StampTrader List.

Listings from Lala, Ladislav to Mally, Michel
January 1st, 1999 Update

Lala, Ladislav
Location Prague, Czech Republic
Offer Mint Czech & Czechoslovakia (after 1945) singles and sheets
Want USA, United Nations, Israel, Republic of China and selected British Empire---TOPICALS: Dinosaurs & Prehistoric animals
Note I'll exchange or sell. Write in English or Czech.

Lallena Gonzalez, Miguel Angel
Location Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Canary Islands, Spain
Offer Used Spain, W. Europe, Scandinavia, Canada, Australia - World wide TOPICALS: Christmas, Europe Cept, Butterflies and Birds
Want Used Canada, France, West Germany, Australia, Berlin, Portugal Austria, Switzerland, Scandinavian, Portugal, The Netherlands & Great Britain. TOPICALS: Xmas-Europe CEPT-Butterflies-Birds
Note Will trade 1:1 in lots of 100 or more. High values trade based on equal Yvert or Michel catalogue values. I would like to exchange Wantlists.

Lam, Vu
Location Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
Offer Mint stamps & Booklets of Vietnam from 1990 to present-Vietnam FDC's from 1963 to present & used Vietnam from 1980 to present
Want Worldwide stamps and FDC's of the TOPICALS: Animals, Birds, Architecture, Dinosaurs, Space, Sports, Flowers, Trains, Planes & France
Note I'm a collector, not a dealer. I'd like to trade on a basis of 1:1. I'll respond to all e-mails.
Societies Ho Chi Minh Philatelic Societies

Landers, Stuart
Location Masan, South Korea
Offer Used US and South Korea - Mint recent South Korea - Mint/used US and South Korea post cards
Want Postally used Worldwide - mint/used Worldwide post cards
Note Will trade US and South Korean in packets of 25 or 50, post cards 1:1 and recent mint Korean 1:1. I'm still pretty much a general collector at this point, so I'm interested in just about anything except for US and South Korea.

Langenberg, Jan
Location Haarlem, The Netherlands
Offer Worldwide
Want Russia and USSR (pre 1950) & Hungary, also revenues, Zemstvos, cinderellas and more
Note Prefer to trade. Please see my homepage for more details. I'd like to acquire the ALNIS guide to Russian revenues and cinderellas.

Laposa, Joe
Location Ontario, Canada
Offer Used Australia and Canada, especially from the past 20 years
Want Used Worldwide, especially Western Europe
Note I would like to trade in lots of 50 different commemoratives. I can also trade on a Scott catalog basis.

Larouche, Michel
Location Quebec, Canada
Offer Canada MNH 1970-90 including Plate-block, & duplicates of my TOPICAL collection: Montreal 1976
Want Worldwide Color proofs, imperforated stamps related to TOPICAL: Montreal 1976 Olympics
Note Any items related to Montreal 76 will be considered---FDCs and deluxe sheets. Wantlist available & I'm willing to buy.

Larrabee, Clint
Location Sanbornville, New Hampshire, USA
Offer US FDC's and Plate Blocks - UN Souvenir Cards
Want Pre-1930 US FDC's & Plate Blocks
Note I'd like to trade on a like value basis and I use the Brookman as a price guide.
Societies APS, AAMS, AFDCS

Larsen, Johnny
Location Eidsvoll, Norway
Offer Used Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Faeroes, Greenland & Iceland
Want Used Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Faeroes, Greenland & Iceland
Note Trade with Wantlist. I have Afa & Facit catalogues.

Larson, Peter
Location Pullman, Washington, USA
Offer Used France amd Sweden---mint/used USA
Want Used France semipostals; northern Idaho and eastern Washington postmarks on cover; used Scandinavia and Belgium
Note Duplication OK! I don't mind multiples of issues I am seeking I am willing to negotiate for older, more expensive issues.

Laskin, Itzhak
Location Tel Aviv, Israel
Offer MNH Israel, USSR, and Worldwide TOPICALS: Art and Europa-Cept
Want TOPICALS: Paintings and other subjects of Art from all Europe and selected items of art-stamps from other countries Only MNH and complete sets in perfect condition
Note Will trade on a Wantlist basis only!!! Catalog value for catalog value, Scott for Scott, Michel for Michel. Other catalog values are possible trading basis, or mutual agreement. Will buy too!

