StampTrader List.

Listings from Jiang, Guowen to Lakshmanan, Sarangapani K.
January 1st, 1999 Update

Jiang, Guowen
Location Canyon, Texas, USA
Offer PR China stamps, FDC's and local postal surcharge labels and covers from 1987 to 1997
Want China stamps and postal history
Note I also offer China philatelic books. I'm also interested in Worldwide silver coins, gold crown coins and China coins.
Societies Amerian Philatelic Society, China Stamp Society of APS

Jobst, Patrick
Location Austria
Offer Used Germany, Berlin & Austria - Mint USSR & UN {Vienna}
Want Europe, US, Canada and Australia
Note Trade in packets of 100 or 200, on a Michel catalogue basis.

Johansen, Birger
Location Denmark
Offer Used Denmark, Norway and Great Britain
Want Scandinavia, British colonies, France and French ex-colonies
Note I'd like to trade on a 1:1 basis, or by catalogue values.

Johnsen, Kjell
Location Sarpsborg, Norway
Offer Used Norway stamps & Covers - TOPICAL: Mushrooms
Want TOPICAL: Mushrooms, Stamps & Covers with mushroom in meter or cancellation

Johnson, Chris
Location Oregon, USA
Offer Used Worldwide, with some Austria & Germany
Want Used Worldwide, especially Austria
Note New ww kiloware collector from 1989-1992 looking for trading partners in other countries. Prefer trading in packets 25-100.

Johnson, David
Location Dothan, Alabama, USA
Offer Will trade USED United States Commemoratives & Regular Issues in packets of 25 or 50.
Want Want Topicals related to Aviation, Space and Maps & Globes.
Note Also Buying and Selling Used United States Commemoratives. Please view my Web Site for details of my current buy and sell offers.
Societies APS & ATA

Johnson, Jeffrey L.
Location Oregon, USA
Offer TOPICAL: Wildlife mint/used, Worldwide
Want Mint/used North Korea, Anything 1946-1956, most anything thru '65 & anything in propaganda, soviet realist style, political bent through the present. Similar interest in same for P.R. China (esp. 1949-76, thru present), Vietnam (North & present) Cambodia (1975-78 only), and anything from Tibet
Note Trade or buy. Also, note Korea listed in Scott catalogue is South Korea, Michel must be referenced for North Korea.

Johnson, Steven
Location Perth, Australia
Offer Used Australia and recent issue mint and other postal items. TOPICALS: Trains, Planes, Frogs, Dinosaurs, Xmas & Insects.
Want TOPICALS: Frogs, Dinosaurs, Police on Stamps & Insects

Jolie, Jacques
Location St. Leonard, Maryland, USA
Offer USA singles, plate blocks and FDCs to 1978; UN mint singles & FDCs to 1978; Israel singles (mostly mint) to 1978 & Worldwide
Want Iceland; USA officials (1873-79)-older commemoratives, varieties of Scott #703; older France, Netherlands & Great Britain
Note Will sell or trade on a 1:1 basis using Scott values and/or by mutual agreement. Will trade in packets of 50-100.
Societies APS #184967

Jones, Elizabeth
Location British Columbia, Canada
Offer MNH Canada, US, UN, Isle of Man, Channel Islands, Great Britain and some used Canada
Want MNH US singles, booklets, unfolded panes, PNC5's, coil pairs and MNH Canada singles, booklets, coil pairs, BOB and issues before 1937
Note Willing to trade or sell using Scott or Unitrade catalogue values. Want lists welcome.
Societies RPSC, Plate Number Coil Collectors Club (PNC3)

Jones, Zachary
Location Bangor, Maine, USA
Offer Austria, Germany, German states, Belgium, France, Netherlands, Great Britain, Portugal, Italy, China, Japan & Worldwide
Want Nazi era stamps
Note I'm willing to trade or sell. I've stamps from nearly all countries, so please don't hesitate to get in touch with me about your wants.

Jorissen, Frans
Location Bordeaux, France
Offer France, Greece, Worldwide, French postcards, covers & postal stationery
Want Used France postcards, covers and stationary sent to foreign countries as well as Netherlands covers
Note I am building up a collection of french foreign postal rates. At present I am especially trying to find postcards & letters sent to Canada. Please look at your local dealers. I can do the same for you here! I will trade or buy.

