StampTrader List.

Listings from Roberts, Peter J. to Shetelig, Sverre
January 1st, 1999 Update

Roberts, Peter J.
Location Georgia, USA
Offer Mint/used Bahamas--Also mostly common & used Worldwide
Want Mint/used Bahamas Out Island cancellations, specimens & covers
Note Exchange by want lists and catalog value (Stanley Gibbons or Scott). Want list available on my Web page.
Societies American Philatelic Society #146768

Robertson, Cynthia
Location British Columbia, Canada
Offer Used Canada, Australia, New Zealand, USA, Great Britain & Japan
Want Used Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, USA & GB
Note I have Wantlists & will trade 1:1, or on a Scott catalog basis

Robeznieks, Janis
Location Riga, Latvia
Offer Mint/used Latvia, Lithuania, Russia & USSR - Mint Estonia Latvia Covers and on-paper kiloware
Want Mint/used Australia, New Zealand, Scandinavia & Taiwan - Mint US, Canada, Great Britain & Japan - Used South America, West Europe, Pacific Islands & Antarctic territories - FDCs from the aforementioned, as well as Africa
Note I'd like to help the Baltic states collectors and others who need help in philately!
Societies Latvia Collector Society & CCCC

Robles, Francisco
Location Cordoba, Spain
Offer Used Spain and Worldwide
Want Used Worldwide, emphasis on Germany and the Netherlands TOPICALS: Vines, Vineyards and Wine
Note Prefer trading 1:1, in lots of 50. I also offer wine labels in exchange for stamps.

Roch, Karsten
Location Germany
Offer Used Germany and Worldwide
Want Used Worldwide

Rochon, Barry
Location 100 Mile House, British Columbia, Canada
Offer Mint/used Canada including older ones & some Worldwide
Want Worldwide, especially British Commenwealth and Oriental TOPICALS: Cats and Dogs
Note Father and two daughters collecting together. The girls want the Cat and Dog topical stamps.

Rocque, Gilles
Location Sainte-Foy, Quebec, Canada
Offer Mint/used Canada for the past 50 years - Worldwide, especially Norway, Finland, France, Australia, NZ., Thailand, Japan, Colombia, Argentina - some used African stamps from several countries (mainly French Africa)
Want Used Worldwide, preferably recent material but will trade by Wantlist by country - mint Worldwide aerogrammes
Note Will trade on a 1:1 basis or as the trader wishes. I've Scott Catalogue up to date, SG Catalogue up till 1989, portions of Michel and Yvert Tellier. Will not buy, only exchange.
Societies Societe Philathelique de Quebec

Rodionov, Michael
Location Turku, Finland
Offer Used Worlwide, mostly USSR and Eastern Block countries
Want Used Worldwide Commemoratives, Canada, Australia & New Zealand
Note Trade on one for one basis, with 100-200 stamps per letter.

Rodlie, Dan
Location British Columbia, Canada
Offer TOPICAL: Ships on stamps and any other Worldwide topicals--Mint/used USA, Canada, Norway, Japan & UN---Postcards
Want TOPICAL: Ships on stamps--Norway, Germany, Iceland, Japan and British Empire from 1936-1963---Maritime postcards
Note As the editor of Ship's on Stamp Unit publication 'Watercraft Philately', I would like to exchange information related to maritime related stamps from any country. Scott for countries and S.G. for topicals as a trading basis & reference.

Rodrigues, Alexandre
Location Sao Paulo, Brazil
Offer Brazil
Want Worldwide TOPICALS: Fish, Shells, Coral & Ham Radio

Rodriguez, Arlene
Location Manila, Philippines
Offer Mint/used Philippine and Southeast Asia
Want Mint/used Worldwide stamps, as well as First Day Covers

Rodriguez, Erick
Location Nicaragua and Miami, Florida, USA
Offer Nicaragua and other Latin American Countries
Want Nicaragua singles and covers, especially Zelaya (Bluefields & Cabo) 1903-1913
Note I'm actively involved in the Nicaragua Study Group, a small, but enthusiastic group of collectors of Nicaragua, formed in 1990. The NSG has an excellent, quarterly journal, Nicarao. If interested, please e-mail me for further details.
Societies American Philatelic Society

Rodriguez, Ernesto
Location Madrid, Spain
Offer Mint post-1960, Spain
Want Mint post-1960, USA. Mint topical: Meteorology.

