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Over the years I have created a few web sites with focus on my different hobbies. My original one was in need of a major face lift so now I will use it as an index to my other sites.


As you can see, I am researching my family tree. This has been a work in progress since the early 1980's.

My Family Tree

The Descendants of John Brooker (web)

The Descendants of John Brooker (pdf)


In 2000, while driving along one day, I heard an ad on the the radio about a book on writing your life story. I bought it for Mum and my Grandmother along with a note book each and asked them to set aside an hour a day to write whatever came to mind (it can be cut & paste later to be put in chronological order).

Looking around all I could find was a couple of web sites to help and all the rest were selling books or a service, so I decided to write my own.

How to Write Your Life Story


My newest page is Family Memoirs. Some letters and articles have been kept through the years. I am working on finding some more to share with you.

Family Memoirs


View some of my sewing and craft work.


My Sewing Room


Last but not least I can't forget my animals: Dudley, Shima and now George. Why not have a look at their pages too:

  My dog's web page:- Dudley's Page

My cat's web page:- Shima's Page


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See photos from my trip to USA Oct 2005



How to Write Your Life Story

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