StampTrader List.

Listings from Francez, Nissim to Haleva, Zohar
January 1st, 1999 Update

Francez, Nissim
Location Israel
Offer Used Israel and Worldwide...classics & modern era
Want Used Europa-CEPT, UK, Ireland, Switzerland, Germany (inc.Reich & Statten), France, Italy, Liechtenstein, Austria & British Colonies...until independence
Note Can provide Israeli used phonecards.

Francis, Jan
Location Franklin, Ohio, USA
Offer Used US and used WW mostly recent issues.
Want WW Topicals: Christmas, Easter, Olympics.
Note I am a beginning collector who does this for fun only. I would like to trade with someone 1 for 1 in packets of 25-50. Seek other collectors like me.

Franco, Francisco
Location Maracaibo, Venezuela
Offer Spain TOPICALS
Want TOPICALS: Soccer, Sports and Olympics

Franolich, John
Location Prescott, Arizona, USA
Offer Mint/used USA
Want Mint/used Channel Islands
Note I am using a friend's e-mail. He will forward any messages.

Fray, Bob
Location Pennsylvania, USA
Offer Used USA commems, some used Canada, G.B., Australia, sports on stamps (mostly CTO's), general foreign - many TOPICALS
Want Recent used USA commems (face 20 to 32 cents), especially se-tenants / jumbos, used Canada, Gr. Britain, Australia, TOPICALS: Maps on stamps, (foreign countries).
Note Will trade at least 1 for 1 - minimum 50 - possibly more for USA jumbos/setenants - I also have older U.S. - more valuable will trade for older U.S. I need on Scott catalogue basis.
Societies APS#74209

Frazer, Charles A.
Location Florida, USA
Offer Mint/used U.N., USA, Canada, Great Britain, Australia, New Zealand and Worldwide
Want Mint/used pre-1940 mint & used Canada, USA & Great Britain
Note Willing to buy, sell or trade.

Freier, Babett
Location Koenigswalde, Germany
Offer Europe and Worldwide, mainly Germany, GDR and East Europe
Want Pacific & Carribean Islands, Albania, former Soviet republics, Azores, Belize, Brunei, Ciskei, Transkei, Faroes, Madeira and French Guyana
Note I do not buy or sell! I trade on a 1:1 basis.

Freilich, Lewis
Location New Jersey, USA
Offer Used Worldwide, mostly pre-1970 and used USA, all years
Want Used Worldwide, prefer after 1970
Note Prefer to trade 1:1 in packets of 25, 50, 100 or 200 different

French, Keywood
Location Ontario, Canada
Offer Mint/used Canada...I have most of them issued from 1953 to now
Want Used New Zealand from 1990 to present---Used Denmark & Norway from 1992 to present.
Note Will trade items below 0.35, 1:1, over that on catalogue value I use Scott and Campbell Paterson for New Zealand. Cheaper items in packets of 50-100. Will return items not needed.
Societies APS member #166442 and I am also president of Guelph Stamp Club which is affiliated with RPSC.

Fresco, Paul
Location South Euclid, Ohio, USA
Offer Mint/used Worldwide & used US from the WW II era---TOPICALS
Want Mint Europe, Russia & former USSR, Asia, South America, Canada and US from 1880 to 1950's
Note I prefer to trade in packets of 100. I have, or can get, any country or topical packets.

Freshwater, Eric
Location Kwa-Zulu, Natal, South Africa
Offer Worldwide, especially US, South Africa, Germany and Great Britain, with an assortment of WW Revenue stamps as well
Want Used Switzerland and Germany, but not DDR
Note I use the Gibbons and Michel catalogues. I trade on a 1:1 basis for commons and catalogue value for higher values. Let me know your wants if they aren't included in my offers, as I might be able to help.

Freshwater, Eric
Location Natal, South Africa
Offer Germany, Great Britain, South Africa, Europe, Asia, collection of Christmas stamps (FDC's mint and used) U.S. stamps, cut squares and revenues, Revenues of the world, and FDC's of G.B.
Want Used Germany & Great Britain & accumulations
Note I use Gibbons & Michel catalogs and will sell or trade.

