StampTrader List.

Listings from Belghaug, Ragnar to Carmody, John
January 1st, 1999 Update

Belghaug, Ragnar
Location Sandefjord, Norway
Offer Used Norway, Great Britain, Australia & States some Worldwide TOPICALS: Animals & Space
Want TOPICALS: Stamps (prefer mint), postal stationery & postmarks concerning Fish, Birds, Amphibians, Reptiles, & Mammals Mint/used Tasmania, Worldwide pre-1920
Note Prefer to trade on a catalogue value basis or by mutual agreement. I use Stanley Gibbons, Michel for Europe & the Americas & Scott Classic Catalogues.
Societies Sandefjord Philatelic Society

Bellaubi Vea, Jordi-Joan
Location Barcelona, Catalunya, Spain
Offer Mint/used Spain mostly from 1965 to present, Andorra, Portugal various TOPICALS and used Worldwide
Want Mint/used Worldwide TOPICALS: Sports & Modern Music, sets or singles
Note Other stamps for trades will also be considered.

Belopolsky, Sergei
Location Moscow, Russia
Offer USSR(1946-1991), Russia(since 1992), ex-Soviet countries mint and used - almost all
Want TOPICALS: Football (Soccer), mint World Cup & Animals
Note Trade only on a Michel catalogue basis.

Bembic, David
Location Slovenia
Offer Used Slovenia and Worldwide
Want Used Worldwide
Note Prefer to trade in packets of 50 or 100.

Beresford, Darryl
Location England, UK
Offer Worldwide, especially Great Britain, Bermuda & wartime Germany
Want US, Great Britain and the British Commonwealth
Note Interested in filling in the gaps in my collection.

Bereson, Alex
Location California, USA
Offer UN FDCs, Souvenir cards---Worldwide UPU Congress Books
Want Worldwide FDCs & UPU Congress Books.
Societies APS#123820 & UNPI#820

Bergman, Zina
Location Tennessee, USA
Offer Used Worldwide, used/mint US singles and covers
Want TOPICAL: collection of mint/used CATS, cat stamps, covers, and souvenir sheets
Note Alternate e-mail address:
Societies APS

Bergsma, Aldo
Location Wageningen, The Netherlands
Offer Used Worldwide, Netherlands, Germany & Great Britain
Want Used Worldwide, especially Asia, Latin America
Note Trade 1:1 or by wantlist (Michel) Also looking for a recent issue of Scott World catalogues, any offers???
Societies Greek Stamp Federation & de Globe, The Netherlands

Bergtun, Hugo
Location Norway
Offer Norway and Denmark
Want Norway, Denmark, Sweden and Germany (1990-1998)

Berker, Alp
Location Indianapolis, Indiana, USA
Offer Used Worldwide, mainly US, Western Europe, Asia and Africa
Want Used Worldwide, mainly Europe, Asia, Africa and South America Please no CTOs or mint low values
Note I have a set of Scott 1996 catalogues I want to trade for a European set; Yvert or Michel. Please contact me for details.

Berkers, Arnie
Location Appingedam, The Netherlands
Offer Austria, Netherlands and Italy
Want Austria: general (including related areas) and 5 Kreuzer 1867 specialized - TOPICAL: Hundertwasser
Note I use the Michel and Yvert & Tellier catalogues.
Societies Dutch Philatelic Society

Bernard, Gregory
Location Calgary, Alberta, Canada
Offer Mint, mostly Canada and Asia
Want Mint Worldwide, but especially the USA and Europe
Note Prefer to trade packets of 50 different, but if you have fewer stamps that you want to trade, we can work out something.

Bernardini, Jean Jacques
Location Lyon, France
Offer France and former colonies - French postal stationery
Want France and former colonies - French postal stationery
Note I'm interested in all philatelic documents about castles.

Bertrand, Al
Location Calgary, Alberta, Canada
Offer Worldwide, with emphasis on Western Europe and former colonies (until independence only). .
Want Western Europe and its former colonies until independence only Countries that are of a special interest : Benelux, France, Switzerland, Scandinavia, Spain, Italy and Germany.
Note Will trade or sell. Trade packets of 50, 100, 200 or more. Will work with want lists.
Societies Calgary Philatelic Society and RPSC.

