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Wednesday 24th
January 2001

2001 Tamworth Country Music Festival

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Beautiful Beccy !

Vern bought a copy of the great
new CD from Beccy Cole, titled
"Wild At Heart".

As you can see, Vern got a big
hug from Beccy and his heart
is still racing !!

Beccy Cole

Family Reunion

Family Reunion !

Vern met with his family
(Victor, Vincent & Vera)
for a family reunion at the
Central Hotel Restaurant.


Daniel Thompson !

Vern caught up with Daniel
after his gig in the
"Hands of Fame" park.

Watch our for Dan's new album
out soon.


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Clayton Crosby

Clayton Crosby  !

Local Tamworth Country
Music identity.


Young Jye  !

Cowboy Jye watched his mum
Carol Donovan perform
and made a new friend !



In the evening Vern put on his pyjamas and went to
Pru's Pyjama Party at The Longyard !

As these pics were taken after midnight
Vern decided they should appear on the Thursday 25 page.

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