StampTrader List.

Listings from Sheth, Nipun to Taylor, Annie
January 1st, 1999 Update

Sheth, Nipun
Location Bombay, India
Offer Used Middle East, India and British Commonwealth
Want Mint/used Europe, Middle East, Asia and New Zealand
Note I'm an advanced collector & would like to exchange on Gibbons, Michel or Scott catalog basis. I can buy, sell or exchange & only wish to deal with undamaged--high quality stamps.

Shidler, John C.
Location Louisiana, USA
Offer Used USA and mint USA current issues
Want UK for current and last 10 years--- Used British & USA
Note Wish to trade with a collector in the UK. I'd like to fill in some sets and do the same for a UK collector. I'll get current issue USA at the post office in trade for current British mint by cost. Would like to exchange used USA since 1975 to present with a US collector. Will trade stamp for stamp.

Shier, Mark
Location Goleta, California, USA
Offer All USA, especially classics (pre-1940)-used general Worldwide
Want All USA, particularly classics & pre-1955 Worldwide
Note Will trade, buy or sell. Trade common stamps on a 1:1 basis & the classics based upon Scott Catalogue values.
Societies APS life member, 3236-099478

Shinnawe, Nidal
Location Nazareth, Israel
Offer Used Worldwide - especially Morocco, Finland, France, Israel, Canada, Netherlands, Palestine, Italy, Mauritania and Egypt
Want Used Worldwide except for the countries in my Offer
Note I'd like to trade 1:1 in packets of 25 or more. I collect postcards and phonecards and I'm a flexible trader.

Shlifer, Vadim
Location Moscow, Russia
Offer Mint/used complete sets of Russia & the USSR from 1994 to now Mint complete sets of Ukraine for 1995 & 1996. Used sets for Guinea, Vietnam, Tanzania & others---TOPICALS: Animals, Birds, Space, Sports, Painting, Christmas, Ships, Cars, Transport, Chess and others & other philatelic items of Russia & USSR
Want TOPICALS: Tennis stamps (mint and used), FDCs & posted covers of top ranking TENNIS players and covers, signed by them. Philatelic magazines (in English only).
Note Part-time dealer, trade or sell--Alt. e-mail:
Societies member of All-Russian philatelic association

Shum Chi Ming, Devan
Location Hong Kong
Offer Mint Hong Kong, used Worldwide especially Canada, US, Vietnam and Dutch Reich WWII
Want Used WWII Dutch Reich and USA
Note I prefer to sell and buy, but will trade too.

Sibona, Gustavo J.
Location Cordoba, Argentina
Offer Mint/used Argentina---used Germany and Hungary
Want Used Argentina and Germany

Siddiqui, Jeff
Location Washington, USA
Offer MNH/used USA, used Worldwide, especially UPU'49, Pakistan, India, Great Britain and Hong Kong
Want Mint/used Stamps, Stationery & Covers of Hong Kong, Pakistan, India and early Bangladesh. TOPICALS: WW2Victory & 1949 UPU
Note Have detailed want lists for snail mail. Will buy or trade & use Scott/Yang/SG catalogue values as a trading basis.
Societies APS 130013, Pakphil

Siegel, Andrew
Location Copenhagen, Denmark
Offer Used Worldwide and Mint/new Denmark issues
Want Postally used Worldwide (except USA) from 1940-present Especially interested in used France
Note Trading only, on a one for one basis. I have both Danish and USA snailmail addresses.

Sierra, Luis
Location Zaragoza, Spain
Offer Used Spain
Want Used worldwide
Note I want to trade in packets of 50 or 100

Sigifredo, Juan Angel
Location Leones, Cordoba, Argentina
Offer Argentina
Want UPU.74 - JJOO 1960-64-68-72-76

Silva, Aurelio
Location Canidelo, Portugal
Offer Mint/used Portugal and used Worldwide
Want Mint/used Worldwide and TOPICALS: Wild & Domestic Cats
Note I prefer trading in packets of 100, or more, but I'm flexible.