Berwald, Cornel
Location Quebec, Canada
Offer Post-war Austria, DDR FDC's 1970's to end, Canadian FDC's from years 1971-1982. West Indies including 'Specimens', New Zealand, U.S. Golden Replica FDC's etc.
Want Pre-war Austria, Current U.S. mint at face value.
Note Have lots of complete mint sets, world wide. LET'S TALK. I promise to respond to all e-mail.

Besley, Laurie
Location Australia
Offer Used Australia
Want Used Worldwide
Note Like to trade in lots of 50+, or work from Want & Have lists.

Beutner, Klaus-J.
Location Berlin, Germany
Offer Used Worldwide, especially Europe, also US, Asia, Australia, FDC's, mint sets of Germany & postal stationery
Want Used Worldwide
Note Stamp collecting is fun and recreation for me, not a job. I'd like to work with Wantlists, and trade on a catalog basis.

Bewersdorf, Petra
Location Kiel, Germany
Offer Used Germany after 1950
Want Used from West-Europe: After Wantlist: Austria, Beligium, Denmark, Finland, France, Great Britain, Greece, Italy, Norway Sweden, Spain, Switzerland, The Netherlands. All other West-European Countries on basis of 100 for 100.
Note I use the Michel-Catalog. Exchange by description is also available. Please only good quality stamps.

Bex, Alain
Location Herentals, Belgium
Offer Used Belgium commemoratives and definitives
Want Used Worldwide commemoratives and definitives
Note Prefer to trade in packets of 100 different, on a 1:1 basis.

Bikic, Alberto
Location British Columbia, Canada
Offer Used/MNH Canada singles, blocks x4, plate blocks, souvenir sheets & covers. Great Britain & Dependencies. South America, Central America and Worldwide
Want Chile, Peru, Costa Rica and Nicaragua
Note Catalog basis: Scott x Scott 1997. Prefer to trade common stamps in packets of 100 to 500 different. Spanish & English
Societies APS#180833

Billings, Ian
Location Norfolk, England, UK
Offer MNH/used Great Britain, Guernsey, Jersey & Isle of Man Used worldwide - modern (post 1991) covers of Kazakstan, Russia and Ukraine, including bogus covers. Will obtain GB stamps, FDC's and special postmarks, for exchange or cash.
Want Modern covers (post 1991) of the former Soviet Union, espec.: Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, Kazakstan, Kirghizia, Moldova, Tadjikistan, Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan
Note Will buy, but much prefer exchanges.
Societies British Society of Russian Philately, Scandinavia Philatelic Society [GB], Civil Service Philatelic Society [GB] and the Norfolk & Norwich Philatelic Society [GB].

Bilodeau, Pierre
Location Quebec, Canada
Offer Canada: used stamps issued since 1935. France, US (large), Australia
Want France, Spain, Belgium, Great Britain, Ireland, Australia & New Zealand
Note Trade 1 for 1, lots of 50 up to 100 stamps, pictorial only.

Birch, Kevin
Location Manchester, England, UK
Offer Used Great Britain & Islands (Guernsey, Jersey, Alderney & Isle of Man), with some MNH from the 1930's & used Ireland
Want Used Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Malaysia, Singapore, Hong Kong, Germany and Scandinavia
Note I'd like to trade 1:1, in packets of 25, 50 or 100, all fine used with no killer postmarks. I'll answer all e-mails within 48 hours. I can service Wantlists for Great Britain.

Bits, Paul
Location Jerusalem, Israel
Offer Israel and Worldwide
Want TOPICALS: transport: cars, aviation ships, spaceships etc.
Note I'm don't have huge quantities, but I have some stuff you might be interested in. Prefer to trade on 1:1 basis, not big quantities at once.

