StampTrader List.

Listings from Villarreal, Jorge A. to Yu, Michael C.
January 1st, 1999 Update

Villarreal, Jorge A.
Location Monterrey, NL, Mexico
Offer Mint/used Mexico
Want Mint/used Mexico's stamps & Mexico, especially the Classic Period 1856-1883, Overprints from Mexico and Worldwide
Note Willing to buy, sell or trade.
Societies APS #171169, Mepsi #2667

Villasuso, Juan M.
Location Costa Rica
Offer Used Costa Rica, & other Central American countries: Guatemala Honduras, El Salvador, Nicaragua and Panama TOPICALS: Animals, Flowers, Flags and Sports
Want Used Middle East countries (Israel, Jordan, Iran, Kuwait, etc. & all African nations (after their independence).
Note Interested in exchanging (not buying) 1:1 in packets of 50/100 or 150; or in sending packets from which we keep just those we need. Catalog value ignored. Correspond in English and Spanish

Virstuk, Donald M.
Location Richmond, British Columbia, Canada
Offer Used Canada commemoratives (in sets & singles) & definitives - Worldwide, mostly from 1930 to 1940
Want Worldwide especially Australia & New Zealand - For my 13 year old challenged daughter, Theresa, TOPICAL: Animals - Any and all used Canada se-tenant pairs and blocks
Note I'm a 48 year old, who for the past 5 years has been active collecting and cataloguing the different combinations of the Canadian se-tenant issues. I hope to publish my findings in a year or so. All e-mail accepted and replied to, ASAP!

Virtes, Scott
Location California, USA
Offer Used USA, Europe, Australia, New Zealand, Canada & Worldwide
Want Africa, Pacific Islands or E. Asia, on/or off paper
Note I'm a dealer and am always looking for interesting trades. I'd like to trade in batches of 100 to a pound at a time!

Vogt, Hans de
Location The Netherlands
Offer Used Worldwide, especially Europe. Used TOPICALS: Flowers, Animals and Planes
Want Worldwide

von Fischer, Rudolph
Location Switzerland
Offer Mint/used Switzerland singles and covers - all kinds of International Year of Child 1979 items & Worldwide TOPICAL covers
Want International year of Child 1979 items, especially metermarks, labels, seals, Cindarellas, FDC's, special postmarks, slogans, souvenir items, stationery, all private and official
Note I'll welcome information relative to my Wants.
Societies ATA, AICAM

Vonge Nielsen, Leif
Location Ebeltoft, Denmark
Offer Worldwide stamps and covers
Want Worldwide postcards prior to 1950
Societies DFF

von Grosse, Kimbray
Location Denver, Colorado, USA
Offer Imperial China, Hong Kong, Macau, Japan & foreign posts of China stamps, such as German offices in China
Want Early Imperial China, Hong Kong, Macau, Japan, & foreign posts of China stamps, such as German offices in China
Note Also very interested in learning about the early postal history of China, Hong Kong, Macau and others! I'll welcome your e-mails.
Societies CSS, APS

Von Oetinger Hempel, Dietrich
Location Vina del Mar, Chile
Offer Chile & Germany
Want Chile, Germany, German Colonies and rare Covers
Note Especially interested in used German colonies

Vorland, Eivind
Location Tromsoe, Norway
Offer Used Norway
Want Worldwide
Note Collect for fun. Have a large amound of used Norwegian stamps to trade away.Send 100 from your country, & get the same from Norway.

Vorst, Henri van de
Location Beneden Leeuwen, The Netherlands
Offer Mint/used Western Europe, Belgium & The Netherlands. Used USA, Russia, Canada, Australia & New Zealand some TOPICALS too
Want Hundreds, thousands or more USED King George V and/or Kangaroos on Map of Australia.
Note I'm trying to reconstruct the plates!! Would like to trade on a 1:1 basis, but will buy.