Rodriguez, Maria
Location Bolivia
Offer Bolivia and Worldwide
Want Worldwide TOPICALS: Disney, Flora, Paintings, Animals, Sports and more
Note Trade on a Scott basis or Yvert or Michel if you prefer.
Societies CEFILCO

Rodriguez, Mario
Location Toledo, Spain
Offer Worldwide
Want Used Worldwide especially Sweden, USA, Ecuador, Belgium & France
Note I'd prefer to trade in lots of 100 or 200.

Rodriguez, Robert V.
Location Texas, USA
Offer Latin America
Want Colombia
Note I have a Latin American collection, but I'm focusing primarily on Colombia until it's nearly complete. I do speak Spanish and would enjoy trading w/collectors in Latin American countries.

Rodriguez, Shidy
Location Cochabamba, Bolivia
Offer Bolivia and Worldwide
Want Worldwide TOPICALS: Disney, Flora, Fauna, Scouts, Paintings UPAEP and others
Note Trade on a Scott Basis and on a CEFILCO basis for Bolivia.
Societies CEFILCO

Roig, Jean-Francois
Location Paris, France
Offer Used Worldwide, western Europe and France
Want Used/mint from France, Belgium, Andorra, Monaco and French Colonies
Note Trade on the basis 1:1 or based on Yvert (or Michel) catalogue value

Rolinder, Calle
Location Njurunda, Sweden
Offer Sweden and Scandinavia
Want Western Europe and USA
Note I'd like to trade packets of 100 different Sweden for 100 different of your country.
Societies SFF Sweden

Rollins, Noel Emerson
Location Denver, Colorado, USA
Offer Current Mint US singles, blocks, sheets, sets, that are now available from the post office
Want FDC's, Souvenir Sheets, mint singles, from Central Europe, the Baltic States, Russia, China, Mongolia & Eurasia
Note Looking for long-term trading partners in the noted countries. I'll trade on a 1:1 basis or cash-purchase.

Romero, Carlos
Location Caracas, Venezuela
Offer Postally used Latin America and Worldwide
Want Postally used Finland, Aland, Denmark, Greenland, Faeroes and Sweden
Note I'd like to trade on a 1:1 basis, in packets of 100 or 200 or according to Wantlists. I can answer in english and spanish.
Societies Club Flilatelico de Caracas

Romero, Celia
Location Cali, Colombia
Offer Colombia and Latin America USED stamps.
Want Lions Club Worldwide used only.

Ron, Avraham
Location Givat-Shmuel, Israel
Offer Mint/used Worldwide singles/FDCs, especially Czechoslovakia, Great Britain & Israel - TOPICAL: Railroads & related items
Want TOPICAL: Railroad related philatelic material, especially old Central American stamps, Railway Telegraph stamps Czechoslovakia mint & mounted mint - First Republic
Note I am an advanced Railway stamps collector.
Societies RPG, IMS and the Casey Jones Railroad Study Unit

Roop, Charles W.
Location Spring Valley, CA, USA
Offer Used USA and TOPICAL: Mint/used worldwide Music
Want Used UAS and TOPICAL: Mint/used worldwide Music
Societies APS and ATA

Rose, Colin
Location Sydney, Australia
Offer Mint/used Australia, Australia Antarctic. Some South Africa and Great Britain---TOPICAL: Chess
Want TOPICAL: Chess & Elephants---Nazi forgeries of UK stamps (mint/used), Used South Africa & Great Britain
Note Only want very fine material. Will offer cash too

Rosenfeld, Idel Isac
Location Porto Alegre, RS, Brazil
Offer Brazil
Want Worldwide commemoratives, especially African & small islands
Note Like to trade on a 1:1 basis.

