Ireleth and Askam: The history
Mark MacLean's book, A Short History of Ireleth and Askam-in-Furness, is out of print. You can, however, see PDFs of the original book in two different formats:
• a facsimile A5 version
• an A4 version (i.e. two pages per A4 sheet). Choose this second version if you want to print a copy.

The history is also available on-line by clicking on the individual chapter links below. Note that the on-line version differs from the original text. Amendments, corrections and updates have been made on-line and these do not, of course, appear in the original publication.

Chapter One: Background and prehistory

Chapter Two: House and home

Chapter Three: Road and rail

Chapter Four: Industry

Chapter Five: Entertainment

Chapter Six: Schools, churches and chapels

If you see any errors or inconsistencies, have any additional information or would like to see an area of interest followed up, don't hesitate to contact Mark MacLean.