Silva Soares, Carlos Dalmiro
Location Florianopolis, SC, Brazil
Offer New Brazil issues and TOPICALS
Want Mint TOPICALS: Petroleum and Geology, & anything philatelic that's related to those topics - Mint/used Paraguay, Fujera, Sarjha, Dobay & a few others - special postmarks, aerogrammes, varieties, essays, specimens, free postage, tete-beche and carnets
Societies Petroleum Philatelic Society International - USA

Silver, Gary
Location Manitowoc, Wisconsin, USA
Offer Used channel islands , US definitives and recent commems (1960's to present). Many US FDC, MNH Worldwide. I specialize in accumulations, and I can provide quarter pound to pound onpaper Worldwide or US, some duplication.
Want I am interested in pre-1920 world wide issues, and I am interested in specific worldwide stamps to complete sets. TOPICAL: WWII anniversary material, used or unused.
Note If you can provide older worldwide individual stamps, I will trade recent issues at about 10 to 1 Scott Value.

Silviu, Segall
Location Tel Aviv, Israel
Offer Israel & Romania stamps & FDCs - Israel ATM labels
Want Worldwide ATM Automatic vending machine stamps {Klussendorf, Frama or ...labels) - Mint/used Worldwide singles & FDCs

Simmons, Amy
Location Christchurch, New Zealand
Offer Mint/used New Zealand and Worldwide
Want Worldwide TOPICALS: Art history on stamps--regular New Zealand
Note Will buy or trade on a 1:1 basis. S. Gibbons, ACS and Scott catalogues. My e-mail address is case sensitive.
Societies Christchurch (NZ) Philatelic Society

Sin Peng, Thio
Location Singapore
Offer Mint/used current Singapore stamps & FDC, kiloware, NVI, frama (postage labels) - mint/used, first day of issue, covers Postcards & many other philatelic related items of Singapore
Want Mint/used Worldwide, especially pre-1960 British Commonwealth Singapore picture postcards, any period, mint/used, photos and postal history covers of any period
Note I'm a dealer and will sell, buy or trade on 1:1 basis. Please let me know your needs and we can surely work out something equitable. I work with Wantlists. I'm also interested in banknotes, coins, phonecards and other collectibles.
Societies American Philatelic Society (#184212), Malayan Study Group, Singapore Stamp Club and other local clubs

Sinha, Bijoy K.
Location Orissa, India
Offer Mint/used India & Indian sub-continent, FDC's, SS & year sets of Bangladesh, Sri Lanka and Nepal
Want Iceland, Finland, Luxembourg, UPU 1949 issues MNH or used sets, early Nepal and Sri Lanka covers and postal history
Note Will trade or buy. I'm flexible and can negotiate other terms. 1:1 exchange preferred for issues after 1960. If you want anything specific, please send your want list.
Societies Orissa Philatelic Association

Siu, Vincent
Location Hong Kong
Offer Mint/used Hong Kong - used Worldwide
Want Early Hong Kong, Macau, Japan, Taiwan and Worldwide

Slava, Skivko
Location Magnitogorsk, Russia
Offer Mint stamps in full sets, blocks & souvenir sheets from Russia USSR, Ex-USSR (Ukraine, Uzbekistan, Kirgistan, etc.) & some European, especially Scandinavia, Netherlands, Poland and East Europe
Want Mint/MNH Worldwide stamps in full sets, blocks and S/S
Societies All-Russian Philatelic Societies

Sloan, Michael R.
Location Perth, Western Australia, Australia
Offer MNH/used Australia, AAT and Worldwide
Want MNH Australia decimals
Note I am able to sell if need be. I use Scott 1997 numbers and values as a trading basis.

Slosman, Everett "Ev"
Location Suncook, New Hampshire, USA
Offer USA First Day Covers, some Canada & Europe covers {1960to 1979) Some Worldwide commercial covers-TOPICAL: Ship &Maritime covers
Want TOPICAL Covers from Pearl Harbor, USS CONSTITUTION cover (both philatelic and ordinary mail), oceanographic or dive covers including habitats, ships-on-stamps, lighthouses, stagecoaches, & stamps involving various aspects of radio broadcasting.
Note I'll swap two of my covers for 1 of yours. Will cross swap topics or themes. I'm a somewhat advanced collector & wish to trade only items in sound condition.
Societies APS, ATA, USCS, AAPE, PGSG, Writers #30.

