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2001 Tamworth Country Music Festival

Beccy Cole
new CD

Vern is now in Tamworth


Who Is Vern ?

This is not Vern's first trip to Tamworth, however it's the first time Vern has shown himself to the public ! Vern is normally very shy and does not have much to say for himself !

This year Vern has decided it's time he ventured outside and explored the adventures the Tamworth Country Music Festival has to offer !

Watch here as Vern visits the many sites around Tamworth and meets the Stars of the Festival !

Vern will attempt to update his adventures daily, however this could be determined by how much sleep Vern gets during the Festival :-)

On Saturday 20th January Vern travelled to Tamworth.   He remained inconspicuous but managed to venture to Wests and The Services Club.   Vern is now feeling very tired however he is sure to recover in time to enjoy more of the festival !

Vern will be seen around town during this years festival. If you see him, come up and say hello !

Sign Vern's Guestbook and you could be in the draw to win a Kate Ballantyne CD.

(Make sure you use your real email address or Vern can't contact you !)

Vern Goes To Toyota Star Maker 2001