Armidale 2002
A Huscarl's view

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Long Hall .jpg
  The Huscarl kitchen campsite.jpg
  Smelting iron.jpg
  There's some lovely filth .jpg
The Long Hall (Tavern)   The Huscarls Meeting Area   Smelting Iron on site   There's some lovely filth  
jack about to make a killing.jpg
  Jen cooking dinner.jpg
  Nick cooking.jpg
Oh no Jack has another knfe   Jen cooking dinner (I think)   Eddie showing off   Nick cooking goats  
Eddie and Garry Trainings.jpg
  East Meets west
  Graham needs more padding.jpg
  tactics agreed.jpg
Eddie and Garry warm up   East Meets West   and again   tactics are made  
sides close.jpg
  the walls meet.jpg
  poking with spear.jpg
  drive them back.jpg
Sides close in   The walls meet   Poking with spears start   let's push them back  
sides close again.jpg
  music to die by.jpg
  this time with more feeling.jpg
  more damn spears.jpg
Sides close in again   music to die by   once more with feeling   more damn spears  

  buring boat.jpg
  Burning of the viking boat    
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