Sport and recreation: R015
Old photo R015

A merry-go-round at a fair at Askam; possibly on Beach Street.

In September 2007, Colin Carter wrote: "This looks to me to be on the ground now occupied by the old people's bungalows on Winnfield Place. I can remember the fair there late 1950s; the reason for my assumption is the houses are facing the fairground, the light patch behind the merry-go-round is the junction to Sharp Street, and the flat roof on the left is the Rankin hall. The fair was moved in the 1960s to the back of Duke Street / Beach Street; I can remember Taylor's Fair parking their old caravans on the bondage site. This was to make way for Winnfield Place. This is also where the whippet races were R010." Thanks, Colin, for all that information.

Date around 1920; photo courtesy of Marjorie and the late Bob Sloane.