Forum/Bulletin Board
I often receive requests for information through this site, and equally as often don't have the knowledge, background or resources to respond as well as I'd like. A forum was the obvous answer, but that demands a level of expertise that I don't have (or the time and inclination to learn!).

I've created a forum through the Google Groups system. It's a trial at present, just to see whether there is indeed a need for such a forum and, if so, how it might work. If it takes off, then I'll have to bite the bullet and learn MySQL, php and all that blah.

To participate in the forum you'll need to sign up to Google Groups. This involves creating a user name and password. For those who wish to do so, the forum's URL is listed below. Remember that this link takes you away from the Ireleth and Askam history site, and you'll have to navigate back yourself. Also, the forum will only allow you to add or comment on pages if you're using Internet Explorer or Firefox; it won't recognise Safari (very annoying for Mac users).

Go now to Ireleth & Askam history site: Google Groups.