PR119742Spacelab Simulations2HOUSTON , TX
PR119762Testcrews named3HOUSTON , TX
PR119762Arrival Shuttle Training Aircraft4HOUSTON , TX
PR119765Wind Tunnel Testing5Moffet Field, CA
PR119766Simulated Landing Tests6Edwards AFB, CA
PR1197711st captive inert unmanned Test7Edwards AFB, CA
PR119775Gulfstream Simulated Landings8White Sands MR, NM
PR119771Engine Testing9Bay, St.Louis, MS
PR119771Auxilary Power Units Tests10Edwards AFB, CA
PR1197711st captive active Flight11Edwards AFB, CA
PR1197761st Drop Test Flight12all different daysHouston, TX,Edwards AFB, CA
PR1197722nd Drop Test Flight13Edwards AFB, CA
PR1197713rd Drop Test Flight14Edwards AFB, CA
PR1197724th Drop Test Flight15Edwards AFB, CA
PR1197725th Drop Test Flight16Edwards AFB, CA
PR11978135 Astronauts picked17HOUSTON , TX
PR1197811st Test Flight Crew picked18Houston, TX
PR119771Grumman Gulfstream Shuttle Trg.Aircraft19White Sands MR, NM
PR119781Enterprise at JSK20Houston, TX
PR119801EXPO 80 Miami21Miami, FL
PR119801Shannon Lucid, Astronaut Corp.22original autograph on my coverMiami, FL
PR11980/12Rocket Booster Recovery Ships Commission23different ShipsFort George Is, FL
PR119812Dress Rehersal for STS 124KSC,FL.White Sands MR, NM
STS112 Ap.19811Crew Autograph021,Station Director, 2.Original Autographs, 3.Autograped crew photo, Mooree,SES,NSW,Aust
STS112 Ap.19817Mission Profile03Kennedy Space Centre,FL.
STS114 Ap.19812Backup Landing sites04KSC,FL.White Sands MR, NM
STS114 Ap.19812Chase Plane Escort05Edwards AFB, CA
STS126 Ap.19811Columbia mated to747 Piggyback06Edwards AFB, CA
STS128Ap.19812Columbia n arrives at KFC07Kennedy Space Centre,FL.
STS112Ap.19811Iwo Shima Tr.ST'n08US.Coast Guard, FPO
STS112Ap.19811Guam Tr.ST'n09Guam
STS112Ap.19811Greenbelt Tr.ST'n10Greenbelt,MD
STS112Ap.19811Chatsworth AFB Tr.ST'n11Chatsworth AFB Tr.ST'n
STS212 No.19811Crew Autograph02Original Autograph on cover and photo,Tanilba Bay NSW, Australia
STS212 /14Ap.19816Mission Profile03Kennedy Space Centre,FL.Edwards AFB, CA
STS214 No.19811Chase Plane Escort04Edwards AFB, CA
STS216 No.19812Booster Recovery Ships return05different ShipsKSC, FL
STS324 No.19811Columbia departs 06Edwards AFB, CA
STS225 No.19811Columbia n arrives at KFC07Kennedy Space Centre,FL.
STS212 No.19811Grand Bahamas Tr.ST'n08Freeport , Bahamas
STS212Ap.19811Greenbelt Tr.ST'n09Greenbelt,MD
STS213 No.19811Orroral Valley Tr.ST'n10Thaiwa, Australia
STS212 No.19811Waimea Tr.ST'n11signed DirectorWaimeo, Hawai,
STS212 No.19811Santiago Tr.ST'n12Santiago, Chile
STS212 No.19811Bermuda Tr.ST'n13US.Navy, FPO
STS212 No.19811Grenada FDC14Grenada
STS212 /24 No.19811Launch and mating to 747 Piggyback15Edwards AFB, CA

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