Bizzarro, Albert
Location Montreal, Quebec, Canada
Offer Mint/used Canada, USA, France, Great Britain & Worldwide
Want Mint/used Canada, USA, France, Great Britain, Worldwide, Japan East Europe (before 1950), West Europe, Scandinavia, French Polynesia, New Caledonia, TAAF & postal cards, first flight covers and precancels.
Note Trade on 1:1 basis in packets of 100 used OR face value for latest mint stamps OR on the basis of want list. I'm a semi retired, part-time dealer: can trade, sell, buy. Will exchange any stamps or supplies for old Sport cards and Phone cards.
Societies RPSC, APS, ATA, ISDN

Bjarnt, Kim
Location Loegstrup, Viborg, Denmark
Offer Worldwide, especially, UK, Philippines and Perfins
Want Philippines and Worldwide Perfins
Note Trade, Swap, Buy, Questions
Societies Danish Philatelic Federation (DFF), Int. Philippine Philatelic Society (IPPS) and The Perfin Society (UK)

Blanco Maldonado, Antonio
Location Ronda, Spain
Offer Mint Spain, Andorra and Spanish Postal Dependencies Vatican City and some stuff from Austria, Switzerland and Liechtenstein.
Want Mint Spain and Postal Dependencies, Portugal, Azores Madeira, Cuba, Switzerland, Liechtenstein and Gibraltar.

Blinn, Stephen James
Location Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada
Offer Used Canadian with some mint
Want Used British
Note I would like to start a collection of used British stamps and would like to trade with someone who would be interested in starting a Canadian collection.

Blizovsky, Avi
Location Tel Aviv, Israel
Offer Israel and ww. israel 1 for 1, ww big: 1 to 1 ww def. 3 to 1 commemorative of yours
Want Space, science, environmet, energy.
Note Please don't send any definitives.

Bluemlein, Gerda
Location Munich, Germany
Offer Germany and Worldwide
Want Brunei, Sudan, Malawi and Papua New Guinea
Note Like trading in packets of 50/100/200 on a 1:1 basis.

Blumenthal, Stuart
Location Nova Scotia, Canada
Offer Mint/used Canada, from Scott #4, as well as most issues of BNA (British North America)
Want Canada booklets (1989-1994), & 'scrap' Canada mint postage
Note I'm a full time dealer & like to deal. Will buy, sell & trade.

Boada, Jaume
Location Palma de Mallorca, Spain
Offer Used Worldwide TOPICALS: especially all kind of Sports. Used and some mint Spain---Envelopes w/modern cancellations from European Airports
Want Used Worldwide TOPICALS: Paleontology (dinosaurs, fossils, prehistoric animals..) and Castles---Poland, prefer pre-1960
Note Please, send a list of material available, & I will send mine. General basis will be 1:1, except mint--to be agreed upon. I maintain the Santa Catalina Collectors Club web page, whose address is shown below.

Bochkaryov, Yury
Location Visaginas, Lithuania
Offer Mint Russia, CIS, East Europe - Mint/used Worldwide
Want Mint Worldwide TOPICALS: WWF, Butterflies, Birds, Marine Life, Aircraft, Ships, Trains, Mushrooms - used West Europe
Note I prefer to exchange mint sets, on an Yvert, Michel catalogue basis, or by mutual agreement. Used on a 1:1 basis.
Societies ATA Member# 51302-8

Bogut, Sukru
Location New Orleans, Louisiana, USA
Offer Mint, Used, Modern and Classic World Wide and duplicates from areas of interest.
Want Turkey, Ottoman Empire, Foreign Offices in the Turkish Empire mint, used and postal history. West Europe, South East Asia.
Note Exchanges based on Scott or other catalogs.
Societies APS, TOPS

Bohnstedt, Martin
Location Geneva, Switzerland
Offer Registered covers from 200+ countries (many with registration receipt); Peacekeeping covers (UN and OSCE); stamps, FDCs, postally used covers from UN Vienna and UN Geneva
Want Registered covers (preferably with registration receipts) from "unusual" countries (e.g. Africa, island states, CIS) and UN Peacekeeping covers
Note Willing to trade, buy and sell. Please let me know if you live in (or travel to) "unusual" countries!
Societies ASPP (USA), FIPSG (UK), HBSV (Austria)

Boies, Dominique
Location Quebec, Canada
Offer Mint/used Canada singles and FDCs
Want Australia & Territories, New Zealand, South Africa & Homelands South West Africa, Rhodesia, BAT, South Georgia & Falkland Is. Dependencies...ONLY MINT STAMPS
Note Please check my Wantlists on my web page.