Vrisekoop, Michel
Location Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Offer Used after war Germany {BDR}, Australia, miscellaneous used Europe - mint/used Netherlands
Want Germany {BDR and Berlin}, Australia, Iceland, Hungary & Aland
Note I prefer to trade on a 1:1 basis, but I am prepared to buy higher valued stamps.
Societies De Philatelist - Amsterdam's largest philatelic group

Vuolanne, Marjut
Location Finland
Offer Used Finland & Worldwide..not so recent..TOPICALS: Fauna, Sports and more - CTO's (who want them?) - Mint/used postcards viewcards, Garfield postcards and stickers
Want Used large stamps, no CTO's, Finland (recent) and Tonga
Note Have Scott for Finland and US, Michel for w-Europe. Scott for GB, Malta, Cyprus. Have Wantlists for Great Britain, US, Canada, Cyprus, Malta, Luxembourg & Belgium. I'm interested in paperback books from the USA and used phonecards

Waanders, Marinus
Location The Netherlands
Offer Paraguay blocks, used/unused
Want Paraguay blocks, used/unused
Note Prefer trading, but will also buy at 20% of Michel catalog.

Wachsmann, Martin
Location Munich, Germany
Offer Used Germany Commemoratives, most issued from 1990 to 1997
Want Worldwide, especially Europe
Note Prefer to trade in packets of 100 different on a 1 for 1 basis but remain open to other suggestions.

Walker, Eddie
Location England, UK
Offer Scandinavia, Austria, Great Britain, British Commonwealth and Worldwide, mainly used
Want Mint/used Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Finland and Baltic States
Note I'd like to trade small packets on a 1:1 basis for fun. For mint stamps, I would be happy to send 2:1 or 3:1 for those that I need. I also have some coins to offer.

Wallick, Terry
Location Tennessee, USA
Offer Postally used (mostly recent: 1960's-1990's) USA, Canada and Worldwide
Want Used Worldwide--No CTO or mint please
Note Would especially like to trade lots of 50 to 200 USA for 50 to 200 from your country (1 for 1) OR worldwide mix for worldwide mix (all different; 1 for 1).

Walters, James
Location Oregon, USA
Offer Used Japan
Want Used/mint Japan and Korea
Societies ISJP

Wan, Jack
Location New Jersey, USA
Offer China, Hong Kong, Japan and Korea
Want Classic China, Forerunners of PRC, Classic Tibet and Mongolia
Note Stamps or Covers, mint or used.

Wang, David (Jing-Chau)
Location Kaohsiung, Taiwan
Offer Used stamps from Taiwan, Japan, China and Worldwide
Want Used stamps from Israel, Scandinavia, West Europea, especially Austria and Luxembourg.
Note 50:50 or 100:100 packet for each time.

Warga Dalem, Mr. M.A.
Location Jakarta, Indonesia
Offer Cash
Want Will buy covers from the Antarctic, especially from Operation Hi Jump & Operation Deep Freeze
Note I'm neither a dealer or a trader, & therefore, have nothing to trade at this time. I just started collecting Antarctic covers last year, and still need many more to build my collection as complete as I'd like it to be. Please make offer with detail & prices via e-mail, or if you prefer, write to me at my snail mail address: PO BOX 4076, Jakarta 12040, Indonesia.
Societies APS #98266

Warrick, Dwayne
Location Prescott, Arizona, USA
Offer Mint/used Worldwide and covers against your needs or Wantlist
Want International duck, hunting, fishing, or conservation stamps mint/used, on license especially Argentina, Australia, Canada, Costa Rica, Iceland, Mexico, New Zealand, Russia, Spain, United Kingdom and Venezuela
Note I'm a part time dealer who will buy/sel/trade Scott value for value or whatever we can negotiate.
Societies APS member

Warzynak, Daniel J.
Location Italy
Offer Offer wide selection of postally used Scandinavian; recent Germany, Luxembourg, Japan and Netherlands.
Want Looking for postally used Scandinavian and clear dated towncancel from Sweden prior to 1920.
Note Prefer trading CV for CV (Scott 97) from wantlists.

Wasley, Mark
Location Georgia, USA
Offer Used USA and Worldwide stamps and First Day Covers
Want USA First Day Covers and mint USA before 1930
Note I collect for fun, not for investment purposes.

Watanasin, Wanchoke
Location Trang, Thailand
Offer Mint/used Thailand Thai stamps, FDC's, Souvenir books.
Want Thailand, Australia, China and US
Note I want to sell my excess and to trade or buy some of the Thai material that I'm looking for.