Smith, Brian
Location Oklahoma, USA
Offer Used Worldwide...current, postally used stamps from Asia, Africa & Arabic countries as well as older Europe and Asia
Want Baltic States, US, Slovenia, Croatia & Bosnia
Note I'll trade 1:1, or value for value, as appropriate. I use the Scott Catalogue, but am flexible.
Societies APS

Smith, Richard
Location Battle Creek, Michigan, USA
Offer Used US definitives and commemoratives, all different
Want Worldwide commemoratives, all different...your choice
Note Will trade 2 for 1 all different sound & undamaged. I would like to trade in packets of 100 or more.

Smith, Tom
Location Derwood, Maryland, USA
Offer Used USA commemoratives
Want Used Worldwide large stamps or from your part of the world
Note Will trade 1:1. Feel free to send a Wantlist.
Societies APS, AAMS, ATA.

Smith, Warren G.
Location Ohio, USA
Offer Used USA, Mint/used Worldwide especially all Europe, Australia New Zealand. TOPICALS: Music & Lighthouses. USA FDCs
Want Need Europe medium and high values and recent (91-96) TOPICALS: Music & Lighthouses
Note Have prepared all-different packets for sale/trade. Will trade one-for-one or basis Scott catalogue value (SCV).
Societies ISWSC (#1391), former APS

Smolders, Dirk
Location Heverlee, Belgium
Offer MNH Belgium complete 1960-1997 + several pre-1960, MNH Great Britain 1972-1986, classic used Belgium, booklets, all Belgian MNH TOPICALS and souvenir sheets
Want Used Worldwide Classics, MNH Hong Kong, pre-1960 Belgian covers, Belgian Congo pre-1960 covers, Belgian plate blocks, Great Britain, Australia & Canada
Note Ask for my want lists or mail a description of what you have and want. Classics are issues from 1840 to 1940.

Snider, Randy
Location Texas, USA
Offer USA commemoratives
Want Western & Southern Europe, Scandinavia, Japan & British Empire
Note Like to trade in packets of 100. My vocation requires a lot of travel, so at times there will be a delay with my response. I'd like to correspond with people from other countries too.

Snyder, Alex
Location Fredericton, New Brunswick, Canada
Offer Used Canada and Australia
Want Mint Canada cornerblocks - TOPICALS: Space & World Scouting
Note Prefer to trade on a 1:1 basis, or catalogue values for more valuable items.

Snyder, David J.
Location Staten Island, New York, USA
Offer Used Worldwide, especially Austria, Australia, Belgium, Canada Czechoslovakia, Denmark, Finland, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Netherlands, Poland, Romania, Russia, Spain and Turkey
Want Used West Europe, Asia, Middle East, Central & South America
Note Run Staten Island Stamp Exchange
Societies APS #180285

Snyder, Suree Agnes
Location Hermosa Beach, California, USA
Offer British Colonials, mostly from West Indies--recent used BWI, especially Barbados--some Fiji--South Africa, Australia, Xmas souvenir sheets and mint British West Indies
Want Africa, especially Tunisia (except RSA)--Mid-East (except Israel), South America (except Brazil), Slovenia & Oceania
Note I only collect recent issues, not old stamps, Dunes or CTOs. Trade 1:1. Will trade my mint for used. E-mail any other suggestions. Alternate e-mail:

Sobierajski, Steve
Location New York, USA
Offer Mint Tanzania various Scott #s beginning with #197 & ending at #367, complete sets, souvenir and full sheets
Want Better Canada preferably early issues or good single items
Note Prefer to trade as one lot.

Socha, Zdzislaw
Location Krakowska, Krosno, Poland
Offer Worldwide
Want Worldwide TOPICAL: Fauna--Scandinavia, Hungary, Great Britain and Worldwide, especially small nations, far from Poland
Note I'd like to trade on a 1:1 basis.

