StampTrader List.

Listings from Taylor, James R. (Jim) to Villanueva, Carlos
January 1st, 1999 Update

Taylor, James R. (Jim)
Location Calgary, Alberta, Canada
Offer Mint/used Canada, French Colonies, St. Pierre & Miquelong and Worldwide singles and covers
Want Everything from St. Pierre & Miquelon, including pre-stamp covers, Proofs, Essays, Errors, Varieties, Colour trials, rate covers, imperforate pairs, censored covers, air mail & French Colonies general issues postmarked at St. Pierre
Note I also publish the "St. Pierre & Miquelon Specialized Stamp Catalogue" and I am editor of the "St. Pierre & Miquelon Philatelic Journal". Please send me any news or discoveries for St. Pierre and Miquelon.
Societies St. Pierre & Miquelon Philatelic Society, RPSC, BNAPS, APS & am a Life member of the Calgary Philatelic Society

Taylor, Larry L.
Location Idaho, USA
Offer Some mint USA (after 1940)--used USA, Canada, W. Europe, British Colonies, some general worldwide (the kind you find 15 or 20 of, when you buy bulk mixtures on paper)
Want Used W. Europe (France, Belgium, Spain, Italy, Scandinavia), New Zealand, Australia & British Colonie.
Note Collect USA mint (singles, plate blocks, sheets) & Canada in specialized albums; collect world-wide in a 13 volume Master Global. Scott numbers for world wide; Stanley Gibbons #'s OK for British colonies. 1:1 exchanges OK, as long as it's commemorative for commemorative & definitive for definitive.
Societies APS#168400

Tchourkine, Andrei
Location Moscow, Russia
Offer Mint/used Russia, Soviet Union, Eastern Europe, Mongolia, Cuba and Vietnam
Want TOPICAL: Animals on stamps from Africa, Asia, Oceania, America and Western Europe
Note I prefer to exchange in packets of 25, 50 or 100 on a 1:1 basis or in complete sets.

Tee, Daniel
Location Butterworth, Penang, Malaysia
Offer Malaysia and Worldwide
Want New Zealand, Australia and Hong Kong
Note I'm just starting my Hong Kong collection.

Teh, Hean Lam
Location Penang, Malaysia
Offer Mint/used Malaysia & Worldwide---TOPICAL: Fauna
Want Mint/used Worldwide complete sets, blocks, souvenir sheets, FDCs & Covers, Postal Stationery---TOPICAL: Fauna, especially Apes & Monkeys, Turtle, Birds, Frogs, Snakes & Butterflies

Teimer, Torben
Location Solroed Strand, Denmark
Offer Denmark, Norway and Great Britain
Want Great Britain

Tengs, Asle
Location Oslo, Norway
Offer Used Worldwide, mainly Scandinavia and Europe
Want Mint/used, pre 1960, Worldwide, especially British Empire
Note Exchange by Wantlists and catalog value (Michel/Yvert/S.G.) Common and uncommon stamps wanted and offered. Not interested in exchanging lots on a one-for-one basis!
Societies Oslo Filatelist Klub

Terol Gonzalez, Francisco Javier
Location Malaga, Spain
Offer Spain
Want Worldwide
Note Exchanges only!

Theophilou, Stelios
Location Cyprus
Offer Mint/used Cyprus singles, sets, FDC's, Rural Postmarks, Postal Stationery, 19th century engravings, Great Britain FDC's (after 1982) and used Greece...on or off paper
Want Cyprus stamps, postmarks, postal stationery, postal history, pre-1965 FDC's--Worldwide TOPICALS with themes even remotely associated with Cyprus, oId engravings, old maps, old books about Cyprus, Just about anything on or about Cyprus--Greece stamps and FDC's
Note I'm willing to buy, sell & trade. I use Gibbons catalogue. I'd like to trade Cyprus & Greece phonecards for others.

Theriault, Wayne
Location New Brunswick, Canada
Offer Low value Canada
Want Worldwide, except for Canada
Note Prefer trading on a 1:1 basis, in packets of 50 or 100.

