Views and landscapes: Askam: A016

Dave Arts, formerly of Askam but now of Blackpool, sent in this photo of the house on the corner of Walker Street and Duddon Road. Dave has unearthed some interesting history about this building. It appears that Walker Street remained un-named for some time, being informally known (and referred to in Censuses) as Co-op Street. After much digging around in Census returns, Dave has found the following:

"The name Co-operative Street is on two of my Great Aunt's birth Certificates; Jessie Ann born at No.8 in 1888 and Edith Maud born at No.8 in 1891 . . . I'm absolutely convinced that the Street which is now Walker Street was once known as Co-op Street . . . Co-op Street was never given an official name by the District Council. I presume it was given this name by the locals through association (i.e the local Co-op was on the corner of a street without a name!)

"On the 1896 O.S. Map every street on the 1891 Census is named except for Co-op Street. The only un-named street is the one which became Walker Street. On the 1906 O.S. Map this unnamed street is now called Walker Street.

"There are of course other details; Co-op Street and Walker Street have the same number of houses. (Nos 16 and 18 were built in 1907 and Nos 20 and 22 were originally part of Sawmill field).

"The theory is also borne out by looking at the building which would have been the Co-op (No.1 Co-op Street). There is evidence that this building had a doorway on the corner as there is a chamfer on the wall on the corner of Walker Street and Duddon Road, exactly of the dimensions to accommodate a door width.

"I believe that when the Co-op moved, and the building became a dwelling house, the door was moved into Duddon Road, this was desireable for privacy, as the door on the chamfer would have looked directly into the bar of the London Tavern which then also had a door on it's chamfer !!! The Co-op, previously No.1 Co-op Street, becoming 82 Duddon Road.

"There is no 82 Duddon Road in the 1891 Census, but there is in the 1901 Census, just as there is no Walker Street in the 1891 Census but there is in the 1901 Census. For me, this sends out a strong signal and is very intriguing."

Thanks for sharing your results of your research, Dave.