Boivin, Jacques
Location Quebec, Canada
Offer Canada, Worldwide and TOPICALS.
Want Worldwide large pictorials.
Note I'm a stamp dealer. I'd like to trade 500 different Canada for your 500 different Worldwide. Will consider any kind of trade. Will buy, sell & trade. Please check out my Web Page.

Bonafonte, Patrice
Location Grenoble, France
Offer Used TOPICALS: Animals, Insects, Flora, Chess, Celebrities Just ask, I'll almost certainly have what you are looking for.
Want Worldwide Mint/used TOPICALS: top priority Beetles(Coleoptera) Turtles, Tortoises, Ducks, Mushrooms--stamps, FDCs & cancels
Note TRADE ONLY!!! Please note that capital P & B MUST be used in my in my e-mail address, or it will be returned to the sender.

Bondarenko, Anatoly
Location Poltava, Ukraine
Offer Mint/used Ukraine, USSR, ex/USSR countries singles & covers some Worldwide sets
Want Mint sets of Worldwide TOPICALS: Fauna & Flora---Mint US, France, Great Britain, Germany, Australia & Canada
Note Exchange on a Yvert catalogue value basis.
Societies Ukraine Philatelic Society

Bondono, Philippe
Location France
Offer Used France, French colonies and pre-1940 Worldwide
Want Pre-1940 Worldwide except for common USA and Western Europe
Note I collect both used and mint stamps (hinged or not).

Boone, Jeffrey
Location Missouri, USA
Offer Little to trade so prefer to buy.
Want Worldwide [1] Cinderella, specifically 'license and royalty' (also called patent stamps, see the 1973 Springer catalog) [2] Patent Office revenues [3] Low priced narcotics revenues
Note Alternate e-mail address:

Boonthan, Saithip
Location Manama, Adliya, Bahrain
Offer Worldwide
Want Worldwide

Borisenko, Eugenia
Location Jerusalem, Israel
Offer Israel stamps and first day issues
Want Germany first day blocks and issues

Bornino, Joe
Location California, USA
Offer Mint US plate blocks (3,4,5,6 cents etc.) and matched sets (four corner blocks)
Want US plate blocks
Note Interested in US stamps only, and will welcome listings of those plate blocks you have available.

Bors, Adrian
Location Thessaloniki, Greece
Offer Romania and Worldwide
Want Used Central & South America, Africa, Middle-East (excepting the stamps from UAE components)- New East-Europe Countries, Pacific Islands as well as Worldwide.
Note I would like to exchange on a 1:1 basis.

Boshko, Andrei
Location Vilnius, Lithuania
Offer Mint/used Russia {1918-1998} and ex-Soviet Union Republics
Want Mint Australia, Canada, US, West Europe, Czechoslovakia and Hungary

Botello, Dimas
Location Panama
Offer Mint/used Panama
Want Africa and Asia
Note I can send a list of countries (Have and Not Have) to expedite exchanges. I'm also interested in banknotes and coins from African and Asian countries. Alt. E-Mail:
Societies Sociedad Numismatica de Panama

Bouchard, Paul-Andre
Location Quebec, Canada
Offer France & Canada, classics to 1950, used/mint & space fillers
Want France classics, used/mint, VF to XF
Note Want to trade on a Ceres or Yvert catalog value basis.
Societies APS#181642

Boulet, Benoit
Location Beauport, Quebec, Canada
Offer Used Canada, US and some Worldwide
Want Used US and Canada...mostly pre-1992 - TOPICALS: Roses, Bridges, Trains and Castles {Forts}
Note Prefer trading on a 1:1 basis, in lots of about 50. I can correspond in English or French.

Bourne, Natalie
Location Harare, Zimbabwe
Offer Mint/used Worldwide, Europe, Africa & Asia - Mint singles and FDCs only for African countries
Want Mint/used UN, France, Italy, Germany, UK and US
Note Will trade used stamps on a 1:1 basis, in packets of 50 and more {No damaged stamps please}. Trade Mint at face value. Can work with have/want lists. Please ask for my Wantlist.

