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Monday 22nd
January 2001

2001 Tamworth Country Music Festival

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Tantalizing Tamara !

Vern was very excited
to meet Tamara Stewart,
who was signing autographs for
her fans in Peel Street.

Tamara Stewart

Chook Man !

Chook Man !

"Chook Man" is one of the
legendary buskers who appears
in Peel Street every year.

A Perfect Fit !

Everyone needs a hat
in Tamworth - especially when
you have a bald head like Vern !

Vern Gets His Hat
Rodney Walker

Mr Music !

Vern with the multi-tasking
Rodney Walker.

Just how many instruments
can Rodney play at the one time ?

I'm Hungry !

Vern checks out the food during
a shopping expedition !

(He is a very fussy eater !)

Everyone needs to eat !
Carol Donovan

Carol Donovan !

Vern caught up with the
delightful Carol Donovan
at South Tamworth Bowlo !

The One Armed Bandit !

Vern thought about challenging
the "One Armed Bandit"
but decided against it!!!

One Arm Bandit !

In the Evening Vern ventured to the
Star Maker Winners Show and caught up with ...

Tommy Miller

Tommy Miller !

Star Maker Winner

Tanya Self !

"Two Dogs"
Star Maker Winner

Tanya Self
Lyn Bowtell

Lyn Bowtell !

Star Maker Winner

Kate Ballantyne !

Star Maker Winner

Kate Ballantyne
Grant Richardson

Grant Richardson !

Star Maker Winner

Terry Hill !

Star Maker Co-ordinator

Terry Hill
Barry Harley

Barry Harley !


Kate and Lyn !

In Vern's opinion the "standout"
song of the night was the duet
"Count On Me"
performed by Kate Ballantyne
and Lyn Bowtell.

(As good as any song you will
hear "anywhere in the world !")

Kate & Lyn
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