Sport and recreation: R018
Old photo R018

An unknown event, possibly a carnival (the band is present at centre). I originally thought that the location might be Fallowfield Park and, given the ironworks chimney in the background, it must be before 1934.

However, in September 2007 Colin Carter wrote that this photo must be on the Ireleth side of railway line, approximately in the Ireleth Court Road area before Lattimer's garage was built. Colin points out that, at the time, this was recreation ground. If you follow the buildings from right to left ou see: Askam school, a tree, the old Conservative Club, five houses, the next building was Brown's chip shop (at the opposite side of the road where the phone box is now), same side as Vulcan Hotel next the Bondage Store, and finally the Ironworks chimney. The railway line is therefore between the crowds and the buildings.

Thanks for all that info, Colin.