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Koolang staff and friends during the 2007 lunar eclipse posing beside the main telescope, a 502mm reflector.


We are open... and will stay open

Koolang did its first public show in December 1993 and, after 22 years of continuous operation, it gets a new operator. From late June 2014 Koolang will be under new management. In the short term the Observatory will operate in the same manner as it always has. All the pertinant details you need are shown on this page.

Hours: we are open every Saturday night for booked visitors; the doors open at 8pm and the program starts at 8:30pm. The program generally runs for around 2 hours.

We will usually open any night of the week for groups of 5 adults or more (or the dollar equivalent thereof) and can also run day shows on the same basis. At least 48 hours notice is required for one of these shows.

Booking: is essential for all shows. To book, simply leave a message on 02 49988216 and we will get back to you with a confirmation. Wait for the confirmation.

EFTPOS: we don't have it.

Weather: we do the shows whether it is cloudy or not.

Koolang is a public access astronomical observatory, designed and built with two purposes in mind - to make science, especially astronomy, more accessible to the general public; and to be a resource for those involved in teaching astronomy to children of all ages - K to 12. Our on-site lessons for school children are curriculum based and our adult programs are designed for those with the interest, and who want to know more.

KOOLANG IS NOT JUST ABOUT TELESCOPES. We are about showing people the wonders of the Universe. Of course we have telescopes, including one of the largest public access telescopes in Australia. Our main telescope is a 510mm F5 Newtonian reflector. All of our telescopes are designed for you to look through. We even have telescopes which we can use during the day to observe the nearest star to Earth - the Sun. And if it is cloudy you can browse through our display centre or take part in one of our indoor video shows.

Our SPACE SCIENCE DISPLAY CENTRE is filled with easy-to-understand displays, posters and models which introduce you to some of the fascinating aspects of our universe. Find out about Mars, learn about the early days of manned space flight and get an idea of Jupiter's massive gravity. Our experienced staff are happy to explain displays and answer questions on life, the universe and everything.



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