StampTrader List.

Listings from Halperin, Jesse to Jeppu, Vasudev
January 1st, 1999 Update

Halperin, Jesse
Location Florida, USA
Offer Mint USA, coils of 5, Plate Blocks Round Robin, Adhesives, Books, and Unfolded panes
Want Mint USA, coils of 5, Plate Blocks Round Robin, Adhesives, Books, and Unfolded panes.
Note Want & Have lists available upon request. Trades only!
Societies Member of PNC coil line club.

Hamburg, Mark L.
Location Riverside, California, USA
Offer Worldwide Fakes, Forgeries, Reference Material & general WW
Want I'm looking for undamaged Worldwide Fakes and Forgeries
Note Please contact me about your interests and items to trade.
Societies APS, ISWSC

Hameiri, Oren
Location Haifa, Israel
Offer Mostly used Israel, US, Canada and Worldwide
Want British Commonwealth, Japan, West Europe and Scandinavia
Note I'd like to trade in lots of 100+! I also collect Phonecards.

Hamilton, Dennis
Location Wellesley, Massachusetts, USA
Offer Worldwide mint/used United Nations topics; cash.
Want Worldwide mint/used United Nations topics; also postcards depicting Nubian monuments; Egyptian postcards mint or postally used depicting Nubian monuments especially if postally used with Nubian issues.
Note Scott Catalog or 1:1 basis
Societies APS, ATA, UNPI
WWW-Page (the homepage of UN Philatelists)

Hammar, John A.
Location Mount Airy, North Carolina, USA
Offer Used US commemmoratives, plate blocks and blocks of four, & some mint singles, blocks, FDCs, 5 digit postmarks, precancels - and some Canada
Want Worldwide, large and small stamps - No US or Canada please
Note I'll buy, sell or trade. I'm also interested in worldwide banknotes.

Hammarlund, John E.
Location El Cajon, California, USA
Offer Have older (pre-1985) US, Australia, Canada and some worldwide
Want Worldwide
Note Trade 1:1 in packets of 25,50 or 100 Societies: APS;ISJP

Hancock, Fred
Location Illinois, USA
Offer A variety of Worldwide offerings - among which is a nearly complete MNH collection of the Queen Elizabeth Silver Anniversary issues in a Lighthouse album that I want to trade intact.
Want Mint/used PR China, France and Worldwide
Note I'm cutting back on my collecting interests, and have many different things to offer. If you are interested in specific items-areas-countries-etc., I might be able to help. I'd like to find trading partners on a worldwide basis, & particularly from the Far East and the midwest area of the USA.
Societies APS

Handelman, David
Location Ontario, Canada
Offer Stampless covers of Canada and its provinces; registered mail (any period) to/from Canada; town cancels (on cover only) of Canada and the provinces, particularly Prince Edward Island
Want Stampless covers of Canada and its provinces; registered mail (any period) to/from Canada; town cancels (on cover only) of Canada and the provinces, particularly PEI. BNA postal history items, AR and early UPU post cards to Canada
Note Prefer trading, but will consider buying and selling
Societies Postal History Society of Canada

Hannen, Louis
Location North Carolina, USA
Offer Cash as have very little to trade at this time.
Want Pre 1880 covers with railroad usages. Pre 1880 covers with inland waterway or coastal usages.
Societies APS 160221 CSA 2914 VPHS NCPHS MPOS

Hansen, Bjorn
Location Borresrud, Norway
Offer Scandinavia and Worldwide
Want Want Japan and China.
Note 1:1 exchange in packets of 100

Hariton, Martin
Location Miami, Florida, USA
Offer USA, Venezuela & Israel TOPICALS: Flora and Fauna
Want Germany, Spain, Italy, Channel Is. & TOPICALS: Flora & Fauna
Note Trade basis: the Scott Catalogue.
Societies ATA, SIP, Club Filatelico Caracas

Harris, Juan Carlos
Location Mexico City, Mexico
Offer MNH Mexico singles, complete sets, year sets, Souvenir Sheets & Topicals - Some MNH Worldwide TOPICALS & Souvenir Sheets
Want MNH Spain, Spanish Colonies, Belgium, Belgian Colonies, Slovak Republic, France, Vatican, Iceland, Czechoslovakia, Ethiopia, Czech Republic, Poland, Lesotho, Swaziland & German Colonies Worldwide TOPICALS: Basketball, Fencing, Youth Philately, Popes and anything at all related to Mexico
Note I'm a serious collector looking for similar trading partners. I'd like to trade on a 1:1 basis, or by Scott catalog values for less common items. I'll try to find your wants. Only collectors, no dealers please. I offer Mexican Banknotes too.