Joss, Mike
Location British Columbia, Canada
Offer Recent Canada, UK & a small amount of USA. Would be prepared to send new issues as well
Want Indian Ocean Islands, particularly Maldives, Cocos (Keeling) BIOT and Christmas Island

Jove, Josep
Location Tarragona, Spain
Offer Mint/used Spain, West Europe & Worldwide Andorra (Spanish Post Office) mint only
Want Mint/used Worldwide--Prefer mint W. Europe & South America

Joy, Ricardo Pablo
Location Buenos Aires, Argentina
Offer Mint/used Worldwide
Want France, UK and USA
Note Prefer to trade in packets of 25, 50 or 100. I'm creating a Philatelic Club at the School where I work.

Juaini, Indira-Patra A.
Location Zamboanga City, Philippines
Offer Mint/used Philippines
Want Mint/used Worldwide
Note I'd like to trade Philippine stamps for those of your country. I'll do my best to provide any Philippine stamps. I'm also willing to accept coins in trade for my offers. I'd like to trade on a 1:1 basis, used for used, mint for mint.

Just, Steen Erhard
Location Copenhagen, Denmark
Offer Scandinavia (FDC/mint/used) Danish West Indies, Argentina, USA and Korea (mint/used)
Want Denmark 1854-1912--Danish West Indies--TOPICALS: WW Mushrooms, (mint/used/covers)
Note Prefer 1:1 trades. Selling/buying Scandinavia use AFA Catalog and Scott Catalog for the rest.
Societies DFF (Danish Philatelists)

Kaczor, James
Location Idaho, USA
Offer Mint/used USA, some 19th century, more 20th century singles, plate blocks and a few sheets
Want Mint/used USA, 19th century and airmails. I will consider accumulations for large trades for high value items I have
Note I'll buy or sell if an equitable trade can't be worked out. Have List available upon request.

Kalinich, Don
Location South Carolina, USA
Offer MNH/used US (1945 to present) and some used PNC singles
Want Used USA, PNC singles---Israel and Australia
Note Prefer to trade based on each others want lists.
Societies APS 167668

Kam Shing, Tony Lee
Location Selangor, Malaysia
Offer Mint/used Malaysia singles, Miniature Sheets, FDCs, Souvenir Sheets and Covers
Want Mint singles & Miniature Sheets from tiny nations such as Nauru, Brunei, Tuvalu, Grenada, Bermuda, Tonga, Solomon Is., Faeroes, Aland, Maldives, Seychelles, Andorra, Kiribati, Palau, Liechtenstein, Barbados and San Marino

Kamegi, Masako
Location Yokohama, Japan
Offer Used Japan commemoratives and definitives
Want Used Worldwide commemoratives and definitives. TOPICALS: Flora, Penguins, Games and Puzzles
Note I prefer to trade on a 1:1 basis, in packets of 50 to 400, but I will trade by Scott catalog value for higher values.

Kanev, Peter
Location Sofia, Bulgaria
Offer MNH/used Bulgaria MNH singles & FDC's and some Worldwide
Want Worldwide
Note I'm a part time dealer and will trade or sell.

Kanzenbach, Manfred
Location Ontario, Canada
Offer Used Canada
Want Recent used Germany, including commemoratives & semi-postals
Note I'd like to buy good kiloware of Germany. Any leads would be appreciated. I will sell or trade.
Societies RPSC

Kappel, Kim
Location Struer, Denmark
Offer Great Britain- Queen Victoria- Classic Denmark, Greenland and Danish West Indies
Want Mint/used GB Queen Victoria and Classic Denmark
Note I collect almost all stamps from the period GB QV as well as Classic Denmark. Please check my danish language Web page.
Societies SOOF and DFF
WWW-Page Danish and GB stamps

Karlsson, Thomas
Location Mora, Sweden
Offer Scandinavia and some BRD and Berlin
Want Iceland, Greenland, Faroes, BRD and Berlin

Karsdorp, Nico
Location The Netherlands
Offer Used Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, USA and Worldwide. Mint Netherlands, Dutch Antillies, Surinam & former dutch colonies Dutch FDC's.
Want Used commems from almost any country. Used Dutch Antillies & Aruba, Belgium, DDR. Sovjet and French occupied zones.
Note I work with wantlists (I use Michel catalogue for Germany and Belgium). Other countries (1:1) in packets of 100 or more. Will trade duplicates (commems + definitives) up to 10 copies.