Lasuncion, Arantza
Location Bilbao, Spain
Offer Used Spain and Worldwide
Want Used Worldwide
Note Prefer to trade in lots of 25 stamps.

Laszlo, Kallai
Location Bucharest, Romania
Offer Romania 1990 to present day
Want Used Hungary, India and China...pre-1914

Lavicka, Helmuth
Location Sweden
Offer Computer Vended Postage Stamps/Computer Generated Postage Stamps, Automatenmarken, Variable Rate Stamps/Coils, of different systems like Postage and Mailing Centers, Ecagard & Unisys, Frama, Klussendorf, Crouzet, Almex, Epelsa, Dassault Inter - Marketing, Monetel and LISA, United States Autopost & various other systems. 50 countries, different issues, varieties and postage rate sets.
Want US Autopost, Computer Generated Postage Stamps(Postage Strips) Variable Rate Coils from Postage and Mailing Centers (US, Taiwan and Argentine). Crouzet, early issues, (France).
Societies Sveriges Filatelist F–rbund SFS (Sweden)

Lawrence, David
Location South Carolina, USA
Offer MNH recent USA singles and plate blocks, used Worldwide and TOPICALS: Geology on stamps
Want Mint/used Saar, including Michel varieties of 1-16
Note Will buy or trade using appropriate catalog basis

Le Roux, Paul
Location Western Cape, South Africa
Offer Mainly South Africa and SWA / Namibia, but also other Southern Africa and Worldwide---Used/Postally cancelled.
Want TOPICALS: (1) The Salvation Army & (2) Winston Churchill. Also S. Africa & SWA/Namibia. Postal History on The Salvation Army
Note Prefer to trade 1 for 1 with no minimum quantity of stamps. Will trade at a premium (eg 2 for 1) for Salvation Army. A full list of Salvation Army stamps is available by e-mail. I'll buy & am flexible about possible trading arrangements.
Societies Salvation Army Philatelic Circle

Leal Sosa, Juventino
Location Monterrey, Mexico
Offer Mexico, Brazil and Spain---TOPICALS: Wildlife and Sports
Want Mint TOPICALS: Papal Visits, Wildlife, Sports, Europa-Cept, America-Upaep and Pre-Colombian Art---preferably in sets
Note Exchanges only. Scott catalog basis or by mutual agreement.

Leblanc, Dan
Location Ontario, Canada
Offer Used Canada, Australia, US and Worldwide
Want Worldwide, especially Australia, New Zealand, Estonia, Japan, Lithuania, Latvia, Iceland & TOPICALS: Triangles & WW2 Germany
Note Can trade 1:1 in lots of 25-200 or by Scott catalog for higher values. For higher face value Australian stamps I will give you 3-1. I am trying to complete my sets. Please, no damaged stamps or CTO`s.
Societies Sarsfield stamp club

Leblanc, Martin
Location Quebec, Canada
Offer Canada, USA, France, Great Britain, Belgium, Germany & India
Want Worldwide.
Note I have a big collection of worldwide used that my dad passed along to me. I'm ready to do some trading.

Leclerc, Jean
Location Quebec, Canada
Offer Used Canada and France
Want Used Canada and France.

Ledesma, Antonio
Location Cordoba, Mexico
Offer Mint/used Mexico, Spain and Worldwide
Want Mint stamps, Blocks, Souvenir Sheets, FDC, special cancels on TOPICALS: Philately, Stamp centennials, Exhibits (& related subjects) Computing Abacus, calculators, computers, etc.
Note Trade 1:1 basis, also accept Scott & Edifil catalogue basis. Want list available upon request. I use Spanish & English.

Lee Ada, Henry
Location California, USA
Offer USA, British Commonwealth & some Worldwide, but not recent
Want Used Hong Kong and recent used Machins
Note Will buy or trade Hong Kong & some Machins. Will sell or trade
Societies APS, GBCC, and Hong Kong Stamp Society.