Thomas, Carl J.
Location Baton Rouge, Louisiana, USA
Offer I have better quality used from W. Europe, Asia, British Commonwealth - mostly 1970-1990
Want Trade for used of same areas (1990+) and for South and Central America
Note Would like to trade packets of 100.

Thomas, Paul
Location Sydney, Australia
Offer Australia
Want TOPICALS: Stamps on and off cover with theme of Medicine Could show doctors, nurses, medical conferences, AIDS etc... Covers can be commercially used with slogan cancels relevant to something medical - Stamps with Telephones are also wanted
Note This is a friend's e-mail address so please put "Trade stamps - Paul" in the subject line. I also have Australian phonecards to offer in trade.
Societies Earlwood Stamp Club, Strathfield - Burwood Philatelic Society

Thomsen, Michael
Location Denmark
Offer Mint/used Iceland and Greenland, with many from the Classic era (pre-1940) and some early Sweden
Want Used Denmark from the Classic era

Thomsen, Peter Juhl
Location Denmark
Offer Mint/used Denmark & Greenland singles and FDCs
Want Sweden, Finland, Norway, Aland, Denmark, Greenland, Iceland, Faeroes and Czechoslovakia
Note Trade on a 1:1 basis in packets of 50 or by catalogue (AFA) value.

Thompson, Jeffrey D.
Location Tennessee, USA
Offer USA from 1960-1980. CTO's from Eastern Europe and USSR.
Want Used Pre-1940 Great Britain and British Empire
Note Willing to trade 4 different US or E.Europe for each pre-1940 UK or Empire. (all used, please). Small trades OK!

Thorburn, Bonaventure
Location British Colunbia, Canada
Offer Used large Worldwide, off-paper, in 25 to 300 all different from specific countries - WW definitives & TOPICALS too
Want Used large Worldwide, off-paper - Island States (eg. Iceland, Bermuda, etc), East Africa, UN & the Vatican
Note I'd rather trade in 25, 50, 100 or more lots from one country on a one-for-one basis. I have 20.000+ haves on my web page. I do not have the time for "want-list-trading"...please.

Thorsen, Jan
Location Kongsberg, Norway
Offer Used Norway, Denmark, Great Britain & US
Want Used Sweden, Finland, Iceland, Greenland, Faroes, Germany, Great Britain & US, especially recent issues
Note I'd like to trade only on a Wantlist basis. I work with the AFA, Stanley Gibbons, Michel and Scott catalogues.
Societies Norwegian Philatelic Society

Tignon, Marylene
Location Belgium
Offer MNH/used Belgium
Want TOPICAL: Flora--complete sets of Worldwide, preferably mint
Note Find your mint wants in Belgium (topical or others)

Tillett, Martin
Location Virginia, USA
Offer Mint/used Worldwide-some USA singles, plate blocks & mint sheets
Want Worldwide stamps, Cancellations, FDCs, Postcards & Souvenir Sheets with emphasis on TOPICALS: Dinosaurs, Fossils Prehistoric life, including humans and their associated artifacts.
Note Also collect paper ephemera related to prehistoric life theme
Societies ATA#51591-6

Tilzer, Edward A.
Location Puyallup, Washington, USA.
Offer First Day Covers, World-Wide Used, USA-New And Used
Want New USA-Singles, Blocks, Sheets, FDC'S, Postcards. Always looking for U.S. Naval Covers. World-Wide Stamps, New/used
Note Will trade USA,FDC's for World-Wide FDC's 1:1 packs of 10 or more.

Timlick, Cam
Location Manitoba, Canada
Offer Used Canada & Australia
Want Used Canada, USA, New Zealand, Australia, Hitler era, Europe and pre-confederation India States.

Ting, David
Location Miri, Sarawak
Offer Used Worldwide, especially Europe
Want Used/mint Czechoslovakia
Note I'm willing to buy or trade. Want list available upon request.