Soer, Pieter
Location Hastings, New Zealand
Offer Mint and Used New Zealand, Australian Used, Used Pacific Islands and New Zealand FDC's
Want Ethiopia Mint or Used and FDCs. Scandanavian and South Africa, including the homelands.
Note Has anyone got any Ethiopian stamps and/or FDCs to trade? Or Sell? I would appreciate hearing from them.
Societies Hastings and Napier Philatelic Societies

Soerensen, Henning
Location Roedekro, Denmark
Offer Old postcards from Denmark, Germany, France, Schwitzerland and a few others---mint/used Denmark, Greenland, the Faroe Islands & Germany---some used Worldwide
Want Letters and used postcards from Danzig 1920-39 and very fine used stamps from Danzig
Note Trade on AFA or Michel basis or buy. I have a Wantlist for my Danzig needs.
Societies Member of DFF

Soerensen, Jan Krogh
Location Noerresundby, Denmark
Offer Used Denmark, Greenland, Finland, Norway, Berlin, Iceland,CEPT & Mint: Denmark, Greenland, Finland, Berlin, Iceland, CEPT
Want Used Chile, CEPT, Greenland, Finland, Berlin, Mint: CEPT and Letters: CEPT, Berlin
Note Only Exchange according to wantlist and catalogue value
Societies DFF and Aalborg-Noerresundby-Frimaerkeklub ( AANF )

Soh, Andrew
Location Malaysia
Offer Malaysia, Singapore, Australia and Great Britain
Want Worldwide
Note I would like to do simple barter stamp exchanges. I'll welcome your e-mail.

Solliday, Scott
Location Arizona, USA
Offer Philippines and Cuba, mostly used, pre-1940; also general USA and Worldwide.
Want French, Portuguese, Dutch, German, and Italian colonies

Solo, Han
Location Lima, Peru
Offer Peru
Want Worldwide TOPICALS
Note I am a new stamp collector.

Sorensen, John
Location The Netherlands
Offer Used Worldwide, especially The Netherlands and Denmark
Want Used Worldwide
Note Mainly interested in the Geography (different nations & areas) & History (different eras-I like older stamps). Would prefer to exchange 1:1 in small packets, or to send packets of stamps from which we each keep just those that we need.

Sorensen, Jorgen
Location Aarhus, Denmark
Offer Used Denmark, Faroes, Greenland, Iceland, Norway, Sweden, Great Britain and Western Germany
Want Used Denmark, Faroes, Greenland, Iceland, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Netherlands, Great Britain and Western Germany
Note Prefer trading with want lists (AFA and Michel-catalogs), but open for other agreements. Wantlists are at my homepage.

Sorescu, Sorin
Location Bucharest, Romania
Offer Mint Romania, from 1900 to 1998
Want Mint US, BRD and France, from 1990 to 1998
Note I use Michel & Yvert catalogues. Havelists available.
Societies Romanian Philatelic Society

Souto, Fernando
Location Farmington Hills, Michigan, USA
Offer Mint/used US, used Worldwide, especially Portugal, Portuguese colonies and Hungary.
Want Mint/used US, Portugal (no colonies), Hungary. CTO's OK.
Note Prefer to trade 1:1, or on a Scott catalog basis.
Societies BIA #11912

Sova, Constantin
Location Bacau, Romania
Offer Mint/used Romania, Moldova, & USSR postal stationery, covers, special cancellations & TOPICALS: Mushrooms, Birds, Sports, UN Theater, Medicine, Flora, Fauna, Aircraft, Minerals, Europe, UNESCO, Pole post and others
Want Mint/used Worldwide
Note Also interested in trading for phone cards and bank notes.

Spaans, Johan
Location The Netherlands
Offer The Netherlands stamps and FDC's of Local Post Services
Want Worldwide stamps and FDC's of Local Post Services
Note Prefer to trade on a 1:1 basis, but will buy and sell
Societies SPP

Spanke, Claas
Location Berlin, Germany
Offer Used Europe, especially Germany - WW TOPICAL singles & covers
Want Costa Rica {1960-93}, Belize {1981-93}, Honduras {1970-93}, Guatemala {1970-1992} all used - TOPICAL: postmarked covers from ships worldwide until 1965
Note Trading only, on a 1:1 basis, without catalogs, in packets of 50 or 100 different stamps.

Sparer, Norbert
Location Innsbruck, Austria
Offer Worldwide with emphasis on Western European & English speaking countries
Want Western European & English speaking nations such as US, Canada Australia, New Zealand and the Republic of South Africa

Spillers, Brian
Location Mason, Ohio, USA
Offer US, mostly from the 1900's to 1940's
Want Older US
Note Serious traders only please.

