StampTrader List.

Listings from Carmont, Mary to Dela Torre, Ser Joshua
January 1st, 1999 Update

Carmont, Mary
Location Ontario, Canada
Offer Used Canada, some Sweden and Worldwide
Want Used Finland, Ireland, Malta, Gibraltar, Channel Islands, Iceland and New Zealand
Note I exchange only used stamps on a stamp for stamp basis, but will make exceptions in some cases.
Societies ISWSC (US) and Hamilton Philatelic Society (Canadian)

Carolino, Joao
Location Cascais, Portugal
Offer Used Portugal , Europe and ex-Portuguese Colonies
Want West Europe, Scandinavia TOPICALS: Europa CEPT
Note Prefer change by Wantlist on a Yvert Catalog base, but I can work with other catalogs.
Societies Clube Filatelico de Portugal - #3554

Carr, John
Location Glendora, California, USA
Offer Mint/used USA, Mexico, Canada and Western Europe
Want Mint/used Phillipines, Australia, ROC and Scandanavia
Note Prefer to trade in packets of 25 or 50 on a 1:1 basis, used for used or mint for mint.

Carson, Adrienne
Location Malaysia
Offer Used Worldwide, especially Japan...large and small
Want Used Worldwide - TOPICALS: Xmas, Love, Greetings, Child's Drawings and Cartoons
Note I'm a teenage stamp enthusiast who finds stamp-exchanging the most delightful pastime on earth, so do not hesitate to e-mail me, because any trade is possible. Catalogue values ignored. Prefer trading in packets of 25 per trade. Will consider trades for anything other than definitives from Malaysia.

Carson, ViVienne
Location Malaysia
Offer Used Asia, Europe and British Commonwealth
Want Used Worldwide undamaged colourful/recent {after 1980} issues, but especially Switzerland, The Netherlands, Denmark and New Zealand - TOPICALS: Child's drawings, Greetings & Cartoons
Note Basically just about anything that suits my conditions. No older or people stamps please. I also offer used phonecards from Malaysia and Singapore.

Cartagenova, Diego H.
Location Buenos Aires, Argentina
Offer Mint Argentina (1940 to 1998), Brazil, Paraguay and Worldwide Also FDC's & Topicals: Animals, Transports, Sports, Flowers
Want Mint Worldwide--Topicals: Sports, Animals, flowers & more
Note I'm a part time dealer. I will trade and sell stamps on catalogue basis (Scott, Ivert et Tellier, Michel, etc), or by mutual agreement.
Societies PeFiMar

Caruso, Joao
Location Sao Paulo, Brazil
Offer Mint/used Brazil stamps, FDCs and blocks--Some used Worldwide
Want Olympic Games (mint) and Australia (mint or used) stamps.
Note Special interest in Olympic Games stamps (mint), covers and postal stationery.

Carvalho, Rui
Location Portugal
Offer Portuguese Colonies, Portugal, Europe and Australia
Want British Empire {only before independence}, Sweden, Austria, New Zealand, Belgium and Australia
Note Like to trade on a 1:1 basis, in packets of 100 to 2000.
Societies Portuguese Philatelic Club

Carvalho Dias, Rui
Location Sesimbra, Portugal
Offer Mint Portugal, Madiera, Azores & Macau--TOPICAL: WW Fauna
Want Mint, Worldwide TOPICAL: Mushrooms
Note Exchange on Yvert et Tellier basis, but I'm very flexible.
Societies Clube Filatelico de Portugal

Casal, Augusto
Location Lisbon, Portugal
Offer Mint/used Portugal
Want Mint/used Worldwide
Note Trade 1 for 1, preferably in packets of 25 or more.

Casaretto, Federico
Location Montevideo, Uruguay
Offer Mint/used Uruguay and Worldwide
Want UK, British colonies and Germany(Third Reich)
Note I'd like to trade 1:1 in packets of 50 or 100

Castaldo, Cassandra
Location Westport, Connecticut, USA
Offer Mint/used Japan, Laos, Great Britain, Belgium, China and British Commonweath...stamps only
Want Mint/used Worldwide higher CV (above $5 & up), FVF condition ...stamps only
Note Please check out my website & head to message board to leave messages about the topic of stamp collecting, want lists, or anything else you want to say.