Rosinski, Rick
Location Freeland, Michigan, USA
Offer Specialize in Used U.S., also used Worldwide.
Want Used Worldwide (prefer 1975-present).
Note Prefer to exchange in quantities of 50-200, 1-for-1 without want lists.
Societies APS #186531, ISWSC #1802

Rossel, Jeffrey
Location Mountain View, California, USA
Offer Used/Mint US; Used Worldwide (late 70's and early 80's)
Want Used/Mint China (PRC) and Taiwan especially

Rossi, Jarmo
Location Helsinki, Finland
Offer Used Finland
Want Mint/used USA, Canada, Austria, Germany, Berlin & Iceland
Note Prefer to trade with wantlists. I use Scott catalogue for USA & Canada & Michel for Austria, Germany, Berlin and Iceland.

Roth, Colin
Location New York, USA
Offer Used USA and Worldwide, especially Hungary & Czechoslovakia
Want Used Russia, 1940 to 1989--TOPICALS: Chess & Classical composers
Note Trade on 1:1 basis. A more descriptive want/offer list according to Scott Catalogs, available by e-mail, upon request.

Rowbottom, Graham
Location Hobart, Tasmania, Australia
Offer Australia, Early Tasmania inc. cds on pictorials & Revenues Eastern European material, also a wide variety of odds & ends
Want Czechoslovakia material from 1918 to 1939, especially collections & accumulations of the Hradcany Castles & similar items
Societies Member #102 of Tasmanian Philatelic Society

Royce, Donald S.
Location New York, USA
Offer Mint/used Worldwide, Singles & Sets, S/S, High & Low Values, British Empire, US, FDC's and CTO's
Want Mint/used Worldwide & US, preferably in sets
Note I'm both a collector and dealer. Trade Basis: I use the Scott catalogue values, or by mutual aggreement. My offers are available in packets of 100 to 1000. Will Buy, Sell or Trade. More info on my web page.

Rozenberg, Simon
Location Caracas, Venezuela
Offer Mint Venezuela, General and TOPICAL
Want Mint TOPICALS: Mammals, WWF and Sports
Note Exchange on a Scott catalog basis.

Rua, Silvio
Location Turin, Italy
Offer Mint/used Europe and cash
Want MNH or mint lightly hinged, Pre-1960 Greece
Note I've little to trade and will buy on a Michel catalogue basis.

Rubin, Mike
Location Maryland, USA
Offer Pre-1935, Mint/used USA stamps & better US FDCs. GB & British Empire to 1945, Germany to 1955, Zeppelin & rocket mail
Want Pre-1935 Mint/used USA-Great Britain & British Empire to 1945. Germany to 1955, Zeppelin and rocket mail
Note Higher end items only-sets & singles $100+-basis Scott/Michel.
Societies APS, AAMS & AFDCS

Runyon, Orlie L.
Location Washington, USA
Offer MNH/used USA---Used Australia and Great Britain
Want Used Australia and Worldwide
Note Will trade individual stamps or in bulk.
Societies APS#63903

Russ, Bob
Location Virginia, USA
Offer Mostly used USA
Want US back-of-book, Perfins & Revenues and used Worldwide.
Note Will gladly trade stamps of your country for stamps of the USA
Societies APS#170386

Rutkauskas, Petras
Location Vilnius, Lithuania
Offer Mint/used DDR, USSR, Baltic States and ex-USSR
Want Lithuania from 1918 to 1940
Note Trade on a Michel catalogue basis, or on a 1:1 basis in lots of 100 to 500 different used stamps.