Lee, Betty
Location Richmond, British Columbia, Canada
Offer Canada, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Cash
Want Foreign Office stamps & postcards-issued by USA, France, USA, Russia, Japan, Italy, German & England during 1890-1920, but used in China - Also military stamps or fieldpost postmarks
Note I am doing historic research on stamps, post cards & covers that were issued in the period of Chinese Boxer Rebellion period (1890-1920). I'm willing to buy or trade.

Leevers, Peter
Location London, England, UK
Offer India postal stationery, states revenue or fiscals, FDCs and stamps since 1947 - Used Worldwide - TOPICAL: Birds
Want Handstamps on refugee relief of India 1971, revenue stamps of Kotah or Kota, Postal stationery and Travancore Cochin Gwalior revenue stamps
Note Trading only. No buying or selling!
Societies India Study Circle, Revenue Society of Great Britain, Bird Stamp Society

Lefebvre, Claude
Location Quebec, Canada
Offer Used Worldwide, especially Canada, USA & Japan---Mint Canada
Want Used USA and Japan---mint Canada
Note I'd like to trade in lots of 25 on a 1:1 basis, except mint Canada. I use the Scott catalogues.

Lehrer, Charles
Location California, USA
Offer Mint/used USA and Worldwide
Want Mint/used USA and Worldwide
Note Prefer to trade on a one for one basis.

Leitao, Paulo
Location Lisbon, Portugal
Offer Mint/used Portugal
Want Mint/used Worldwide
Note Prefer to trade in packets of 50

Lejeune, Jean-Claude
Location Bernardston, Massachusetts, USA
Offer Used France(nice selection of 1997)(and some mint), Sweden Norway, Finland, Belgium and USA.
Want French colonies BEFORE independence and Japan.
Note I trade 1:1, in packets of 100. Just purchased a good looking batch of MNH US.stamps(nothing expensive, but beautiful stamps (ie:birds series). Willing to exchange them at face value for MNH stamps of Sweden or Japan.

Leliveld, Andre
Location Hilversum, The Netherlands
Offer Used Netherlands (most from 1980 on), Western Europe (mostly UK, Germany, Belgium, Italy, Spain, Hungary, Poland & Africa
Want Used South Africa & Homelands, Kenya, Rhodesias, Zimbabwe, Zambia, Belgian Congo, Zaire, East African Postal Union (Kenya Tanzania and Uganda), mint Swaziland and TOPICAL: African Art and Culture (from all sub-Saharan African countries)
Note Prefer trading in small amounts, cheap values 1:1, high values according to Yvert or Michel or by negotiation. I'm interested in buying mint Swaziland and my TOPICAL interest. Wantlists are available with both Yvert and Michel numbers. Alternative E-Mail:

Lemos Carolino, Joao Henrique
Location Cascais, Portugal
Offer Used Worldwide and TOPICALS
Want TOPICAL: Sports
Note Can trade on a 1:1 or catalog basis.
Societies Club Filatelico de Portugal

Lencastre, Marcello
Location Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Offer Used/Mint stamps from Brazil and used World Wide.
Want Used France, Portugal, Great Britain, & Germany(Bundespost and Reich), Topicals: Europa-Cept, & Paintings in MNH complete sets
Note Trade in packets, wantlists or by catalog Yvert. I am looking for collectors in small countries.

Lender, Mark
Location New Jersey, USA
Offer Mint/used Worldwide and USA
Want Used Scandinavia
Note Would like to trade in units of ten stamps, but I'm flexible. I'll trade cheapie for cheapie, better for better, or catalog value for catalog value. I've got some good trading material, but nothing expensive. My goal is to build a simple collection of post-1945 for the Scandinavian countries.
Societies American Philatelic Society (APS) member #140862

Leong, Kenneth Loh Koon
Location Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Offer Used Australia, Austria, Britain, Bulgaria, Canada, Germany, Malaysia, New Zealand & US - Mint Stamps/MS of Malaysia
Want Worldwide
Societies Philatelic Society of Malaysia

Leong, Yin Yin
Location Singapore
Offer Cash
Want Recent China issues

Leppa, August
Location Brussels, Belgium
Offer Postal History of Estonia, Latvia, Hungary, Poland, CSR, some Russia up to 1945, new ship mail from the Baltic Sea 1990's
Want Old letters & cards of Estonia, Latvia, Russian fieldpost, Hungary, Poland, mainly something special like parcel cards, money orders, telegrams, inquiries etc.
Societies some 20 clubs around the globe

Lesek, Branko
Location Lasko, Slovenia
Offer Used Worldwide
Want Africa, South America, Brunei, Moldavia, Kiribati, Wanuatu, Tuvalu, West Samoa, Cooks Island, Franch Caledonnie, Surinam, Panama, El Salvador, Macao & Aden
Note I prefer trading on a 1:1 basis.