Kasper, Jerry
Location California, USA
Offer USA Postal Stationery 1950-1980, some Worldwide Postal Stationery and Aerogrammes and 1950-1975 US plate blocks
Want Mint/used Worldwide Aerogrammes, errors, freaks, oddities, military rarities, specimens, flights, everything, anything related Also literature/articles re aerogrammes & airletter sheets. Correspondents with knowledge of aerogramme exhibits/ auctions
Note Will buy since have little to trade other than aerogrammes. I'm the associate editor of the Aerogramme Society quarterly, the AerogrammeR. Annual membership US$15 or AUST$20.
Societies APS 6831-49979, AAMS 6372, UPSS 1439 and many others.

Katranovsky, Valentin A.
Location Moscow, Russia
Offer Used USSR, East Europe, Australia & New Zealand - Mint USSR & modern Russia
Want Used British Commonwealth from 1901 to present
Note Will trade on a 1:1 basis in packets of 50 or 100, or buy using mint USA stamps as a medium of exchange.
Societies Moscow Philatelic Club

Katriel, Irit
Location Israel
Offer Recent postally used Worldwide
Want Recent postally used Worldwide and mint US
Note Will trade my packets of 100 different recent (1990-now) postally used WW for a similar packet, or for 5$ face mint US. Also interested in used phonecards.
Societies APS #183838

Katz, Stan
Location Houston, Texas, USA
Offer Used Worldwide, especially Sweden & Latin America {thru 1980}, Greece (1950-83), Spain (1960-83), Philippines (thru 1983), Taiwan and Thailand definitives
Want Used Worldwide, especially Sweden, Latin America, Greece, Spain, Philippines, Taiwan, Thailand, African and other Asian nations
Note Willing to trade based on Scott catalog values with Want lists

Kavanagh, Brian
Location Dublin, Ireland
Offer Ireland, G.B., Australia, Canada, Pakistan, R.S.A, New Zealand Finland, India, Malaysia and Malta
Want Australia, Cyprus, Malta, Gibraltar, Finland, Rhodesia, Kenya, Uganda, Estonia, Trinidad, Jamaica and other Caribbean Is, New Zealand, Ghana, Indonesia, Malaysia, Ireland, Belgium, Channel Is, Tanzania, Zimbabwe, Zambia, Barbados, Bermuda, Bahamas, Fiji, Br Guyana, Guyana, Iran, Papua New Guinea, Latvia, India U.A.E, Singapore, I.O.M, Malawi, Sri Lanka, Lithuania, Taiwan, Nigeria, A.A.T, South Africa and Pakistan
Note Happy to trade 50 to 100 at a time, on a one for one basis.

Kaxe, Erik
Location Hedensted, Denmark
Offer Mostly used Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Greenland and Iceland
Want Used Thailand singles and mint/used Thai minisheets - Norway Franking Labels
Societies Danish and Norwegian Philatelist Union

Kaxe, Johnny
Location Herning, Denmark
Offer Great Britain, Denmark and Norway
Want Great Britain, England: Telegraph & Fiscal, Covers {Old & modern} - Rare stamps with faults (Victoria and Edw.) Elizabeth (minor constant flaws)

Kay, Steve
Location Oregon, USA
Offer Mint USA & used Worldwide .. especially USA and Germany
Want Mint Germany, Japan, Austria, France.Used Japan-France-Austria
Note Would like to connect with people in named countries to trade new issues (at face value, as determined by exchange rate).

Kaye, James
Location Harrison, New York, USA
Offer Used & some mint, Worldwide, British Empire, Scandinavia, Italy, Benelux, France and Germany
Want British Empire, Europe and Worldwide except CTOs
Note Many of my offers are from mixtures obtained from foreign sources Prefer to trade in packets of 100. No want lists or catalogue values. Better sent, better received.
Societies APS

Kearsley, Kim P.
Location Aarhus, Denmark
Offer Mint/used Great Britain, Ireland FDC-booklets & Scandinavia
Want Letters from Great Britain or used Great Britain before 1900
Note Using AFA and Stanley Gibbons catalogues.