Weatherford, Mike
Location Colorado Springs, Colorado, USA
Offer Worldwide-postage, revenues, cinderellas, perfins and USA precancels
Want Worldwide-postage, revenues, cinderellas, perfins and USA precancels
Note I'm a part-time dealer & wish to build up my stock of postally used worldwide stamps. Prefer to trade via Want Lists.

Weber, Roy P.
Location New Jersey, USA
Offer Cash or Plate Positions
Want USA 3c 1851, 1857 Issues (Scott #10, 11, 25, 26, 26a) plating material, fancy cancels, covers (postal history, auxiliary markings, interesting usages). Especially interested in #26 top rows and #25 plate cracks, extra lines, etc
Note Please e-mail for my want list.

Wechsler, Bernard
Location Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Offer Mint/used PRC stamps, postal stationery, FDCs, maximum cards, special covers and other PRC philatelic items---TOPICALS: Space, Halley's comet, Polar, Sports, Birds and more, mint stamps and covers
Want PRC
Note I'm willing to sell or trade.

Wees, Aad-Jan van der
Location Kampen, The Netherlands
Offer Worldwide, currently mostly used USA, Great Britain, Israel, Australia, some Japan (definitives) and others
Want Worldwide, especially W-Europe, N-America, Far East, Australia
Note Exchange, only collect for fun. Trade in lots of 25 or more.

Weighart, George
Location Naples, Florida, USA
Offer Mint USA Plate Blocks and singles. Mint Canada and New Zealand and pre-1920's postcards
Want Mint USA Plate Blocks, singles & high value used Mint Canada, New Zealand and Australia
Note Will trade equal Scott values with USA collectors only. Want lists exchanged after E-mail contact.

Weil, Ed
Location New York, USA
Offer Africa, Latin America, Europe, USA left on original album pages
Want Worldwide, but only before 1941
Note Will trade 1 for 1 or equal Scott values

Weiler, Frank
Location Bielefeld, Germany
Offer Used, pre-1945 Germany, former Federal Republic of Germany and GDR, Berlin and Europe
Want Used, pre-1945 Germany, Bavaria, Baden, GDR and Worldwide
Note I've restarted collection a year ago and have a lot of newer material from Germany.

Weiner, Joel Weiner
Location Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
Offer GB used (all Reigns), Canada QEII period Booklets, US PNC's of 3 or 5, GB perfins, anything available from Canada Post, Canada JetSpray covers
Want Canada and GB JetSpray (Inkjet) cancels on cover, GB red cover retail booklets with cylinder numbers, GB perfins, France used
Note Will also buy accumulations of GB perfins and GB red cover retail booklets
Societies APS, RPSC, BNAPS, HPS, Edmonton Stamp Club

Weinert, Andrzej
Location Poznan, Poland
Offer MNH/used Poland, years 1944-1998, USSR, Bulgaria, DDR, West Germany and TOPICAL sets from East Europe
Want MNH West Europe, Australia, US MNH TOPICAL sets: Fauna, Birds, Flora and Transport

Weiss, Robert R.
Location Boynton Beach, Florida, USA
Offer Austria
Want Austria First Issues and Obliterations
Note I also collect Israel Interims
Societies APS

Weiss, Ronen
Location Ashkelon, Israel
Offer Worldwide, especially Europe and Asia
Want Worldwide, especially South America and Africa
Note I'd like to trade on a 1:1 basis, in packets of 50.
Societies Ashkelon philatelic club

Welchley, Mark
Location Pennsylvania, USA
Offer Worldwide .. no US, dunes, CTO or non-UPU
Want Worldwide .. no US, dunes, CTO or non-UPU
Note Worldwide trading or specific areas by negotiation. Better quality and priced stamps sought; will respond with similar quality & value. Lots of 50 to 100. Option to send equal value rather than equal number of stamps.

