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Organic equipment - minimise or eliminate chemical weed control

Hunter Tractor Centre offers the following equipment for those farmers wishing to minimise or completely eliminate chemical weed control in their vineyards. Successful weed control using alternative methods offers producers: reduced production costs, improved soil conditions and a better working environment.

The latest technology in under-vine weeders is now available from European manufacturers that offer vineyard managers a quick and efficient alternative to chemical control of weeds.

Featuring in-cabin controls and high quality sensors, the new units can work in established vineyards at 6km/h and in weather conditions impossible for conventional spray technology. Weeds that chemicals can't knock down can be removed by the under-vine weeders.

Want more than "scorched earth" under your vines - want to increase soil humus and friability then look no further than our range of products.

Hunter Tractor Centre is the local dealer for the Clemens and Rinieri range of under-vine weeders.

A variety of models in each range can be adopted to suit individual needs. Both manufactures have mid-mounted units with automatic retractable heads which allow cultivation right up to the vine stem.


Also just on the market are the rotary brushes that work like a whipper snipper removing grass from under the vines. The unit can also be used as a fully automatic de-suckering unit.

For the best and most competitively priced under-vine weeders - Clemens and Rinieri are world leaders in this technology.

Units working successfully in the Hunter Valley - contact us for more information or a demonstration.


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