Castro Grispo, Alvaro
Location Lima, Peru
Offer Used Peru phonecards {pictorials/topicals}
Want Used Worldwide of the last 6 years, especially West Europe, Australasia and Africa
Note I'm interested in large quantities. All offers are welcome.
Societies Sociedad Peruana de Filatelia Tematica

Castro, Francisco Javier
Location Neuquen, Argentina
Offer Mint/used Argentina and some Worldwide
Want Worldwide
Note Like to trade on a 1:1 basis for used stamps, but am flexible about other trading proposals. Do not send by ordinary mail.
Societies Centro Filatelico De Neuquen

Cem, Hayri
Location Istanbul, Turkey
Offer Mint/used Turkey, from 1923 to 1998 - TOPICAL: Soccer Worldwide FDCs and used Covers
Want Worldwide TOPICAL: Soccer, especially postally used Covers and Postcards with soccer {football} stamps attached
Societies Istanbul

Cerence, Danny
Location Cebu City, Philippines
Offer Used Worldwide & Philippines---mint Philippine Postcards, FDCs and Postal Stationery
Want Mint/used Worldwide--Worldwide postcards with cancellations of the cities and countries of origin
Note I will respond to all e-mail
Societies The Cebu (Philippines) Stamp Club

Challis, Stan
Location Guernsey, Channel Islands, UK
Offer Mainly British Commonwealth to 1970, mint KGVI, used Ireland some France and Greece used, but NO Channel Islands
Want Ireland on commercial cover, particularly to overseas locations, air mails to about 1950 (but not USA), also GB used in Ireland on cover (to 1922), but no FDC-first flights or philatelically inspired items. Modern long envelopes not required.
Note Will trade generously if you offer better destination mail especially former French cols, Central America & Middle East.
Societies Irish Philatelic Circle; National Philatelic Soc (UK), Postal History Society (UK).

Chan, Daniel C.N.
Location Augusta, Georgia, USA
Offer Mint/used Worldwide stamps, Postal History and more
Want China Postal History (1946-1949) sent to the US for rate study ---Pre-WW II Hong Kong Postal History

Chan, Francis
Location Singapore
Offer Mint Singapore, Malaysia, Brunei, China, Taiwan, Macau, Hong Kong & Worldwide TOPICALS: Birds in complete sets
Want Worldwide TOPICALS: Birds in complete sets after 1995, including miniature sheets and complete booklets
Note Trade based on catalog values or face values for new issues.

Channells, Jeff
Location New South Wales, Australia
Offer Used Australia
Want Used Worldwide
Note Trade on a 1:1 basis in Packets of 50, 100 or 150. I also have a small number of complete sets.

Charow, Art
Location Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Offer Mint/used Worldwide pictorials, CTOs & TOPICALS - pre-1975 MNH Canada, US & UN singles and plate blocks
Want Used post-1975 Great Britain, Barbados, Israel, France, US, Canada & UN commemoratives - MNH post-1975 commemoratives from Canada, UN, Great Britain, Israel {tabs} and Barbados
Note I'd like to trade on a 1:1 basis in packets of 50.
Societies Royal Philatelic Society of Canada

Chavez, Arnulfo
Location Mexico
Offer Mint/used Mexico, especially 'EXPORTAS', and used USA
Want Mint/used Mexico, especially 'EXPORTAS' and covers
Note Willing to buy, sell and trade.
Societies APS #170459

Cheah, Sin Keat
Location Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Offer Used Malaysia, Australia, New Zealand and Asian countries
Want Used Worldwide...stamps from your country
Note Trade 1:1, in packets of 100 or more..Used stamps only please.

Chee Yuen, Au
Location Singapore
Offer Mint TOPICALS: WWF, Flora & Fauna - Recent mint Singapore, Macau, Hong Kong, China, Indonesia, Sweden, New Zealand, Isle of Man and Australia
Want Mint Worldwide TOPICALS: WWF, Hummingbirds, Parrots, Birds of Paradise, Birds of Prey, Whales, Dolphins, Penguins, Turtles, Wild Cats, Orchids, Roses, Mountains, Rivers, Waterfalls and Lighthouses - US, South America & Antarctic Fauna issues
Note I only collect issues in mint complete sets. My primary focus is trading on a 1:1 basis, but I will sell my offers.