Tirosh, Ofer
Location Israel
Offer Used worldwide, mint Israeli stamps
Want Any military stamps especially armour and tanks
Note I will swap one for one

Tjaden, Dick
Location Knegsel, The Netherlands
Offer Middle East (Jordan, SA, Lebanon, Syria, Iraq, Egypt, Turkey, etc.). Netherlands and former colonies
Want Middle East better stamps, recent stamps postally used, Covers with Obligatory Tax stamps, varieties, mint sets according to want lists, Saudi Arabia specialized on watermark directions etc NOT Iran or Afghanistan
Note Preferred catalogues SG or Michel. Am pretty advanced collector. Trade, buy or sell.
Societies President of 'Filatelistische Contactgroep Islamitische Wereld,' a Dutch society of Middle-East collectors

Tobin, Chris
Location Dix Hills, New York, USA
Offer Mint/used Worldwide singles & Souvenir Sheets--Used USA
Want Malta, Maltese Sovereign Military Order, pre-1940 used
Note Trade on 1:1 basis in packets of 50 to 200. I ignore catalog values, but my trading terms are flexible.

Toccafondo, Emilio
Location Karlsruhe, Germany
Offer MNH/Mint/used Tuscany, Sardinia, Italy, Vatican & San Marino
Want Italian commercial covers until 1965
Note I use the Michel, Scott & Yvert catalogues

Tokarski, Tadeusz
Location England, UK
Offer Covers & stamps related to Pope John Paul II---cash
Want Covers & stamps related to Pope John Paul II, & Poland
Societies The Guild of St. Gabriel

Tomei, Giuseppe
Location Rome, Italy
Offer Mint/used Italy, from 1880 to 1998
Want Italy Covers and Postcards

Tong, Patrick
Location Kansas, USA
Offer MNH, FDCs Malaysia, used USA, Canada, Eastern Europe, South & Central America, Africa, Australia and India
Want MNH Worldwide and used USA & British Commonwealth

Torrescusa, Francisco
Location Badajoz, Spain
Offer Used Worldwide
Want Used Western Europe
Note Prefer to trade in packets of 50 to 100, one for one. I read & write only in English and Spanish.

Tortora, Carmelo
Location Milan, Italy
Offer Mint/used Italy, Vatican, S.Marino. Italian Postal History, Military Postage, and also Worldwide covers
Want Italian Postal History up to 1955
Note I prefer to trade on a 1 to 1 basis. Will buy & sell.

Tracey, Sean A.
Location Orleans, Ontario, Canada
Offer US & UN Mint/Mint blocks circa 1950-1960s - Used Canada and Worldwide - recent mint US
Want Mint/used Spanish Sahara and Morocco - TOPICAL: Firefighting
Note I'm willing to buy or trade.

Trapp, Valerie
Location Arlington Heights, Illinois, USA
Offer Older Belgian Stamps (pre 1950)
Want Older European Stamps (pre 1950)
Note Would like to trade on a 1:1 basis in packets of 100 or more.

Treadway, Joe
Location Georgia, USA
Offer Used Denmark, Sweden, Finland and Norway
Want Aland, Greenland, Faeroes and Iceland
Note Trade, buy, or sell, basis Michel, Facit & Scott catalogues.
Societies APS# 58251 and Faroe Islands Study Circle# 99

Treanton, Vincent
Location Laval, Quebec, Canada
Offer MNH France, Belgium & Monaco - MH pre-1940 France and Russian Empire
Want MNH France and Spanish Andorra
Note I trade by catalogue values using Scott, Yvert et Tellier or Michel. My Wantlist and Havelist are presented on my website, which is bilingual. I understand english and french.
Societies Federation Quebecoise de Philatelie

Trepanier, Sylvain
Location Notre-Dame de Portneuf, Quebec, Canada
Offer Used Canada
Want Used Croatia, Slovania, Bosnia, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia and Iceland
Note I prefer To trade 1:1, in packets of 25 or more.
Societies Societe Philatelique de Quebec

Trimble, Warren
Location Charleston, West Virginia, USA
Offer Worldwide
Want Pre-1940 Worldwide with a preference for Europe and Latin America, especially Mexico
Note Exchanges only! I'm flexible about trading terms.
Societies APS #170214 MEPSI #2793

Trinchise, Pino
Location Milan, Italy
Offer Mint Italy, Vatican & San Marino sets, singles & TOPICALS
Want Japan, Denmark, Hong Kong & Taiwan souvenir&mini sheets and booklets
Note Sell or Trade --Please send your wantlists.

