SOCA2520: Religion and Politics in Contemporary Society


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This course examines religion in contemporary societies, with the emphasis on the impact of religion on the political arena. Topics to be covered will include "fundamentalisms," secularisation processes, new religious movements, globalization, identity politics and the interaction between global and local factors. Case studies includes material from the USA, Egypt, Afghanistan, India, Sri Lanka, Tibet and Latin America, and from Buddhist, Hindu, Muslim and Christian traditions .

Some Preliminary Reading

Harris, I. (ed.) (1999) Buddhism and politics in twentieth-century Asia. London: Pinter.
Marty, M.E. and Appleby, R.S. (eds.) 1991. Fundamentalisms Observed. University of Chicago Press. [This is the first of five volumes from the Chicago Fundamentalisms Project, all of which are in the library -all are worth looking at. If you have trouble finding them in the library catalogue, look under the general title "Fundamentalisms Project"]

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The map of the Islamic world included in the Course Guide Map Supplement can be found at the Monde Diplomatique site. Another more detailed map can be found at the National Geographic site. The map of India can be found at the University of Texas's on-line map library, along with many other useful maps.

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