Chelouche, Evyatar
Location Reut, Israel
Offer Israel MNH+tabs, S/S, FDC + some used. Israel TOPICALS: Birds, Fauna, Flora, Planes, Ships, Art, Sports and Marine Life Israel FRAMA, KLUESSENDORF ATM postage labels
Want TOPICAL: Worldwide Flags. Klussendorf & other WW postagelabels
Note Will buy/trade flag stamps 1:1 or any other agreed upon method Will sell/trade labels, stamps & Souvenir Sheets.

Chen, Alex
Location Sacramento, California, USA
Offer Imperial China, Taiwan, PRC, Hong Kong & Macau
Want Stamps and covers from Imperial China, Taiwan (around 1960) and PRC
Note I also collect coins, paper money, and PRC Rice tickets, phone cards from Imperial China to modern China, Hong Kong & Macau.

Chen, Dragon C.L.
Location Hsin-Chu, Taiwan
Offer Mint set/FDC from Taiwan. Maximum Cards from Taiwan,Hong Kong, PRC. Worldwide used Topical covers
Want Worldwide used covers(Topical for country),postally used, Not FDC. Maximum cards exchange from worldwide. TOPICALS: Ancient Buildings, Religion, OceanFish, Birds, Music Butterfly, Scuplture, paintings and painter, whale & Dolphins, Musical Instruments and pet series.
Note Trade 1:1, Maximum cards minium change 20 pieces or more each time. Welcome your E-mail. Alt E-mail:
Societies Hsin Chu philatelic societies vice-chairman

Chen, Robbin
Location Sydney, Australia
Offer Used Australia & Worldwide. MNH recent Australia & FDC's
Want MNH/used Worldwide TOPICALS: Fauna (birds, mammals, fish etc.) ONLY. If you decide to send me MNH stamps on fauna, make sure they are in complete sets. Used animals can be singles & don't have to be in complete sets. WWF stamps are my first choice.
Note Would like to trade wtih people from all over the world. As long as you have stamps on fauna, send me e-mails to tell me about it. I also would like to trade stamps for phone cards on fauna.

Chen, Waynea
Location Oregon, USA
Offer US and Canada new stamp issues - also a few Taiwan Souvenir sheets and some MNH TOPICAL: Disney short sets
Want MNH Grenada silver and gold foil, Year of the Ox
Note Trading only! I have access to a 1998 Scott Catalogue.

Chen, Xi Fan
Location Ontario, Canada
Offer Mint/used Worldwide & FDC & FFC, especially US, GB & Canada
Want Stamps & covers from P.R. China, Hong Kong and Macao
Note Prefer MNH. Basis Scott catalog values. Will buy & sell.

Cheng, Nelson
Location Scarborough, Ontario, Canada
Offer Worldwide, especially Asian countries, China, Hong Kong, Macao & TOPICALS: Scouting & Animals in singles, sets, collections, FDCs and Postal History
Want Postal History and FDCs of China, Hong Kong, Macao, Manchukao and TOPICAL: Scouting
Note I prefer to trade on catalogue basis, I use Scotts, but any other catalogue will be acceptable. Correspondence in English and Chinese.

Chewning, Terrence J.
Location Orlando, Florida, USA
Offer Mint/used US including BOB material & Worldwide
Want MNH US and used Worldwide, especially places like Anjouan, Alexandretta, Annobon, Corisco, Eastern Rumelia, Memel, Nova Scotia, British Columbia, Elobey, Roman States & German Colonies; etc.
Note I need new material to fill all those supplement pages from the last ten years. I'm using the 1996 Scotts catalogue
Societies APS

Chianetta, Giorgio
Location Genoa, Italy
Offer Italian areas such as Italy, Vatican City & San Marino: modern used & mint, postal stationery and postmarks.
Want Worldwide covers that bear an indication of having been sorted or routed by mechanization, usually barcoded inkjet markings

Chiang, Kit Yee
Location Malaysia
Offer Worldwide, mainly from Japan, Malaysia, British Commonwealth and Europe
Want Australia, New Zealand, Europe, Singapore, Canada and US
Note Prefer undamaged recent issues in a packets of 50 or more. No definitives please.