Fristad, Jan
Location Sweden
Offer Mint Sweden, Austria, Netherlands and mint/used Argentina Postal Stationery---Cash
Want Argentina Postal History and Stationery
Note I'm willing to buy or trade.
Societies UPSS and Swedish Philatelic Society

Fritz, E. L.
Location California, USA
Offer Cash.
Want 3c 1851-57 (SC #10 & 11), 3c 1857-61 (SC #25, 26 & 26a), & the 3c 1861-62 (SC #65), on or off cover
Note Plating and color expertizing services available for the 3c 1851-61. I can identify SC #10 from #11's.
Societies Member US Classics Society & US 3c 1851-61 Study Group.

Froehlich, John
Location Arkansas, USA
Offer Used worldwide Engalnd, Isreal, USA, Hungary, Sweden, Canada, & Romanina. TOPICALS--Also FDC from the USA and Spain.
Want Used worldwide, Carribean Islands, Germany, France, Iceland African nations, Brazil,and China. TOPICAL: The Olympics. Also want Worldwide FDC's and covers
Note Trade one one for stamps and FDC's. no want lists please

Frohlich, Ofer
Location Kfar-Saba, Israel
Offer Israel, USA & Worldwide--TOPICALS: Animals, Birds, Sports, UN, Flora, Space, Cars, Airplanes, XMAS, Houses, Celebrities etc.
Want Worldwide TOPICALS: - Folklore: folk costumes-dances-festivals arts-crafts-Music: classical, folk-music & musical instruments
Note We prefer used, but we also have mint. Ask for Want/Have lists Also exchange worldwide phonecards. Please write in English.

Fructuoso, Manuel
Location Murcia, Spain
Offer Mint/used Spain stamps, FDCs, cancels & meter slogans related to TOPICAL: Pharmacy & health (only this topic)
Want Mint/used TOPICALS: Cinema: stamps, FDC, stationery, cancels and perforations
Note Please check my home page for items in which I'm interested.
Societies I am member of the ATA (USA) and A.F.P.T. (France).

Fuchs, Rainer
Location Kuwait
Offer Worldwide, especially Tibet, Nepal & Arabic nations
Want Tibet, Peruvian Locals from the Time of the War with Chile, Russian Zemstvo stamps, Iran(Persia) the first issue only
Note I am on duty in Kuwait. Buy, trade and sell. Languages: German, English and Spanish.
Societies APS, BDPh, Nepal and Tibet Study Circle, FG-Indien, FCP-China, SG-Lateinamerika and many more.

Fuhrmann, Andre
Location Konstanz, Germany
Offer Mostly used Germany, Switzerland, Australia and Worldwide
Want Local/provisional issues (official & 'private') former Soviet Union countries 1990-94, esp. Ukraine; mint, used or on cover
Note Willing to buy for cash or mint new issues of Germany or Switzerland. Trade recent (fine) used German stamps 1:1.
Societies Bund Deutscher Philatelisten (BDPh)

Fuis, Vladimir
Location Brno, Czech Republic
Offer MNH/used & FDCs of Czechoslovakia, Czech Republic & Slovakia MNH/used Poland, Romania, Hungary, Bulgaria, East Germany {DDR} & USSR - All TOPICALS from those nations - Used US, West Europe and Worldwide
Want MNH Worldwide TOPICAL: Fish
Note I like trading on a Michel catalogue basis, but I'm flexible. I will sell too. My Wantlist is available via e-mail, upon request and on my WWW page.
Societies Czech Philatelic Society

Fuller, Darryl
Location Canberra, Australia
Offer Leeward Islands Stamps, covers and postal stationery
Want Leeward Islands postal stationery (mainly used)
Note I will buy, swap or sell stationery.
Societies APS#179107, Philatelic Society of Canberra, BCPSG & BWISC

Fung, Anita
Location Sydney, Australia
Offer Australia & Worldwide
Want Worldwide and TOPICALS: Ships & Turtles
Note I'd like to trade on a 1:1 basis.

Fung, Yvonne
Location Hong Kong SAR, PR China
Offer Used Worldwide commememoratives, especially Great Britain, US Australia, Germany & Europe some Africa, South America & USSR MNH PRC and Worldwide definitives---TOPICALS: CTO's Official postcards & FDCs of PR China
Want Worldwide Souvenir sheets, FDC, booklets, MNH worldwide stamps especially Hong Kong, PRC, USA and United Kingdom. Any items which are Mint/MNH and in sets
Note Trade details negotiable. You can go to your PO to buy items to trade with me. I'm switching from collecting used ones to unused. Please do help me!

