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The Amigos

'The Amigos' played their last gig on the 29th July 2006.....but out of the ashes a new outfit
has emerged and they are called, with a little touch of mexicana, 'GRINGOS'


THE AMIGOS were started as a duo in 1984 by Greg Douglas and Bruce Jeffrey and have gone through changes and additions to the line up to become a 'smokin' rock band.

THE AMIGOS are one of the most experienced, versatile and exciting Rock bands working the Hunter region. They are a combination of excellent, highly respected musicianship, enormous diversity in material , high energy entertainment, thoroughly professional attitude, and most importantly,

actually deliver what audiences want - not just one sort of audience, but just about every sort of audience - from 18 to 50. Because they have grown up loving the same sort of music as you , they can satisfy just about everyone. An THE AMIGOS show is a "Magical Mystery Tour" of songs - you name it , they probably play it.
THE AMIGOS song list is a trip through some of the best rock music ever written - everything delivered with power and pump- this is not a band for wimps. From 60's classics to 'Cold Chisel', 'Midnight Oil', 'The Angels' and 'AC-DC', 80's greats like 'Bryan Adams' ,' REM' and 'John Mellencamp', 90's icons like 'Hunters and Collectors', 'Offspring',
'Pearl Jam' and 'Metallica' , and the best new stuff from 'Creed', 'Blink 182', 'Green Day', 'Matchbox 20', and heaps more.

With a play list of over 8 hours of music, you'll never get sick of an AMIGOS show. The guys are also now writing and performing their own material, to excellent audience response, in preparation for recording a CD later this year.
So what, you may say?
Don't other bands play that sort of music ?
Very few play such an awesome range of music, and even fewer play it all so well.

THE AMIGOS is not some woosy revival band.

Few bands play with such passion and power, and with the ability to recreate so effectively so many types of music.

" kick serious ass ! "

The reason for this "power and passion" and general all round entertainment value lies in the unique personnel combination in the band - years of experience that have not dulled the excitement, commitment, energy and enthusiasm to get out there and give the punters the best possible show , and the ability to "read" a room and give the audience what they want.


lead vocals, madcap dancing and general tomfoolery - Greg fronted some of the Hunter's top 70's and 80's live and recording bands, including 'Rabbit' and 'Jukebox', and was a founder member of The Amigos when it started as a duo in 1984. He rejoined the band in 1999, after a 4 year break travelling, and is enjoying rocking more than ever. Greg's powerful voice enables him to handle material others wouldn't attempt, and his boundless energy on stage drives the band and draws audiences in, and has them yelling for more.

guitar and vocals : twenty years with Newcastle legends, 'Nodes Levity', and one of the original Amigos. Ian has long been acknowledged by his peers as one of Newcastle's best and most accomplished rock guitarists-the guitarist other guitarists go to watch. This man is no wimp- "He can make his guitar howl and sing". Listen to him play note perfect renditions of great rock guitar solos. When Ian sings 'Ted Mulry' and 'Midnight Oil' songs, people expect to see the original artists on stage.

LEE BROSSMANN : Bass guitar and vocals : This man has been everywhere, with everyone who was ever anyone. Lee was in Newcastle 70's bands 'Mata Hari' and 'Highway' and has toured Australia, the Pacific and the USA with acts like 'Jackson Browne', and top 70's recording bands 'Blackfeather' and 'Feather', while only a teenager. He has also performed on uncounted recording sessions with just about every top name, including 'Marcia Hines', 'Renee Geyer' and untold others. One of the most experienced musicians in Australia, and possessing a set of leather vocal chords, which allow him to belt out great cover versions of material from the 'Doors' to 'Choir Boys' and 'Offspring', as well as sweet harmonies.

MARK WALLACE : Drums. The powerhouse and the ROCK behind The Amigos driving beat, Mark is another of the legends of the Newcastle rock scene. His enthusiasm , high energy and dedication make him one of the most powerful drummers around. Mark has one of the best drum kits and drum sounds you are likely to hear, and his solid beat and versatility are an indispensible contribution to the The Amigos sound. Mark loves to rock, and he makes the audiences love to rock with him.

Lee Brossmann has since left and has been replaced by Kevin Wyatt.

KEVIN WYATT : Bass. Kevin is yet another legend of the local rock music scene, having played in bands from the 60's to the present day. Some of the bands you may remember are; 'The Marshall Brothers Band', 'Avalon', 'The Tributes', 'Lukes Harp', 'Peppermint Brood', 'Apollo' and 'The Orphans'.

CD: Legends (2003)
CD: Hard (2004)