Wells, Bill
Location Missouri, USA
Offer Used US and Great Britain
Want Canada, Australia and Japan
Note Prefer to trade 1:1 because most of my US aren't of high value

Weng Hung, Mark
Location Sungai Buloh, Selangor, Malaysia
Offer Malaysia, Singapore, & Hong Kong singles & FDCs - Worldwide
Want Peoples Republic of China {PRC}, Singapore, Hongkong, Macau, Germany and Latin America
Societies Philatelic Society of Malaysia

Wentzell, Jim
Location Georgia, USA
Offer Mint/used Germany, France, Switzerland, W. Europe, Worldwide, covers, postal history, postcards (pre-1950, USA & foreign) WWII related mail and some USA
Want Mint/used Germany, France, Switzerland, W. Europe, Worldwide, covers, postal history, postcards (pre-1950, USA & foreign) WWII related mail and some USA. I prefer postally used, hardto-find earlies {incl. S/S, semi-postals from above} early Germany, very recent or BOB & unusual. Recent worldwide stamps Disney {cheap, I give them away to kids} & many others
Note Basis 1995 Scott or Michel (kann auch auf Deutsch unterhalten)
Societies APS#177681

Werner, Theo
Location Vlaardingen, The Netherlands
Offer Worldwide, especially Netherlands and Germany
Want Colombia
Note Want to trade 50/100 used Dutch stamps for your country. Just starting with Colombia therefore I can use almost every stamp.

Wester, Cecilia
Location Ramdala, Sweden
Offer Worldwide TOPICALS: like Flora, Fauna, Dogs, Cats, Sports, Cars, Olympics and many more
Want Sweden & Isle of Man - TOPICALS: Dogs, Wildcats, Cats, Flora and Fauna

Westerlund, Goran
Location Holmsund, Sweden
Offer Used Sweden & Scandinavia - some Europe and Worldwide
Want Used New Zealand {1987-98}, Australia, Thailand, Indonesia & most British Commonwealth countries
Note For some of the countries I'd like to exchange by Wantlists, using Michel Catalogue values. Other trades can be on a 1:1 basis, in packets of 50 or 100.
Societies Swedish Philatelic Society

White, Tom
Location Vermont, USA
Offer MNH/used USA, including revenues, booklets--Used Worldwide
Want Used Worldwide before 1941. Xmas Seals and related precancels Special need: Postal History of Barre, Vermont (only) to study
Societies APS#143524, Vermont Philatelic Society & Washington County Vermont Stamp Club.

Wiberg, Jonas
Location Timra, Sweden
Offer Mint/used Sweden and Finland
Want Used Norway and Denmark before 1980 and Germany before 1950
Note Like to trade by Wantlists on a Michel or Facit basis.

Wiegard, Terry
Location Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Offer TOPICAL: US Bicentennial
Want TOPICAL: US Bicentennial
Note I'm willing to buy or trade. Please check my web page for my Offers and Wants.

Wiessner, Gerard
Location Etten-Leur, The Netherlands
Offer New Netherlands issues
Want US, prior to 1927, preferably, but not necessarily, MNH
Note I like to trade for dutch stamps

Wikstrom, Thorbjorn
Location Sweden
Offer Sweden, Scandinavian, Worldwide--Cinderellas & revenues too.
Want Used Sweden, Germany, USA. and topical bicycling. Worldwide revenues and cinderellas especially christmas seals.
Societies SFF, BSC.

Wilhelms, Sune
Location Stockholm, Sweden
Offer Tristan da Cunha, mint & used, some Aland & Finland
Want Tristan da Cunha, mint & used, FDCs & postcards
Note Would like to trade one for one, using Gibbons catalog values.

Wilkins, Maureen
Location Sydney, Australia
Offer Australia, New Zealand, Vietnam, Canada, Germany, Japan, Ireland, Kuwait, Israel and France
Want Mint/used recent commeratives of Ireland, Japan, Kuwait and Israel

Willem, Jan Van Wijk
Location The Netherlands
Offer Western_European countries, especially The Netherlands, Italy and Belgium. MNH and mint and used.
Want Western_European countries except Germany, Spain and Sweden.
Note I trade The Netherlands, Italy and Belgium only by want-list & catalog-value. Others also in packages of 50 or more. My want-lists are available at my home page.

Willemsen, Johnny
Location Zevenaar, The Netherlands
Offer The Netherlands, Great Britain and some Worldwide
Want Used Worldwide
Note Prefer to trade on a 1:1 basis

Willfor, Patrik
Location Vasa, Finland
Offer All kinds of worldwide TOPICALS
Want Latin America & Caribbean - TOPICAL: Radio
Note I will only exchange, not buy or sell.
Societies Vasa Filatelister rf.