Gagnon, Gilles
Location Montreal, Quebec, Canada
Offer Used Canada, both old and recent
Want Used France and US
Note I'd like to trade on a catalogue value basis.

Galan, Mario A.
Location San Salvador, El Salvador
Offer Mint/used TOPICALS: Dinosaurs, Prehistoric Animals and Fossils
Want TOPICALS: Mint full sets of Dinosaurs, Fossils, Prehistoric Animals, Rock Painting. Also FDC about the same
Note I would like to trade 1 set x 1 set. I am willing to sell Salvadorian new issues.
Societies El Salvador Philatelic Society (SFES) & (ACES).

Galindo Ojeda, Ramon
Location Santiago, Chile
Offer Mint and used from Chile. Used Worldwide, packets of 100, 200, 300 different. Exchange covers from Antartic.
Want Mint and used Worldwide.

Galinskii, Evgenii
Location Moscow, Russia
Offer Mint/used Russia, East Europe & West Europe
Want Worldwide TOPICAL: railways
Note Trade on a 1:1 basis, in packets of 25 or 50. Will sell at Michel or Scott catalogue values.

Gaml, Lars
Location Viborg, Denmark
Offer Used/Mint Scandinavia, Germany(BRD, Berlin) & more to exchange
Want Denmark prior to 1933, Faeroe, Sweden used prior to 1955 and especialy Nepal(any kind).
Note I use Facit, AFA & Michel catalogs and would like to trade on catalogue basis or cheap stamps on 1:1 basis in packets of 50.

Gandini, Analia
Location Argentina
Offer Mint/used South America & Worldwide - MNH/mint Argentina
Want Mint/used Worldwide
Note Like to trade used stamps on a 1:1 basis in packets of 25, 50, 100 or 200. Trade mint stamps by mutual agreement.

Garcia de Paredes, Arturo
Location Panama
Offer Used Worldwide
Want Used Latin America and old British Colonials
Note Please, send an e-mail to establish conditions of exchange.
Societies American Philatelic Society

Garduza Guillen, Federico
Location Veracruz, Mexico
Offer Mint/used Mexico and used Worldwide.
Want Worldwide---preferably TOPICALS: Space, Flora and Fauna.
Note I can send postcards, phonecards, etc. in exchange for stamps

Garnett, Ray
Location Santa Clarita, California, USA
Offer Used Worldwide, especially Japan, Germany, Czechoslovakia, Italy, Belgium and Canada Canada and Italy
Want Used Austria, Channel Islands, Swiss semis, Berlin, Luxembourg Portugal & Portuguese Colonies and some Worldwide Note: I only collect 'postally used'. Would like to trade 1:1 in packets of 50 to 100, or a Scott Catalog basis for higher values. Also like to trade by Scott catalog Want Lists.

Garret de Melo, Brenda
Location Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Offer Mint/used Brazil & US. Brazil Postcards & First Day Covers
Want UN, PR China, Brazil among others. TOPICALS: Penguins, Marine Mammals, MNH preferred
Note Will trade for same face value or 1:1 for used stamps. Older ones by (Scott) catalogue value or mutual agreement. Looking for worldwide penguin phonecards. Will trade 5-10 low value or 2-4 high value Brazilian mint phonecards for each one.

Garret de Melo, Fabio
Location Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Offer Current MNH Brazil stamps & postcard-TOPICALS: Summer & Winter Olympics, Chess, Disney, Wildlife & Cars
Want Mint/used TOPICALS: Summer Olympics and Ford Cars
Note Young collector. Prefer to exchange in packets of 50 or less, mint 1:1, used 1 mint (mine):3 used.

Garrigues, Beverly J.
Location Murrieta, California, USA
Offer Mint/used US from early to current issues--Mint/used Worldwide
Want Worldwide prior to 1970. Specifically would like Israel 1983 to present, U.N. 1983-1991, pre-1970 Great Britain, pre-1960 issues of Australia, Monserrat, St. Vincent, and Germany, & early issues of Canada, & its former provinces.
Note I have been collecting stamps for 45 years, but took time out to raise a family. Have some gaps to fill in. Trade terms flexible. I use the Scott catalog if trading by value.