Kebel, Larry
Location DeLand, Florida, USA
Offer USA and Worldwide
Want Germany and related areas which include, but are not limited to, the German occupation of many entities and nations, German Offices abroad and provisional Issues.
Note I have all of my stamps for Trade or Sale listed in a computer program which can be sent to you via Email, upon request. The listing is just too long to send as an ASCII list. I can also trade or sell some stamps in quantities of 25, 50, 100 of the same stamp. I also have telephone cards for sale or trade.
Societies APS# 175508

Keeley, Roy
Location Theodore, Alabama, USA
Offer Bogus, Fakes, and Forgeries of USA Locals and Carrier stamps
Want Forgeries of Samuel Allan Taylor, Hussey, Scott and others 5L3 in Blue of American Letter Mail, the real one, not a forgery On cover or just the stamp
Societies APS #159954 & C&LS #162

Keith, Barry
Location Charlottesville, Virginia, USA
Offer Mint/used US, FDCs, some Worldwide (please ask)
Want TOPICALS: Chess & Cats--France & colonies-- Also inexpensive commemoratives from French and Spanish-speaking countries
Note I am a foreign language teacher and would like to share ideas about lessons with stamps.

Kelly, Patrick
Location Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada
Offer Used Canada {back to the late 1800s}, some Newfoundland, US {mostly from 1900 to 1980} and West Europe
Want Used, lighly cancelled, or mint Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Iceland, Finland, Germany {no DDR}, Switzerland, Belgium, The Netherlands, Belgium, Japan and France
Note I prefer trading commons on a 1:1 basis and to use catalogue values, or an equivalent number of commons for higher values. I have Scott Catalogue based Wantlists for all except Iceland, Belgium & France, for which trading packets would be fine.

Kelly, Sam
Location New South Wales, Australia
Offer Australia Post official unaddressed FDC, PSE & stamp packs -1970 on. Used Australia decimal and pre decimal stamps
Want World war II covers & Postal History--Worldwide first flight covers and Australia pre-1970 FDCs
Note I'm a dealer and will buy, sell & trade 1:1, catalogue, or by mutual agreement. Please check out my offers on my web page.
Societies APS member #188265

Kemp, Tom
Location Texas, USA
Offer Worldwide, mostly used; specify interests and I'll do my best
Want USA Administration issues (Canal Zone, Hawaii, Philippines), USA Canadian revenues, Canadian OHMS-perfin officials, recent USA plate blocks, USA/Canadian duck stamps
Note I generally trade by Scott values, but I'm open to suggestions

Kennedy, Dan
Location Lexington, Kentucky, USA
Offer Worldwide, especially Germany, US, Italy, Australia and The Netherlands - Some TOPICALS available in packets
Want Worldwide, Germany, Korea and Italy - TOPICALS: Dogs & Bugs
Note The Topical wants are for my 8 year old daughter, Sarah. I'm too busy to work with Wantlists, and would like to trade on a 1:1 basis with packets by country or $100 catalog value or so. I have packets of 500 & 1000 different US commemoratives.
Societies APS and local stamp clubs

Kennedy, David
Location Manitoba, Canada
Offer Mint/used Canada and South Korea
Want Mint/used South Korea, new issues,souvenir sheets & large lots
Note Trade one for one or lots, will buy/sell larger value stamps. Want list available upon request.
Societies Winnipeg Philatelic Society

Kennedy, Steven
Location Maryland, USA
Offer Older USA
Want Older USA
Societies APS#179032

Keraval, Erwan
Location Grenoble, France
Offer TOPICAL: Europe CEPT - France, Iceland, Guernesey & Worldwide
Want Iceland and TOPICAL: Europe CEPT

Kerstetter, Raymond Walter
Location Alexandria, Virginia USA
Offer MNH US from the 1930s on Commemoratives, a few Definitives
Want MNH Ex-Soviet Countries, Ex-Yugoslavia, Czech/Slovak
Note I am a collector and a part-time dealer. I specialise in the countries on my want list. I'll also trade used, but older US rather than new issues.

Khademi, Abdollah
Location Queensland, Australia
Offer Mainly recent used Australian commems, FDC's, souvenir sheets, etc. & used Worldwide
Want Used Commems with clean/light cancels: UN, New Zealand, Malta, France, Iceland, Antarctica, Luxembourg, Switzerland, small islands, Macau, Hong Kong, China (both), French and British colonials, C/wealth Africa, Argentina, Singapore, Japan and Middle East
Note No CTO's or damaged stamps please. Trade on a 1:1 basis, or by mutual agreement. Visit my Web page for more details, topicals trading bonuses and updates.