Hartig, Norbert
Location British Columbia, Canada
Offer Used Worldwide including early Russia, Canada, Netherlands, British Colonies, Latin America and others
Want Worldwide (1940-1949 only) and Germany (up to 1978)
Note I have decided to limit my collection to worldwide 1940-1949 1949 and pre-1978 Germany (incl. colonies,etc.) Scott catalog or mutual agreement as basis for trades. Will also buy and I have detailed want lists available upon request.

Harty, Callen
Location Monona, Wisconsin, USA
Offer Used USA and Worldwide
Want Used Ireland, Worldwide and TOPICAL: The Theater.
Note Prefer to trade on a 1:1 basis, in packets of 50 or more. I've a philatelic section on my Web Page and an alternative e-mail address:
Societies American Philatelic Society # 182658

Hasbun, Fauzi
Location Cochabamba, Bolivia
Offer Bolivia
Want Bolivia - TOPICALS: Fauna, Flora, Transportation, Paintings, Sports, America UPAEP & Puas
Note Trade on a Scott Basis and on a CEFILCO basis for Bolivia.
Societies CEFILCO

Hasnat, Mohammed
Location Elmhurst, New York, USA
Offer Bangladesh stamps, FDC, postal stationery, provisional rubber printed covers, special event covers, errors & varieties. Can also help with Pakistan & India philatelic items.
Want Postally used Germany (1949-1960)--TOPICAL: UPU 74
Note I'll buy, sell or trade.

Hasselfjall, Mikael
Location Sweden
Offer Sweden, Scandinavia, Europe and some Worldwide
Want Scandinavia, Europe and Worldwide
Note 1:1, with wantlist. 100 to 500 stamps each trade.
Societies Swedish Philatilic Society

Hawes, Brian
Location Sorell, Tasmania, Australia
Offer Mint/used Australia and used Worldwide with some mint
Want Worldwide, but especially recent used Europe
Note Will trade 1:1 in mixed lots of 100+ or by want lists and catalogue values. I am using 1997 Scott and have older SG.

Hawk, Lewis
Location Tiffin, Ohio, USA
Offer Used US commemoratives, Worldwide & British commonwealth
Want General Worldwide.
Note Can use duplicates-will trade basis current Scott or stamp for stamp. Particularly interested in stamps cataloguing 25 cents and up. Not interested in CTO material
Societies APS #129121

Hawkins, Joel
Location Arizona, USA
Offer Official Mail. Mostly meter stamps, have some official mail adhesive stamps, stationery, & Penalty Statements. Also Postal Buddy cards, 1st Class Permits and UPS Parcel Registers
Want Worldwide meter stamps. Need few or box full from each country
Note Currently compiling the International Postage Meter Stamp Catalog and need information on meter stamp use in all nations Particularly need information & examples from China, Egypt, countries in Africa & Asia & new Russian states, to include the names and addresses of meter machine manufacturers.
Societies President of the Meter Stamp Society

Hawkins, Robert D.
Location Bandera, Texas, USA
Offer US numbered plate blocks
Want Older numbered US plate blocks, prior to 1939---I'd like to collect all of them, but I'm trying to be reasonable about it
Note I'd like to converse with anyone who wishes to talk about collecting stamps, and plates.
Societies APS

Hay, Charles
Location Dubai, UAE
Offer Mint/used New Zealand
Want UHM/FU pre-decimal New Zealand and dependencies
Note Trade on 1:1 or SG/CP catalogue basis
Societies RPSNZ

Hayes, Jessica
Location San Diego, California, USA
Offer PRC, Czech (mostly 70's)---TOPICALS: some Madonnas, Trains, Ships, Art, Flora and Fauna
Want TOPICALS: Disney, Cartoons on stamps---self adhesives
Note Prefer to trade on a Scott catalog basis, but have some other catalogs to work with, and trade on a face value basis for new issues. I will buy, sell or trade.