Garverick, Danny
Location Loganton, Pennsylvania, USA
Offer PRC mint and used, Taiwan used ,Hong Kong used, US perfins
Want Used Taiwan and Hong Kong
Societies APS, CSS and the perfins club

Gasbarre, John
Location Maine, USA
Offer Cash
Want MNH Faeroe Islands (Foroyar) and Greenland
Note I'm currently looking only to buy. You may contact me either e-mail, or through my web site. Am interested in learning of other collectors specializing in these two regions. My goal is to assemble complete MNH collections of both regions.

Gaviria, Pablo
Location Barranquilla, Colombia
Offer Worldwide, especially Colombia, Colombia FDC's.
Want Used Colombia, Used USA and Used Germany.
Note Want to trade small quantities based on Leo Temprano Catalog for Colombian stamps or 1x1 for Worldwide common stamps, any other catalog if agreed.

Gayadeen, Hamlet
Location Miami, Florida, USA
Offer Used US, Australia, Canada, West Indies, Worldwide & some mint
Want Used British Commonwealth
Note Exchange 1:1 basis common values, catalogue for higher values

Gecelter, Julian
Location Johannesburg, South Africa
Offer Mint/used Southern Africa
Want MNH Southern Africa and Postal History
Note I am a dealer. Prefer to buy and sell.
Societies PTS (#5187), SAPDA, SIP (Johannesburg) Executive Committee member ILSAPEX '98 to be held in Johannesburg, Oct. 1998

Gelber, Abraham
Location San Jose, Costa Rica
Offer Mint/used Costa Rica
Want TOPICAL: Paintings by children, letters from 1910 & 1923 issues (Jesus Jimenes) from Costa Rica

Gelfman, Bob
Location Plainview, New York, USA
Offer Recent worldwide used commemorativesin lots of l00 and up. Sorry, I can not fill specific topical requests.
Want Recent used material from worldwide collectors No small size common material please. Quantity for quantity. Quality for quality.

Gellatly, Murray
Location England, UK
Offer Great Britain. I will find your wants in England
Want Morocco Agencies .. British Post Offices in Morocco Overprints on GB Edward VII & George V only
Note I'm willing to buy or exchange. I use SG numbers, not Scott. Trades would be based on SG values.
Societies GB Overprints Society & Fellow Royal Philatelic Soc. London

Gerace, Frank
Location Bolivia
Offer Used Bolivia (mostly up to 1982; some after, try me) & other South American, particularly Argentina, Chile, Brasil, Uruguay. I also have used US & European (very common issues.)
Want Used German, used Bolivian
Note I have German and Bolivia Want Lists (used). Trade, no buy or sell. Will trade however you suggest. I'll look for things on your want lists.

Geraldes, Joaquim
Location Lisbon, Portugal
Offer Used Portugal, also some mint Portugal and used Worldwide
Want Used Western Europe--TOPICALS: Mint/used 1998-International Year of the Oceans & World EXPO98 at Lisbon
Note I prefer to trade on a 1:1 basis in packets, but I'll consider buying topicals that I'm looking for.
Societies Clube Filatelico de Portugal

Gerlach, William
Location Ohio, USA
Offer Mint/used USA (1848-1960), Canadian revenues & stationery, USA possesions stamps & stationery and many other items
Want USA Proprietary Revenues, Plate blocks, strips & singles on all RBs and RFs. USA Philippine & Puerto Rico Revenues, USA & Canada Tobacco Tax paids. Canadian & US Philippines Postal Stationery, Canadian & Provincial revenues & telegraphs..I'll also consider large lots of any revenues
Note I will buy, sell or trade.
Societies APS#84489 and ARA#1960

Ghattas, Georges
Location Quebec, Canada
Offer Mint/MNH/used Worldwide, except for Canada
Want High value Worldwide, especially US, Germany, France, China, Switzerland, Korea and Japan
Note I'm a part time dealer who will trade or sell. I'm willing to trade more than 200% of small values for high values. Please send e-mail to me in either french or english.

Giannone, Andrea
Location Milan, Italy
Offer MNH/used Italy, Vatican City and S.Marino
Want MNH West Europe, in order of preference, Berlin, Switzerland, Liecthenstein, Austria, Spain, Great Britain, Norway, Germany (no DDR), France, Benelux and Ireland
Note I can trade with any catalogue (Michel, Yvert, Sassone) basis or by mutual agreement. Will sell Italy items.

Gidding, Curtis
Location Missouri, USA
Offer Worldwide, pre-1960
Want USA, UN & Mexico Precancels
Note I'm a dealer & will trade as per your want list. Scott Catalog value equal trade.
Societies APS#103580 and member National Stamp Dealers Association.