Bowden, Don
Location Winston-Salem, North Carolina, USA
Offer Large Germany accumulation (all periods & types), some modern PRC, Australia. Most are used. Bermuda from #1 to 1983
Want Recent Bermuda & Germany---and any hologram stamps
Note I have a want list for Germany available upon request.

Bowden, Keith
Location Linclonshire, England, UK
Offer Mint/used Great Britain - TOPICAL: Birds
Want TOPICAL: Kingfishers {Mint stamps, postal history, covers, cancellations...anything related to Kingfishers}
Note I have a large collection of material relating to Kingfishers and would like to correspond with anyone with a similar collection or interest.
Societies British Bird Stamp Society

Bowers, James C.
Location Lubbock, Texas, USA
Offer Used USA, Great Britain, a few Canada, and a few others; USPS posters; USPS commemorative stamp books from 1984-1994 (Stamps not included)
Want Used Worldwide with emphasis on Canada and Great Britain
Note I have an almost complete set of used US commemoratives for years 1945-1975, which I wish to trade for Canadian stamps of same or similar period. I would consider Great Britain as well Will trade 1 for 1 or consider your suggestions.

Bowers, Jennifer
Location Lake Wales, Florida, USA
Offer CTO's and used Worldwide
Want CTO's and used Worldwide of any type
Note I would like to trade on a 1:1 basis. I'm not picky on what I receive. I do not have a current worldwide catalog so if you receive a stamp worth $1.00 or two from me then that's my loss and your gain. Feel free to send e-mail to me.
Societies North American Philatelists,

Bowman, Clyde E. III
Location Ohio, USA
Offer USA (SOTN) cancels. Used pre-1942 Worldwide air mail
Want SOTN, pre-1942 Worldwide airmail & TOPICAL: Frogs
Note U.S. Stamp Pro 2.0 software database for Macintosh with Filemaker Pro available on my WWW-Page (see below)

Braam, Dennis
Location Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
Offer Canada, US, Netherlands, Switzerland, Hungary, Ceylon, Poland, Romania and Worldwide
Want Mint/used Canada & US to 1985 - Ceylon, Netherlands and most other Worldwide to 1975...Fine or better please
Note Prefer to trade on a Wantlist basis, but will consider other options.

Bradford, William D.
Location Delaware, USA
Offer USA mint NH Commemoratives, definitives, and air mail
Want USA mint NH Commemoratives, definitives, air mail, and B.O.B.
Note Have-To-Trade list and Want List available.
Societies APS#181316

Braedder, Hans P.
Location Copenhagen, Denmark
Offer Mint Channel Islands - used Denmark and Worldwide
Want Used Finland before 1956 - Mint/used TOPICAL: Ships
Note Trade on a 1:1 basis. Will sell, but no buying. I use the Gibbons & AFA catalogues.

Brands, Fred
Location Enschede, The Netherlands
Offer Australia
Want Hungary till 1920, some Christmas Island issues.
Societies IFSDA

Brasher, Norman
Location Georgia, USA
Offer Used, MH and MNH USA
Want Mint/used Europe, Pacific Rim, South America & North America USA prior to Scott #600 and Scott #2000 to #2720
Note Prefer to trade on 1:1 basis in packets of 50 to 100 used, or face value for latest mint at current exchange rate, or at 1997 Scott. I welcome trade offers for common used material from the above areas, other than U.S., as I'm just beginning to collect outside the USA.
Societies APS #180464

Brass, George
Location Kentucky, USA
Offer Used Germany, USA, Portugal and Worldwide
Want Used Germany, Berlin, DDR and Portugal
Note I have been away from collecting for about 5 years, so I have a lot of current needs.