Hayley, Ted
Location Melbourne, Australia
Offer Great Britain QV 1d imperfs, stars & plates on & off cover
Want Great Britain QV 1d imperfs, stars & plates on & off cover
Note Will trade or buy.

Hayward, Jeffrey
Location Staten Island, NY USA
Offer Used US, Australia, Great Britain, and Japan. Pictorial cancellations.
Want Used worldwide and TOPICAL cancels of marine mammals, gems & minerals, and jewelry.
Societies APS, AFDCS, PCSG, ISJP, Gem Minerals & Jewelry Study Unit, International Society of Worldwide Stamp Collectors, Cover Collectors Circuit Club

Heath, Andrew
Location Provo, Utah, USA
Offer Used US, some Canada and Worldwide---Limited number of mint US Parcel Post Insurance stamp booklets
Want Used Germany, German States & colonies, US, Canada, Canadian Provinces -- TOPICALS: Scouts, Owls & Star Trek NOTE: I prefer to trade packets of 50, 100 or more. I don't have web access, and would prefer not working with want lists.

Hedefelt, Michael
Location Odense, Denmark
Offer Denmark, Scandinavia, Hungary, Poland and some Worldwide.
Want Used Poland from earlier than 1950, which in 1950 got an overprint: 'Groszy' (a lot of different overprints appear)
Note I might give more than one for one for each stamp that you can provide. English & German languages understood.
Societies DFF (Danish philatelic)

Heigelmann, Erwin
Location Germany
Offer Worldwide, especially German and Latin American stamps (mostly used).
Want Latin America, French, Portuguese and Spanish colonies, only used stamps.
Note Prefer to trade on catalogue basis. Correspondence in German, English, Portuguese and Spanish
Societies BDPh (German Philatelic Association)

Heilala, Ville
Location Finland
Offer Finland and some Worldwide
Want Finland, Aland, Estonia, Australia, Ireland, Germany, France, Great Britain, Cuba and Africa
Note An incomplete Havelist for Finland is available. I'd like to trade on a 1:1 basis in packets of 50 or 100 for commons, and by catalogue values or agreement for others. Prefer acquiring full year sets at a time. Only good quality stamps please.

Heindorff, Ann Mette
Location Farum, Denmark
Offer Used Worldwide and MNH/used Denmark
Want Used Worldwide - TOPICALS: Joy, Happiness and Scouting used USSR before 1991, used Russia after 1991 & Baltic States, preferably pre-World War II
Note Prefer to trade in packets of 25 or more, on a 1:1 basis, but other trading models can be agreed on.

Helford, Michael
Location Illinois, USA
Offer Mostly recent USA
Want Used Africa, preferably post colonial
Note I'm a fairly new collector

Hendy, Lynn
Location Burnaby, British Columbia, Canada
Offer Used Canada, Australia, Great Britain and Worldwide
Want Used Australia (new issues), mint AAT, mint & used Machin definitives and used New Zealand
Note I have recently started collecting New Zealand & I need a lot of common issues!

Hennings, Thorsten
Location Hamburg, Germany
Offer Used Germany {1955-1998), MNH 1960-1968, used Western Europe, especially Austria, Belgium, Norway, Finland, Sweden, Spain, Switzerland and Denmark---MNH UN from 1979 to 1989
Want All Western Europe countries, used, as recent as possible, Australia, Japan & UN from 1989 to present
Note I'm sorting my stamps w/the Michel catalogue. Some Wantlists are available.

Hercules, Chasirtzoglou
Location Xanthi, Greece
Offer Mint/used Greece and Worldwide
Want Used Worldwide and/or stamps of your country
Note I'd like to trade on a 1:1 basis, in packets of 25 to 100.
Societies Xanthis Philatelic society

Hermans, Raymond
Location Delft, The Netherlands
Offer Netherlands, Great Britain and Worldwide
Want Netherlands, Great Britain, Belgium, France, Germany & Indonesia

Hetu, Marc
Location Quebec, Canada
Offer Mint/used Canada - US, France, Germany, Great Britain, Cuba, UN, Switzerland and some Worldwide
Want France {classic used}, Germany, Reich {German states & Berlin no DDR} pre-1970 - US {classic used} and Canada precancels
Note Accept all classic stamps with special cancellation for USA, Canada & France {Singles, post cards, Covers NORMANDIE et le HAVRE}. I prefer to trade with Scott, Yvert or Michel based Wantlists, or 1:1, trading Canada for French or USA classics.
Societies APS # 187728