Giglioli, Silvano
Location Milan, Italy
Offer Mint/used Italy, San Marino, Vatican and Worldwide
Want Mint/used Italy-Mint, pre-1945 Germany-Mint, Romania (1970/75)

Gil Guerrero, Francisco
Location Valencia, Spain
Offer Used Worldwide
Want Worldwide TOPICALS: Lighthouses .. mint or used
Note Will trade or buy.

Gilbey, Rachel
Location Middlesex, England, UK
Offer Used Worldwide including GB, Australia, used and mint Romania, Netherlands. TOPICALS: Mint Disney
Want Mint/used British Empire - including Cocos Island, Ascension, Antigua, Bahamas, Christmas Is, Pitcairn Is, Caribbean nations Hong Kong, Macau, Australasia---TOPICALS: Disney, Birds, Rabbits, Cats, Dogs, Fish, Soccer and Butterflies
Note I use Gibbons catalogues, work with Want lists, 1:1 swaps. I can use Scott and Michel but don't like to. Also I want almost every country so please ask. I will sell or trade. I won't buy

Gilles, Collin
Location Caudry, France
Offer MNH France, Romania & Republics of ex-USSR---Worldwide covers
Want MNH Republics of ex-USSR...including covers & rare items

Ginsberg, Peter
Location Ontario, Canada
Offer Used Worldwide, duplicates or sorted, especially Canada, Great Britain, Germany, Israel and The Netherlands
Want Baltics, Russia, South and Latin America, South Sea Islands, East Asia and anywhere else
Note Trading only, 1:1 preferred. Can send current mint Canada.

Giroux, Michel C.
Location Rothesay, New Brunswick, Canada
Offer Modern (1990's) used Canada commemoratives on close cut single paper
Want Worldwide commemoratives, or your country on close cut single paper
Note I will buy, sell or trade. I'd prefer to deal with 1/4 or 1/2 pound mixes, but everything is negotiable. Let's talk.
Societies PDG #36, RPSC #19981

Gladman, Peter
Location England, UK
Offer Modern mint Great Britain, British Islands, Cyprus {Greek}, Gibraltar, Ireland and Malta
Want Mint Great Britain, British Islands, Cyprus {Greek}, Ireland, Gibraltar and Malta
Note I'm a stamp dealer and will sell, exchange or put you in contact with an exchange partner.

Glatt, Ellis
Location California, USA
Offer Specialized Scandinavia, including classics, pre-1970 Worldwide, including Topicals and Souvenir Sheets -- primarily mint, some covers & used
Want Iceland I GILDI overprints, errors/varieties as singles, in multiples with normal overprint examples, including duplicates & quantities as well as specialized collections, fakes, and other reference material. Common I Gildi stamps in complete intact sheets, including quantities
Note I'm a researcher of the above, & will buy or trade for my wants.
Societies APS# 82991, SCC#1808 & PCSG# 997

Goetschy, Jacques
Location Mulhouse, France
Offer MNH/used Europe, Egypt, UN, French colonies & some Worldwide
Want MNH/used Europe {especially Czech Republic & Czechoslovakia}, Canada - MNH US and Japan
Note I prefer trading on a catalogue basis. I'm looking for new correspondents WW to trade new issues {trade @ face value}. I'm a flexible trader.

Goldberg, Alan
Location California, USA
Offer Mint/used Hawaii, including high values (numerals), post cards & covers, US 19th century covers, Israel, inc. tab classics, UN and Latin America
Want Hawaii, US classics, particularly the pre-banknote era, Scott #5-29, & BOB Hawaii. I'd consider US classics in trade for those who want to build up a Hawaiian collection. I especially desire Hawaiian covers of the 19th century
Note I also have many sets of baseball cards from the 1950s and 60s (several Mickey Mantles, Sandy Koufax, etc.) available for trade for philatelic material or for sale.
Societies American Philatelic Society & the Royal Hawaiian Society

Gomez Jimenez, Felix
Location San Sebastian de Los Reyes, Spain
Offer Mint/used Spain, Andorra, Cuba, Disney and many more
Want Worldwide stamps mint and used.
Note I would like to exchange friendship besides stamps.