Lessard, Maurice
Location Sherbrooke, Quebec, Canada
Offer Used Worldwide - 60 countries from 1900 to 1988
Want Used Worldwide TOPICALS: Sailboats, Ships, Paquebots & Airplanes
Note Prefer to trade 1:1 in any quantities. Use English or French.
Societies Phila Sherbrooke Inc.

Lessing, Jan
Location Johannesburg, South Africa
Offer South Africa & Homelands FDCs & stamps (MNH), postal history items, SA postal slogans on cover, SA used stamps, 1970-1988
Want Postal History: South African postal slogans on cover.
Note I am a specialist collector of South African postal slogans & machine cancellations. I'm also a part time dealer & I offer my services to find you anything you need from South Africa. Wantlists welcome. Just e-mail me, we may become friends.

Levesque, Diane and Alain Lemoyne
Location Montreal, Canada
Offer Used/mint Canadian (1975 to present); used Australia, GB, Japan, The Netherlands, US and Worldwide.
Want Used or mint for : Australia, Great Britain, Japan, The Netherlands and US stamps.
Note Want lists according to Scott catalogue are welcomed! .

Levin, Motti
Location Kiryat Haim, Israel
Offer Used Worldwide
Want Modern Greece, Portugal, Luxembourg, Iceland, Greenland, Jersey, Isle of Man, Guernsey, African countries, South American countries, Hong Kong & Singapore
Note Please note that I prefer commemoratives.

Levy, Guy
Location Jerusalem, Israel
Offer Worldwide, Israel and CTO'S
Want Worldwide

Lewandowski, Raymond W.
Location Florida, USA
Offer Mint/used USA and other US odds & ends
Want Mint USA Washington-Franklins
Societies APS#161795 and Tampa Collectors Club #538

Lewis, Krissy
Location Virginia Beach, Virginia, USA
Offer US postally used, in packets, consisting of commemmoratives, regular issues and a little bit of everything
Want US postally used, in packets, especially commemoratives
Note I just collect for fun, so my stamps have low value, but are great for filling those spaces in your US albums.

Ley Sin Fong, Patrick
Location Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Offer All mint/used new/current issues, miniature sheets, souvenir sheets & FDC's of Malaysia---Mint 1998 Macao issues, souvenir sheets and miniature sheets.
Want All new mint Worldwide issues, miniature & souvenir sheets
Note I prefer miniature and souvenir sheets.
Societies Philatelic Society of Malaysia

Leyten, Jan
Location Helmond, The Netherlands
Offer Used New Zealand, Australia, The Netherlands, Worldwide and The Netherlands FDC's
Want Used New Zealand, Australia, Fiji, Cook Islands and New Zealand FDC's

Liang, John
Location Hong Kong
Offer Cash
Want Macau, some of Hong Kong and 50s to 70s China souvenir sheets
Note I'm a dealer & can use virtually anything from Macau.
Societies ANA, IBNS, ONS

Liatocha, Arthur
Location Vilnius, Lithuania
Offer Lithuania and Worldwide TOPICALS
Want Worldwide TOPICALS, especially Mushroom stamps Worldwide from 1900 to 1940
Note I will trade or buy, but prefer to buy.

Liberopoulos, Eleftherios E.
Location Kavala, Greece
Offer Mint Greece
Want Pre-1925 postally used postcards from Europe

Liem, James
Location Ontario, Canada
Offer Used Worldwide, especially Canada, USA and Australia
Want Used France and Germany
Note Prefer to trade in packets of 100 or more, but am flexible.

Lilley, Robert
Location Singapore
Offer British Empire collections all countries
Want Solomon Islands per 1950, Postage dues - any country
Note Buy/sell or trade

Lim, Richard
Location Penang, Malaysia
Offer Used Malaysia, Singapore, Japan, Indonesia, Sweden and small amounts of Worldwide
Want Worldwide or the country you live in
Note No trades on a catalogue basis. Prefer 1:1 trading basis.