Ryan, Mark
Location Minnesota, USA
Offer Great Britain, British Commonwealth & Worldwide odds & ends
Want Great Britain booklets, postal stationery/aerograms & singles Any booklets showing oriental year (year of the tiger, etc.) and archaeology
Note Working toward a good Great Britain collection & am interested in better values, within reason.
Societies APS#155987, GB Collectors & Booklet Collectors Clubs

Sabo, Morten
Location Drammen, Norway
Offer TOPICAL: Petroleum related---Norway
Want Worldwide TOPICAL: Petroleum related stamps
Note 5 to 10 Norwegian stamps for each petroleum stamp.
Societies Member of PPSI--Petroleum Philatelic Society International

Safonoff, Alexander
Location San Jose, California, USA
Offer Reference resource regarding Imperial Russia and cash
Want Used Imperial Russia---Especially interested in SOTN/Bullseye cancellations, multiple (pairs/strips/blocks) pieces, imperforated margin copies, items with salvage attached, and any forgeries/fakes
Note Will pay cash!
Societies ROSSICA - CSRP

Salda-A Millan, Luis
Location San Fernando, Cadiz, Spain
Offer Spain and East & West Europe countries
Want Spain, France, Germany, USSR, East Europe & Worldwide
Note Trade 1:1 for common stamps & on an Yvert basis for the rest.

Salminen, Aki
Location Espoo, Finland
Offer Scandinavian, Baltic, West-Europe mint sets, Finland mint/used & First day covers and Worldwide
Want Mint West-Europe 1987+, mint Europa-CEPT, Worldwide TOPICALS: Fauna, mint, maxis, cancellations, FDCs .. maybe used too, many other themes worldwide
Note I have much to trade and I'm open for all trading proposals.

Salminen, Tuomas
Location Helsinki, Finland
Offer Finland, Europe & Worldwide, sorted by countries & TOPICALS
Want Finland, old Russia (pre-1920) and Sweden
Note Like to trade using Wantlists.

Samalius, Dr. Andrius
Location Vilnius, Lithuania
Offer Mostly mint complete sets of TOPICALS: Birds, Butterflies, Ships Animals, Sea life, Flowers, Mushrooms, Trains, Sports-Paintings Yearly sets from Russia (1977-1991). Some S/S & FDCs available.
Want Any mint complete sets from British Commonwealth countries (mostly from 1937) and Souvenir Sheets
Note Can trade by cat. value or 1 for 1. I'm a small dealer, so I'll consider other offers, too.
Societies Member #555 of Lithuanian Philatelic Society

Sameem, Rifki
Location Colombo, Sri Lanka
Offer Ceylon & Sri Lanka Errors, Varieties & Flaws of all kinds
Want Classic Ceylon and Great Britain
Note Over 15 years in the stamp business, reply assured for all mails received. Send me your wants lists for Ceylon and Sri Lanka. Will buy, sell and trade.
Societies The Ceylon Study Circle

Samuel, Scott
Location Illinois, USA
Offer MNH/MH/used USA, British Commonwealth, Worldwide Non-cachet USA FDCs
Want British Commonwealth, Portuguese Colonies, WW, U.S. high Scott values unused in lower grade condition. (Columbians and back)
Note Like to trade in packets based on 96 Scott CV. You name the size/value up to $100 SCV. 1 for 1 trades are welcome.
Societies APS#178770

Sanchez, Enrique
Location Coah., Mexico
Offer MNH Mexico exportas complete sets
Want MNH Mexico commemoratives
Note Will trade at Scott Catalogue value & have Wantlists available

Sand, Heino
Location Erlangen, Germany
Offer Used Germany (90% 1960-1991), some mint and Worldwide
Want France, Italy, Switzerland, Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, Spain, Scandinavia, Portugal, Ireland, Iceland, Monaco, Andorra, Liechtenstein, Vatican, Greece, Yugoslavia and successors TOPICAL: Scouts
Note Like to trade in lots of at least 100 per country (in Europe, 200 overseas) or more, on a 1 to 1 basis. May also trade your used mixed WW (East Asia, Afica, South America) to my mixed Europe & US in lots of 250 or more.

Sanford, Ken
Location Duillier, Switzerland
Offer Worldwide crash & wreck covers, survey & experimental flight covers & Aerophilatelic / commercial aviation literature
Want Worldwide crash & wreck covers, survey & experimental flight covers & Aerophilatelic / commercial aviation literature
Note I'm a part-time dealer. I use Nierinck's 'Recovered Mail' & the American Air Mail Catalogue & other crash listings, as basis to buy/sell/trade--ALT. e-mail:
Societies APS & AAMS

Sang, Johnny
Location Auckland, New Zealand
Offer Worldwide, especially Great Britain, Australia, New Zealand, most European countries and South American nations
Want Japan, Early Imperial China, Mint Taiwan(ROC), Mint PRC. Stamps, cover, postal stationery and postal history
Note Will trade based on 1994 Scott/Stanley Gibbons cat. values.