Williams, Charles L.
Location Missouri, USA
Offer Mint/used Germany. All areas: Empire, Colonies, Plebiscites, Occupations, combinations, Bund, Berlin and DDR. Stamps, covers, cards & postal history
Want Germany, 1919-23, The Great Inflation, stamps, covers, cards, full & partial sheets, upper & lower margins, OPD's, HAN's, Mint or used
Note I am a part-time stamp dealer. I can fill want lists or trade according to Michel Spezial. Used Inflation stamps must be attested Infla or value will be traded as **. Most high value stamps are expertised. Alt. e-mail:
Societies APS #146209, GPS #7956, Infla-Berlin #02-017-01215, BDPh

Williams, Eugene R
Location Grants Pass, Oregon, USA
Offer US Plate Blocks by Scott Number, plate # or position Mint/used US singles--Some Worldwide, but mostly common stamps
Want US Plate Blocks by Plate # and position
Note Also collect Animal Theme Post Cards Used or Mint Alternate e-mail address:
Societies APS AND BIA

Williams, Ogden
Location Maine, USA
Offer Mint/used pre-1940 USA, used pre-1940 Great Britain and mint Great Britain from the 1950's to the 1970's
Want Mint/used pre-1940 US, used pre-1940 Great Britain & Canada, 1986 to present mint Great Britain & Canada from 1986-1996
Note Want/Have lists available on request. Like to make roughly comparable trades according to Scott catalog values.
Societies APS 181199

Williamson, Wes
Location Red Deer, Alberta, Canada
Offer Used Canada, Australia, New Zealand and Japan.
Want Used Norway, Iceland, Greenland, Switzerland, Denmark, Germany Sweden and Great Britain.
Note I am a part-time stamp dealer, full time collector, and would like to trade in packets of 100 or more on a 1:1 basis. Some duplication is fine, but I will send all different or duplicates if requested to do so.

Wilson, Kent
Location Montana, USA
Offer USA 1870-1888 banknotes (Scott #145-191)
Want USA 1890 small banknotes, plate blocks, covers & used multiples
Societies APS & USCS

Winardi, Tjahja Rachmat
Location Manado, North Sulawesi, Indonesia
Offer Indonesia philatelic items and cash
Want Beautiful Worldwide
Note I'll buy, sell and trade philatelic items

Winchell, Dale
Location Virginia, USA
Offer Mint USA Mint singles, a few blocks and plate blocks. Years range from 1920 to 1980. Have 60 diff. worldwide first day issues from 1976 commemorating the U.S. Bicentennial. Willing to split up, trade or sell these
Want MNH, pre-1930 USA VF singles
Note Willing to buy or trade equal Brookman value or anything close Will trade any amount agreed upon. Have list is in progress.

Winkler, Hartmut
Location Johannesburg, South Africa
Offer Mostly used South Africa
Want Worldwide, but not Germany, UK or USA
Note Trades only in packets of 100 stamps, and multiples thereof.

Winning, John
Location California, USA
Offer Used Canada, ROC, USA and some Worldwide
Want Used Canada, ROC, and USA

Witas, Jack
Location Boston, Massachusetts, USA
Offer Used USA Commems, Definitives & Air Mail--some Worldwide
Want Used USA Commemoratives, Definitives and Air Mail

Wohlers, Karsten
Location Ganderkesee, Germany
Offer Germany, Spain and Western Europe from old to new
Want Spain (Scott#1, 45, 50 in any quantity & also any interesting issues before 1950), Modern commemems from South & Central America, Africa, Asia & Oceania, but no Aussie or New Zealand. I prefer used stamps
Note The used commems swap one for one. Spanish items by trade or buying upon a mutual agreement.
Societies BDPh (German Philatelic Association)

Wolf, Gary
Location California, USA
Offer Worldwide stamps and covers. Germany stamps (singles and multiples) from early to 1960's. U.S. Mint and used stamps & plate blocks.
Want British Colonies (pre independence)..Luxenbourg, Malta and Gilbraltar
Note Willing to trade 1:1 or any method you prefer

Wolicki, Benjie
Location Ma'alot, Israel
Offer Mint/used/FDC recent Israel, Used USA, Mint/Used Worldwide
Want TOPICALS: Olympics, Prehistorics, Bananas, Koalas & Mark Twain Basutoland, Bechuanaland, Bophuthatswana, Botswana, Cape of Good Hope, Ciskei, Lesotho, Namibia, Natal, Orange River Colony (AKA Orange Free State), SWA (Southwest Africa), Swaziland, Transkei, Transvaal, Venda, Fernando Po, Ifni, Rio Muni, Spanish Guniea, Spanish Sahara
Note I prefer to trade by wantlists. Either by catalog value or 1:1, depending on the material. I use the Scott catalog.

