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Listings from Yuan, Sy to Zurba, Richard
January 1st, 1999 Update

Yuan, Sy
Location Chutung, Taiwan
Offer Mint/used Taiwan and P.R.O.C.
Want Mint WWF (world wide fund for nature) stamps
Note I also have old & new postcards that I'll trade for stamps.

Yusdiar, Dani
Location Bandung, West Java, Indonesia
Offer MNH Indonesia singles, complete sets, recent issue Souvenir Sheets (MNH), Aerogramme/Postal Stationery, FDC's, Booklets & Maximum cards.
Want SS and Stamps of P.R. China--TOPICALS: WWF, Birds (Special cancellations, stamps, covers especially that bearing breeding cycle process of birds), Meter and label stamps, Postally used Aerogramme/postal stationery with birds topical, all MNH
Note I'll trade, buy and sell. References available.
Societies PFI (Indonesian Philatelic Association)
WWW-Page http://geocities/eureka/concourse/7971

Zalewski, Michael W.
Location Montreal, Quebec, Canada
Offer Mint Canada {1970's-1990's} and used Canada {1940's-1990's}
Want common squared circle Canada postmarks RF 1-5
Note Found on common stamps Scott #35-37, 41, 44, 53 & up. Found especially on the Admiral issues.

Zamorano, David
Location Santiago, Chile
Offer Mint/used Chile, South America and TOPICALS
Want TOPICALS: Famous People---Worldwide
Note Like to trade on a 1:1 basis. Exceptions by mutual agreement.

Zaremba, Richard
Location Quebec, Canada
Offer Recent Canada (Mint, VFNH), booklets, sheets, and FDCs. Other Canadian stamps also available.
Want Dominican Republic. Better stamps, mint VFNH only, before 1960 or later if varieties, Eg.: imperf. partially imperf. etc . Including all errors and varieties. Covers, postal stationery and First flight covers before 1970. Desperately looking for classic stamps. Will consider buying all good collections and any other material related to Dominican Republic.
Note I will trade/buy. Scott is preferred, but if necessary other catalogs can be used. Dominican collectors please contact me.
Societies Lakeshore Stamps Club & Sociedad Filatelica Dominicana

Zarubin, Eugeny
Location Vladivostok, Russia
Offer Mint complete sets of Russia
Want Mint Worldwide and/or your country
Note I'll answer all e-mail. I am collector and part-time dealer.

Zatkoff, Albert
Location Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA
Offer Cash
Want WWII civil censored Australia postal history,including Norfolk Island & Nauru. Also Cocos (Keeling) Islands postal history.

Zawadowski, Adam
Location Budapest, Hungary
Offer Hungary, Germany (BRD, Deutsches Reich), USA, Austria, Czechoslovakia (pre-1950) and some Worldwide
Want Austria, Germany (BRD, Deutsches Reich, Berlin, colonies, occupations), USA, Japan, Slovakia+Croatia (II-WW period) & pre-1950 Czechoslovakia
Note I am open to trade or sell. I am looking for someone who would like to trade a complete (or almost complete) MNH DDR collection (1949-1990) for a complete MNH Hungarian collection of about the same period. I am also looking for someone who could send me the newest Austrian MNH issues for the Hungarians.

Zerbian, Dave
Location Virginia Beach, Virginia, USA
Offer Used Worldwide
Want Postally used recent Worldwide - prefer less common countries, Middle East (less Israel) and Asia (less Japan)
Note Prefer to trade 1 for 1, sending 50 to 100 different, picking, then sending back remainder with 50 to 100, etc.
Societies APS 79308, ISWSC

Zhan, Shu
Location Canton, P.R.China
Offer Mint P.R.C. sets & FDC's of all recent and future issues
Want Mint Worldwide sets & FDC's and any TOPICALS
Note I'm a stamp dealer. I'd like to trade on a 1:1 basis, but will welcome and consider all proposals.

Zhang, Katherine S.Y.
Location Beijing, China
Offer Philatelic items from China and Worldwide TOPICALS
Societies All China Philatelic Federation

Zhang, Lin
Location Lincoln, Nebraska, USA
Offer Mint/used USA, PRCHina, Worldwide & TOPICALS: Flora and Fauna
Want Worldwide MNH/used TOPICALS: Butterfly stamps, FDC, Maximum cards, covers & Worldwide used Insects, Flora, Fauna, Stamps on stamps, Olympics and others
Note I will buy/sell/trade. I Have Wantlist for butterfly stamps.

Zhao, Dong
Location Texas, USA
Offer Mint/used worldwide, mint/used USA, USSR, PRC, Argentina Pakistan.
Want Early China (pre-1930) stamps & covers. PRC and foreign office in China.
Note I am an intermediate collector. I will trade based on 1:1, or Scott catalog values. Will buy if I don't have matches

Zhavrid, Alexander
Location Minsk, Belarus
Offer Mint stamps, FDC, postal stationery of Belarus, USSR
Want MNH Worldwide TOPICALS: Fauna, Painting, Transport, Space and Sports
Note I collect only mint never hinged stamps
Societies Society Collectors of Minsk

Zimmerman, Dieter
Location Giessen, Germany
Offer Germany stamps, covers, ETB, FDC - W.Europe & South Africa
Want Censored letters, military, Wars etc. & pre 1955 Germany
Note Prefer to trade packets of 10 covers to 50 stamps or more.
Societies Giessen, Wetzlar, Johannesburg (RSA)

Zivkovic, Miomir
Location Nish, Yugoslavia
Offer Mint/used Yugoslavia from 1950 to present and any TOPICALS from Yugoslavia
Want Mint Worldwide TOPICALS: Architecture, Lighhouses & Bridges
Note I prefer exchanging, basis Michel catalogue
Societies Philatelic Societies of Serbia

Zoppetti, Enrique
Location Santander, Spain
Offer Mint/used Spain, Andorra (Spanish Post Office) & other nations from West Europe: Portugal, Greece, Switzerland, Liechtenstein FDC from Germany, Spain, Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Andorra & Czechoslovakia. Postal stationery (aerograms & postcards) from Spain & Europe
Want Used Spain, France, Belgium, The Netherlands & Central America Worldwide TOPICALS: Fauna & Olympics
Note Wantlists available, according to Yvert or Michel, upon request. Used with fine cancellations and no defects.

Zulfia, Nurieva
Location Magnitogorsk, Russia
Offer Mint USSR, Russia, ex-USSR and Worldwide
Want Mint full sets of Worldwide

Zurba, Richard
Location Pretoria, South Africa
Offer MNH South Africa & Homelands, SWA/Namibia, Angola, and other regional countries---TOPICALS---Some MNH St Helena, Tristan, Ascension---used pre-war Canada, used France (from all eras)
Want MNH sets St Helena, Tristan, Ascension---MNH Canada & France from 1945 to present---TOPICAL: Zebras
Note Trading basis 1998 Gibbons/1998 Yvert catalogue values or by mutual agreement Your want list for mine.
Societies Sandton Philatelic Society in Johannesburg

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