Views and landscapes: Askam: A009

The Bondage Store was as much a landmark of the Askam skyline as the blast furnace chimney, at least until its demolition. Mr Lewis Barnes (via his son, Roy) recalls that Matty Martin who eventually owned the Askam Garage pulled the Bondage Store down using a winch, possibly in 1941.

Mr Barnes (snr) remembers three shops in the Bondage Store: Mr Dixon's hen foods; Mr Ormandy's grocery; and "Snotty" Johnnie Harvey, the hair cutter! This photo is taken from the Vulcan Close side of Duke Street, looking west, possibly from the same piece of waste ground on which the whippet racing and horseshoe throwing depicted on R010 and R011 took place. The small building to the left of the photo was a gents' urinal.