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The message board is a place for people to post queries, notes, news and hellos. If you want people to know about an event, are trying to gather information relating to your ancestors, or are living away from the area and just want to say hello to old friends, send me an email and I'll post it. (Unfortunately I don't have a live site with realtime messaging yet.)

Looking for Boyds
From Peter Boyd of York: "My grandfather was called JAMES HENRY BOYD and he was born in 1877 in Askham (but more likely Dalton). He died in Morecambe in 1948. My Great Granfather was called JAMES BOYD and I think he was Irish. He was born in abt 1845 and he died in the West Riding of Yorks in 1910.

His wife, my Great Grandmother, was called JANE KENDALL & she was born in Dalton in 1854. I believe she died between the 1881 & 1891 censuses. JAMES BOYD met JANE KENDALL when he lodged at the Kendall family home in the 1870's. In the 1891 census the couple lived at 13 Victoria St Dalton & in 1881 in Wakefield St Dalton. JANE KENDALL'S father was called ROBERT KENDALL and he was born in Aldingham nr Ulverston in abt 1807 - he was an iron ore mining captain during his prime. His wife was called SARAH (haven't got maiden name) and she was born in abt 1812 in Kirkby Ireleth Lancs.

The 1841 also shows one JANE KENDALL aged 75yrs living with Robert & Sarah and obviously Robert's widowed mother. It would be wonderful if any of the locals recognise these names from the past! The connection with the area was severed in the early 1900's when the mining industry declined so things might be a little vague! My father told me that JAMES HENRY BOYD played Northern Union Rugby (Rugby League) in the Askham district as a young nman. It would be great to see any old photos with rugby teams in the 1890's."

If anyone has any leads, please email Peter.

Calling all Milburns
From Joan Spencer: "I am trying to find the marriage of my ancestor Robert Edward Mil(l)burn to Hannah Martin. Hannah was born in the Ireleth / Askham in Furness area about 1901 but as Robert was born in 1890 she may have been born earlier. They had a son, also called Robert Edward Milburn, born in 1922 at Bethecar, Colton, Lancs but I don't know if he was their firstborn. Robert Edward senior was a farmer and Hannah was in service but I don't know where. Can anyone help me?" If you can, please email Joan Spencer with information.

Searching for Prestons
Paul Morgan writes: In my family tree I have a family Preston, who come from Ireleth. The earliest i know of is John Preston, he was born about 1775 (according to 1841 census) in Kirkby Ireleth, Lancashire. His wife was Hannah (surname unknown as yet). They had children, Thomas born about 1815, William born about 1819, maybe Hannah born about 1820/21. Betsy born about 1825 and Roger born about 1828 all born in Kirkby Ireleth. The family I am interested in is that of Thomas Preston who married Jane (again surname unknown as yet) and had a daughter Jane born about 1851 in Dalton-in-Furness. Jane (1851) married James Thompson from Cartmel in Lancashire. Jane and James Thompson had a number of children one was called Lena Carter Thompson born in 1878 in Dalton in Furness. After the death of James Thompson, Jane Thompson and her lodger Daniel Quinn moved to Yorkshire. Preston appears to be a popular name in that part of Cumbria. Does anyone know of the descendants of the Preston family or can help by looking in Parish Registers. i would be interested on your message board. You never know your luck. Please email Paul Morgan if you have any leads.

Pub on John Street
Katie Wilson is trying to research the history of two houses on John Street, numbers 32 and 34. Katie believes that the two houses used to be one building and were used as a pub. Does anyone know if this is true? If so, please email Katie Wilson, and CC me if that's okay.

David Arts
David writes from Blackpool with a query regarding his Askam ancestors, one of whom is listed in the 1891 census as living at No8 Co-op Street, Askam. Does anyone know where this is? David noticed that Walker Street is present in the 1901 census but is not in the 1891 census, and wonders whether Co-op Street had its name changed at some point to Walker Street. If anyone has the answer (or even a good theory!) please email David Arts or myself.

Dunnerholme Golf Club Centenary
The year 2005 is the hundredth anniversary of Dunnerholme Golf Club. As part of the centenary celebrations members are seeking photos, pictures, articles and club paraphernalia for an exhibtion. You can email the coordinator, Neil Cook, or visit the club's website for further information.

Geoff Robinson
'My grandmother, nee Gladys Mabel GARTRELL, was born in or around Askam in 1902, and was probably in one of the Schoool pictures on the website ( she preferred to be known as Mabel in later life). My grandmother and grandfather ( Harold ROBINSON) both worked later at Park House, near Furness Abbey, and I have some pictures from my grandmother around that time in the area. MY father was born at Park House in 1929. I bleive that my grandmother's father was Tom GARTRELL, mother Margaret Gartrell. If Gartrells' figure in any of the history you know about, I woudl be interested to hear.'
Contact: Geoff Robinson

Susan Woodrow Fahy
Susan asks, 'Have you ever heard of a butcher shop and the owner was john rigg. or of guard farm? my grandmother was one of 8 children of john rigg. she married a harry woodrow who played for askam's football club in the 1920's. my cousin harry, who just was visiting his mother, doris woodrow last month had given the medal to me. he lives in edmonton, alberta now. i live in charlotte, north carolina. thank you for your time, susan woodrow fahy

Angela O'Neill
Former Askam resident Angela O'Neill wrote, 'Really enjoyed your book on my village! [I was] born Askam, lived there till 1975 before going to University. Mother and her family always lived there!! Any more projects? Maybe develop the Askam web site to include history? Oral interviews??? Best wishes to you anyway. Angela'.