Splinter, Mike
Location California, USA
Offer Post 1950 USA plate blocks
Want Pre 1930 USA mint stamps, blocks and sheets...including regular mail, special delivery, official stamps, documentary stamps, & Postage due. Good deal on the Graf Zeppelin stamps

Spratt, John
Location London, England, UK
Offer Great Britain and Worldwide
Want British empire, GVI definitive & U.P.U sets, mint or MNH
Note I've decided to concentrate on G.VI & I'm breaking up my foreign collection. I use the Stanley Gibbons catalogues.
Societies Luton and District philatelic society

Spufford, Martin
Location Lincoln North, Auckland, New Zealand
Offer All Latin America from Mexico to Argentina mainly before 1940 and some New Zealand and Australia
Want 19th Century Guatemala, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Uruguay, Mexico, Costa Rica, Argentina and Colombia. Early 20th century Ecuador, Paraguay and Venezuela
Note My wants are highly focused so please request my Want list for more specific information. My catalogue preference is Stanley Gibbons and Scott, in that order.
Societies MEPSI, HCC (Honduras) ACES (El Salvador) & NSG (Nicaragua)

Srinivasan, Vivek
Location Chennai, India
Offer Mint/used India post independence - used Worldwide - TOPICALS
Want TOPICALS: Cricket & USA Presidents - hologram stamps
Note I do not wish to buy or sell. Will exchange by mutual agreement in packs of 25 or less. Catalogue values not a problem.

Stafford, Amie
Location Canada
Offer TOPICALS: Sports, Transportation and others
Want TOPICALS: Teapots, Musicians and Composers, Theatre, ballet, movies, Cartoons and Comics, Penguins, Chickens, fruits and Vegetables, Telephones, Insects, World Expos, Hearts.
Note Trade in lots of 25 or 50 (depending on how many we find!) I'm looking forward to trading with you! I will collect & find YOUR topical interests!

Stapleton, Cy
Location Lufkin, Texas, USA
Offer US & cash
Want Worldwide Postage stamps and cacheted FDCs related to printing and bookbinding eqpt., type and typesetting eqpt., paper and paper mills, famous printers, books & illuminated manuscripts and Worldwide Rotary International.
Note I am new to this topic and have little to trade other than US stamps or early printed pieces dating from the 15th century I am a collector and not a dealer. Will purchase or trade. SOCIETIES: Graphics Philately Society
WWW-Page (not a philatelic site)

Stappen, Petra & Frank van der
Location The Netherlands
Offer The Netherlands (mint / used), Indonesia (mostly used), used Ireland and small amounts of other countries and topicals
Want Mint/used Surinam Rep., Netherlands. Antilles & Aruba--Used Ireland, Malaysia, Australia, New Zealand, Thailand, Singapore and Indonesia.

Stawniczy, George J.
Location California, USA
Offer Mint/used Worldwide especially Poland and Europe
Want Mint Poland, post-1980 MNH and Pre-1930 mint. Andorra, Benelux Iceland, Liechtenstein, Monaco, San Marino, Vatican City, USA ducks...preferably all mint
Note 40 year collector. Lots of material to trade.
Societies APS #64670

Steegemans, Bert
Location Roermond, The Netherlands
Offer Worldwide, but especially the Netherlands and Germany
Want Mint/used Worldwide, FDC's, aerogrammes, postal cards, sheets, booklets, maximum cards, first day sheets and catalogues
Note I'd like to trade one for one and won't buy or sell. I'm also interested in numisletters.

Steegemans, Frans
Location Roermond, The Netherlands
Offer Worldwide, especially The Netherlands & Germany
Want Netherlands & former colonies. Germany --both East & West. TOPICALS: Birds
Note I don't buy/sell & would like to trade in packets of 50, on a 1:1 basis, not by catalogue. I use my brother's e-mail-address

Steeves, Bruce
Location Pickering, Ontario, Canada
Offer Used Canadian, US and Great Britian .
Want Used stamps from Australia, New Zealand and Great Britian
Note I trade for fun and do not work with want lists. Prefer to trade in packets of 50 or more.

Steffensen, Jan B.
Location Aalborg, Denmark
Offer Denmark and Norway
Want Used Worldwide. TOPICAL: Mystery and crime fiction motifs
Note I will trade or buy.