Santacruz Martinez, Juan Carlos
Location Santafe de Bogota, Colombia
Offer Colombia---TOPICALS: Football (Soccer) and Astrophilately
Want TOPICAL: Football {Soccer} World Cup Stamps, Covers & Cancels
Societies Member of APS, ATA, SPI and Copaphil

Santander Rojas, Montserrat
Location Santiago, Chile
Offer Mint/used Chile, including new issues which are available at the Post Office---Worldwide
Want USA, Hungary & Poland TOPICALS: Flowers & Animals
Note Restarting my collection and prefer trading on a 1:1 basis.

Santaniello, Carmine
Location Washington, USA
Offer MNH/used USA and Worldwide
Want All used Afars and Issas (pre-Djibouti) issues
Note I offer double value in MNH/used US and worldwide for my wants I'm very flexible and open to suggestion.

Santerre, Joan
Location Montreal, Quebec, Canada
Offer Used/mint Canada and used Worldwide
Want Used worldwide especially Canada, US, GB and Scandinavian countries
Note Will trade 1 for 1 in packets of 50-100.
Societies Pincourt Stamp Club

Santos, Fabio Conti
Location Sao Bernardo do Campo, Sao Paulo, Brazil
Offer Mint/used Brazil for the past 30 years
Want Worldwide, with a preference for Asia, Europe, Africa and the Middle East

Santoso, Herman
Location Jakarta, Indonesia
Offer Mint/used {1947-1997} Indonesia, Netherlands Indies, Japanese Occupations and TOPICALS from other Asian nations
Want Worldwide TOPICALS: Birds, Fauna, Fish, Insects, WWF & Reptile stamps and souvenir sheets
Note I'm a stamp dealer and will buy, sell and trade.

Sartor, Alexandre
Location Florianopolis, SC, Brazil
Offer Mint/used TOPICALS of Brazil, South America & a few Worldwide
Want Mint/used TOPICALS from USA, Canada, W. Europe, Australia and New Zealand
Note I'm interested in all topicals.

Savage, Dan
Location Prince Edward Island, Canada
Offer Used Canada and some mint
Want New Zealand, Australia, South Pacific Islands
Note Interested in trading 1:1 in packets of 50 to 100 but will trade on a catalogue basis for higher values.

Sawhill, John 'Buzz'
Location Maine, USA
Offer Worldwide first day covers
Want USA first day covers. TOPICALS: Bees and Soccer
Note Have excess USA FDC to trade & will buy Bee stamps using Scott or negotiated values.

Sayer, Ron
Location Kansas, USA
Offer Used USA, Russia, Germany, Bulgaria, & Czechoslovakia New Issues: Australia, Germany, France, Sweden and USA
Want Mint/used Worldwide on any TOPICAL. Looking for Europe & African nations in particular singles, sets, FDCs
Note Prefer to trade in packets of 25 to 100 on a 1:1 basis, or face for new issues. Scott catalog values for higher values.

Scales, John
Location Florida, USA
Offer Great Britain from QV to 1985, including many high value items
Want Great Britain (1840-1971 Pre-decimal) stamps & booklet panes
Note Prefer to trade but will sell.

Schanderl, Cornelius
Location Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Offer Mint/used Worldwide
Want Germany, Netherlands & Colonies, Portugal & Colonies, Switzerland, (Post stationery cards from Portugal, Azores, & Madeira)
Note I'm an advanced collector. Prefer trading with want lists or by mutual agreement. "Scott 1998", Gibbons, Yvert and other specialized catalogues. Corresponds in English or Portuguese. I have more than 8000 stamps to trade.