Chirinos Ogata, Patricia
Location Lima, Peru
Offer Spain, Germany, US & Worldwide TOPICALS: Fauna, Flora, famous people and miscellaneous.
Want Peru & TOPICALS: Olympic Games, elephants and dogs
Note Only exchange. Let me know which topic or country do you want, and I'll do my best to get it.
Societies Association Filatelica Peru

Chivers, Peter
Location Adelaide, Australia
Offer Used Australia decimals, some territories & on-paper kiloware
Want Used Great Britain, US, Canada & Netherlands - kiloware from Great Britain, US, Canada and Europe
Note I'm interested in quality, undamaged & lightly postmarked material. I'd like to trade on a 1:1 basis, in packets of 100 or 200. I'd like to trade kiloware in 250g to 1Kg lots. Ask me, I may want what you have.

Choi, Cheong - Too
Location Hong Kong
Offer China, Hong Kong, and Macau
Want Macau Stamps and Postal History

Chong, Kerwin
Location Malaysia
Offer Malaya, Straits Settlement, Malaysia stamps, recent issue mint and Pewter stamps and First Day Covers
Want Worldwide pre-WWII stamps and FDC's---Mint/used USA, China, Australia, UK and Worldwide, mostly stamps before 1960

Christensen, Palle
Location Frederikshavn, Denmark
Offer Denmark, Sweden, Norway and Worldwide
Want Deutches Reich, Caribbean, Western Europe and Worldwide, except for Eastern Europe

Christensen, Poul-Erik Amby
Location Herning, Denmark
Offer Used Denmark, Iceland, Sweden and Worldwide
Want Denmark and Nordic countries

Chu, Li Xin
Location Singapore
Offer Cash
Want Pre-1949 China and ROC
Note I'm a new collector without much to trade. So I'd like to buy.

Chu, Tan Hui
Location Singapore
Offer Used Worldwide and cash
Want Mint/used Worldwide stamps, first day covers & minature sheets
Note I'm a beginner without much to trade, so I would like to buy or trade in packets of about 20 to 50.

Cirkin, Gil
Location Rehovot, Israel
Offer Israel, USA, France, Australia, New Zealand and Worldwide.
Want Australia, New Zealand, France, French Colonies, USA, Canada, UN, Israel, UK, Channel Islands and TOPICAL: World War II
Note Any basis of trade could be agreeable.

Clair, William J.
Location Warrenton, Virginia, USA
Offer Worldwide Covers - British Africa and Great Britain
Want First Flight Covers - Imperial Airways and feeder routes {e.g. RANA, Wilson} to or from Africa
Note Will buy or trade, as you like.
Societies APS, BAeF, GBCC & AAMS

Clark, Donald R.
Location Baker City, Oregon USA
Offer USA, Australia, Papua New Guinea, Solomons, Christmas Island, Cocos Island, New Zealand, Canada, Early Greece, Iraq and Iran I also have several Color Photographs of Papuan Lagotos for those who specialize in Papuan stamps.
Want Australia, Papua NG, Solomon Islands.
Note The above color photographs were taken in 1995 and show part of the 25 person crews. Offers are for trade/or sale.
Societies APS #168509

Clemance, Richard
Location Christchurch, New Zealand
Offer Australia and New Zealand - Frama ATM & other machine stamps, modern postmarks and postal history - Mint/used Worldwide & TOPICALS, by Wantlists
Want Worldwide Frama ATM/machine stamps, postmarks & postal history and (by want lists) Italy and Colonies 1900-1945, European, Middle East & Asian stamps & postal history
Note Exchange Basis: Framas and postal history 1:1 - stamps Scott, Stanley Gibbons or other catalogue values.

Cleve, Morten
Location Stavanger, Norway
Offer Mint/used Norway
Want Norway: Covers & Postcards sent to foreign destinations
Societies Member of the Norwegian Philatelic Society for 15 years.