Steinman, George
Location Washington, USA
Offer Cancelled worldwide (off paper). Austria, Great Britain, Hungary, Australia, New Zealand, Czechoslovakia, China, Japan, India, & South Africa. Have some mint worldwide and USA available. USA & UN first day covers
Want Looking for pre 1900 USA and Worldwide
Note I'm a stamp dealer and use Scott catalog for pricing. I'm willing to buy, trade or sell.
Societies APS dealer member

Sterling, Richard
Location Berkeley, California, USA
Offer Great Britain, used and mint, 1840 - date,
Want Great Britain, used and mint, 1840 - date, especially high values
Societies Royal Philatelic Society

Steurs, Marc
Location Rijmenam, Belgium
Offer Belgium, Luxemburg, Liechtenstein, Switzerland, WWF
Want Belgium, Luxemburg, Liechtenstein, Switzerland, WWF
Note WWF specialist

Stevens, Rob
Location Valkenburg, The Netherlands
Offer Mint/used Belgium, The Netherlands--Austria, Switzerland, Indonesia, Scandinavia, Spain, Portugal & small amounts of a few other nations, but mainly West Europe
Want Mint/used Belgium, The Netherlands & their former colonies--Austria, Switzerland, Indonesia, Scandinavia, Denmark, Spain, Portugal and Italy
Note I'm looking to fill many gaps in my collection. Willing to trade 1:1 by want-lists (Michel) or in packets of 25 or more.

Stewart, Bob
Location Florida, USA
Offer West Europe and Pacific Rim
Want West Europe, especially Switzerland, Ireland & Channel Islands Pacific Rim, especially Hong Kong, Singapore & PNG
Note I prefer trading 1:1 in packets of 50 or 100, but will trade on basis of catalog value as well.
Societies APS, AHPS (American Helvetia Philatelic Society), Hong Kong Stamp Society, Eire Philatelic Assoc. & PCSG.

Stewart, Chris
Location Malaga, Spain
Offer Used British & British Commonwealth up to about 1955
Want Used British & British Commonwealth up to about 1955
Note Prefer to exchange in lots of 1-500. Send your want list and I'll send you mine.

Stewart, Rick
Location Maryland, USA
Offer Mint US and some recent used Worldwide
Want Mint/used Worldwide--mint TOPICALS: Music, Princess Diana & Figure Skating
Note I prefer to trade mint current issues by face value. I'm just starting my topical collections.
Societies International Society of Worldwide Stamp Collectors

Stewart, Sheila
Location Wesson, Mississippi, USA
Offer Used US, Germany, Japan and UN
Want Used US, Germany, Japan and UN TOPICALS: Cats, Christmas, Birds and Flowers.
Note Prefer to trade one for one.
Societies JPS #343

Stock, Dale
Location Medicine Hat, Alberta, Canada
Offer Mint/used Canada singles, plate blocks, sheets & early issues
Want Mint/used Canada, including postage value of modern era
Note Will buy, sell or trade. I'll respond to all e-mails!!!

Storseth, Leif Roger
Location Tromso, Norway
Offer Used Norway, Sweden, Denmark, some Finland, Iceland and a few from other European countries, with a few mint stamps
Want Mint/used Worldwide, especially French Colonies, British Empire, Asia, Arabia (no dunes), Latin-America & Europe. No CTOs
Note Will trade with Wantlists on a catalog value or 1:1 basis, or 3:1 in some cases. Alternative e-mail:
Societies Tromso Philatelic Society #824

Strathdee, Mack
Location Nova Scotia, Canada
Offer Japan 1876-1945 by Scott/JSCA; Plated Japanese forgeries {ISJP97CDRom} - Great Britain {QVR to GVR & decimal issues}, China, Manchukuo and Hong Kong
Want Japan: Special interests: 1872-79 Plated Classic forgeries {ISJP97CDRom}, 1876-83 KOBAN issues - covers, postcards and on-piece cancels
Note I'll trade Plated ISJP forgeries on a 1:1 basis. Otherwise, trade by Scott or Gibbons catalogue values. I'll sell too.
Societies International Society Japanese Philately #3399 Forgery Study Group (Canada)

Streba, Costin
Location Craiova, Dolj, Romania
Offer Mint/used Romania stamps and FDC's, Worldwide, Postal History of World Wars I & II
Want Romania, UK, Greece, postal history and Worldwide stamps

Strew, Jim
Location St. Ann's, Prince Edward Island, Canada
Offer Mint/used Worldwide and Canada FDC's and corner blocks
Want Scandinavia, New Zealand, Australia, Japan, Thailand, France and Switzerland
Note Trade in packets of 50+, or by equal Scott catalogue value.

