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Thursday 25th
January 2001

2001 Tamworth Country Music Festival

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Pru's Pyjama Party at The Longyard !

This event was officially held late on Wednesday 24,
however as the pics were taken in the early morning of today
Vern decided the pics should appear on todays page.

Stuey French !

Vern managed to get a pic with
Stuey before he headed off to
The Pub to play with the
Feral Swing Katz


Stuey French

Special Guest Vern

In The Lounge Room !

Vern on the coffee table
while Pru Clearwater chats
with Kate Ballantyne.


Sleepy Vern  !

Pru attempts to rock Vern
to sleep while Kate Ballantyne
plays for the party.


Sleepy Vern
A Hot Date

Hot Date  !

As her prize for winning the
Bingo game, Jan from Armidale
won a Hot Date (on stage)
with Mark Oats from
The Bushwackers.
Vern served them their
scrumptious meal !


Y M C A  !

The "Vern Crew" won the
pleasure (!!) of singing YMCA
for the crowd.
Okay, the pics a bit fuzzy
but it is better than
our singing !!!!!!


Pru's Crew

Pru's Crew !

Vern becomes a member of
Pru's Stage Crew !

Thanx Guys !


Dobe Newton  !

Legendary Bushwacker and
official "judge" for the nights
games says goodnight to Vern !


Dobe Newton
Pru and Roger

Pru and Roger !

Roger Corbett (another
Bushwacker Legend) and Pru
give Vern a goodnight hug.

Roger was the
"pyjama police" for the night.


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