Wong, Ian
Location Singapore
Offer Used commemoratives from UK, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Western Europe, Singapore, Japan and Worldwide
Want Used commems: Western Europe, Asia, Africa and South America
Note E-mail me with your requirements. Will trade in lots of 100300. Beginners are most welcome.

Wong, Richard
Location Hong Kong
Offer Mint US 1970-1997 (including Booklets, Souvenir Cards), mint Taiwan, Hong Kong, British Empire 1970-85, used Worldwide (mixture material)---TOPICAL: Stamp-on-Stamp
Want Mint Taiwan, Greece, Hong Kong, Worldwide 1840-1955. TOPICALS: Banknotes, Coins, Fossils, Minerals and Stamp-on-Stamp
Note Recently moved to Hong Kong from the US. Interested in buying trading & selling my duplicates. Have Yang catalog for HK
Societies APS #68995, member since 1972

Wong, Si Chong
Location Singapore
Offer MNH Nauru complete sets and miniature sheets
Want MNH Western Europe, Japan, Southeast Asia & North American complete sets and miniature sheets
Note To exchange on a face value basis, which seems fairest to me. Stamps of Nauru (an island country in the Pacific Ocean) are denominated in Australian Dollars. I'm open to suggestions on other trading terms & prefer to trade the equivalent of US$10 to US$20 worth of stamps per trade.

Wong Keng Yuen, Joseph
Location Port Louis, Mauritius
Offer Mauritius, India, China, Germany, Mozambique & Worldwide
Want Great Britain, France & their colonies {before 1960} & India {pre-independence only}
Note I'm a part time dealer for Mauritian stamps who's willing to sell them to those that want stamps that I offer. I only want stamps in sound condition with no thins, missing perforations or folds. I'll send only sound stamps. Check my web page please.

Wood, Andrew
Location Stockport, England, UK
Offer Used Worldwide, especially Great Britain, British Empire, West Europe and a few mint Worldwide.
Want Used Worldwide
Note Trade packets of 50+ on 1:1 basis, or trade with Want Lists. Was -- in a previous stay on the STL.

Woodend, Mike
Location Haslingden, Lancashire, UK
Offer Used only! British Commonwealth, especially Australia, a few Worldwide & Western Europe
Want India Convention States (Chamba, Faridkot, Gwalior, Jind, Nabha & Patiala). Condition: Mounted Mint and fine used
Note Prefer to trade 1 for 1--no minimum/maximum, but must be all different. Willing to buy items from my Wantlist at one-third Gibbons cat. (Mint), one-quarter (Used). Dealers welcome, but note buying prices.
Societies Insurance & Banking Philatelic Society of Great Britain

Woosley, Ryan
Location Widefield, Colorado, USA
Offer Used US and some Worldwide...and some mint
Want Mint/used US and Canada

Wrammerfors, Stefan
Location Linkoeping, Sweden
Offer Worldwide stamps, perfins (including Swedish ones).
Want Worldwide perfins
Note Prefer trades, but I'm also willing to buy perfins.
Societies The Perfin Society (in UK),Linkoepings Filatelistfoerening

Wright, Len
Location El Sobrante, California, USA
Offer Mint/used Worldwide and used USA
Want Mint/used Worldwide---No USA
Note Prefer to trade in packets of 50 or more, 1:1, and might buy.
Societies APS #81329 ISWSC #1741

Wright, Terry D.
Location Ohio, USA
Offer Mint/used USA
Want Pre-1945 USA advertising covers. TOPICALS: art, flight & space
Societies American Topical Association

Wu, George T. M.
Location Taipei, Taiwan, Republic of China
Offer Taiwan and other Asian issues
Want Used Worldwide---TOPICAL: Olympics
Note I wish to trade for nicely cancelled & undamaged stamps. Please let me know about your wants.