Heverley, Larry
Location New York, USA
Offer MNH TOPICALS: Scouts & Space...Specialties includ FDCs (Scouts only) imperfs, deluxe, proofs, compounds, SS and more.
Want TOPICALS: Scouts, MNH only-quantities OK-complete issues only
Note I am a stamp dealer

Higgins, Andy
Location Seattle, Washington, USA
Offer 19th century Worldwide (nothing after 1917), Hawaii, used US to 1900 and mint thereafter, U.S.Officials O1-O120 and early US first day covers
Want US Departmental Officials Scott O1-O120 especially "specimen" overprinted copies-Color proofs of these as well. Continental Banknote Co. paper issues (1973-1879 & Hawaii
Note Advanced student of the papers of the Continental Banknote Co. 1873-1879.
Societies United States Philatelic Classics Society

Himebaugh, Sharon
Location Ohio, USA
Offer Used, cancelled USA (I have an accumulation to work with).
Want Used, cancelled & (not mint) USA (1900-1996), cut squares and plate blocks (especially from 1980 to 1995).
Note Trade basis 1 for 1 in packets of 20 to 200, or by mutual agreement. When sending e-mail to me, please add: ATT: Sharon in the subject line.

Hirschmann, Bob
Location Wichita, Kansas, USA
Offer Used Canada, USA, Great Britain, Australia, Germany & others
Want Used Netherlands, Scandinavia, Belgium, Far East, South East Asia, South Africa and Latin America
Note Prefer trades of 1:1. Alt. E-mail:

Hjelde, Terje
Location Norway
Offer Mint/MNH/used Germany, that is DDR, Reich, Bund, Berlin, Zoonen - used Norway
Want Used Germany, that is DDR, Reich, Bund, Berlin, Zoonen, Danzig, Saar Boehmen Maheren, kolonien
Note Prefer to use Michel catalogs as trade basis, or a 1:1 basis. I like to work with Wantlists.
Societies Bod¯ stamp club

Hjorth, Joergen
Location Kolding, Denmark
Offer Faroes stamps/letters and Cash
Want Denmark bicoloured stamps from 1874 to 1905 as well as letters covers and postal stationery of that period. Also other Danish stamps from 1851 to 1874

Ho, David C M
Location Singapore
Offer Singapore FDC's and high denomination stamps from Singapore & Malaysia
Want Worldwide pre-WWII stamps and FDC's
Note Knowledge of Postal History & Philatety Antiquity is sought!

Ho, Jack
Location Taipei, Taiwan
Offer Used/mint, FDC, maxcard of Taiwan
Want I am looking for mint and used stamps & used covers with the TOPICALS: submarines, WWII, Chinese Years, Antarctic and airplanes.

Hochemer, Micha
Location Paris, France
Offer Worldwide, especially Germany & France
Want Western Europe
Note I'm preparing a catalog of French stamps since 1960 (based on Filemaker Pro on Mac). Please contact me if you are interested

Hock, Peter
Location Bratislava, Slovakia
Offer Used Slovakia, Czech republic, ex-Czechoslovakia, Croatia, Slovenia and some Worldwide
Want Used Worldwide--TOPICALS: Sports and Machines

Hocking, Frances
Location Redford, Michigan, USA
Offer Mostly used Worldwide
Want Worldwide
Note I'd like to trade on a 1:1 basis.

Hoegfeldt, Joergen
Location Herlev, Denmark
Offer Censored mail
Want Censored mail
Note Home Web page for collectors of censored mail.
Societies DFF

Hoelzl, Wolfgang
Location Bavaria, Germany
Offer Papua New Guinea stamps, covers, cancels, meters & slogans
Want Papua New Guinea bird of paradise stamps in corner blocks of four with kapuls
Societies BdPh, PPS

Hoflund, Bert
Location Sweden
Offer Mint/used Sweden and First Day Covers
Want Used Estonia stamps, covers & postmarks - used USSR & Russia stamps, covers & postal stationery - TOPICAL: Working people
Societies Swedish Philatelic Society #27985

Hogg, Ron
Location Leeds, UK
Offer Worldwide postal stationery and any current British items that are obtainable via the British Post Office
Want Mint/used Worldwide postal stationery (mint or used), especially interested in Poland and the new ex-soviet republics
Note If you look out for what I want, I will look out for what you want at dealers & stamp fairs etc. Answer in English, French, Russian (no decoder unfortunately!) or Polish. Alt. e-mail:
Societies Member Society for Polish Philately in Britain.