Tripalo, Romano
Location Daruvar, Croatia
Offer Croatia
Want Worldwide TOPICALS: Christmas, CEPT, Heraldics & Music
Note I may have some more items that you need.

Troispoux, Gilles
Location Lyon, France
Offer Mint France and French Antarctic Territory
Want Mint Greenland, Norway and Russia
Note Prefer to trade on an Yvert et Tellier catalogue value basis.

Trost, Lars
Location North Carolina, USA
Offer MNH USA singles, plate blocks, & coils---Used USA
Want MNH USA singles, plate blocks & PNCs as above--Used USA
Note Like to work with Scott-based Wantlists. I'll buy or sell if an equitable trade can't be worked out.

Tsai, Roman
Location UK
Offer Used Worldwide
Want Mint/used Taiwan, China pre-1912 stamps and covers
Note Alt e-mail:

Tsai, Sam
Location Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
Offer Canada and Russia
Want TOPICALS: Penny black image on stamp (not penny black itself), Anniversary of First Postage issues from any countries and Worldwide philatelic items with hologram
Note Mint stamps of above topicals + postally used hologram stamps or souvenir sheets with clear cancel.

Tumber, Andrew
Location Ontario, Canada
Offer Used modern Canada
Want Used Worldwide, no USA or Canada please!
Note Would like to trade in packets of 50, 100 or more.

Tung, Jonathan
Location Hong Kong
Offer MNH/mint Thailand, Taiwan, Japan, Korea, British Empire, Hong Kong, other Asian countries and WWF
Want MNH/Mint Hong Kong, P.R.China and Macau
Note I'm a part time stamp dealer. Want lists are welcomed.

Turk, Mike
Location Thornhill, Ontario, Canada
Offer Used Canada and TOPICAL: Olympics
Want Sweden, Finland, Norway and Denmark
Note I would prefer to trade in packets of 100 or more

Tziloff, Arcady
Location Massachussets, USA
Offer Mint Worldwide stamps, FDC and stationery
Want Israel plate and tab blocks of 4 , Scandinavia, post-Soviet & post-Yugoslavia states, Judaica, WW stationery-aerograms
Note Looking for a good correspondent & a philatelic adventure.

Uffmaan, Milt
Location Crystal River, Florida, USA
Offer West Europe, especially Germany, France, Switzerland, Ireland, Luxemburg, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, Sweden, Norway, Iceland, Italy & Netherlands--Japan, Thailand, Ethiopia, Cuba & Ryukyus
Want West Europe, especially Germany, France, Switzerland, Ireland, Luxemburg, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, Sweden, Norway, Iceland, Italy & Netherlands--Japan, Thailand, Ethiopia, Cuba & Ryukyus
Note Have Want & have lists for above countries using Scott Cat. Prefer to trade Cat value for Cat value. Most duplicates used.
Societies Member APS#149386 and GPS#07615

Uitz, Martin
Location Austria
Offer Used Worldwide, especially Austria, Germany, Switzerland, Belgium, Netherlands, Luxemburg, Liechtenstein, Italy, Nepal and UN-Vienna...Mostly from recent years including new issues
Want Used Worldwide, especially all Asia, Africa & Pacific nations - Europe nations include Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Portugal, Ireland, Great Britain, Iceland, Sweden, Aland, Finland, France, Andorra, Monaco, San Marino, Croatia, Macedonia, Bosnia & Herzogovina, Greece, Cyprus and the Baltic States
Note Will trade for stamps in good condition on a 1:1, or catalog value basis. I use the Michel & have some Wantlists available.
Societies Tutmondo, Salzburg, Austria

Ulltveit, Erling
Location Oslo, Norway
Offer Used Norway, Germany and Denmark
Want Ireland, Spain, Switzerland, former USSR republics & Hungary (after 1991)
Note Exchange on a 1:1 basis.
Societies Norwegian Philatelic Association

Urban, Charles
Location Indiana, USA
Offer Complete sets from Burundi, World Wide, Paraguay (MNH), Togo, Used/mint Worldwide with some CTO's.
Want MNH/used USA Scott's #1 to #599. Or, complete used/MNH Japan or China sets
Note I'm a former dealer who wants to trade my old stock for items that I need for my personal collection. Name your trade. I'm very flexible and am willing to trade or sell!!! Packets of 1,000 Large-Ex. Large all different World Wide available.