Strydom, Edwin
Location Durban, South Africa
Offer Mint/used South Africa - Mint homelands, South West Africa and Namibia
Want Mint/used US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand & Great Britain
Note Used 1 for 1 in packets of 25 or 50. Mint by arrangement.
Societies East London and Natal Philatelic Societies

Suarez Alonzo, Carlos
Location Oviedo, Spain
Offer Mint/used Spain
Want Australia and TOPICAL: Ceramics

Suceava, Dorel
Location Phoenix, Arizona, USA
Offer Mint TOPICAL stamps, FDC's, Aerogrammes & First Flight Covers
Want Mint TOPICAL stamps, Aerogrammes & Covers
Societies AAMS#10168

Suciu, Christian
Location Boston, Massachusetts, USA
Offer Used & some MNH Worldwide, US, Romania & Belgium
Want Worldwide, stamps from your country, especially pre-1940 and post-1990---interested in Scandinavia, ex-USSR, Hong Kong and British Commonwealth
Note Flexible, willing to trade on 1:1 basis and/or on Scott values, in packets of at least 25. Prefer to trade rather than buy.

Suleymanov, Alkin Reshadov
Location Russe, Bulgaria
Offer East Europe, new ex-USSR nations - TOPICALS and old Postcards
Want Mint Worldwide - TOPICAL: Fauna - used Liechtenstein and Luxembourg
Note I'm a very serious stamp collector & use Michel catalogues.
Societies BG Philatelic Society

Sulman, Arie
Location Groningen, The Netherlands
Offer The Netherlands, India and Worldwide
Want British Commonwealth

Sultana, David
Location Arizona, USA
Offer Mint/used USA, Canada, Cyprus and Malta
Want MNH US, used early USA, Cyprus, Malta (including postal history) and early Great Britain used in Cyprus or Malta
Note Trade based on equal Scott or Gibbons catalogue value. Will exchange wantlists. Have list available for Canada and Malta.
Societies APS #173499 and the Malta Study Circle

Summers, Chuck
Location London, Ontario, Canada
Offer Mint/used Canada and some Worldwide
Want Mostly mint Canada - used Australia and Great Britain
Note Collector trying to help pay for hobby by becoming a part-time dealer. Will buy, sell and trade.
Societies RPSC

Sun, Ji
Location Maryland, USA
Offer Worldwide and I'll sort by country or TOPICAL interest
Want China Classic (before 1930) or P.R. China stamps, before 1980
Note I am willing to buy or trade. Price lists are welcome.

Sunarto, Agus
Location Aachen, Germany
Offer Germany, DDR (East Germany), Netherland, Great Britain and Worldwide
Want Australia, Germany, Berlin, China, Netherlands & Great Britain
Note Trading only, no buying or selling.

Suri-ach Nogue, Montse
Location Vidreres, Spain
Offer Used Spain
Want Used Worldwide
Note Exchanges on a 1:1 basis, with a minimum of 10 per packet.

Suter, Andreas
Location Seon, Switzerland
Offer Denmark, Faroes, Greenland, Iceland, Norway, Sweden, Switzerland and TOPICAL: Bicycles
Want Used Denmark, Faroes, Greenland, Iceland, Norway, Sweden and TOPICAL: Bicycles
Note Flexible on trading terms.

Sutton, Dennis
Location Darwin, NT, Australia
Offer Australia mint & used by bulk or want list.
Want Used Egypt issued after 1970---Used DDR commemoratives, Malta and Switzerland.
Note I will trade bulk up to 300 different Australia or on Stanley Gibbons catalogue value for want lists. Please check out my web site for my Wants & Haves

Svensson, Inge
Location Stavanger, Norway
Offer Norway, Denmark, Sweden, Finland, Iceland and Germany
Want Norway, Denmark, Sweden, Finland, Iceland and Greenland

Svolis, Aris
Location Tel Aviv, Israel
Offer Asia, Africa, Belgium, Norway, Finland, Sweden, Spain, Greece, Israel, Austria, Denmark, Switzerland, Italy, Portugal, France and Germany
Want Belgium, Norway, Finland, Sweden, Spain, Greece, Austria, Italy, Portugal, France and Germany
Note I prefer to trade on a 1:1 basis. I use Michel catalogs.