Clode, Nuno
Location Lisbon, Portugal
Offer Used Portugal, Azores, Madeira, Great Britain, France, West Germany and Switzerland
Want Used Portugal, Great Britain, France, Norway, West Germany and West Berlin
Note I'd like to trade on an Yvert-Tellier catalog value basis.

Cohen, Arie
Location Israel
Offer Mint/used Israel with/without tabs
Want Great Britain & British Empire

Cohen, Daniel
Location New York City, New York, USA
Offer Mint/used USA and some Worldwide
Want Mint/used USA
Note A long-time collector with a little bit of everything, including foreign. Particularly fond of the 'back of the book' in US Past member of the Bureau Issues Association [BIA].

Cohen, Jacob
Location Asheville, North Carolina, USA
Offer Used US and Worldwide
Want Used US and Worldwide - TOPICALS: Firefighting, Einstein, Teaching and Bridges
Societies ATA

Cole, Shannon
Location Georgia, USA
Offer Used USA
Want Used stamps from Spanish-speaking countries.
Note I want to use stamps to help teach culture in Spanish classes. I could trade in packets of 30-100. Please E-mail me

Colette, Lin
Location Rhode Island, USA
Offer Mint/used Worldwide
Want Mint/used Worldwide {No used USA}---TOPICALS: Women, Writers, Religion (no Christmas), Antarctica & Penguins---Looking in particular for older Latin America, Germany, France with female allegories (like 'Germania,' 'Marianne,' 'Liberty.')
Note Will trade one for one, or 7x catalog value (Scott 1996) for for any amount mint US postage. Tell me which you prefer.
Societies ATA, Journalists / Authors / Poets on Stamps Study Unit (Editor of Bulletin), Women on Stamps Study Unit (V.P.), Collectors of Religion on Stamps.

Colomb, Fernando Julio
Location Crespo, Argentina
Offer Argentina
Want Switzerland
Societies Spanish

Combe, Tanya C.
Location Spain
Offer Worldwide
Want Worldwide
Note I'd like to trade lots of 20-30-40 & don't mind some repeats.

Conklin, Roscoe
Location Rhode Island, USA
Offer Used USA and Worldwide with some mint
Want Used Worldwide Commemoratives 1990 to 1996 (no CTO's). TOPICAL: Domestic Cats
Note Like to trade 50 or more in each packet.

Conti Santos, Fabio
Location Sao Paulo, Brazil
Offer Used Brazil Commemoratives the past 25 years - some Worldwide
Want Worldwide commemoratives, especially East Europe, Middle East and Asia, but not exclusively
Note I'll respond to all E-mails.
Societies American Philatelic Society & others

Contreras, Jose
Location Caracas, Venezuela
Offer Used Worldwide & Full and mint Venezuela and dinosauers.
Want Complete and MNH sets of dinosaurs, other prehistoric animals. fossils rupestrian art, prehistoric tools, Charles Darwin. FDC's and Maxicards too.
Note I will exchange or sell. Basis Scott or Ivert Catalogues, but prefer 1:1. Sell Venezuelan stamps upon request if you do not have anything for the topics that I need. I trade Venezuelan phonecards too. Alternate e-mail

Coppe, Glenn
Location Danville, California, USA
Offer Used worldwide, especially Germany, US, and Africa.
Want US meter covers. US stamps with socked-on-the-nose (SOTN) cancels (primarily from 1935 to 1976).
Note Collecting US postal rates on meter covers. Looking for interesting domestic and international rates. Will purchase covers I need.
Societies APS#184386, Meter Stamp Society

Cortes-Fontcuberta, Manuel
Location Columbus, Ohio, USA
Offer US, Peru and Chile
Want Europe and Latin America

Cosentini, George
Location California, USA
Offer Military mail from WWII to present.
Want Military mail from WW II to the present, APO/FPO/V-Mail/Ship covers/Civilian censored mail - Covers with PC-90 labels - One cover or a boxful. Correspondence from members of the Mexican 201st Fighting squadron, while in the US or in the Philippines at Clark Field.
Note Willing to buy or trade. Also looking for reference material. No WWI material please!!!