Limbos, Dominique
Location Connecticut, USA
Offer TOPICALS: Scout stamps
Want TOPICALS: Scout stamps, phonecards, postcards & seals
Note Prefer to trade on an equal value basis, but we will buy. Alternative E-Mail:

Linder, Grant
Location Kansas, USA
Offer Worldwide & US...mainly commemoratives
Want Worldwide commemoratives
Note I like to trade 1:1 in packets of 50 or 100.

Linder, Lynda
Location Kansas, USA
Offer I offer USA & Worldwide commemorative stamps.
Want Worldwide commemoratives.
Note No definitives please. Friendly correspondence welcome. Looking for long-term traders. Trade on 1:1 basis in packets of 50/100. No want lists please.

Lindqvist, Anne
Location Helsinki, Finland
Offer Used Finland, Spain, Worldwide, TOPICALS: Europa CEPT
Want Used Iceland, Norway, Cyprus, Gibraltar, Spain (only with wantlist), TOPICALS: Europa CEPT from Iceland, Norway, Sweden, Ireland, San Marino, Channel Islands, Greece, Cyprus, Gibraltar & Portugal
Note I prefer to trade on a 1:1 basis in packets of 25 or more. Wantlists on Europa CEPT available.

Literas, Gustavo Adolfo
Location Buenos Aires, Argentina
Offer Mint Argentina, Chile, Bolivia, Uruguay & US - TOPICAL: Birds
Want Mint pre-1930 US and Great Britain {Queen Victoria} TOPICALS: Birds and Castles
Note I use Scott & Stanley Gibbons catalogues.
Societies Sofira-Cefiba, APS and ATA

Litton, Jeff
Location Cleveland, Tennessee, USA
Offer Used US and Worldwide
Want Mint/used pre-1971 Worldwide
Note Just returning to collecting and can only use pre-1971 stamps as my albums stop there. Prefer lots of 100 or more but I am very flexible.

Litz, Bengt-Olof
Location Staffanstorp, Sweden
Offer Mint/used Greece and some used Sweden
Want Mint Classic Greece, overprinted Greece & New Territories like Epirus, Crete, Thrace, Aegean and Ionian Islands, Dodecaneses and likewise unused if possible
Societies Swedish Philatelic Association

Liu, A. A. Jason
Location California, USA
Offer Early China
Want Early China, PRC, Hong Kong, Tibet and Taiwan, especially the Postal History
Note Prefer buying. Trade higher values basis Scott Catalogue.

Lo, Kevin
Location Mississauga, Ontario, Canada
Offer Used Worldwide
Want Used China, Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Macao, Thailand, Japan, France and Great Britain
Note Willing to trade based on Scott catalogue value with Wantlists

Loevenich, Reinhold
Location Inden, Germany
Offer Australia, Germany, Philippines, worldwide
Want South East Asian and South African countries, especially Philippines and Madagascar, Germany, worldwide
Note I prefer to trade 1:1 in packets of 25 to 100

Lofgren, Bo
Location Holmsund, Sweden
Offer Mint/used Sweden singles, booklets, maxicards and FDCs used Worldwide - TOPICALS: Birds and Animals
Want Mint/used Worldwide singles, sheets & Souvenir Sheets TOPICALS: Sports & Birds - Hongkong, Singapore, PR China, Romania, Yugoslavia, Bulgaria, Poland and Albania
Note Trade by Michel catalogue values or on a 1:1 basis.
Societies Member of SFF

Lombard, Sara
Location Connecticut, USA
Offer US, France, Cuba, Belgium, Denmark, Greenland, Hungary, India, Argentina, Vietnam, French Guinea, Norway & odds and ends
Want Worldwide, just about anything

Londono, Juan Carlos
Location Cali, Colombia
Offer Colombia, latin america and used worldwide stamps
Want Birds, airplanes, another topics
Note Used stamps only.