Gonzalez de Chavez Garcia, Mauro
Location Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Spain
Offer Mint Spain, Worldwide---TOPICALS: Europa, Flora and Fauna
Want Mint TOPICALS: Flora and Fauna
Note Exchanges based on Yvert Catalogue.

Goodall, Andy
Location Darby Green, UK
Offer Mint/used Worldwide---willing to sort by country or TOPICALS
Want Cyprus SG1-10, Scott1-10. British Levant (POs in Turkish Empire) SG1-3a, Scott1-3a. Heligoland (Forgeries, Reprints & genuine) Switzerland (Frank stamps - control numbers on front) Great Britain SG1-212, Scott1-124.
Note Trade by Stanley Gibbons, Scott or Michel catalogue values.

Goodman, Rod
Location Washington, USA
Offer Mint/used USA, used Worldwide.
Want Prefer used Russia, Czechoslovakia, Poland, Australia, Canada and New Zealand--Topicals wanted include nudes, soccer, space and trains.
Note Like to trade used/less expensive items 1:1 in lots of 25, 50 or 100. Mint, or higher value items based on Scott Catalog and wantlists, or some other mutual agreement.

Goodson, Matthew
Location New York City, New York, USA
Offer British Commonwealth - range of countries,values. New Zealand large range of post-Queen Vic.
Want New Zealand - full-face queens and sidefaces: M,U, covers, varieties.
Note Happy to buy, sell or swap.

Goossen, Hans
Location Beek, The Netherlands
Offer Used Netherlands and Worldwide
Want Used Greece, Italy, Spain, East Europe, Sweden, Denmark, Cuba, Norway, Baltic States, Finland, Iceland, Germany, Canada, US, Australia, Egypt, Philippines, New Zealand, Thailand, India, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, South Africa, Burkina Faso, Costa Rica and Nicaragua - TOPICALS: Volleyball, Elephants, Christoper Columbus and American Presidents
Note I'd like to trade on a 1:1 basis.

Gori, Davide & Gianfranco
Location Bologna, Italy
Offer Used and Mint Italy, Italian States and Colonies
Want TOPICALS: Trains and Railways--Mint/used Worldwide--Letters & Postcards from Italy and Colonies

Gott, Adam
Location Idaho Falls, Idaho, USA
Offer Used recent US commemoratives & mint/used Worldwide
Want China & other Asiatic nations---TOPICAL: Santa Claus

Gottsche, Claus
Location Sarnia, Ontario, Canada
Offer Worldwide, mostly used
Want Used Germany and Canada, especially 1960 to present
Note Prefer trading 25-50 lots but anything goes. No cash deals. I use Michel Catalogue for Germany and Scott (Unitrade) for Canada. I am also looking for old CD-ROM catalogues that are reasonable priced.

Govi, Donan
Location Manchester, England, UK
Offer Used Worldwide and self-adhesive stamps from Spain & cash
Want Used and self-adhesive Worldwide, Spanish, Portuguese & French colonies
Note I would buy Spanish, Portuguese and French colonies.

Goyette, John
Location Belleville, Ontario, Canada
Offer Mint/used Canada,---Used Worldwide & some USA and Canada first day covers from the 1980's
Want Used Worldwide commemoratives ONLY
Note I prefer to trade 1:1, & use Scott catalogue for higher values in packets of 100 or more.
Societies RPSC

Grace, Diane
Location Santa Rosa, California, USA
Offer Used US {1945 to 1995} & Worldwide - TOPICAL: Space
Want Recent 1988 to present Worldwide and older Worldwide TOPICALS: Costumes and Trains
Note Trades only. Prefer 1 for 1, no duplicates & light cancels.

Graham, Timothy
Location Morisset, Australia
Offer Mint New Issues from Australia
Want Mint New Issues from Croatia

Graney, Bill
Location California, USA
Offer British Commonwealth, especially Malta, Australasia & Ireland - Vatican City Covers
Want New Zealand - Adson & Postal Fiscals
Societies APS, Vatican Philatelic Society & RNZPS

Grant, Kenneth B.
Location Wisconsin, USA
Offer Used/mint Worldwide, including Scandinavia, France, Papua NG, Canada, US, Africa, some worldwide FDC and Cinderellas
Want Mint/used Worldwide including Cinderellas and Revenues
Note Prefer to trade in packets of 50 to 100, 1:1, or catalog value for catalog value for more expensive material.
Societies APS 123058, SCCS 381, ASPP 2217, SCC, EPA, APS Writers Unit #30, ISWSC, WPHS

Gravesen, Jesper Bryld
Location Nykoebing Mors, Denmark
Offer Used Denmark, Greenland, Norway and Europe
Want Covers sent from Denmark, Worldwide, from 1950-1996. No interest in FDCs--Dutch East Indies, & Belgian Congo, stamps & covers
Note Trade basis: Michel Catalogue
Societies Member of DFF in Denmark.

