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Maroba Nursing Home has a long and well-established reputation for quality care for older people. Some 50 years in the Aged Care Sector has established Maroba Nursing Home as a place where committed and understanding staff provide a high standard of individual care to meet residents' needs. Maroba has gathered trained staff, which strive to uphold the Christian values and standards of our organisation.

Progressive management strategies combined with "old fashioned friendliness" provide residents with safe, stable and understanding care.

Maroba Nursing Home has 79 beds, divided into three wings, providing a mix of specific and general care needs. The concept of continuous improvement is part of the mission and key values of the organisation and form the basis of care provision by the staff. The facility boasts a dementia specific unit of 14 beds that has its philosophical basis in validation theory. Staff are highly trained in a range of areas dealing with dementia and provide exceptional care for vulnerable persons. This provides an environment that promotes quality of life and increased independence for those with dementia.

Our two areas of general care, Cowan and Lindgren Wings, provide a range of services that provide a focus on enablement and promotion of independence for frail aged residents.

Decision-making and choice is encouraged and acted upon at Maroba Nursing Home. Family contact and support are promoted at Maroba and family and friends are encouraged to be involved in all aspects of care if they choose. Support for families and carers are important parts of creating the family atmosphere that is Maroba Nursing Home.

Open, receptive and understanding staff assist residents to live quality lives. A range of diversional therapy, physiotherapy and occupational therapy programs are available to residents at Maroba. Maroba has extensive spiritual care and pastoral programs, which assist residents to settle as quickly as possible and enjoy ongoing support. Palliative care services are available and staff are trained & experienced in this area.

Acceptance of the individual is the foundation of the care services at Maroba Nursing Home. This guides the staff in their provision of quality care. Such guidance helps staff and residents to develop deep and respectful relationships that move beyond a caring relationship to friendship and mutuality.