Wydera, Markus
Location Aachen, Germany
Offer TOPICALS: 'Geodesy/Surveying' {stamps, postmarks, covers, etc} new Germany mint & used
Want TOPICALS: postmarks {occasional postal cancellations} related to 'Geodesy/Surveying' - worldwide {on postally used covers}
Note I will trade {but I have only a few} or buy.
Societies BDPh {German Philatelic Society}

Wynkoop, Peter D.
Location Perth Amboy, New Jersey, USA
Offer Mint/used Worldwide, but no Iron Curtain nations
Want Portuguese Colonies, especially African, pre-independence, I prefer complete sets, but will take singles if I need them
Note I'll offer double 1997 Scott catalogue value for all stamps that I keep from your packets. I recently sold my collection, but missed collecting, so I'm back in action again. I'm interested in just about anything of a philatelic nature.
Societies APS #118809, China Stamp Society, ARA and ATA

Xerri, Charmaine
Location Qormi, Malta
Offer Malta and Europe
Want Worldwide

Xian Ping, Jiang
Location Hubei, China
Offer Mint/used P.R.China stamps and FDC
Want Worldwide Mint/used TOPICAL: Astronomy stamps, FDC & postcards
Note I'll welcome info about any Astronomy related philatelic items

Xiang, Gao
Location Beijing, P.R.China
Offer Recent MNH P.R.China, Hong Kong & some MNH USSR
Want MNH Worldwide or Used computer related TOPICAL items
Note Buy, sell or exchange.

Xinyu, Ji
Location Nanjing, Jiangsu Province, P.R.China
Offer China issues from 1950s to 1990s
Want US and Europe
Societies Philatelic Society of China

Xue, Sean
Location Tampa, Florida, USA
Offer Worldwide, USA and cash
Want Worldwide, especially China - No CTOs please
Note Willing to trade in any format, and will buy too. Alternate e-mail: (all the time)

Yacher Miedzianogora, Marcos
Location Lima, Peru
Offer South America, USA & TOPICAL: Olympic games
Want Mint Israel & TOPICALS, USA commemoratives bicentennial and the French Revolution
Note I'm only interested in mint stamps.

Yakubovitz, Itzik
Location Rishon le Zion, Israel
Offer Mint/used Europe and Israel
Want TOPICALS: Archeology & Mythology: Greek, Roman, Viking, Egypt Pre-Colombian: Ancient Ships, Coins, Roads, Temples, graves, Sculptures, Jugs, Mosaic, Vessels, Pre-History: Rock Painting, dinosaurs, fossils Biblical: Synagogues, Jerusalem, Dome of the Rock - Mozart
Note I generally trade by Michel catalogue values, but I'm open to suggestions. I have Want Lists available upon request.

Yap Vui Soon, Wilson
Location Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Offer Worldwide, especially Germany {all areas} and classic Europe
Want MNH Malaysia, Mint/used PR China, PNG, US, TUVALU and all British Commonwealth countries {post & pre}
Note I'm very flexible & open to suggestions or terms of trading if you have something I want. No buying!

Yaremchuk, Edward
Location Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
Offer Used Canada commemorative & definitives
Want Used US (29cent & 32 cent), Australia, New Zealand, Ireland, Scandinavia, Japan, France and Germany
Societies Winnipeg Philatelic, Creative Retirement

Yeap, June
Location Malaysia
Offer Worldwide
Want Recent Worldwide, especially The Netherlands, Finland, Iceland New Zealand, Great Britain pictorials and small islands
Note Prefer to trade on 1:1 basis, in packets of 50, 100 or more.

Yeap, Sze Min
Location Malaysia
Offer Worldwide
Want Recent Worldwide, especially Finland, Iceland, New Zealand, Australia, Netherlands, US, Canada and Singapore
Note I'm a beginner stamp collector. Would like to trade packets of 50, on a 1:1 basis. I don't use a catalogue.

Yeung, Siu Cheung
Location Dover, Delaware, USA
Offer Hong Kong, PRC, RC and Macao
Want Hong Kong, PRC and foreign offices in China
Note Will buy, sell and trade. Will pay up to 90% of Scott Catalogue values for Hong Kong stamps
Societies APS & HKSS

Yokoyama, Peter
Location Hong Kong, China
Offer Mint Japan between the 1950's to the 1980's - Mint Hong Kong new issues incl. maximum cards and presentation packages
Want Bogus issues especially from Hutt River and Seborga
Note If you know the trading situations (prices) of the stamps of the following issuers, please let me know. Hutt River Province Principality, Principality of Seborga, "World Government".