Khidir, Nik Marjan Hanum
Location Kelantan, Malaysia
Offer Malaysia and Australia
Want Worldwide
Note I like to trade stamps with collectors around the world.

Khoshen, Israel
Location Panama City, Republic of Panama
Offer MNH/Used Worldwide
Want MNH TOPICALS: Aviation, Space {singles, sets, Miniature and Souvenir Sheets}, Olympics & Birds {singles and sets} Postally used TOPICALS: Aviation, Space, Sports & Fauna
Note MNH & high value used, exchange on a Scott Catalogue values basis. Common used on a 1:1 basis
Societies APS# 173287 and ATA# 49920-2

Kidd, Monee
Location Cleveland, Ohio, USA
Offer US {1930s-1980s}, Worldwide, emphasis on Europe {50s-70's}
Want US...1930 to present day
Note My Worldwide material isn't catalogued yet.

King, Chris
Location London, England, UK
Offer Cash
Want Postal History of Slesvig, Schleswig in German, Danish railway cancellations from Jutland - Postal History from the West coast of Jutland - Danish Censored Mail, WWII & refugee camps, especially...all on cover and before 1950
Note Strictly a cash buyer for now.
Societies Scandinavia Philatelic Society

King, Stephen
Location Sudbury, England, UK
Offer Mostly MNH TOPICALS: Dinosaurs & Prehistoric Animals, singles and Postcards
Want TOPICALS: Dinosaurs & Prehistoric Animals singles, FDCs, Booklets, Postcards and anything remotely connected with prehistoric life & philately

Kitchen, Scott
Location Bridgewater, New Jersey, USA
Offer Used USA and Worldwide
Want Used worldwide, particularly TOPICAL: Tanks
Note Prefer trading in 50-stamp packets
Societies APS, ISWSC, CCCC

Klein, Amy
Location Camarillo, California, USA
Offer Used US stamps & Covers - Some used Worldwide stamps & Covers
Want Mint/used US & Worldwide TOPICAL: Christmas stamps and/or interesting Christmas covers
Note Willing to trade (mainly) or buy/sell, have access only to Scott catalog
Societies APS#180224 & CPC#1528

Kleiner, Jack
Location Sunrise, Florida, USA
Offer Mostly used USA and Worldwide
Want Used Canada, Switzerland and Scandinavia
Note Prefer to trade with want lists. I have Scott(WW),Facit, Yvert (West Europe) and Michel(West Europe)

Kleintank, Mike
Location Ohio, USA
Offer Used USA and Worldwide and USA FDCs
Want Used Worldwide and all types of cacheted US covers
Note Trade 50 used large or 100 with small stamps 1:1 and covers.
Societies APS, AFDCS, Space Unit, USCS, ISWSC

Klishin, Andrey
Location Maywood, Illinois, USA
Offer Used Worldwide & TOPICAL: Disney
Want TOPICALS: Stamp on stamp--Disney for my daughter's interest).
Note My daughter and I are beginners. So we have no high value stamps. We prefer 1:1 (or set:set) exchange basis, & will welcome receiving your Topical Want List, especially for Disney.

Knight, Donald
Location Congers, New York, USA
Offer Used 19th century US - Mint/used US BOB...back of book Mint/used 20th century US
Want Mint/used pre-1890 US - Mint pre-1920 US - Mint US Officials Mint US parcel post
Note Prefer to trade 1:1, but will buy or sell as well.
Societies APS# 165855

Knox, Augusta
Location Dublin, Ireland
Offer East Europe, especially Czechoslavakia, Bulgaria, Hungary & Poland - Cuba and recent Australia - Sorry, but no Ireland!
Want Great Britain, Ireland, Australia, Canada & Switzerland
Note I have Wantlists for GB, Ireland & Australia & am looking for trading partners to help me complete those collections. Will swap on a 1:1 basis, in packets of 50 or 100, whatever we can agree upon, especially for higher value stamps.

