Tantra and Popular Religion in Tibet

Edited by Geoffrey Samuel, Hamish Gregor and Elisabeth Stutchbury


The papers in this collection, with one exception, originated in a session on Tibet and Himalayan Societies held at the Australian Anthropological Society conference at the University of Newcastle, Australia, in August 1988. They provide a significant series of attempts to explore a side of Tibetan religious experience which is of central importance but which has remained on the sideliens of most work on Tibet. By its very nature, the topic crosses boundaries between coonventional disciplines and established approaches. He re it is dealt with from a variety of perspectives, from the literary and textual to the ethnographic and anthropological. This first collection of Tibetan and Himalayan studies from Australia and New Zealand also serves to demonstrate that Australasia is now a significant part of the world Tibetanist community.

Reviews of Tantra and Popular Religion


Introduction Geoffrey Samuel

Vast as the Sky: The Terma Tradition in Modern Tibet Span Hanna

Doha, Vajragiti and Carya Songs David Templeman

When What You See Is Not What You Get : Remarks on theTraditional Tibetan Presentation of Sacred Geography Toni Huber

Ge sar of gLing: Shamanic Power and Popular Religion Geoffrey Samuel

Lama Knows: Religion and Power in Sherpa Society John Draper

'Cham: Ritual as Myth in a Ladakhi Gompa Ana Marko

The Making of Gonpa: Norbu Rinpoche from Kardang and Kunga Rinpoche from Lama Gompa Elisabeth Stutchbury

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Tantra and Popular Religion in Tibet. Edited by Geoffrey Samuel, Hamish Gregor and Elisabeth Stutchbury, International Academy of Indian Culture and Aditya Prakashan, New Delhi, 1994. (ISBN 81-85689-68-7)

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