Urevich, Ronald
Location Otego, NY, USA
Offer Mint US - current or can fill want list from 1950 to date
Want Mint Singapore 1977 to date
Note Looking for a trading partner in Singapore who collects US. I can help you with your US collection- you can help me with my Singapore. Will also buy from dealer - payment in current mint US stamps.

Uzakewicz, Douglas
Location New York, USA
Offer Mint/used Worldwide stamps and covers
Want Worldwide TOPICAL: Scout Covers (before 1950), 1924-25 British Empire Exhibition cancels from Great Britain and the colonies Canal Zone Scott's # 4-8 on covers.

Vadeboncoeur, Guillaume
Location Ottawa, Canada
Offer Mint/used Worldwide
Want Canada's Small Queens with cancels, mint, used and on cover. Montserrat (mint and used) and Papua, New Guinea, Lakatois mint/used, and on cover
Note I buy, sell and trade almost anything of better value and look for particular items for other people. I have a 30+ page list of items I have available, in a Word 6.0 or text format.

Vaessen, Paul
Location The Netherlands
Offer MNH/used Belgium, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Aruba and Netherlands Antilles
Want Used Belgium, Luxemburg, Australia, New Zealand & Switzerland
Note Will only accept good quality undamaged stamps. I'd prefer F/VF, or better, used stamps with well centered cancellations. I'd like to trade according to Wantlists. I use Yvert & Michel catalogues. I'm willing to buy, sell or trade.
Societies Dutch Collectors Association and a local stamp club

Vahar, Veikko
Location Tallinn, Estonia
Offer East Europe, especially the Baltic states and USSR
Societies Estonian Philatelic Society

Vailly, Alain
Location Nantes, France
Offer I'll do my best to find what you are looking for
Want Non-denominated stamps (in some countries they are called stamps for standardised mail, local addresses only, on postally-used covers
Note Willing to buy or trade.
Societies Cercle des amis de MARIANNE, NVI Club (for collectors of non-denominated stamps), Club philatelique vertavien and the Amicale philatelique de Nantes.

Valdes, Gonzalo
Location Canada
Offer Almost any stamp from CHILE, mint, new or used., upon request
Want I buy or exchange new stamps from Chile from before 1940, preferably mint
Note You can also contact me by phone / fax +56-2-2013362.

Valentines Urchaga, Oscar
Location Lerida, Spain
Offer Used Worldwide
Want Used Worldwide, especially Europe
Note Would like to trade in packets of 50 or 100

Valters, Sergutins
Location Latvia
Offer Mint/used Latvia, Estonia, Lithuania, Ex-USSR republics--also used covers---Mint stamps: France, Sweden & Spanish colonies
Want Mint US & Denmark---TOPICALS: Cycling and bicycles
Note Will buy, sell or trade. I also offer used phone cards.
Societies LFS

Valujevs, Guntis
Location Riga, Latvia
Offer Mint stamps/FDCs/Stationeries Baltic States from 1991, Western Europe, USSR/Russia. Latin America - stamps, mainly mint TOPICALS: various, upon request
Want Mint Latin America from 1960 by wantlist + new issues. TOPICALS: Archaeology & Ancient Cultures (worldwide, also buy; mainly special cancellations & stationeries needed, few mint stamps by wantlist), mint American Fauna, America - UPAEP
Note Wantlists available / welcome, preferably on Michel basis. Advanced collector but not afraid of small trade. Even a few items can add value to one's collection.

Van Beek, Teunis
Location Bennekom, The Netherlands
Offer Used Western Europe, USA, Australia and Canada
Want Very recent used Worldwide
Note Prefer to trade in packets of 50 or more, one for one.

