Sport and recreation: R032
Old photo R032

This series of photos came from Neil Comish, and tell quite a story. As Neil describes it:

In about 1977/78 we [Neil, his father, Fred Comish, and Neil's uncle, Alec Clegg] went to The Lots, Askam, to look at a pigeion loft that was for sale. I think the owner was called Jimmy New; I'm not sure, maybe someone could shine some light on this name. We did end up buying the loft, and returned the following weekend with my dad's wagon and trailer. Luckily the loft was on a bank and made it the same height as the trailer, and with some timbers we manoeuvred it on the trailer, but first we needed some man power so one of us went to The Lots pub [Askam Hotel] and, with the offer of a pint or two, people came to help. Does anyone remember any of this?

Neil provided the photos, above, of those two weekends. The top photo shows the loft after its journey to Wigton, which is where it sits to this very day, still owned by Neil. The two photos below show (left) Neil (aged 13 or 14), his father Fred and his Uncle Alec; and (right) Neil's mam Eunice Comish (nee Walker, who was born in Beach Street, Askam), standing next to the original owner of the loft, Jimmy New.

If anyone does remember that weekend, or has any information on Jimmy New, please email Neil Comish.