Breault, Jean-Guy
Location St-Jacques, Quebec, Canada
Offer Mint/used Canada plus some Worldwide
Want Used New Zealand, Australia, Denmark, Luxembourg, Norway and Liechtenstein--MNH TOPICALS: Europe, Fruits & Vegetables, Mushrooms, Cinema and Trees---Worldwide

Brice, Lynn
Location Christchurch, New Zealand
Offer Used New Zealand
Want Used New Zealand

Bridgwater, Nick
Location Warwickshire, England, UK
Offer France, Great Britain, US, Russia and the Baltic States
Want Mulready Covers - early Baltic States & early US
Societies Leamington Spa Philatelic Society

Britland, Stephen
Location Wellington, New Zealand
Offer Africa, Japan, Australia, New Zealand, Great Britain, Canada, US and Asia
Want New Zealand, Great Britain, Hong Kong, Australia and Jersey
Note Will swap either by Wantlist (SG) or packets of 50 or more, 1:1 or fair catalogue value. I have Wantlists for NZ & GB.

Brito, Alfred
Location Islip Terrace, New York, USA
Offer USA (pre-1991), UN, Latin America, Spain & Colonies, Worldwide and some USA, UN and foreign FDCs from the 70s
Want USA (especially 1991-95), Swiss officials for the League of Nations and UN European Office, Dutch Officials for the International Court of Justice, UN, Cuba, Papal (Roman) States and Vatican City. Scott Want list available upon request.
Note Alternate E-mail:
Societies Member APS, VPS, CPSA

Brito, Rafael
Location Sao Paulo, Brazil
Offer Mint Brazil and some Worldwide
Want Worldwide TOPICALS: America-UPAEP and Flags

Bromser, Charles
Location South Melbourne, Australia
Offer Australia and TOPICAL: Space covers
Want Rocket, Missile, Space Mail - USSR Postal stationery 1953-1966 WWII Propaganda Leaflets - TOPICAL: Astronomy stamps, covers, stationery, booklets, proofs - French occupied Syria
Societies APS, ATA, AAMS, Royal Victoria, BPS, Space Unit, Astro Space Stamp Society & BFV Cosmos
WWW-Page http://www.geocities/CapeCanaveral/Lab/9508

Brousseau, Stephane
Location Quebec, Canada
Offer Worldwide TOPICALS: Animals, Transportation, Space, Flowers and Art
Want Used Australia & Great Britain - TOPICALS: Disney & Olympics
Note I'd like to trade complete sets.

Browm, Peter
Location Spain
Offer New/Used from Spain
Want New/Used from Spain, and Spanish Colonies
Note Edifil catalog

Brown, Jennifer
Location Virginia, USA
Offer USA and Worldwide postally used
Want Worldwide postally used, except the USA
Note Will trade one-on-one in packets of 25 to 100. Prefer smaller packets. Will trade higher values on a catalog basis.

Brown, John A.
Location Clinton, New Jersey, USA
Offer Great Britain and certain British Empire countries
Want Great Britain QE11 colour omitted errors and unusual GB stamps of any reign
Note Will sell or trade.
Societies APS & GBCC

Brown, Sabrina
Location Hayward, California, USA
Offer Mint/Used Worldwide
Want Mint/Used India, Poland, Vietnam, Tanzania, Zaire, China, Italy & GB--TOPICALS: Wildlife, Plants, Flowers, Wild Animals
Note Willing to trade 1:1 or 50 for 50--Willing to purchase also.

Brown, Thomas
Location Portland, Oregon, USA
Offer Mint/used USA and mint Worldwide
Want Used USA singles and MNH USA Plate Blocks.
Note Prefer to trade based on want lists & Scott 1996 Catalog value My Want List is available on my Web page. It may not work because the URL is too long. just type the rest of it on to the end in your browser.
Societies APS#182859
WWW-Page ?Username=tomb

Brownie, Roy L.
Location Big Bear Lake, California, USA
Offer US and UN
Want Indonesia and Dutch East Indies
Note I'd welcome info about ways to obtain my Wants. I'd also like to expand my collection prior to the RIS area and I use a Davo album.

Broxton, Trevor
Location Victoria, Australia
Offer Used Australia, New Zealand, Vanuatu and PNG.
Want British Empire
Note Trade on a 1:1 basis for British Empire issues. Lots can be sorted into common issues, or better values, if need be.