Green, Scott
Location Atlanta, Georgia, USA
Offer Worldwide, except for the US
Want Worldwide Perfins, Revenues and Cinderellas
Note Will trade or buy
Societies APS and The Atlanta, GA Stamp Club

Greene, Tim
Location Washington, USA
Offer Worldwide, mainly pre-1960
Want Worldwide, mainly pre-1960
Note Part-time dealer. Trading based on Scott catalog value basis. Will negotiate to buy, sell or trade.
Societies APS and Boeing Employees' Stamp Club

Grekov, Leonid
Location Moscow, Russia
Offer MNH Russia (1992-97), Soviet, ex-Republic of Soviet, Mongolia(1960-90), North Vietnam(1960-90). Covers of Soviet
Want MNH/mint British Empire - TOPICALS: Fauna, Sailing Ships; French Colonies; old Soviet (1929-1935)
Note Prefer to trade in packets of 50 or more, 1:1, but will buy.
Societies Union of the Philatelists of Moscow.

Griffiths, Charles
Location University of Capetown, South Africa
Offer Worldwide, off paper, sorted by country
Want South Africa, UK---especially commemoratives
Note I prefer to exchange lots on a more or less equal volume basis My swaps include whole world, often dating well back & include dissassembled collections from 1960s & before.

Grim, Chuck
Location Bulgaria
Offer Used Worldwide & current mint Bulgaria
Want Worldwide pre-1940 but am particularly interested in pre-1940 Albania, Bulgaria, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania & Yugoslavia
Note My 100 WW all different for your 100 pre-1940 WW all different my 150 WW all different for your 100 pre-1940 of the countries listed above. Negotiate for my mint stamps and phone cards or for your higher value materials.

Grivel, Jean-Claude
Location Stockholm, Sweden
Offer Used Worldwide, especially Scandinavia (recent) & Switzerland
Want Mint/used Worldwide, especially Europe and North America
Note Prefer trading with Want-lists, but I'm flexible. Trade only!

Groeneweg, Ingrid
Location Maarssen, The Netherlands
Offer MNH/used Worldwide. More specialized in Dutch and West Europe. MNH Middle East, Yemen and all other arabic countries (mostly full sheets and MS)
Want MNH Western Europe (no UK), US and South America
Note Prefer to change in packages on a 1/1 basis but on catalog value is also fine. Have Scott catalogue and for Europe also Michel.

Grondalen, Kjell-Olav
Location Hemsedal, Norway
Offer Used Norway (1945-1997)
Want Used France (1960-1997)
Note I want to trade 1:1 in 25 to 100 packets. Write in english

Grosvenor, William
Location Alberta, Canada
Offer Worldwide, especially Netherlands, Great Britain, Germany, UN, Austria, Russia, Belgium & Canada singles and collections.
Want Germany, German States and Colonies, classic Great Britain and Canada stamps and/or covers or pre-1960 covers in quantities.
Note I'm a stamp dealer willing to trade or sell. Please get in touch with me for more info on collections and accumulations that I offer for trade or sale.
Societies APS#D138099 and GPS

Gruber, Albion
Location Rochester, New York, USA
Offer New US issues - TOPICAL: Music & others
Want Mint Worldwide TOPICAL: Music stamps and souvenir sheets Not interested in FDCs, postal cards, etc.
Note I'm a recently retired professor of music history & orchestra conductor. I find it more rewarding to collect stamps through a personal exchange than through commercial sources.
Societies The American Topical Association #31315-5

Guay, Patrick-Jean
Location Montreal, Quebec, Canada
Offer Used Canada
Want Used Vatican, Monaco, Japan, US, France, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Germany, Switzerland, Netherlands, Austria, Great Britain and the British Commonwealth
Note I speak French and English.

Gubics, Janos
Location Hungary
Offer Hungary, Czech, Slovakia, Poland and Romania
Want Used Belgian, English, Alderney, Guernsey, Isle of Man, Jersey, Swiss and CEPT
Note I use Zumstein, Michel & Yvert catalogues.