Longchamps, Marcel
Location Fort-Coulonge, Quebec, Canada
Offer Canada and Worldwide, especially British Commonwealth, Africa, Great Britain, West Europe and South Africa
Want Canada commemoratives or definitives
Note I'm a dealer & would like to trade on a 1:1 basis, by mutual agreement or catalogue values. I'll also buy or sell. Will respect and try to fill your Wantlists. French or English OK.
Societies President of F-C stamp club.

Lonkemoen, Jan Vidar
Location Elverum, Norway
Offer Used/MNH/New Norway issues, TOPICALS: Fish & Xmas MNH/used, Souvenir sheets Worldwide MNH/MH (old issues). Worldwide & Scandinavian and some European Kiloware.
Want Worldwide Souvenir sheets, No Dunes, only MNH--TOPICALS: MNH Fish & other Marine life. Xmas stamps only MNH with Santa Claus, Postcards with Santa Claus. Want a trading partner in Australia (or elsewhere) for MNH Cocos Keeling, Norfolk Islands, Australian Antarctic Territory MNH, Christmas Islands
Note Trade cheaper items 1:1, higher values by mutual agreement or catalog. Catalogues Scott 96 & Michel 95/96 (Europe)--Prefer trading, but will buy and/or sell. I'm open to all trading proposals. Please check my home page for my Want/Have lists!

Lopez Carbajo, Antonio
Location Lleida, Spain
Offer Used Spain, some used Worldwide and red machine stamps.
Want Austria, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, Italy, Andorra, Portugal, Chile, Brazil, Worldwide red machine & year 1969 stamps
Note Young collector, only for fun. Like to trade on a 1:1 basis, preferably in packets of 30 different stamps, but I'm flexible

Lopez de Armas, Joaquin
Location Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Canary Islands, Spain
Offer Used Spain, W. Europe, Scandinavia, Japan, Australia & Worldwide TOPICALS: Boy Scouts, Europe Cept, Butterflies and Mushrooms
Want Used Japan, France, West Germany, Australia, Belgium, Portugal Austria, Switzerland, Scandinavian, Denmark and Finland TOPICALS: Boy Scouts, Europe Cept, Butterflies and Mushrooms
Note Will trade 1:1 in lots of 100 or more. Trade high values based on Ivert or Michel catalogue values. Will exchange Wantlists. I'm using a friend's e-mail address for now, so please direct any e-mail to my attention.

Lopez del Puerto, Luis Manuel
Location Monterrey, Mexico
Offer Mint/used Mexico, Spain and some Worldwide
Want Mint/used Mexico & Spain commemoratives---TOPICAL: Aircraft from Mexico, Spain and Worldwide
Note Will trade 1:1 or your option. Like to trade phonecards too.

Lovrincevic, Marin
Location Osijek, Croatia
Offer Used Worldwide and mint Croatia and Postcards
Want Worldwide stamps & postcards, especially from small countries, or any African, Oceania and Asian countries.
Note I would like to exchange phonecards. I'm willing to sell or trade philatelic items, but won't buy. Want list available.
Societies HFD & OFS

Lowe, Edward
Location Springfield, Illinois, USA
Offer Common US singles, plate blocks & a few Souvenir sheets and booklet panes
Want Mint UN {NY} singles after 1980 - Recent used UN {NY} singles UN {NY} mint cancelled Souvenir cards - Philatelic Exhibition cinderella's - Wilkinsburg, PA Stamp Club Souvenir Sheets

Lubelski, Dan
Location Rossford, Ohio, USA
Offer Mint/Used regular issues and CTO's from Poland (1919-1985)
Want Poland, mint/used US and TOPICALS: Airplanes
Note Willing to trade in any quantity. I'm willing to buy/sell if desired. I'd like to trade on Scott Catalogue values.
Societies American Philatelic Society

Lucera Ruiz, Felix
Location Bilbao, Spain
Offer Spain used.
Want Used from USA, UK, Australia, France, Chile, Czechoslovakia.
Note Only trade 1:1

Lucier, Len D.
Location Ontario, Canada
Offer Cash
Want MNH Canada plate or corner blocks
Note I rarely trade, but I am a buyer.

