sandra: if I've got it wrong, I'm sure you'll put me right! (And this email address should be working!)