Van Cakenbergh, Marnix
Location Dendermonde, Belgium
Offer Belgium, Belgian ex-colonials, Luxembourg and Worldwide
Want Worldwide...any stamp I don't already have
Note I have a strong interest in Worldwide phonecards and have Belgian & Worldwide phonecards to offer in trade.

Van de Laan, Reint
Location Deventer, The Netherlands
Offer Europe
Want China, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macao stamps and pre-1940 picture postcards
Note Also want handpainted bookmarks & papercuts. Please e-mail to me in care of: Guus Nekkers

van der Stappen, Petra & Frank
Location The Netherlands
Offer Mint/used Netherlands & Netherlands Antilles--some mostly used Indonesia & Hungary, used Ireland & some Worldwide & TOPICALS
Want Indonesia, Surinam Republic, Netherlands Antilles, Aruba and Hungary---used Ireland, Malaysia, Singapore and Australia

van der Ven, Wim
Location Cuyk, The Netherlands
Offer Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, France, Scandinavia and Worldwide from 1900 to present
Want West Europe & Scandinavia {to 1998} & Worldwide to 1975
Note I like to exchange on 1:1 basis, in lots of 50 to 200.

van der Veur, John
Location Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
Offer Australia (decimal & pre-decimal), Great Britain, New Zealand South Africa (Union and RSA)
Want South Africa and South West Africa
Societies Brighton Philatelic Society

van der Wielen, Paul
Location Bakel, Noord-Brabant, the Netherlands
Offer The Netherlands and Denmark, British Commonwealth {Australia, New Zealand, Canada & India}, Africa and some Worldwide
Want West Africa and Subsahara Africa {pre and post colonial}
Note Like trading packets of 50, 100, 150 or 200 on a 1:1 basis. Trades with Wantlists are possible.

Van Dijk, Cora
Location The Netherlands
Offer Used Netherlands, Poland, Hungary and USSR
Want Used African countries, especially prior to independence
Note Prefer trading on 1:1 basis, for example 200:200. Various trades of Worldwide are possible.
Societies VVPV Scherpenzeel in The Netherlands

Van Eek, Menno
Location Purmerend, The Netherlands
Offer Poland, Netherlands, Germany (DDR and Bundespost) and TOPICAL: Animals
Want Poland and Germany {east and west}
Note Prefer to trade by wantlist, but will consider buys or sells.

Van Hout, Mark D.
Location Fargo, North Dakota, USA
Offer Used USA
Want Mint/used Worldwide
Note Not too picky about condition of stamps, but don't want junk.

van Koolwijk, Theo
Location Haarlem, The Netherlands
Offer Worldwide
Want Used Africa, Asia and Latin America
Note My Wantlists..Yvert-based..are available on request. I prefer to trade on a 1:1 basis in packets of 100.

Van Mil, Juergen
Location Germany
Offer Used Germany, Europe and Worldwide in good condition
Want Used German charity stamps, DDR, Africa and Scandinavian countries
Note Like to trade on a one for one basis, in packets of 50 or 100 different. I trade just for fun and pay no attention to catalogs or values.

Van Oeckel, Dirk
Location Antwerp, Belgium
Offer Large stamps from Belgium, Western Europe and some worldwide
Want Western Europe, Caribbean and British Commonwealth
Note Like to trade on a 1:1 basis & I prefer packets of 100 or more stamps. I don't use want or have lists.

van Oorschot, Dick
Location Utrecht, The Netherlands
Offer Mint/used Germany & Netherlands & TOPICALS: Wildlife & Scouts - Used Worldwide, especially Germany, Netherlands & Japan
Want Mint/used Netherlands - Used Germany, Austria, Switzerland, New Zealand, Australia, US, Greece, Malta, Cyprus, Luxembourg, Liechtenstein & Monaco - TOPICAL: Almost all, especially Scouts & WWII 50th Anniversary...covers too, but not FDCs
Note Prefer to trade on a 1:1 basis in packets of 50 or more, with only commemoratives, high values and complete sets. I also offer used phone cards.
Societies Postfris'68

van Oorschot, Dick
Location The Netherlands
Offer Mint/used Germany and Netherlands---Used Worldwide, especially Germany and Japan---Mint/used TOPICAL: Scouts on stamps
Want Mint/used Netherlands---Used Germany, Austria, Switzerland, New Zealand, Australia, US, Greece, Malta, Cyprus, Luxembourg, Liechtenstein and Monaco
Note I prefer to trade on a 1:1 basis, in packets of 100.