Schaps, Bob
Location New York, USA
Offer Recent MNH USA, some MNH from Poland & Mexico. Used Australia, Canada, Cuba, Mexico, and United States. Some used Worldwide
Want Used Canada, Cuba, Australia, Mexico, Poland, Scandinavia, South America & Puerto Rico-TOPICALS: Traffic Signs, Signals and Road Safety
Note I'm willing to trade 1 for 1, by want lists, or values. Will look for topicals. Wantlists available on my WWW home page.
Societies APS#159603

Schareck, Wilf
Location Georgia, USA
Offer USA and Canada.
Want USA, Canada and USA Plate Blocks.
Note Prefer to trade 1:1 in packets of 25/50. I use Scott for USA and Unitrade for Canada as a trading basis for higher values.

Schleicher, Christian
Location Steyr, Austria
Offer Mint used Austria, registered mail-pieces, CEPT/Europe Worldwide TOPICALS: Xmas, Paintings, Flora, Fauna, Sports, Traffic and more
Want TOPICALS: Europe/Cept, Europe related {KSZE, NATO, Benelux, Montan-Union, European Championships, etc.} AUSTRIACA {stamps of any other country with any relation to Austria e.g. Mozart, Olympic Winter Games Innsbruck 1964/1976 & Hapsburg emperors and the like
Note Prefer trades on Michel-basis, new stamps at nominal value.
Societies BSV Steyr (Austrian Stamp Collectors Society)

Schmal, Les
Location Sandton, South Africa
Offer South Africa, Southern African nations & most of Europe
Want Greece, Netherlands, Scandinavia, Hong Kong, Malaysia, New Zealand, Australia and Singapore
Note I prefer to exchange by Wantlists and on the basis of equal catalogue values. I use Michel, Gibbons and Yang catalogues.
Societies Founder member of Sandton Philtelic Society in 1983

Schmidt, Larry
Location Plymouth, MN USA
Offer Current US issues (until I get my years' worth of accumulations organized!)
Want Any stamps or covers with an opera theme: operas, composers, opera houses, singers, etc. Also, US FDCs.
Societies APS, 3M Stamp Club (St. Paul, MN)

Schmidt, Thomas
Location Germany
Offer Used Worldwide
Want Used Great Britain, especially pre-1952
Note I'm putting a want list together. It will soon be available on the Web. The STAMPS FAQ (frequently asked questions), The Stamp Trader List & the r.c.s. (rec.collecting.stamps) newsgroup are also available on my Web site.

Schmoyer, Jason S.
Location Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA
Offer Mostly used US and Worldwide
Want Worldwide - old and mint US, including back of book items
Note Interests are varied. My family & I have been collecting for more than 20 years now & we have plenty of trading material.
Societies APS

Schouten, Ton
Location Kortenhoef, The Netherlands
Offer Netherlands, Surinam, Indonesia and Netherlands Antilles
Want MNH/ used (1945-1997) Netherlands or unaddressed First Day Covers from 1950 to 1960
Note Will buy or exchange Dutch stamps & FDC's & I use the special NVPH catalogue.
Societies Postzegelvereniging Hilversum en Omstreken

Schubert, Thomas
Location Berlin, Germany
Offer MNH/used German Democratic Republic 1970-1990
Want Palestine Postal History material--letters--postmarks--stamps

Schuh, Christian H.F.
Location Boynton Beach, Florida, USA
Offer Germany (Bayern, Dt.Reich, Bund, Berlin, ETBs), France, USA & most other Western European countries---mostly used
Want Used Germany, UK, Ireland, Sweden, France, older USA, & other Western Europe nations
Note Prefer trading by want-lists on a Michel basis, but will also trade in packets of 100 or 200 on a one-for-one basis.
Societies Germany Philatelic Society #9024

Schumacher, Leo
Location San Diego, California, USA
Offer Mostly used, some mint USA (pre1900-Current. Some Worldwide, USSR, & Ukraine
Want Russia, USSR & Ukraine--TOPICALS: Worldwide Space, Cars, Trains, Planes & Cats.
Note Trade only- Trade on a 1:1 basis-prefer packets of 20+. Trade older stamps (pre 1930's) on Scott catalog value.

