Visions of Port Stephens

Stockton sand dunes at sunrise.

Tomaree from Stephens Peak.

Squatters hut on Stockton Beach.

Fairy penguin, Broughton Island.

Little Kingsley Beach, Tomaree National Park.

Muttonbird on Broughton Island.

Rocky Cauldron, a natural salt water spa near Big Rocky, Tomaree Natoinal Park.

Rainbow Cave, Broughton Island.

Brutus the dog (just for fun).

Dead baby dolphin, Stockton Beach.

Dinghy on the Myall Lakes.

Motorcycles at the Sygna wreck, Stockton Beach.

Broughton Island from the highest point.

Cecilia Cromarty's grave, Soldiers Point.

Fisk kill, Stockton Beach.

Storm over the frontal dunes on Stockton Beach.

Zenith Beach and Stephens Peak From Tomaree.

Aboriginal grinding grooves, Broughton Island.

A temporary film set on Stockton Beach.

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