Our main purpose is to try to accurately re-enact the life and times of the British Isles and Western Scandinavia during the period known as the Viking Age, a period covering 800 to 1070.

Our efforts are spent at portraying a balanced image of life as it was lived a thousand years ago in the Norse and Anglo-Saxon lands. Our mission differs from some other so-called history groups that are around today. We strive to accurately re-create history, as we have researched it. We seek to learn about the Viking era through "hands-on" experiences. We are not a fantasy organization!

The name “The Huscarls” comes from the name given to the elite guard of the Saxon kings of England during part of this Viking Age. The name was also used in parts of Scandinavia before this time.

We perform combat demonstrations, battle re-enactments and displays of authentic crafts and games of the period. We perform shows at schools fetes, carnivals and other events. We give talks and demonstrations to schools, historical societies and take part in sponsored events. On occasion society members have been involved in recreations for film and television.

The club also runs private events, just for our own fun; such as weekend camps, feast, dancing and combat weekends with other clubs as well as craft workshops.

Our work has an educational slant and we consider that authenticity to be of the highest importance. We base the gear we use on archaeological finds of the period and are extremely cautious regarding the interpretation of styles depicted in manuscript sources.

The Society has a large quantity of what might loosely be referred to as "props". Constructed to the highest standards – and from the correct materials. – These include large-scale tents, cooking equipment, and an array of other museum quality artefacts.

When circumstances allow, we build full encampments, which include temporary shelters and sod ovens on site. All this comes together to form an authentic living history campsite comprised of tented structures from which members can teach and demonstrate their craft activities. The encampment is a living, working environment and many of our props are made on site. While on campaign many activities take place. These include archery, boasting, brewing and so on.


It is as real as we can make it, while still being safe. All the weapons and armour are styled on originals from the period, but the weapons are blunt. We use the fighting styles used throughout Western Europe during most of the Middle Ages. We train like any other martial art and teach not to use excessive force and above all, to be safe!

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The club is open to all. As we re-enact all aspects of life of the period, rather than simply the military side of life, families with children are more than welcome. In the Huscarls, children, as well as adults, will have the opportunity to learn about history and the way of life of a past era.