Holfeltz, Gustavo Daniel
Location Buenos Aires, Argentina
Offer Mint/used Argentina & mostly used South American nations
Want Mint and used Brazil
Note Will trade on 1:1 basis or Yvert Catalog values. I'll be unable to respond to e-mail during the months of January & Feb. while on assignment in Antarctica.

Holm, Jesper
Location Give, Denmark
Offer Used (mainly 1970-98) from Denmark, Greenland & Faroe Islands
Want Used (mainly 1970-98) from Luxembourg, Norway, Netherlands and Germany
Note Interested in exchange on 1-1-basis (up to 200-200) or according to catalogue value (Michel/AFA). Please send me an E-mail with your want list, and you'll receive mine in return.

Holth, Sverre
Location Kongsvinger, Norway
Offer Mint/used Worldwide, especially Norway
Want Mint/used Germany, Sweden and Denmark
Note I'm a part-time dealer.

Hoogschagen, Edwin
Location The Netherlands
Offer Netherlands, US, Canada, Australia, Scandinavia & West Europe
Want Greece, Spain, South Africa, Australia & New Zealand
Note Like to trade on a 1:1 basis. I have Wantlists for Greece & Spain. I like to trade for fun & still need many stamps. I'm open to suggestions.

Hoogschagen, Jan-Simon
Location Hippolytushoef, The Netherlands
Offer US, Canada, Australia, Spain, Netherlands, Hungary, Poland, Soviet Union, England and some Worldwide {just ask please}
Want Australia, Austr. Antarctic Territory, Australian States, Greece, Portugal, Norway, Finland, Ireland, England, Canada, Belgium, Newfoundland, South Africa, New Zealand, USA {only recent ones or by wantlist}
Note I prefer to trade used stamps, 1:1 in packets of 100 or more; commems for commems or definitives for definitives. Am also interested in large exchanges of definitives {1000+} I'm flexible, so other trading arrangements can be made. You can view my wantlists in the hobbycorner of my web page.

Hopper, Eric
Location Fredericton, New Brunswick, Canada
Offer Used Canada, Ireland, Finland, and some Worldwide
Want Used Finland, Ireland, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Karelia, Aland Islands, North Ingermanland and Aunus
Note Have wantlists for Finland (Michel) and Ireland (Scott). Just starting my collection of the Baltic countries, so anything postally used is wanted. Have Gibbons British Empire cat. for servicing Wantlists. Trade 1:1, or on a catalog value basis.

Horn, Joe
Location Texas, USA
Offer Worldwide from 1840 to 1990
Want Used worldwide picture postcards from 1861 to 1990
Societies APS#75100

Horvath, Tibor
Location Quebec, Canada
Offer Canada, Germany and Worldwide
Want Canada, Germany and Worldwide
Note I'm a part time dealer
Societies APS and CSDA

Houde, Michel
Location Welland, Ontario, Canada
Offer Bangkok-B overprints -- Heligoland postal stationery, post cards - used Gambia - French Colonies common design - Canada
Want Bangkok-B overprints used - Heligoland postal stationery, post cards - used Gambia QV to independence - French Colonies common design with CDS or other markings - Straits Settlements Perfins & firm chops

Houghton, Alan
Location Benoni, South Africa
Offer MNH complete sets from South Africa, SouthWest Africa, Namibia and South African Homelands, including new issues from South Africa and Namibia.
Want MNH complete sets: USA, Canada, Western Europe, Scandanavia & Pacific Islands. TOPICALS: Ships, Trains, Birds, Prehistoric Aircraft etc
Note Can exchange using Scott, SG and MIchel. New issues at face
Societies Edenvale Philatelic Society, East Rand Philatelic Society

Howdyshell, Steve
Location West Virginia, USA
Offer Cash
Want Worldwide
Note I'm willing to buy if the prices seem fair.