Yong, Jonathan Ls
Location Sandakan, Sabah, Malaysia
Offer Mint/used Malaysia, Great Britain, British Africa, British Honduras, British North Borneo, Sarawak and Malay states Used Australia, New Zealand, Asia, Island nations, Scandinavia North & South America & Worldwide - FDCs for Malaysia, GB & WW
Want Mint/used Japan, Scandinavia, West Europe, British North Borneo, Sarawak, Malay states and Worldwide. TOPICALS: Birds, Animals, Insects & Marine, sets and FDCs
Note Prefer to trade 1-1 in packets of 100 to 500. Trades for complete sets, better values & FDCs are negotiable & by mutual agreement.

Yong, Sin-Kong
Location Penang, Malaysia
Offer Used Worldwide, mainly Malaysia definitives
Want Used Worldwide-small and large, but NO pre-cancelled ones (CTOs) from Eastern Europe & Arab Kingdoms
Note I am a Stamp Dealer. Trading basis 1:1, but open to offers.

York, Gerry
Location Florida, USA
Offer Selected TOPICALS & recent issues from Aland, Angola, Ethiopia Bangladesh, China(Taiwan), Cuba, Eritrea, Israel, Namibia, Palestine Authority, Pitcairns, South Africa & Territories, Vatican City and Zimbabwe
Want AAT, Bahamas, Belize, Christmas, Cocos, Greenland, Guernsey, Iceland, Jamaica, Jersey, Kiribati, Malawi, Norfolk, N.Cyprus, Ross Dependency, South Yemen, Tokelau, Tristan and Zambia
Note I'm interested in trades only. Trading basis: Scott or Yvert.

York, Steve
Location England, UK
Offer Used Great Britain and Australia
Want Used Worldwide .. no CTOs!
Note Part-time dealer wishing to build up my own collection of fine used Worldwide. I'd like to trade in packets of 100 different.

Youell, Collin
Location British Columbia, Canada
Offer Used Worldwide
Want Canada --turn of century until present day
Note Trade 1 for 1, in packets of 25 or 50.

Ysebaert, Jean-Claude
Location Brussels, Belgium
Offer MNH Belgium, Luxemburg, France - USED from 60's to 90's and some earler Belgium, France, Netherland, Luxemburg, Great Britain, Switzerland, Germany, DDR, Scandinavia--Worldwide MNH TOPICALS: Birds, Stamps on Stamps, Fauna, Flora, etc.
Want MNH France, Luxemburg & European TOPICAL: Fauna--used France Netherlands, Switzerland, Germany & Great Britain all from the 1960's to present, only fine used with round cancels
Note Like to trade used on a 1:1 basis in packets of 100 different. Wantlists available on my web page (in French).
Societies APS # 188713 - Secretary of 'CPS' in Brussels

Ysebaert, Kevin
Location Brussels, Belgium
Offer Used Belgium & other European countries---Worldwide TOPICALS
Want Used TOPICALS: Dogs & Birds---used Worldwide issues that are printed with green ink
Note I'm a 10 year old collector and have a page on the homepage of my dad, look at "Page de Kevin". I speak only French but my father can me help to translate in Dutch or English. I don't seek stamps of great value, only all the stamps issued in the world and which are printed with green ink.
Societies Member of 'CPS' in Brussels.

Yu, Michael C.
Location Los Angeles, California, USA
Offer Mint/used Worldwide and USA, mint and used; emphasis on USA recent issues, Canada, Germany and Taiwan
Want Germany (older), Germany Colonies, French colonies, USA possesions, WWII philatelic memorabilia (envelopes, post cards,etc) TOPICAL: Endangered species...Wantlist available
Note Like to trade, but will buy certain items, not interested in expensive items. Alternate e-mail address:

As this is written (9/20/98), the STL has it's own web site.

For the first time, we have a search tool, which is now operational, and provides traders with many different ways in which to access specific STL listings, by name, country of residence and different areas of collecting interest.

The new STL web site, located in Denmark:

For those with web browsers, it's much easier for you and us, if you use an online form to submit your proposed listing. That form can be found at the STL Web site in Denmark:

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