Knubel, Fred
Location New York City, New York, USA
Offer Pre-1945 Worldwide, esp. Canada, Europe & South America, many common and some higher value Argentina, Austria, Bavaria, Peru France, Germany, Italy, Paraguay, Romania, Switzerland and Venezuela.
Want Pre-1945 only, Worldwide, esp. countries above + Albania, Antigua, Curacao, Hawaii, Honduras, Liberia, Liechtenstein Maldive-Marianas-Marshall Islands, Newfoundland, Niue, Panama Salvador, San Marino, Surinam.
Note Prefer exchange of country packets of 25, 50 or 100 common stamps. Scott equivalent for higher value.
Societies APS

Knuth, Hans-Walter
Location Koeln, Germany
Offer Mainly used Germany, but also West-European stamps
Want Used West-European stamps + Japan
Note Like to trade preferrably by want lists (descriptive & Michel lists available), but also 1:1 in packets of 100 to 300

Knuuti, Markku
Location Finland
Offer Finland or worldwide
Want Your country or worldwide
Note Trading 1:1, 100 or more, commemoratives.

Ko, Dennis
Location Manilla, Philippines
Offer Used Philippines (sets or singles) and Worldwide
Want TOPICALS: Animals, Plants or Oriental, especially China & Japan, but any would do.
Note Will trade on a one for one basis, in packets of 20.

Kohout, Jan
Location Czech Republic
Offer Used Worldwide, especially Czechoslovakia, US, Canada, Japan, Australia and Europe
Want Used African countries, Iceland, Greenland, Ireland, Norway, ex-USSR countries, Pacific Islands, Channel Islands and many other countries
Note I prefer to trade on a 1:1 basis, in packets of 100 or more.

Kok Heng, Lee
Location Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia
Offer Used/Mint from Malaysia and Singapore
Want Used/Mint in a full set from worldwide, especially from Hong Kong, New Zealand and Australia
Note For used, prefer to trade 1:1 in packet of 50 to 100. Mint, prefer to trade base on face value, i.e inpacket of US$10/20

Kok Pong, Loh
Location Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Offer Mint Malaysia definitives, commemoratives, FDCs & Miniature Sheets
Want Worldwide, but with a strong preference for tiny nations, such as Palau, San Marino, Aland, Kiribati, Tonga, Nauru, Vanuatu, Nevis, Maldives, Malta and Brunei

Koller, Duncan
Location Vancouver, WA, USA
Offer World Wide used, especially Germany, Great Britian, France, British Commonwealth.
Want Worldwide prior to 1950, preferably used.
Note Prefer to trade in packets of 50, 100, or 200
Societies APS

Kondor, Andy
Location Escondido, California, USA
Offer Worldwide
Want Mint/used USA & Germany singles & first day covers
Note Willing to trade or buy

Koning, Henk
Location The Netherlands
Offer Kiloware from The Netherlands, only commemoratives, single paper, short cut and most from last 12 months
Want Worldwide kiloware, only commemoratives, single paper & short cut to make exchanges
Societies N.V.P.H.

Koolhaas, Michael
Location Amsterdam, Netherlands
Offer Precancels {mainly US} and used Netherlands
Want Precancels from US, Canada, France & Belgium - recent used Germany, Canada and US
Note I'm willing to buy.
Societies Precancel Stamp Society

Koopmans, Henk-Jan
Location Bunnik, The Netherlands
Offer Used Netherlands, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Belgium, Australia and Poland
Want Used Worldwide except for Netherlands, Germany, US & UAR
Note I prefer to trade 1:1, in packets of 50

Kopecky, Gene
Location Ventura, California, USA
Offer Worldwide, especially the British Empire
Want British Empire, including Great Britain
Note Will trade or buy. Scott catalog basis, or by mutual agreement

Kosnik, Mitja
Location Kranj, Slovenia
Offer Mint/used Slovenia, ex Yugoslavia & Worldwide TOPICALS
Want Mint/used Worldwide TOPICALS, complete sets or quantity
Note I'll buy, sell or trade on a 1:1 basis, or by catalog values.

Kovacs, Imre
Location Kiskunhalas, Hungary
Offer Mint/used Hungary
Want Worldwide TOPICALS: Paintings and Christmas
Note I prefer trading on Michel or Scott catalogue value.
Societies Hungarian Association of Stamp Collectors

Kowalski, Steve
Location Rancho Palos Verdes, California, USA
Offer Baltic States, old issues, mostly mint
Want Baltic States, old issues used, used revenues, and covers
Note Buy, sell, and trade. Please visit my Baltic States web page.
Societies APS #178273

Kragh, Jesper
Location Valby, Denmark
Offer Used Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Greenland, Iceland, Faroes and Worldwide
Want Used ex-Yugoslavia, Croatia, Slovenia, European countries and Worldwide TOPICALS: Birds
Note I prefer to trade on a 1:1 basis in packets of 50 to 100.