Lundberg, Thomas
Location Lakeville, Minnesota, USA
Offer Mainly used Commonwealth (especially UK, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, southern Africa), and western Europe (especially Nordic countries). Some mint from these areas also.
Want Used, recent UK, Ireland, CI/IOM, Malta; Australia, NZ, south Pacific; RSA & southern Africa; Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia Nordic & Baltic Europe; Netherlands, Luxembourg & Switzerland
Note Trade on a 1:1 basis in packets of 25-50. I use the Gibbons, Scott and Facit catalogs. I'd like to make personal contacts with collectors who live in the areas of my Wants.

Lunde, Erik
Location Sogndal,Norway
Offer Norway used and mint, USA used, Worlwide
Want USA pre 1945 and news, Topic Agriculture, Germany, Berlin, Worldwide
Note I'd like to trade 1:1 in packets of 30 different
Societies NPS, GF

Luong, John
Location California, USA
Offer Used large commemoratives from USA and Eastern Europe TOPICALS: Trains, Cars, Animals, Space, Flowers, and more... Worldwide
Want Large Worldwide commemorative stamps
Note Trade only on stamp-for-stamp basis, catalog value ignored.
Societies APS, ATA, BIA, PCSG, Medical Study Unit & Biology Unit.

Lupu, Alejandro
Location California, USA
Offer Worldwide covers, TOPICALS and some USA
Want TOPICALS: International Year of the Child (1979), anything & everything, stamps, postally used covers, special cancels, etc
Note Prefer trading, but will buy.
Societies APS#147551

Luspo, Abraham Jr.
Location Manila, Philippines
Offer El Salvador 1st Volcano issue up to 1900 Seebecks including a few imperfs. Mint or used, with good stock on 1st & 2nd issues including Contra Sello overprints
Want El Salvador covers 1st issue 1 / 2r and 4r including Contra Sello; Pioneer flights up to 1925 of Egypt, Japan, China; Pre 1900 postal stationery of Argentina and Guatemala; Mexico covers of first 6 issues only.
Note Covers must be A1 condition.

Lussier, Louis
Location Tsawwassen, British Columbia, Canada
Offer Canada Mint, Used and Plate Blocks of all periods
Want Canada Plate Blocks, Mint France & US--Mint/used Australia, New Zealand and British Asia
Note Prefer to trade By Catalogue Value or Face Value for recent stamps. Have Scott, Yvert and SGibbons. Unitrade for Canada.

Lutzenko, Sergey
Location Moscow, Russia
Offer Mint Russia, new Republics and TOPICALS
Want Mint Worldwide TOPICALS
Note I'm a stamp dealer who prefers trading, but buy and sell too. Trading in quantities is OK.
Societies APS# 188123

Lyster, Peter
Location Denmark
Offer Mint/used Denmark, Greenland, Faeroes, Hong Kong, Australia and some and FDCs
Want Used and better Hong Kong, pre-1920 Australia and states, Danish West Indies and Portugal before 1960
Note I like to work with Wantlists & have them available.
Societies DFF

Maasland, Dirk E.L.
Location British Columbia, Canada
Offer Mint/used France including mostly complete years for 1974 to now for mint issues. Also French 'carnets' after 1984 and 'preobliteres' after 1985
Want Pre-2nd World War high value, fine, France {mint and used} Pre-84 'carnets'---Mint/used Netherlands
Note Trade, buy or sell. I use either Yvert & Tellier or Scott Have duplicate list available with only Yvert numbers.

Macdonald, Murray
Location Hastings, New Zealand
Offer Mint/used New Zealand stamps and covers. Some mint/used Australian and Great Britain stamps
Want Mint Hong Kong, Malaya including Sarawak, Borneo. Pre 1960 Commonwealth Omnibus issues - except Peace & Victory sets. TOPICALS: Railways, Birds, Disney, Butterflies, Cats & Dogs for my children.
Note Would like to trade in small amounts...50 or 100 per packet
Societies Hastings Philatelic Society

Mackenzie, Adam
Location Limehouse, Ontario, Canada
Offer All current Canada
Want Current Worldwide
Note I'm a 16 year old who is really getting into stamp collecting. Please e-mail me if you are interested.

MacLaren, Tim
Location Akaroa, New Zealand
Offer TOPICALS and Worldwide Cinderellas.
Want New Zealand and Australian Cinderellas
Note I am dealer (NZSDA, CSC, CSCA, CPS.) who wishes to buy, sell, trade & give help on Cinderella material(B.O.B), Poster-stamps locals, bogus, WW1/WW2, baggage labels. Wantlists are welcome!

