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NOTE: These links were provided as a resource for students on the University of Newcastle subject GEND202 Religion and Politics in Contemporary Society. I do not necessarily endorse the views of the authors whose works you may find on these pages. They have not been updated recently but may still be of some use.

Please note also that if you use material from the Internet it should be properly referenced. The URL alone is not sufficient. For further information see How To Cite E-Text.

The present version of this page is fairly rough: I hope to tidy it up and add more links later.

Some of the links below have been copied from A GUIDE TO RELIGIOUS STUDIES RESOURCES ON THE INTERNET by John L. Gresham.



  1. Religion - General
  2. Christianity
  3. Women, Gender and Religion
  4. Women's Ordination
  5. Wicca and Paganism
  6. Hinduism


1. Religion - General

General religion site (

Academic Info: Religious Studies and Comparative Religion has a large number of useful links. Among these are the Virtual Religion Index, described as "a tool for students with little time" and as "the best directory for the academic study of religion on the Internet," and and Finding God in Cyberspace: A Guide to Religious Studies Resources on the Internet which is described as providing "a selective listing of the best Internet resources of interest to religious studies scholars and students of religion"

Indology website (UK)

New Religious Movements

American Academy of Religion

The Internet Journal of Religion also incorporates the electronic journal of the British Association for the Study of Religions, Diskus (Journal of Religious Studies)

The ABC's web site is well worth a visit; look for the pages on religious programmes, often with full transcripts available on line.

ABC Radio National religion programmes (lists of past programmes, some transcripts) include Encounter, The Religion Report and The Spirit of Things.

Society for the Scientific Study of Religion

RELIGION & PHILOSOPHY at RICEINFO Comprehensive but unorganized links to all kinds of religious resources

The WWW Virtual Library seems to be rather weak on religion just at the moment, Buddhism aside, but it may be worth checking nonetheless (there used to be more material on it).

The Religion and Spirituality pages at Yahoo are a good organized collection of religion resources.

Wilfrid Laurier University (Waterloo, Canada) Department of Religion and Culture Religious Studies Internet Links

Internet Theology Resources, by School of Theology Major Areas (St Johns’s School of theology)

Internet Theology Resources, Spirituality (St Johns’s School of Theology)


2. Christianity

Roman Catholic Resources

Some links for the Catholic Church in Australia and Oceania

Links from Aquinas Academy, Sydney

Anglicans Online News, information and documents related to Anglican Church of Canada, Church of England and Episcopal Church

Anglican Church League, Sydney

The Anglican Diocese of Newcastle, NSW

Orthodox Christian Homepage Links to Patristic texts, lives of saints, liturgical texts, images of icons, and more.

World Council of Churches Homepage for W.C.C with links to many other denominational web sites.


3. Women, Gender and Religion Links

Some Women, Gender and Religion Links

Academic Info: Religion: Women & Religion (from

Diotima: Women and Gender in the Ancient World

Women and Religion Links

More Links on Women and religion


Bibliography on Women and Religion

Center for Women and Religion, Graduate Theological Union, Berkeley, California

Under Shekhina's Wings: Cross-Cultural Women's Spirituality

Women Active in Buddhism

Yahoo: Religion and Spirituality: Women

Yahoo Feminist Theology


4. Women’s Ordination

Ordination of Catholic Women (Australian group)

San Francisco Bay Catholic Special on Women’s Ordination (with links to various documents)

Catholic Women’s Ordination Links

WATAC (We Are the Australian Church)

Women’s Ordination Conference


5. Wicca and Paganism

Yahoo: Wicca and Witchcraft

An Australian site with more pagan, occult, Wiccan etc links is

Circle Sanctuary

Pagan Web Links (Circle Sanctuary)

Covenant of the Goddess (COGWEB)

Australian Pagan Alliance

Australian Pagan Alliance Links

Reclaiming (Starhawk’s Collective)

Starhawk’s Political Agenda

The Old Religion: Websites on Wicca

Homosexuality and Wicca

Visit CyBitch, home of the CyberWitch.

Some US Pagan Links

LunaSea's Neo-Pagan Links (more mainly US links)

Tristan Forsyth's useful New Religious Movements page has now moved to "". It includes a page on Witchcraft and Wicca with some further links. Forsyth's material is aimed at the HSC curriculum, though, so be warned, it is on the simplistic side - you should not be using it for more than initial orientation.


6. Hinduism

The Hinduism Online site in the USA includes the magazine Hinduism Today - the back issues of this journal are often worth looking at.

Hindu Tantrik Home Page

The Arthur M. Sackler Gallery and Freer Gallery of Art, Smithsonian Institution (The National Museum of Asian Art For the United States). This often has interesting exhibitions on-line - for example, there is currently (July 2000) a detailed guide to Hindu Pujas.

The Hindu Universe

The Indian feminist journal Manushi, edited by Madhu Kishwar, has a number of articles on women and religion on its website. There are also some useful links on this page.

Another site on South Asian women is at

Signposts to Asia and the Pacific: Links: India: Women also has some useful links.

Sawnet (South Asian Women's NETwork) is a forum for those interested in South Asian women's issues. The Sawnet site includes Sawnet, Manushi, Fire, and more, an interesting discussion of the controversy surrounding Deepa Mehta's film Fire.


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