Some Web resources for anthropology and Asian studies

Geoffrey Samuel

This is a basic listing only. I hope to provide a more extensive list of links at a later date.

[NOTE for students in Sociology and Anthropology at the University of Newcastle: This list is provided purely as a resource. I do not necessarily endorse the views of the authors whose works you may find on these pages. As with books you might find in a library, use common sense and critical intelligence in evaluating any material you find on the Web.

Please note also that if you use material from the Internet it should be properly referenced. The URL alone is not sufficient. For further information see How To Cite E-Text].



Australian Anthropological Society

American Anthropological Association

Royal Anthropological Institute (UK)

Association of Social Anthropologists

Royal Anthropological Institute events listing (UK and Europe mainly, some for rest of world)

Anthropology Resources on the Internet (Allen H. Lutins)

Anthronet at University of Virginia

Anthropological Index (published by the Royal Anthropological Institute; covers the periodical collection of the British, Museum Department of Ethnography {Museum of Mankind})

Theoretical Anthropology (Electronic Journal)

Worldwide Email Directory of Anthropologists [also available via FTP]

The Anthropologist in the Field (Hypertext guide to field work, based on work in Papua New Guinea by Dr. Laura Zimmer Tamakoshi)

Bulletin of Information on Computing in Anthropology

The Ur-list of Anthropological Web Resources


Asian Studies

Asian Studies Association of Australia

IIAS (International Institute of Asian Studies, Netherlands)

The IIAS have a good events listing at

Association for Asian Studies (US)

NIAS (Nordic Institute of Asian Studies)

Agenda Asia (Conferences etc - NIAS/IIAS)

South Asia News (UNE) arts/SouthAsiaNet/san.htm

Asia Online Journals

Asian art

BASAS (British Association for South Asian Studies)

David Magier's Area Studies Links (excluding South Asia)

David Magier's South Asia Links (also has an events calendar)

IAS (Institute of Asian Studies) Madras (Chennai)


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