Huang, Jimmy
Location Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
Offer Used recent (1988-1997 Japan commemoratives, some recent PRC items/covers
Want PRC, Japan, Tanzania..TOPICALS: Cars, Trains, Ships, Fish, Aircraft and Butterflies

Huggler, Thomas
Location Massachusetts, USA
Offer Worldwide
Want Mint/used Switzerland; souvenir sheets, odds, early issues preferred---also buy complete collections
Note Prefer listing of available stamps with Zumstein or Michel numbers. Wantlist available by E-mail I recently bought some lots which I need to sort out first.

Hurn, Michael P.
Location Michigan, USA
Offer British Empire, King George VI issues of most countries, but not all types
Want King George VI issues of the British Empire
Societies APS & King George VI Society

Hussin, Norhaizura
Location Puchong, Selangor, Malaysia
Offer Malaysia, Sweden, China, Canada - TOPICALS: Historical Events, Flowers, Architecture {buildings etc}
Want Worldwide...virtually anything

Hwan, Kim
Location Reston, Virginia, USA
Offer Great Britain, Korean, Japanese, African, Commonwealth
Want Great Britain: Mint & Used.
Note Can trade, buy or sell. High value trades can be done as well as bulk (Kilo) trades.

Hynes, Michael
Location El Dorado Hills, California, USA
Offer Used US & Precancels
Want Precancels, US used commemoratives since 1980 - Germany: 'Germania Issue' Perfins
Note Prefer to trade in packets of 50 or more, one for one.
Societies Precancel Stamp Society, 187-7032; Perfin Club, 3447

Ibrahim, Zainal
Location Ampang, Selangor, Malaysia
Offer Used recent Malaysia
Want Used Worldwide
Note I'd like to trade on a 1:1 basis

Ide, Stephen
Location New Hampshire, USA
Offer Mint/used older Worldwide and USA
Want Especially interested in Hong Kong
Note I'm a stamp dealer. Will trade equal Scott catalog value. Have access to older collector's holdings and can offer older USA. Will buy, sell or trade.
Societies APS & NSDA

Ilic, Zoran
Location Bremen, Germany
Offer Mint/used & FDC's-Bosnia & Herzegovina (Austrian rule), Serbia Montenegro until 1918--Yugoslavia 1918 to 1992-Croatia 1941-45
Want MNH Croatia 1941-1945 & Yugoslavia 1918-1945
Note Prefer to trade based on MICHEL Catalog values. Will buy & sell too! Croatia, by Want list-Special interest in Period 1941-1945. I speak German and English.

Immersen, Brian
Location Denmark
Offer Denmark (old and new), Sweden, Norway, Germany & Worldwide
Want Older danish stamps, african stamps.
Note I not a "stamp freak" & would like to trade to others like me.

Ioan, Nemecsek
Location Brasov, Romania
Offer TOPICALS: Olympic Games (sets, blocks, FDCs, cancellations) & Sports from Romania
Want 1996 Olympic Games Centenary
Note Will consider & respond to all proposals. I have a Wantlist available upon request. I use a friend's e-mail address, so please note: "For Nemecsek" at the beginning of your message.
Societies Member of FIP

Ioannis, Frangos
Location Hong Kong
Offer MNH Israel, Venezuela, Spain, Colombia, Mexico, Korea and Thailand - in sets or singles
Want Mint/used Greece - Mint Andorra, Tristan da Cunha, Montserrat, Isle of Man, St. Helena and Pitcairn Islands
Note My Greece wants include used stamps issued from 1905 to 1935 & mint stamps issued from 1948 to 1972. I am a stamp dealer.

Ionete, Radu
Location Bucharest, Romania
Offer All TOPICALS--East European Postal Stationery, maximum cards, Special Event & Commemorative Covers, FDC's & Pictorial Cachet
Want WWII Postal History related to Romania, especially military correspondence, POW's, FPO's etc.
Note Will trade generous amounts of items I do not collect for a few that I do. I'll buy and sell too.
Societies ATA 50003-3, MACSU

Iong Io Chong, Jacky
Location Macao
Offer China sets
Want Worldwide sets
Societies Macao

Irwin, John
Location Pennsylvania, USA
Offer USA Covers, incl. early first flights, small town cancels, early covers, postal cards and stationery and some Worldwide
Want Early western express covers (used),early letters, stampless covers, and documents, large numeral postage dues (on cover), larger old cover accumulations
Note Will trade or buy individual lots, & large accumulations--I am a part-time dealer.