Swan, Bob
Location London, England, UK
Offer Used Great Britain and Worldwide
Want All different from your country or Worldwide---also Worldwide perfins and revenues
Note Trade 1:1, small for small, large for large, mixed for mixed. I'd like to trade packets of 50, 100 or 200 all different.
Societies Perfin Society (GB), Bromley & Beckenham Phil. Society

Szeto, Joanna
Location California, USA
Offer Used USA and Worldwide
Want Used Worldwide, especially Hong Kong, China & pre-1979 USA
Note I'd like to trade 1 for 1, in packets of 25 or more.
Societies JPA

Szonyi, Anne
Location New York, USA
Offer Mint/used USA and Used Worldwide
Want Used Worldwide to continue my Father's collection TOPICAL: Worldwide Dinosaurs

Szooi, Aik
Location Malaysia
Offer Used Malaysia Definitives and mixed Worldwide
Want Used mixed Worldwide

Szucs, Karoly
Location Budapest, Hungary
Offer Used Hungary & Austrian Revenues from 1854 to 1930---used/mint Hungary stamps, full mint years available from 1968
Want Post & Revenue stamps, full revenue objects, inclusive of prephilatelics in the Austro-Hungarian Empire (cca.1600-1919)
Note Will trade 1:1 in packets of 50, 100 or more, common items. I'll trade valuable items by mutual agreement. I use Michel & Zumstein catalogues & Hungarian Revenue Handbook by Istvan. Floderer (1 Floderer point = 1 DM in Michel)---I'm looking for other catalogs to cover Europe and Austria Revenues.
Societies MABEOSZ#362812

Talavera, Tony
Location Sealy, Texas, USA
Offer Worldwide, especially US, Canada and Western Europe
Want Worldwide, especially Western Europe

Tan, Myra
Location Quezon City, Philippines
Offer Canada, Australia, UN, Philippines, Hong Kong, Singapore and some Worldwide mint/used stamps, Souvenir Sheets & FDC's
Want Mint/used Worldwide & mint WW S. Sheets and TOPICAL: Pandas
Note I'm especially interested in panda stamps & souvenir sheets.

Tan, Ricky
Location Singapore
Offer Mint Current Singapore singles & FDCs & future issues and used Worldwide
Want Mint/used Australia, Great Britain, New Zealand and US singles & FDCs - Worldwide TOPICALS: Wildlife, Birds and Fish
Note I started collecting stamps when I was 12. I stopped when I started working. My enthusiasm is back because of the 'Net!

Tan, Roger
Location Singapore
Offer Common Singapore definitives, Malaysia, Australia, Great Britain and Worldwide---some are in sets or short sets
Want Used Great Britain, British Commonweatlh, US and Worldwide
Note Prefer to exchange in 50-100. For new issues, can buy on your behalf from local post Office. I'm willing to buy or trade.

Tang, Boon Swa
Location Singapore
Offer Used Worldwide, Australia, USA, Canada & Malaysia & Singapore self-adhesive booklets
Want 1) Self-adhesives. TOPICAL: 2) dogs (excluding Disney/cartoon) 3) South West Africa (with only the letters 'SWA' printed on stamps or overprinted on other countries/regions) stamps only 4) Some specifically dated commercially used covers & FDCs
Note Will buy wanted items if prices are acceptable. Information about wanted used covers & FDCs available upon request. Can exchange phonecards for stamps.

Tauber, Stephen J.
Location Massachusetts, USA
Offer Mint US (1930s on), some mint/used Worldwide & some perfins
Want Used Worldwide Officially issued perfins (need not be for official mail), advertising on stamps or on attached selvage, issues from private & local posts and stamps issued by transportation companies, such as railways, ship lines, airlines, bus companies, etc.
Note Limited ability to deal with Wantlists! Prefer trading, but will buy. I can correspond in English, German, or French.
Societies American Philatelic Society and the Perfins Club.

Taylor, Annie
Location Canberra, Australia
Offer Used Australia
Want TOPICALS: Birds, Flowers, Cats, Dogs and Insects
Note I am 10. I would like to swap with other kids.

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