Van Sickle, Bill
Location Maitland, Florida, USA
Offer Used Worldwide, especially Great Britain, Canada, Australia, Finland, Germany and Belgium.
Want Used Worldwide, British Empire, especially British West Indies Scandinavia, Iceland, Greenland, Faeroe & Aland Islands, West Europe, especially Luxembourg, Liechtenstein and Channel Islands--Papua, New Guinea
Note Prefer trading by want lists, using Scott Catalogue values for pricing. If not set up to trade by want lists, I can trade on a 1:1 basis, with packets of 50.

Van Wijk, Willem-Jan
Location Eindhoven, The Netherlands
Offer Mint/used The Netherlands and used Worldwide
Want The Netherlands pre-1960 & Worldwide
Note I only use the Dutch NVPH catolog. Like to trade Worldwide on a 1 to 1 basis with a minimum of 100 stamps per trade.

Van Wyk, Kobus
Location Cape Town, South Africa
Offer South Africa, Namibia, South West Africa, South African "Home Lands", ie Transkei, Ciskei, Venda, Bophutatswana
Want Hungary, Poland, Mauritius, TOPICALS: Cats, Elephants, Bible

Vance, Fred
Location Renton, Washington, USA
Offer MNH/used Canada, Channel Islands & the Isle of Man
Want MNH Channel Islands, Isle of Man and Israel tabs TOPICALS: Ronald Reagan and Deutsches Reich
Note Will deal with each trade on an individual basis. I use the Gibbons for IOM & Channel Islands, and Scott for the rest.

Varela, Manuel
Location Santiago, Chile
Offer Mint/used Chile and Argentina
Want Poland and TOPICAL: Worldwide trains
Note Only exchange. I can correspomd in Spanish and English.
Societies Sociedad Filatelica de Chile.

Vaughn, Raymond L.
Location North Carolina, USA
Offer Mint/used Worldwide covers, FDCs, & USA meters--Mint Worldwide and USA singles and sets--No mint USA for the last three years
Want Higher value USA, Canada, and Canal Zone---Worldwide meters
Note Trade only! Packets, sets or singles--Scott cat. value basis. I offer mint Worldwide {except Brazil, Cuba & Russia} complete sets that catalog $1 or more. Need foreign meters. Don't collect USA meters any more and for every foreign meter, I'll send you 10 USA meters with slogans.
Societies APS# 157840

Vazquez, Ernesto
Location Ciudad Habana, Cuba
Offer Mint/used Cuba from 1959 to present
Want Worldwide stamps of your country
Note I prefer complete sets stamps. I trade, not buy nor sell. Please correspond with me in Spanish or English.
Societies Cuban Philatelic Federation (#252-1-263)

Vazquez, Jordi
Location Barcelona, Spain
Offer Used Spain (some mint) Europe and some used Worldwide
Want Used worldwide
Note Trade on 1:1 basis in packets 50-100 or more, and by wantlists based on Scott and Yvert & Tellier, available on my Web page. I have some used thermical ATMs from Spain to trade.

Vazquez Martinez, Carlos
Location Madrid, Spain
Offer Used pre-1982 Cuba & Spain and some Worldwide
Want Used post-1980 Cuba & Spain. I'm re-starting an old collection and I need almost everything
Note I also collect empty cigarette packs. I'd be happy to trade for any pack that I don't have, which might be common for you.

Vedsmand, Johann Bech
Location Virum, Denmark
Offer Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Iceland, England, Europe.
Want Denmark
Societies DFF, Virum StampClub

Velasco, Fauzi Hasb˜n
Location Cochabamba, Bolivia
Offer Used and mint stamps from Bolivia(since 1930) and also stamps from most of south american countries.
Want Used and mint world wide, especially stamps from islands, midle east, rusia. TOPICALS: Paintings, animals, cars, airplanes and flowers.
Societies CEFILCO (Centro FilatĖlico Cochabamba)

Verdi, Giuseppe
Location Lodi, Italy
Offer Used Italy, West Europe, Australia and Canada
Want Used Cyprus, Greece, Finland, Norway, Sweden and New Zealand
Note I prefer to make trades with Wantlists. I use Michel and Yvert catalogues.

