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[NOTE for students on the University of Newcastle subject SOCA303 Women, Ecology and Development: This list is provided purely as a resource. We do not necessarily endorse the views of the authors whose works you may find on these pages, although some are discussed in Women, Ecology and Development, and others provide helpful additional material. As with books you might find in a library, use common sense and critical intelligence in evaluating any material you find on the Web.

Please note also that if you use material from the Internet it should be properly referenced. The URL alone is not sufficient. For further information see How To Cite E-Texts. - Geoffrey Samuel and Santi Rozario.]



  1. Women and Development (mainly South Asia)
  2. Development, NGOs
  3. Ecology and Environment, Sustainable Development
  4. Ecofeminism
  5. Specific Authors and Activists
  6. Microcredit
  7. Population Control, Family Planning Etc
  8. World Bank, IMF, etc, and the Protest Movement


1. Women and Development

Women and Development bibliography

Gender Equality at CIDA

WomenWatch (UN Internet Gateway on Advancement and Empowerment of Women)

UNIFEM (United Nations Development Fund for Women)

UNDP Gender in Development site

INSTRAW (UN International Research and Training Institute for the Advancement of Women) (if this link doesn't work, try the old INSTRAW page)

World Bank Policy Research Report Engendering Development

World Bank Working Papers on Gender and Development

Manushi (Indian feminist magazine)

Third World Women at Spoons site

South Asia Women's Network (SAWNET)

Electronic Resources for South Asian Women at SAWNET

Third World Women Site

Another Third World Women Site

Women in Development site

Women and Sustainable Development Resource Guide

Journal of South Asia Women Studies

DAWN: Development Alternatives with Women for a New Era (also see DAWN's publications, some free on-line)

David Magier's Area Studies Links (excluding South Asia)

David Magier's South Asia Links


2. Development, NGOS

Development Gateway (a useful general site - links to large number of documents on many topics)

People-Centred Development Forum (PCDF)

UNRISD On Line (United Institute Research Institute for Social Development - lots of useful reports and documents)

IDS (Institute of Development Studies, Sussex University) - lots of on-line material

CDS (Centre for Development Studies, Bath University)

FAO Sustainable Development Pages

DFID (UK overseas aid department, with link to DFID White Paper)

ODI (Overseas Development Institute)

United Nations Development Programme (UNDP)

International Food Policy Research Institute (IFPRI)

Development Policy Kiosk

Third World NGOs

Action Without Borders

ELDIS (Development Research Archives Database; very useful)


3. Ecology and Environment, Sustainable Development

FAO Sustainable Development pages

International Institute for Sustainable Development (IISD) - also see their Research Library

Livelihoods Connect (DFID's Sustainable Livelihoods page) with index to Key Documents

Sustainable Rural Development Information System (CIESIN/World Bank)

Centre for Human Ecology (Scotland)

Rainforest Information Centre (John Seed)

Nieto and Durbin on Sustainable Development (Society for Philosophy and Technology)

Schumacher College

Sacred Earth Network

Sacred Earth Network Links

Esalen Ecopsychology Conference

Sustainable Livelihoods documents from UNDP siye


4. Ecofeminism

Ecofeminism Bibliography activist-educative hub for ecofeminism

Ecofeminism page from Gloria Orenstein's class

Ecofeminism from erraticimpact's Philosophy Research BAse

Val Plumwood defends ecofeminism


5. Specific Authors and Activists

Vandana Shiva

Vandana Shiva

Interview with Vandana Shiva

Another interview with Vandana Shiva

Shiva on "Bioethics: A Third World Issue"

Profile of Vandana Shiva


Rosi Braidotti

A Conversation with Rosi Braidotti

More Braidotti links

Rosi Braidotti on Cyberfeminism with a Difference


Betsy Hartmann

Vertical Reform or Lateral Solidarity? The Politics of Privilege in the International Women's Heath Movement

Hartmann on green Malthusianism


Gita Sen (DAWN)

UvA Development Lecture Amsterdam 1997 (also see her resume on this site)

On the five-year reviews of the UN conferences: Gender Justice and Economic Justice


Donna Haraway

Hyperlink to Donna Haraway

Donna Haraway links at ANU

Articles on Donna Haraway at WIRED

Donna Haraway and Cyberpunk

Haraway on


6. Microcredit

Grameen Bank site

Another Grameen Bank site

Microcredit Summit site


7. Population Control, Family Planning Etc

Population and Development Bibliography

Population Council


8. World Bank, IMF, etc and the Protest Movement

World Bank site

David Moberg, "Silencing Joseph Stiglitz"

Joseph Stiglitz, "The Insider" (New Republic Online)

Interview with Joseph Stiglitz (1997)

World Development Report 2000/2001: Attacking Poverty

WTO Primer from Z-Mag

ICFTU (International Confederation of Free Trade Unions)

Sydney Independent Media Centre and Melbourne Independent Media Centre (good sites for protest information)

Jubilee 2000 Australia

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