Costa, Hugo Jr.
Location Connecticut, USA
Offer USA new issues, mint & used US commems, Worldwide & mint UN
Want Mint Brazil, 1800s to current---TOPICALS: Disney, Medical and Rescue stamps & covers
Note Would like to connect with someone in Brazil to exchange new USA issues for Brazil new issues. Let's exchange Wantlists!!
Societies APS#160708

Cottam, Matthew
Location Manchester, UK
Offer Mainly used with some mint Worldwide, especially UK, Australia and New Zealand. Mint sets of provisionals locals of the new republics of the former USSR
Want MNH/used Worldwide, but no CTOs or Eastern Europe please TOPICALS: Fauna, Birds & Marine Life, preferably in complete sets, and especially from the British Empire.
Note I have some used Phone Cards from Jamaica to offer.

Courtright, Mitch
Location Salt Lake City, Utah USA
Offer Mint Russia & CIS, USSR, USA, France, Canada, Australia, Jordan, Belgium and Vatican
Want Iceland, Greenland, Aland, Faroes & Worldwide Joint Issues
Note I prefer MNH or LH with VF+ centering on higher values. Trade by 1997 Scott. E-mail Want & Offer lists available. Price lists are welcome. I buy on approval from US $20-$30 lots.

Coutinho, Raphael
Location Recife, Brazil
Offer Old Stamps of Brazil
Want Worldwide TOPICALS: Sports and Transports
Note I will welcome and respond to the e-mail of other collectors.
Societies Association Filatelica Stamps of Recife

Covell, Charles V. Jr.
Location Kentucky, USA
Offer Recent TOPICAL covers, some Sports and Biology stamps, Soccer and butterfly covers, including FDCs
Want TOPICALS: (1) soccer postal history, esp. old & rare, for exhibiting; (2) new WW soccer and butterfly stamps (no CTOs), cancels, covers, meters. (3) any postal history items relating to the Galapagos Islands & Charles Darwin --(4) Insects
Note Info. available on 'Philatelic Lepidopterists', circle for people interested in butterfly & moth philately, worldwide.
Societies Member APS, ATA, Biology Unit ATA, Sports Philatelists Intl. & AAPE. Louisville Stamp Society

Cowan, Gary
Location Duncan, Oklahoma, USA
Offer MNH USA singles and plate blocks
Want MNH USA singles and plate blocks

Craig, Steven J.
Location Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA
Offer Cash
Want MNH USA Plate Blocks
Note Still trying to complete a couple of regular issue series.

Crasset, Serge
Location Falisolle, Belgium
Offer Used Worldwide
Want Used West European countries
Note Trade on 1:1 basis in packets of 100. I have Want lists using Yvert et Tellier for some countries.

Crouch, Mike
Location North Carolina, USA
Offer Confed. States, Early USA to 1903, Worldwide mostly 1880-1930, with some recent, especially France, Japan & other Europe
Want Great Britain, France, Germany, Belgium, Portugal, Spanish Colonials, also Hawaii, independent pre 1940 Africa, Middle East interested in 19th Century and early 20th century to 1940
Note Will sell or trade small groups (1 for 1 in singles for high values or packets of 10-50 for others) based on '97 Scott

Cruceanu, Laurentiu
Location Bacau, Romania
Offer Mint/used Romania stamps, covers and FDCs
Want Mint/used Worldwide
Note I'm a stamp dealer, willing to buy, sell or trade. Wantlists are welcome (Scott, Michel, Yvert or S. Gibbons based). I also trade phonecards & maxi cards.

Curado, Rui
Location Portugal
Offer Used Portugal
Want Used Worldwide
Note Want to exchange in packets between 50 and 200 stamps, from a specific country or set of countries.

Curt, Hans
Location New York, USA
Offer Used USA & Worldwide---USA FDCs---mint UN & FDCs
Want Used Berlin & FDC. Used Germany & 1990 to present FDCs
Note Like to trade stamps 1:1 in packets of 50 or 100. FDCs 1:1 or by Scott Catalogue value.