Buckley, Sister Marie Samuel
Location Burlington, Iowa, USA
Offer Worldwide stamps and First Day Covers
Want Worldwide stamps and First Day Covers
Note Friendly trader looking to trade with other intermediate level collectors. I'll send packets of 150 of mine, in exchange for 100 of yours. I'll trade FDCs on a 1:1 basis.

Bultman, Gert
Location Zoetermeer, The Netherlands
Offer Used Worldwide, strong in Dutch stamps (modern mint & used)
Want TOPICALS: Heads of State, Kings, Queens, Presidents, Dictators Will also trade general worldwide (NO USA) packets of 100.
Note I collect lots of things, including coins and Coca-Cola cans. For a complete list, send me an e-mail with the following subject: send gwb / collections. Visit the STAMPS FAQ at the WWW space kindly provided by Joe Luft.

Burgos, Kleber de
Location Recife (PE), Brazil
Offer Mint/used Brazil from 1985 to present
Want TOPICALS: Pigeons, Doves, Owls & Satellite (stamps about artificial communication satellites). Prefer mint, but used copies are acceptable.
Note Contact by e-mail. Only trade. One for one.

Burkhart, Jerry
Location California, USA
Offer I have 8 lbs off paper world mix\\.U.S. mix off paper\\.U.S.& world revenues
Want USA & foreign revenues, poster stamps (no charity seals), seals, most non-stamp material. tax paids. cigarette, alcohol
Note I trade from 5 to 1 -- 100 to 1 or???

Buskens, Jeroen
Location Budapest, Hungary
Offer Used Worldwide, mostly Hungary and The Netherlands
Want Used Worldwide
Note Like to trade in packets of 100 or more. I have Scott catalogs for Hungary, Poland, Czechoslovakia, Spain, USA, Canada, Ireland Australia & Great Britain Want & Havelists are welcome.

Buss, Doug
Location Hamilton, Ontario, Canada
Offer Mint/used Worldwide
Want Used Worldwide
Note Trade in packets of 25, 50, 75 or 100 on a 1:1 basis. No damaged stamps with thin spots or missing perfs please.
Societies APS, RPSC, & Canada Post Employees Philatelic Society

Butwill, Scott
Location Connecticut, USA
Offer USA FDCs and pictorial hand-cancels
Want Worldwide FDCs and pictorial cancels of any topic or theme
Note Trades preferred.

Buys, Fanie
Location Gauteng, South Africa
Offer Used South Africa, South West Africa, Zimbabwe also former South African Homelands: Transkei, Bophuthatswana, Venda and First Day Covers and Miniature sheets
Want Used Worldwide and/or from your country - Prefer colourful stamps - TOPICALS: Children, Bicycles and Trains
Note I'm just a trader and love stamp collecting. I will trade on a 1:1 basis in packets of 50. I do not have any catalogues. If you want to buy anything, we will have to negotiate.

Byerley, Bill
Location Prescott, Arizona, USA
Offer Classic Nicaragua, found in Maxwell variety listings, and Cash
Want Nicaragua and Salvador stamps and covers
Note As a specialist, I will welcome your e-mail & offers, be they large or small, even including junk and accumulations. I will welcome your Wantlists. I'll buy or trade.
Societies APS #173270

Cabral, Alberto
Location Oeiras, Portugal
Offer All philatelic material from Portugal and former colonies
Want Portugal 1870-1893 Luis issues for a specialized collection
Note Catalogues: Scott, Gibbons, Afinsa.
Societies Member of the Portuguese Philatelic Society (UK)

Cachia, Elaine
Location Birkirkara, Malta
Offer Malta, UK, Canada & some Worldwide--also recent Maltese sets and souvenir sheets
Want Asia, Antarctica, Africa, Latin America and small islands
Note I'm a part time dealer, who will buy, sell and trade.

Cagnani, Albert Agnew
Location Pocos de Caldas, Brazil
Offer Mint/used Brazil, TOPICALS and year packs available Canada, Spain, Great Britain, Italy and Australia
Want Japan, Australia, France, Great Britain, Canada, Spain, Italy, New Zealand and TOPICAL: Rotary International
Note If you have any of my wants let's talk! Flexible! 1:1 basis, catalogue value, face value, packs, want lists upon request or at my web page. I'll answer all e-mail w/exchange proposals.
Societies Sociedade Philatelica Paulista

Cakenbergh, Marnix Van
Location Dendermode, Belgium
Offer Used Belgium & neighbouring countries
Want Preferably used Western Europe!! Also Worldwide
Note Send at least 150 different ones of your country & I'll do the same. For the US I'd like to work with want lists. I use the Michel catalog. Strong interest in used phonecards. I'm a dealer who will buy, sell or trade stamps and phonecards.

