125 Association NSW Division

Membership Application

I/We wish to apply for membership of the 125 Association NSW Division Inc

for the period 1.7.2004 to 30.6.2005





Boat name

Sail No

Amount Paid

Receipt Required Yes/No

Family $50 Senior Members $30 Associate $20 Junior $10

Indemnity:  I/We hereby state as a Family/Senior/Associate/Junior member to abide by the Constitution and Rules of the 125 Association NSW Division Inc. and absolve the members and committee from any liability in case of accident to myself or others


(Parent or Guardian if under 18 years.)
  A recommendation is made by your committee that all members carry boat insurance to cover damage from accident to third parties (Personal and Property).

I would like to receive the "Mainsheet" by




The above information may be submitted by clicking the "submit" button.  The 125 Association is not able to accept payment electronically.  Subscriptions need to be posted or delivered to the Secretary at

29 Maple Avenue
Pennant Hills, NSW, 2120

Please make cheques payable to
"The 125 Association NSW Division"

Privacy policy: 
The 125 Association NSW Division collects personal information for administrative purposes.  This information will be held in a form that is accurate, complete, and up to date.  The storage and use of personal information will be undertaken in a secure manner that protects members privacy.  Where necessary, members will be given the opportunity to amend any personal information held that is incorrect.

Individuals privacy is protected Australia-wide by privacy laws.  We will take steps to protect members privacy if information is to be sent interstate or outside Australia.