Cusin, Regis
Location Grenoble, France
Offer France, French Colonies, British Commonwealth, Europe and Worldwide stamps and Postal History
Want France and French Colonial postal history of 1800's to 1945 Early used french colonial - Worldwide postal history before 1910 - Indian squared circle postmarks on covers or cards
Note I'm a stamp dealer who will buy, sell or trade. I use Yvert et Tellier, S&G for and Scott WW to 1940.

Da, Jun
Location Shanghai, P.R. China
Offer Mint TOPICALS from China, Macau and the British Commenwealth
Want Mint Worldwide TOPICALS: Butterflies, Ships, Sports, Flags, Paintings, Bridges, Music, Fauna, Birds, Fish & Airplanes
Note I'm a stamp dealer. Will buy, sell and trade. I'm also interested in maxi-cards.

Daalder, Arie
Location Avonmore, Ontario, Canada
Offer Used Worldwide
Want Used Worldwide
Note Trade for fun on a 1:1 basis in packets of 25, 50 or 100.

Daeppen, Lise
Location Switzerland
Offer Used Great Britain, Switzerland & Worldwide---mint recent Switzerland--mint Leichtenstein (1985+)
Want Used Australia, Canada, Italy, Ireland & GB commemoratives
Note Please send your Wantlists for GB & Switzerland. I have Wantlists available upon request. I also have used Swiss & Italian phonecards to trade.

Dalmas, John P.
Location Massachusetts, USA
Offer Mint/used USA, western Europe & some Worldwide
Want Germany covers (Marken Deutschlands auf Brief)prefer pre-1955
Note Will trade worldwide if want lists are compatible.

Danko, Bill
Location California, USA
Offer Used Worldwide from most countries
Want Used Worldwide from most countries
Note I'd like to trade 1:1, in packets of 25 or 50.

Daughtrey, Chuck
Location Springfield, Missouri, USA
Offer Common Worldwide...nearly every country
Want Greece, especially stamps from Crete (KPHTH) with (ELLAS) overprinted on them, and Cyprus (KYPROS)
Note Collecting for my 2 year old half Greek son. Also seeking information concerning Greek philatelic history. If you know of a source which could be of benefit, please let me know. I can supply a Havelist w/Scott catalog numbering at any time or I can build random packets by country. My website will have my complete Wantlist & be open to visitors on August 1, 1998.

Davenport, Mike
Location Oklahoma, USA
Offer USA singles & plate blocks
Want USA MNH Plate# Singles F-VF+, MNH Singles VF+, MNH Plate Blocks, PNCs 3 & 5, Mint Sheets & Worldwide Mint/Used TOPICALS: Castles, Cathedrals, Mushrooms and Paintings
Note Trying to find sources of US Plate# Singles, my favorite area. I'm open to any method of trading & willing to buy. I'm a new collector of US but have accumulated quite a bit in a few months. Check my web page for my want & have lists.
Societies APS#180588

Davies, Colin
Location Yorkshire, England, UK
Offer Used GB from 1841 to about 1962. Some modern plate blocks. 19th & early 20th Cent France, Germany, Italy. Few good mint Bermuda & Grenada specimens. Iran. Recent UHM Russia, Poland, China & Hungary
Want Turkey before 1924 and Foreign Post Offices in Turkey.
Note Normally exchange cat for cat basis but will offer deals in your favour for good stamps I want.
Societies OPAL

Davis, Bob
Location Texas, USA
Offer Mint/used USA and Europe
Want Mint USA---mint/used Europe
Note Will buy or trade one for one better quality.
Societies APS 180740

Davis, Dick
Location Alexandria, Virginia, USA
Offer Worldwide
Want Worldwide
Note Willing to buy/sell/trade based upon the Scott catalog, but also willing to negotiate on the want and trade lists. Want and Have lists are available, via e-mail, upon request.
Societies APS

Davis, Gerald
Location Salt Lake City, Utah, USA
Offer Used USA, Mexico, Canada and Worldwide
Want Mexico and United Nations
Note I'd like to trade on a 1 for 1 basis.