Krahn, Steven R.
Location Minnesota, USA
Offer Worldwide, Germany or Cash
Want Germany AMG's (Scott 3N1-20) mint / used, multiples & covers
Note Will trade or buy. I will try to accomodate your needs.
Societies German Philatelic Society

Krebs, John Sr
Location Dunnville, Ontario, Canada
Offer Mint/used Canada and Netherlands
Want Mint/used Netherlands
Note E-mail list of needed stamps and available ones to trade, only on a Scott or N.V.P.H. catalogue basis.

Kreivys, Darius
Location Vilnius, Lithuania
Offer MNH Baltic States, West Europe, North Vietnam, North Korea, Thailand, Japan, PRC, China and Taiwan
Want Manchuria Local overprint {1945-47}, China & China's Liberated areas
Note Willing to trade or buy.
Societies APS#185684, CSS#4097, CPSL, ISJP#5400 and LPS#1842

Kristensen, Per
Location Odense, Denmark
Offer Scandinavia, US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa Mongolia & Switzerland - TOPICAL: Birds
Want US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa & Mongolia TOPICAL: Birds, especially Kingfishers

Krivickas, Kestutis
Location Vilnius, Lithuania
Offer Re-independent Lithuania
Want Denmark, Iceland, Ireland, Asia countries and Norway WW FDCs & commemorative Covers {sports & fauna}
Note I'm also interested in viewcards and basketball cards. I seek friendship with other collectors.

Kropf, Remo
Location Erlenbach, Switzerland
Offer Used Worldwide, mostly stamps before 1960
Want Used worldwide, except USA, Canada and Australia
Note Frequently on business travel, answers may be delayed a couple of weeks

Krueger, Scot
Location Plano, Texas, USA
Offer Used US singles and some MNH plate blocks
Want Recent used US singles (F/VF or better)
Note Not a dealer, just trying to fill the growing empty pages at the end of the album by trading from my accumulated stock.
Societies APS 187679

Krzmarzick, Ron L.
Location Minnesota, USA
Offer United Nations: Have MI4 and FDC Geneva Cachet MI4 & S.Sheets
Want United Nations: MI4, FDC WFUNA Cachet Combo, FDC ArtCraft (later yrs), Early UN Official Cachet Covers...pre Scott #63
Note Above are UNPA items, also collect forerunners. Will trade at Gaines or Dealer prices, or will buy.

Kuah, Joseph
Location Ann Arbor, Michigan, USA
Offer MNH UN {NY, Geneva, Wien} singles, inscription blocks, covers, & Souvenir Sheeets - MNH Great Britain, used Germany & US
Want Mint UN {90's mainly}, UN related (military mail, UPU etc) & Great Britain
Societies APS

Kuhlman, Don
Location Sunnyvale, California, USA
Offer MNH/mint/used USA singles, Plate Blocks, Booklet Panes & Coil Line Pairs---Have some back of book {BOB} and ducks too
Want Mint USA singles, plate blocks, booklet panes, booklets, coil line pairs, & the higher value used--everything except FDC's.
Note Not interested in buying, only trading and possibly selling. I trade on a 1998 Scott Specialized Catalog basis, or mutual agreement. Might be willing to trade on a 2:1 basis for items I really need, possibly more if you want my common used items. Please send your Wantlist and let's do some trading.

Kumar, Madhan
Location Penang, Malaysia
Offer Used Worldwide singles, mint sets, miniature sheets & Malaysia First Day Covers
Want Mint sets & First Day Covers from the 10 South East Asian nations & Romania, Australia, Italy, Norway and New Zealand

Kurian, Abraham
Location Kuwait
Offer South Asia-{Especially India & neighbours}--Kuwait, U.A.E. and other Gulf Countries,
Want Used Worldwide, except Eastern Europe
Note Only trade on a 1:1 basis in packets of 100 or more.

