80TH Regiment of



Staffordshire Volunteers

 The regiment is a military re-enactment group, which wishes to interpret the life of a British regiment of the line and its camp followers during their Australian Colonial service. The 80TH Regiment of Foot arrived in Australia by detachment largely as guards on convict transports between 1836 and 1845. The regiment spent nearly nine years on service in Australia and New Zealand.

 The group is located at Morpeth in the Hunter Valley of NSW but we would be pleased to welcome members or files from all over Australia. The Hunter Valley is home to wide range of colonial Australian buildings and sites which make for a great backdrop to our groups activities.

The objective of our group is to recreate the Colour party and Centre Company of the Regiment using the highest possible standards of historical authenticity in uniforms, equipment, and drill. Our goals are to educate the public about the role and place of the Regiment and the British army in establishing the Colony of NSW. And to bring an understanding of the lives, roles, and duties of everyday soldiers and their families through interpretive displays and public events. We particularly aim to give the Public and Regimental members a pleasant, informative, and educative experience.

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