Macneall, Norm
Location Burlington, Ontario ,Canada.
Offer Used Current Issues of Canada, 1997- 1998, MNH Canada from about 1950 to 1980...some mint sets of the British Empire
Want Used Austrian stamps from 1995- present...also current used Great Britain commemoratives
Societies Burlington Stamp club. Pitcairn Islands .study group

Madigan, Bill
Location Liverpool, New York, USA
Offer Used USA
Want Used USA and Canada
Note I use the Scott catalogue & prefer to trade in packets of 25 different. Prefer bullseye cancels (SOTN) showing date & year.

Madsen, Christian
Location Randers, Denmark
Offer Used Denmark
Want Used Worldwide, or your country, but especially Sri Lanka, US, Canada, the Baltic States and Scandinavia
Note I'd like to trade in packets of 100, but other numbers can be arranged. I'd like to trade, but will not buy or sell.

Mahomedy, Ahmed
Location Durban, South Africa
Offer South Africa, South West Africa, Ireland, Australia, Homelands Basoutoland, Christmas & Pitcairn Islands - singles, FDCs, control strips and full sheets
Want Southwest Africa singles and FDCs
Note Will buy, sell or trade on a Gibbons or SACC catalog basis.

Mahon, Randall
Location Texas, USA
Offer Worldwide, PRC & some unlisted Eastern European souv. sheets
Want Modern covers/postcards/parcel envelopes, especially from the 60's-70's, from the French Polynesia area
Note I'm trying to assemble different postmarks from the outer islands of FP for a possible exhibition. I'm open to buy or trade for your material.
Societies APS# 158736

Mahtani, Dino
Location Bangkok, Thailand
Offer Thailand Used/MNH/SS/FDCs, India, and Worldwide
Want Thailand, India as per want lists
Note Check out my wants, haves and some information for collectors of Thai stamps at my homepage
Societies The Philatelists Association of Thailand

Mai, Michael
Location Shenzhen, Guangdong, P.R.China
Offer All kinds of China stamps and postcards
Want Worldwide

Mailhot, Pierre
Location Quebec, Canada
Offer Used Canada and new Canadian issues, if wanted
Want US, France, England - TOPICALS: Olympics, Space, Comics, Soccer and Supernatural
Note I aim to please.

Majors, Ronald E.
Location Mendenhall, Pennsylvania, USA
Offer Canada stamps, covers, revenues - British Commonwealth & some British North America
Want Early Canada covers and postal history, particularly pre-1900 - also stampless covers to or from Canada
Note I would consider trading Canadian and British Commonwealth stamps for early Canadian covers.
Societies APS, BNAPS

Majzelj, Janez
Location Novo mesto, Slovenia
Offer Slovenia, former Yugoslavia, Austria, Germany, Canada, Italy, Croatia, Switzerland, Great Britain and some other nations.
Want Worldwide...Basically, I collect all the stamps, no matter where they were issued.
Note Usually, I would exchange lots of 30 stamps on a 1:1 basis. If you'd like to trade, please contact me.

Makadolang, Djoni
Location Manado, Indonesia
Offer Indondesia..old & new..with gutter pairs, setenants, and tetebeche composition
Want Worldwide TOPICALS: Titanic, Lady Di & Elvis Presley...stamps and covers

Malakhov, Arkady
Location New York, USA
Offer Used USA
Want Mint/used Worldwide commemoratives.

Malinverni, Joel M.
Location Niagara Falls, New York, USA
Offer Used USA and Worldwide.
Want Mint/used Canada (Pre-1992), Canadian Provinces, Newfoundland Ireland, Italy (Pre-1992), Old Italian States.
Note Packets of 1 - 100 are preferred ... 1:1 basis, or catalogue value for more valuable items.

Mally, Michel
Location Montreal, Quebec, Canada
Offer Recent Canada commemoratives on paper
Want Iceland, Greenland, Malta and Liechtenstein, on/off paper
Note Open to all propositions involving buying, selling or trading.

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The new STL web site, located in Denmark:

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