Isaac, Christian
Location Marseille, France
Offer France and French Colonies
Want France, French Colonies and Europe
Note Dealer for 50 years, 3 generations, Judicial Expert
Societies CNEP (Chambre Syndicale des Negociants)

Itzhak, Ben-Asuli
Location Jerusalem, Israel
Offer I have to offer stamps from Israel, Germany, Canada and USA
Want Willing to get stamps from all over the world
Societies I belong to the Israeli Philatelic Society

Jackson, John William (Bill)
Location Bonn, Germany
Offer Europe, Ireland, Great Britain, some Australia & Worldwide definitives, commemoratives or TOPICALS. Like Want Lists.
Want Interested in most recent years' and pre-1939 Australia, Canada, France, New Zealand, Sweden, Thailand. Also modern Kenya, Nigeria, Tanzania, USA, Zimbabwe & TOPICAL: Colleges
Note 1:1 per my Wants Lists or 50:50 USED defins, or commems, or 50/50 mix of both. Could be interested in trading for similar value, or selling, a few collections of from 500 different upwards - Australia, GB, Ireland, Sport etc.
Societies Bonn Philatelistenverein

Jacobsen, Njaal O.
Location Hafrsfjord, Norway
Offer Norway, Finland, Denmark, Sweden {not the 90s}, Soviet/Russia {many before 1960}, China {not the better!} & some others
Want All colonies until about 1960 {especially Belgian Congo, Ruanda, Nyassa, North Borneo, etc}, Soviet/Russia {need only a few}, China, France & most Worldwide up to 1960 - Prefer used
Note Prefer to trade with Wantlists, or in packets with the option to return unwanted material.

Jacobsen, Torbjorn S
Location Kristiansund, Norway
Offer Used Norway and Australia
Want Used Norway and Australia
Note Want to exchange Norway for Australia on a regular basis.

Jacobson, Trudi
Location New York, USA
Offer Used Worldwide, primarily last 35 years, commemoratives and/or definitives, also used US
Want Used Europe, ROC & Taiwan from 1960 to present Used Egypt, Morocco, Tunisia, Lebanon & Algeria...all years.
Note Interested in trading 1:1 in packets of 50 or 100, or in sending packets of stamps from which we keep only those we need.

Jager, Sjoerd
Location Nieuwegein, The Netherlands
Offer Australia, Australian Antarctic Territory, Canada, Netherlands Cocos (Keeling) Islands, England, New Zealand, Ross Dependency Switzerland; ALL MINT
Want Australia, Australian Antarctic Territory, Canada, Netherlands Cocos (Keeling) Islands, England, New Zealand, Ross Dependency Switzerland; all MINT
Note I'm willing to buy, sell or trade.

James, Larry D.
Location Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan, Canada
Offer Mint/used Western Europe, British Empire, Canada (mainly used) USA & general Worldwide.
Want Mint/used Worldwide: prefer Western Europe, British Empire, especially Canada, New Zealand, Australia & Leeward Is. and and Scandinavia.
Note I offer only sound, undamaged worldwide stamps and I expect the same in return. I don't collect Eastern Europe, CTOs or Dunes. Trade on a Scott or Gibbons catalog basis, or 1:1 in packets of 50, 100 or 200. Will trade, but won't buy.
Societies APS member

Jankauskas, Antanas
Location Kaunas, Lithuania
Offer Mint/used Lithuania from 1919 to present, and cash
Want Mint/used Lithuania 1919-40, especially the period 1919-1922: stamps, plate errors, cards, covers, cancels...Date cancels of the 1919-1940 period for Lithuanian towns
Note I also offer a special catalogue of Lithuanian Stamps issued from 1990 to 1998. It was published in October, 1998. I use a Michel based Wantlist. I'm willing to buy or trade. I'm the manager of the Lithuanian philatelic Club, Lituanica.

Janning, Bob
Location California, USA
Offer The Netherlands, Colonies and Japanese Occupation of D.E.I. Stamps and Postal History.
Want The Netherlands, Colonies and Japanese Occupation area.
Note Only superior quality and genuine material. Cancels should be verifiable.