Guevara A., Fernando F.
Location San Jose, Costa Rica
Offer Mint/used Costa Rica and Worldwide
Want Mint/used Worldwide
Note Interested in exchanging (not buying) 1:1 in packets of 25, 50 or 100. Catalog values ignored. Alternate e-mail address:

Gungor, Gokhan
Location Istanbul, Turkey
Offer Mint Turkey & Turkish Cyprus stamps and FDCs mainly after 1940
Want Mint Germany, Berlin, Portugal, Azores and Madeira
Note Would only like to trade, mainly on value basis according to Michel. Gibbons catalogues might also be possible.

Gunn Jr., Thomas A.
Location Scottsdale, Arizona, USA
Offer Spain and Spanish Colonies, both stamps and covers
Want Spain and Spanish Colonies, classic only, stamps and covers
Societies APS #061587 - Spanish Philatelic Society, USA

Gupta, Nitin
Location Lucknow, India
Offer Worldwide
Want Worldwide
Note Amateur philatelist wanting to enhance my collection.

Gurevitz, David
Location Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Offer Mint/used Brazil stamps & Souvenir Sheets (blocks)--South America
Want W. Europe nations, Australia, New Zealand, Israel & old India
Societies Brazilian Philatelic Society

Guzman, Fernando
Location Geneva, Switzerland
Offer Mint/used Chile (1960-present), used modern Argentina, Worldwide mainly Poland, Czechoslovakia and Hungary. Willing to select some TOPICALS: (ships, flowers, space, etc.)
Want Chile (mint 1975-1985 and earlier than 1930), used France, Switzerland (before 1985), but especially Worldwide TOPICAL: Ships (all kinds), and 1944 and 1955 issues.
Note I travel frequently. Offer to provide mint actual issues from Chile, France & Switzerland for same from your country on an equal value (US$) basis, except the USA.

Haas, Stefan
Location Bergkirchen, Germany
Offer German Empire, Infla **, Germany (BRD, Berlin, DDR), ...
Want Germany (1840-1998)
Note I would prefer trading based on Michel catalog. Wantlists or Havelists are available via e-mail.

Haefner, Jens
Location Bad Zwischenahn, Germany
Offer Germany-Deutches Reich etc. stamps and covers-Worldwide stamps
Want Postally used covers from Germany (no FDCs), especially need foreign destinations---Mint/used Germany, Sweden, England, USA Ireland, Greenland and Denmark
Note Prefer trades on current Michel basis or by mutual agreement.
Societies Bund Deutscher Philatelisten

Haimo, Ethan
Location South Bend, Indiana, USA
Offer Worldwide, mostly used, especially Europe and North America A fair number of mid-value ($2.00-$50.00) 19th century USA & Worldwide classics
Want Used Worldwide, especially Europe, Israel, Australia, Japan & New Zealand
Note Prefer to trade from Wantlists, but am open to any reasonable suggestion. I read English, Hebrew, German and French.
Societies APS #185163

Hait, Michael
Location Laurel, Maryland, USA
Offer Used US and Worldwide
Want Used US, Ireland, Ethiopia, Jamaica and Israel Worldwide TOPICALS: Cats, Religion & Judaica

Halberstadt, Bob
Location Ontario, Canada
Offer Used Canada and some mixed Worldwide
Want Used Great Britain, Australia, Germany and US

Haldane, Brian
Location Australia
Offer Australia & New Zealand Frama's, Australia Meters, New Zealand Covers with Inkjet cancellations {Rich in slogans}
Want Frama's on commercial Covers, Meters {pre-1950} on Cover, TOPICAL meters on Cover {air travel}, New Zealand Inkjet cancels on Cover - British Cyprus to 1983, on commercial Cover - Fine used, MNH & MH overprinted SPECIMEN
Note I'm looking for the following pre-1960 catalogues: Atandard, SG Commonwealth, SG Simplified, Robson Lowe Regent, world, Ackland.
Societies FRAMA & CPS Study Group - Queensland; FRAMA & Machine Printed Study Group - South Australia

Haleva, Zohar
Location Be'er Sheva, Israel
Offer Israel, Poland and Australia
Want Latin America, Caribbean, Far East, Arab States and Worldwide
Note Like to trade in packets of 25 to 100 on a 1:1 basis.

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