Davis, Steve
Location Calgary, Alberta, Canada
Offer Used (some mint) Worldwide, Canada & TOPICALS
Want Used Spain, Portugal, South Africa, recent US Mint/used TOPICALS: Wild Cats, Owls, and Frogs
Note I collect for fun & trade on 1:1 basis in lots of 25-50 only. Sorry no time for want lists.
Societies Inter'l Society of Worldwide Stamp Collectors

de Boer, Gert
Location The Netherlands
Offer Used Worldwide, especially The Netherlands
Want The Netherlands before 1968 and Indonesia (all used)
Note Prefer trading in packets of 50 to 100 on a 1:1 basis.

de Boer, Pieter
Location Stavoren, Friesland, Netherlands
Offer Worldwide TOPICALS: Flora, Fauna, Olympics, Cars & Space
Want Worldwide TOPICALS: Flora and Fauna
Note I'd like to exchange e-mail with other collectors in Europe.

de Camargo, Joaquim A M
Location Joinville, Brazil
Offer Mint/used Brazil & used Worldwide
Want Mint Germany and USA--used Europe nations--TOPICAL: Football (soccer) mint stamps, FDC's and other philatelic items
Note I prefer to trade Germany and USA by Scott, Michel, or Yvert catalogs & in packets of 50 or more for the Europe nations. About the Football (soccer) theme please, send e-mail.

De Dios, Miguel A
Location North Bergen, NY, USA
Offer Cash
Want Cuba: Any philatelic material.
Note Send list with asking price.
Societies APS, CPS (Cuban Philatilic Society of America).

De Girolamo, Antonio
Location Bari, Italy
Offer Mint/used Italy UN & mostly used Worldwide, but some mint
Want Mint/used Italy from 1945 to now
Note I'd like to trade on a 1:1 basis in small packets.

de Haan, Leon
Location Johannesburg, South Africa
Offer Used South Africa - some Hungary and US
Want Worldwide TOPICALS: Cars (mainly Volvo/Saab) and Sports
Note Will trade or buy.

de Hoo, Mark
Location Bergen, The Netherlands
Offer TOPICALS: Underwaterlife and Scenery - Aruba, Netherlands and West Europe
Want TOPICALS: Underwaterlife, Scenery & Scuba Diving - Aruba

De la Casa, Alfredo
Location Sestao, Spain
Offer Used Spain, West Europe & Australia. Mint/used TOPICAL sets and souvenir sheets
Want Used large 1996-97 from France, Germany, Italy, Scandinavia, USA, Australia, Japan and some other Worldwide
Note I'm flexible and can accept up to 10 copies of the same stamp

De Lange, Johannes
Location Schinnen, The Netherlands
Offer Israel-Mint/Full-Tab. Holland/Netherlands Antilles/NetherlandIndies/Indonesia/Channel Islands.
Want Italian-Eritrea/Palestina/Estland/Litauen/Letland.
Note Use catalogues of Scott/Yvert/Micgel/Carmel/NVPH & Zonnebloem.
Societies Philatelic Club'Britannia'

De Paoli, Lino
Location Calgary, Alberta, Canada
Offer Used Canada, Poland, USA and some Worldwide
Want Used Italy, France, Vatican and Russia
Note Would like to exchange in packets of 100.

De Sousa, Jose
Location Macao
Offer Cash
Want Older mint Macao stamps
Note I wish to purchase on a cash basis.

De Tommaso, Massimo
Location Sovicille, Siena, Italy
Offer Italy and West Europe TOPICAL postal stationery
Want Used Scandinavian postal stationery, especially Sweden and Denmark, and Danish ship mail up to 1920/30
Societies DFF membership pending

de Voss, Jorgen Wentzel
Location Wishart, Queensland, Australia
Offer US Pre-cancels, Danish West Indies & Australia before 1920
Want Denmark and Sweden, specifically Danish West Indies & Danish stamps with number and/or town cancellations (Ringstempler), stamps with advertising stamps attached and 'postf╩rgem╩rker'
Note Write in English or Scandinavian

Dela Torre, Ser Joshua
Location Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Offer Worldwide but mostly from the middle east, sub-continent, Asia and the Philippines
Want Worldwide
Note I am not a choosy collector, what i don't have I will take. Replies are assured, so write now. I am also interested in friendship while trading. I don't sell stamps and I buy only only cheap stamp packets.
Societies Emirates Philatelic Society

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