Jantti, Sami
Location Rauma, Finland
Offer Worldwide, especially Finland & Scandinavia
Want Your country or Worldwide---prefer blocks, mini-sheets and better stamps
Note I prefer trading large stamps in large quantities, 100-500 for each trade. Your want list (Michel, Gibbons, Yvert) is OK. I have no time to make mine. Please tell me what you have to offer. I have 100's of Finnish phone cards to trade.

Jaramillo, Narciso
Location Rialto, California, USA
Offer Mint/used Worldwide---mixed or TOPICALS
Want Mint/used Worldwide TOPICALS only and Japan, China, Hongkong, Iceland, Greenland mixed or TOPICALS
Note A long time collector who recently became a part time dealer. I'm willing to buy, sell and trade.

Jarnstahl, Chris
Location Stockholm, Sweden
Offer Scandinavian, Germany and Great Britain
Want Scandinavian, Germany, Great Britain and France

Jarrett, Martin
Location South Dakota, USA
Offer Pre-1975, primarily used British East Africa (KUT), British Commonwealth and Great Britain
Want Pre-1975 KUT and St. Helena
Note Trades based on value using Scott & Stanley Gibbons catalogs.

Jarvis, Bill
Location North York, Ontario, Canada
Offer Mint/used Canada & Newfoundland, with extensive duplicates of perfins and other Officials --- Some Australia
Want Early Canada and Newfoundland --- varieties, postal stationery and some early precancels
Note I'll trade or sell on any basis, and I use Scott numbering.
Societies NTSC

Jasiak, Lech
Location Leszno, Poland
Offer Covers and stamp, especially from Poland.
Want Ireland-TOPICAL: Pope John-Paul II

Jasper, Kim
Location Hoersholm, Denmark
Offer Scandinavia {Denmark, Sweden, Finland, Norway}, Belgium, Bulgaria, Czechoslovakia, DDR, Germany, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Poland, Portugal, Switzerland, Spain, Austria, USSR, Yugoslavia and some Worldwide
Want Worldwide, especially: Scandinavia, Netherlands, France, Spain, Belgium, England, Italy, Malta, Malaysia, Borneo, Java and Australia
Note 1:1 in packets of 50 or more, or per Michel value. For big or more valuable packets, I prefer to use registered mail.

Jayer, Antonio
Location Sao Paulo, Brazil
Offer Mint Brazil and used Worldwide
Want Mint Japan and used Sweden
Note Prefer to trade on a 1 for 1 basis or by mutual agreement.

Jebamani, Victor
Location Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Offer Used Malaysia sets---Mint TOPICALS: Flowers, Birds, Fruits, Games, Fungi, Planes and Plants
Want Used Worldwide sets---TOPICALS: Birds, Animals & Flowers
Note I am a collector and a part time dealer

Jelasko, Elad
Location Israel
Offer Israel
Want The Netherlands
Note I work with the Michel Catalogue.

Jensen, Jens Munk
Location Vestbjerg, Denmark
Offer Used Denmark - Norway - Germany (BRD) Greenland
Want Used Germany - Norway - Guernsey - Alderney - Australia New Zealand - France - Faeroe island - Iceland
Note Prefer exchanging with Want lists, but open to suggestion.
Societies The Danish Philatelic Society

Jensen, Thomas Sand
Location Copenhagen, Denmark
Offer Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Worldwide
Want Iceland,Greenland, Faroes---TOPICAL: Space
Note I prefer trading in packets of 25, 50, 100 on a 1:1 basis.

Jeppu, Vasudev
Location Mangalore, India
Offer Mint India, post 1947, singles, blocks of 4 & First Day Covers
Want Worldwide TOPICALS: International year of the child 1979--Ghandhi service stamps, 1948 3 1/2 anna and 12 anna
Note Will buy or trade. Alt. e-mail:
Societies India Philatelic Society, Mangalore chapter

As this is written (9/20/98), the STL has it's own web site.

For the first time, we have a search tool, which is now operational, and provides traders with many different ways in which to access specific STL listings, by name, country of residence and different areas of collecting interest.

The new STL web site, located in Denmark:

For those with web browsers, it's much easier for you and us, if you use an online form to submit your proposed listing. That form can be found at the STL Web site in Denmark:

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