Vest, Estelle H.
Location Baton Rouge, Louisiana, USA
Offer Mint US Postal Stationery from 1914 to present, which includes Post Cards, Stamped Envelopes and Souvenir Cards from the US Postal Service (USPS) & Bureau of Printing and Engraving (BEP)
Want Mint Europe "Europa" (1993 & 1994) singles & setenants from each nation
Societies APS Lifetime member, #4027-038645

Veteto, Benny M.
Location Hot Springs, Arkansas, USA
Offer Mostly used Germany, Canada, US and some Worldwide
Want Germany, Canada, US, Panama and Vietnam
Note Intermediate collector. My duplicates are mostly common stamps with some better early US. I use Scott Catalogues only.

Vickers, Blake
Location Canada
Offer TOPICALS: Sports, Olympics, Space & Animals---Worldwide, US and Canada
Want TOPICALS: Olympics, Soccer, Space, Scouts & Animals all types Canada & US
Note Trade on 1:1 basis in packets of 25-100. I use the Scott catalogue numbering system and will work with wantlists too.
Societies Windsor stamp club

Vidal, Angel Antonio
Location Havana, Cuba
Offer Mint/used Cuba and TOPICALS
Want Europe and any worldwide TOPICALS, especially Fauna
Note MNH complete sets. Catalog YVERT mainly, MICHEL or SCOTT too. Am also interested in trading uncirculated Worldwide Banknotes
Societies Sociedad Filatelica de Cuba

Vidal, Marc
Location La Garenne Colombes, France
Offer France from 1960 to 1971 and from 1983 to 1998
Want France and Worldwide

Vidovic, Domagoj
Location Zagreb, Croatia
Offer Worldwide, mostly Europe, from 1920 to 1960
Want Worldwide
Note Prefer trading packets of 100 to 1000.
Societies Philatelic Society Split

Vigfusdottir, Bryndis
Location Iceland
Offer Iceland.
Want Worldwide with cancellations for the following dates: April 28 (my birthday), May 25th (the day I was christened), July 27th (my brother's birthday), August 21st (mom's birthday), & Dec 26th (my dad's birthday). Any year will be fine. I'm also interested TOPICAL: Wildlife of Africa
Note At this writing, I'm nine (9) years old.

Vihervaara, Ari
Location Vantaa, Finland
Offer Finland and Worldwide
Want Worldwide and TOPICALS: Computers, Books & Printing
Note Want lists are available upon request.
Societies Philatelic Federation of Finland

Vilaboa, Jose Bernardez
Location Santiago de Compostela, Spain
Offer Used Spain, West Europe and Worldwide
Want Used France, Italy, Germany, Great Britain, US, Japan, Monaco, Australia, San Marino and Vatican

Vilela Campo, Alberto
Location Mieres, Spain
Offer Mint/used Spain, military censored mail, postally used letters, pre-philatelic letters and postcards from Cuba
Want Mint USA, Spain covers prior to 1945 and pre-philatelic letters from Spain, Cuba and Puerto Rico.
Note I'd like to exchange coins. Especially interested in coins from Spain's colonial age.

Villadsen, Jorn
Location Nykobing Mors, Denmark
Offer Scandinavia, Germany, Great Britain, Guernsey, Poland & USSR
Want Worldwide
Note Will trade for up to 10 copies of each stamp you offer me.

Villanueva, Carlos
Location Aranda de Duero, Burgos, Spain
Offer Mint Spain
Want Mint South American countries---TOPICAL: Military Uniforms
Note Trade by face value or by Yvert et Tellier catalogue.
Societies Asociacion Filatelica y Numismatica Arandina

As this is written (9/20/98), the STL has it's own web site.

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The new STL web site, located in Denmark:

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