Schwartz, Deborah
Location Somerville, Massachusetts, USA
Offer Used Worldwide, UN, USA FDCs, state & federal Ducks
Want Used USA---Mint UN & Mint Duck/waterfowl hunting stamps TOPICALS (mint or used): Buddhism, Drums/Percussion, Elephants Warthogs/pigs/boars, Beavers and Canada Geese
Societies APS#181053

Schweinzer, Bernd
Location Germany
Offer East and West Germany
Want Used Worldwide stamps and FDCs please...
Note I'd prefer complete sets.
Societies BDPh, CCCC

Scott, Betsy
Location Kansas City, Missouri, USA
Offer Mint US plate blocks, singles, booklet singles, coils & blocks of 4 for recent years and both Mint/Used older singles
Want US singles, plate blocks, booklets, coils, Line pairs, coil strips, Federal Duck stamps before 1940 or after 1990 & GB higher values (pre-1940)
Note Trade by catalogue value. I have a 1998 US Specialized Scott catalogue, but am sure we can work a deal.
Societies American Philatelic Society

Sedano Puerta, Juan Jose
Location Sevilla, Spain
Offer Mint/used Spain and Worldwide
Want Mint/used Worldwide---stamps or documents related to EXPO 92
Note I'd like to trade on 1:1 basis in packets of 50, 100 or 150.

See, Tan Lee
Location Singapore
Offer Worldwide, especially Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Great Britain, US and Singapore
Want Indonesia, PNG, Thailand, Hong Kong and Taiwan Worldwide TOPICALS: Animals and Insects

Seidel, Karl-Heinz
Location Johannesburg, South Africa
Offer Mint/used South Africa, mint Homelands & mint Namibia
Want Mint/used, Worldwide & TOPICAL: Antarctica.all related issues
Note Also have mint/used phonecards of South Africa and Namibia. I have Want Lists available upon request.

Seidel, Rainer
Location Tussenhausen, Germany
Offer Used Germany, Europe and some Worldwide
Want Mint/used Worldwide
Note I prefer trading 1:1 in packets of 50/100.

Seidl, John
Location Marietta, Georgia, USA
Offer Mint/used US & Worldwide, Cayman Islands, US plate blocks & kiloware---will also pay CASH
Want Cayman Islands EFOs - any Cayman Item not listed in Scott Also any modern (post 1980) used Cayman material. Cayman covers, FDCs, First Flights, etc.
Note I will pay or trade well over '98 Scott Catalogue value for better Cayman material that I need for my collection.
Societies APS, ATA, British Carribean Philatelic Study Group

Seki, Toru
Location Isesaki, Gunma, Japan
Offer Used Japan Commemoratives
Want Used Worldwide Commemoratives
Note I prefer to trade on a 1:1 basis, in same size packets.

Sequeira, Pedro
Location Aveiro, Portugal
Offer Used Portugal, ex-Portuguese Colonies and Worldwide
Want Used Portugal, ex-Portuguese Colonies, South America, Africa and Worldwide
Note Trade on a 1:1 basis in packets of 50, 100 or more. I'll answer all e-mails.

Seng, Alan Teh Leam
Location Johore, Malaysia
Offer Mint/used Worldwide--postal history for Malaya and Singapore, Malaysian FDC's & new issues for Singapore and Malaysia
Want Covers, postcards and other postal history and stamps for Malaya and Singapore - including early to modern period.
Societies Malaya Study Group, Singapore Stamp Club

Sethi, Sachin S.
Location Ohio, USA
Offer USA, Canada, India, British Empire & Worldwide
Want Mint/used Worldwide with emphasis on pre-1951 British Empire
Note I like to trade in lots of 100 or above, on a 1:1 or catalog value basis. No damaged or heavily cancelled stamps please. I'm willing to buy what I need at 40% of Scott catalogue.

Settimo, Gianni
Location Turin, Italy
Offer Used Italy and Worldwide
Want TOPICAL: Cats
Note Author of CAT a Logo, cats in the stamps, above 400 pages.
Societies Member of Circolo Filatelico Torinese over 50 years.