Kwok Keung, Ho
Location Hong Kong
Offer Hong Kong, P.R. China, Macau and TOPICAL: WWF
Want Macau - TOPICALS: WWF, Scouts, Bees and Bee-keeping

Labandera, Fernando
Location Montevideo, Uruguay
Offer Used S. American countries, Uruguay, Argentine, Brazil---USA & Mexico---W. Europe, especially France, Italy, Spain and Great Britain and some TOPICALS: flowers, sports, birds.
Want Used Iceland, Greenland, Aland& Faeroe Islands & Great Britain
Note Trade on 1 for 1 basis, or packets. Yvert catalog is my choice for higher values, but other trade conditions can be arranged.

Labelle, Michel
Location Montreal, Quebec, Canada
Offer Mint/used Canada & Worldwide---excluding Eastern Europe
Want Mint USA, --Used worldwide (large stamps only), especially Japan, P.N.G., Australia, Great Britain, Germany, Belgium South Africa, Norway, Finland, Spain, Belgium, New Zealand, Aruba and Netherland Antilles
Note Will trade on a 1:1 basis or by Want lists using Scott catalog values. I have Wantlists for countries mentioned in my Wants.

Ladefoged, Claus
Location Raleigh, North Carolina, USA
Offer Used Europe, Worldwide, former Yugoslavia & Denmark
Want Greenland, Danish West Indies, Christian X type and Karavel type from Denmark
Note The Danish West Indies are my #1 area of collecting interest.
Societies Danish Philatelic Society, Scandinavian Collectors Club USA, DWI study Unit, USA

Ladislav, Lala
Location Prague, Czech Republic
Offer Mint Czech & Czechoslovakia (after 1945) singles, sheets, FDCs
Want Mint United Nations (blocks), Israel, Republic of China and selected British Empire (BIOT, Pitcairn Island...) TOPICALS: Dinosaurs & Prehistoric animals
Societies Czech Philatelists Society

Laffin, K. Patrick
Location Milton, Ontario, Canada
Offer Used Canada, USA, Australia, Poland, Great Britain, Germany (definitives) Malaysia, and several others
Want Netherlands, Belgium, Austria, Germany, Japan, Taiwan, Hong Kong & Trinidad & Tobago
Note I'd love to trade Canadian commemoratives for commems of my Want countries.

Lafond, Andre
Location Charlesbourg, Quebec, Canada
Offer Mint/used Canada
Want TOPICALS: Aeroplanes, Aviation, Helicopters and Gliders Singles, sets, fdc's and covers--mint or used
Note NO zeppelins/hot air balloons. I can trade or buy & use Scott or Stanley Gibbons catalogs. I prefer trading with Wantlists.
Societies Societe Philatelique de Quebec

Lafrance, Francois
Location Quebec, Canada
Offer Used Canada high values above first class rates---Worldwide
Want Used French Polynesia, New Caledonia, Wallis & Futuna, Greenland & Falkland Islands with clean cancels in sound condition
Note Trade 2, 3+ of mine for 1 of yours. I'm a part-time dealer. Ask about stamps of other countries, I might have what you want.
Societies Member: APS since 1961

Lai, Hui Sim
Location Malaysia
Offer Used Worldwide
Want Recent & colourful Worldwide, especially Australia, Austria, Canada, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Iceland, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, New Zealand, Norway, Singapore, Slovenia, Switzerland, The Netherlands, US and Great Britain
Note I'm a young collector who is mostly into brightly coloured stamps. Please do not include any older stamps {pre-1970} in in our trades.

Lai, Kelvin
Location Hong Kong
Offer Mint/used Hong Kong and used Worldwide
Want British Commonwealth, royal wedding 1981 and Queen's birthday, Macau, England, mint Taiwan, Singapore and Europe
Note NO dealer contact please. Interested in trading, not buying.

Lakshmanan, Sarangapani K.
Location Chennai, India
Offer MNH/used India
Want MNH TOPICALS: Butterflies & other philatelic items related to Butterflies - Used French Arts - used Great Britain {having a special interest in Machins
Note I'm only interested in fine or better undamaged stamps.

As this is written (9/20/98), the STL has it's own web site.

For the first time, we have a search tool, which is now operational, and provides traders with many different ways in which to access specific STL listings, by name, country of residence and different areas of collecting interest.

The new STL web site, located in Denmark:

For those with web browsers, it's much easier for you and us, if you use an online form to submit your proposed listing. That form can be found at the STL Web site in Denmark:

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