Calacday, Raymond
Location Manila, Philippines
Offer Mint Philippines, including recent issues & First Day Issues
Want Mint US or Worldwide stamps & First Day Issues...any & all
Note I can provide you with bulletin updates.

Calderon Cahuantico, Jimmy
Location Huancayo, Peru
Offer Worldwide
Want TOPICAL: Stamps on News Media

Callanan, Michael
Location Tacoma, Washington, USA
Offer Mint/used Worldwide and USA
Want Asia
Note A collector since 1955, and now a new part time dealer who prefers to sell & trade. I like to work with Want Lists and am flexible and open to suggestions on trading terms.
Societies APS

Campbell, Sally
Location South Carolina, USA
Offer Mint/MNH/used Worldwide---TOPICAL CTOs
Want Mint/MNH/used Worldwide...(no CTO's please). Especially 19th Century and/or Australian continent, Nepal & Caribbean nations---TOPICAL: Birds
Note Prefer trading --basis Scott catalogue --but will buy and sell Preparing want lists. I can prepare packets of mostly used for almost any countries. I've a 50 year accumulation to work with
Societies APS application pending

Camper, Carl
Location Montana, USA
Offer Duplicates from my Montana Precancel Collection
Want Montana precancelled stamps, covers, wrappers, commemoratives, forgeries, printed dateds, stamped dateds, perfins, etc.
Note I'm willing to buy or trade. I also need various forms of documentation - catalogs, magazine articles etc. Good, clean, scannable copies are acceptable.

Cannon, Douglas E.
Location Crooksville, Ohio, USA
Offer Mint/used 1980+ Netherlands (mostly commemoratives) & US
Want Netherlands, Germany, United Kingdom, Canada, Scandinavia & Australia
Note Prefer to trade on a 1:1 basis, but will buy.

Cardoso, Lopes
Location Senhora da Hora, Matosinhos, Portugal
Offer Used Portugal and Worldwide
Want Used Portuguese Colonies (before Independence), Macau, Hong Kong, China, Sweden, Finland and Norway
Note Used stamps only please. Trading only. I use the Yvert catalogue and will work with want lists.
Societies APS # 186610

Cardy, Dick
Location Eilat, Israel
Offer New issues from Israel
Want New Issues from Europe

Carini, Dave
Location Churchville, Virginia, USA
Offer Postally used Worldwide
Want Postally used Worldwide
Note Willing to trade on any basis, 1:1, Scott catalog values, or negotiation. Interested in all countries, except the USA

Carlsen, Carl
Location Copenhagen, Denmark
Offer Used Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Germany, USA, GB and Switzerland
Want (1) Better or newer used from Norway, USA, Great Britain, Switzerland, West Germany & Berlin. (2) Used Finland, Iceland, Germany before 1945, Canada, Australia & New Zealand (3) Worldwide used (but not former Eastern Europe, Cuba, or other countries with frivolous issues).
Note Prefer trading by wantlist/catalogue value. Will also trade 1:1 in packets of 100-200.

Carmody, John
Location Overland Park, Kansas, USA
Offer Canada and USA mint/used, British Commonwealth mint US and Canada postal stationary
Want British Southern African countries mint Canada Centennial issue mint and on cover Worldwide postal stationary.
Note Stanley Gibbons and Scott #
Societies APS BNAPS

As this is written (9/20/98), the STL has it's own web site.

For the first time, we have a search tool, which is now operational, and provides traders with many different ways in which to access specific STL listings, by name, country of residence and different areas of collecting interest.

The new STL web site, located in Denmark:

For those with web browsers, it's much easier for you and us, if you use an online form to submit your proposed listing. That form can be found at the STL Web site in Denmark:

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