Sport and recreation: R020
Old photo R020

Askam Silver Band marching along Duke Street. The event and date is unknown, though the paving and kerbing looks to be very recent.

Note: In February 2011 I received the following email information from Margi Bassnett Burton, from the USA:

"My father George Bassnett was born at 23 Duke Street, Askam in 1913 so I was astonished at the photo of the band walking down Duke Street right past the house he was born in. And I believe that is his mother standing in the doorway and possibly his sister next to her. I am also quite certain the man standing to the right of the doorway is my great-great-grandfather Watson Millican who was a cobbler in Askam after suffering a foot amputation from a mine accident. Even though they are not facially recognizable, there is something about their stance and their physical attributes that makes me certain it is them. The photo must have been taken between 1908 when my grandparents were married and moved in with Watson Millican and 1913 when they moved to Preston."

Thank you for the information, Margi.

Photo courtesy the McMenemy family.