Sevenhuijsen, Johan
Location Schiedam, The Netherlands
Offer Used Worldwide, especially East Europe, but also West Europe (Netherlands, Germany, GB) and TOPICALS
Want Used stamps from Hungary (1900 - 1920), Czechoslovakia (1918 - 1930) and China (all periods)
Note Please ask for what you like & I'll try to find it for you.
Societies Dutch study groups for China and Eastern Europe

Severe, Martin
Location Rockville, Maryland, USA
Offer Artcraft cacheted covers: FDCs, Topicals, special events, USA UN, Worldwide regular and variety covers
Want Artcraft variety covers (not run-of-the-mill material) e.g. color varieties, Topicals, special events e.g. inauguration, sports, patriotic, foreign, oversize, imprinted addresses on back or back flap, fakes etc.
Note I'm a full-time collector and part-time dealer. I authored The Comprehensive Listing of Artcraft Covers: Varieties & Values.
Societies APS & AFDCS

Sevilla, Alvaro
Location Quito, Ecuador.
Offer Used South America and Europe
Want Used South America and Europe
Note Trade a 1:1 basis.

Shamma, Kareem
Location Manama, Bahrain
Offer Used, mostly off paper stamps, Worldwide, but mostly Middle East, 1960's to date
Want Used, early stamps of Middle East

Shani, Moshe
Location Tel Aviv, Israel
Offer Used Israel & Worldwide
Want Worldwide, stamps from your country
Note Trade 1-for-1 in packets of 25-50.
Societies Israeli Philatelic Society

Shao, Roy
Location Beijing, P.R.China
Offer Used China
Want Worldwide
Note Like to trade 1:1, in packets of at least 100 for each trade.

Shapiro, Brian
Location Ohio, USA
Offer Used USA, primarily from the 1930s into the 1970s
Want USA issues from 1980---Will consider worldwide
Note Prefer 1:1 trading basis, in packets of 25 or more.

Sheaffer, Gad S.
Location Haifa, Israel
Offer Israel First day post office openings &special event postmarks Air-letters and postcards - mint & FDC. Stamps-mint (not many)
Want Mint Israel postmarks, booklets, some early stamps
Note Interested in all aspects of Israel philately & postal history

Sheffer, Danny
Location Israel
Offer Israel, Scandinavia, Greece & many Worldwide commemoratives
Want Vatican City
Note I'll furnish a Michel based Vatican Wantlist on request.
Societies Beer Sheva Stamp Club

Shelankov, Mikhail
Location Brooklyn, New York, USA
Offer TOPICALS: History, War & Space
Want TOPICALS: History, War & Space
Note Will welcome information relative to the themes I collect.

Sheng, Ben
Location Wyoming, USA
Offer Mint/used, 1900-recent USA, PR China, pre-1949 China, provinces and cash
Want PR China, Shanghai & other China local post, pre-1949 China, and provinces
Note Will trade based on Scott Catalog values. Alternate e-mail address:

Sherson, Bob
Location Hamilton, New Zealand
Offer Worldwide-airmail labels-TOPICALS: Stamps on stamps & Minerals
Want TOPICALS: Stamps on stamps & Minerals---airmail labels
Societies Waikato Philatelic Society

Shetelig, Sverre
Location Oslo, Norway
Offer Mint/used Berlin & Norway--used Denmark & West Germany & used letters from the same countries
Want TOPICALS: Music, Helping the Handicapped, Nordic countries and Germany
Note 100/100 swap or want-list & buying or selling also of interest
Societies Nordenfjeldske Philatelic Society

As this is written (9/20/98), the STL has it's own web site.

For the first time, we have a search tool, which is now operational, and provides traders with many different ways in which to access specific STL listings, by name, country of residence and different areas of collecting interest.

The new STL web site, located in Denmark:

For those with web browsers, it's much easier for you and us, if you use an online form to submit your proposed listing. That form can be found at the STL Web site in Denmark:

If you'd like to find out more about the STL, send an e-mail to: