StampTrader List.

Listings from Malosetti Zunin, Nicolas to Moorer, Peter
January 1st, 1999 Update

Malosetti Zunin, Nicolas
Location Montevideo, Uruguay
Offer Uruguay (used-mnh), Spain, South America and Europe TOPICALS: Sports, Flora & Fauna---used Postcards
Want Uruguay, Chile, Japan---TOPICALS: Penguins, African series of Fauna and Flora...all used except used/mint for Uruguay Envelopes, postcards related to Uruguay
Note Like to trade on a 1:1 basis with packets of 100 per trade. Catalog value if required. I'm flexible and can negotiate.
Societies C.F.U. club filatelico del Uruguay

Manning, Robert
Location Paris, France
Offer Used France, both classical & semi-classical. French Postmarks
Want Used Worldwide with a preference for Europe

Mansfield, Ed
Location Rochester, Minnesota, USA
Offer Mint/used US and Worldwide
Want Czechoslovakia {pre 1980}, mint/used 19th century US, mint/used pre-1980 Japan and Yugoslavia
Note Would like to trade on a Scott Catalogue value basis.
Societies APS

Manta, Victor
Location Biel, Switzerland
Offer Mint Switzerland, Liechtenstein, UN and Europe
Want TOPICALS: Painting and Arts, mint stamps & miniature sheets Maximum cards and first day covers
Note Trade or buy - advanced collector. I use Stanley Gibbons and Zumstein catalogues.
Societies Member of the Swiss Stamps Collector Association

Marasco, David
Location British Columbia, Canada
Offer Canada Perfins, Precancels, Revenues , postal issues, and the British Empire
Want Canada: pre war plate blocks, perf OHMS plate blocks, precancelled plate blocks, Western town cancels, 4 ring numeral cancels on the pence issue
Note My list of available Traders and Want list is posted on my web page. For Trade or Sale.
Societies British North American Philatelic Society (BNAPS) #3927

Marcos, Julian
Location Sunchales, Santa Fe, Argentina
Offer Used Argentina, Spain, Italy and some Worldwide
Want Used Worldwide, especially Argentina, Spain, Italy & nations of South America
Note I can offer other philatelic material such as Auction Books and Bulletins about new Argentina issues & more.
Societies American Philatelic Society

Marek, Petr
Location Hradec Kralove, Czech Republic
Offer Mint or used Czech Republic, Slovakia, Czechoslovakia. Modern and old issues.
Want Used Denmark, Norway, New Zealand
Note Depending on wishes I can trade on a 1:1 or catalogue basis.

Marinescu, Mihnea
Location New York, USA
Offer Mint/MNH/used 20th century Romania, USA, UN, Canada & Australia
Want 19th century Romania stamps & covers. MNH Eastern Europe up to 1938 (Albania, Bulgaria, Czechoslovakia, Hungary, Poland, Baltic States & USSR). P.R. China & Taiwan up to 1980, Brazil & Mexico
Note I can also offer unused US phonecards (mainly NYNEX, but also some other Baby Bells & AT&T. I'd like to get used or unused phonecards from Eastern Europe.

Marion-Landais, Eric
Location Miami, Florida, USA
Offer Dominican Republic, Cuba, Netherlands and Worldwide
Want TOPICAL: Frogs. Netherlands, Spain, Italy, Dominican Republic and Cuba (pre-1961)
Note Trades only, no purchases or sales.

Markauskas, Leo
Location Manly, New South Wales, Australia
Offer Used recent Baltic countries. Used Ukraine official and Local Post issues as well as postally used covers
Want Used recent large USA commemoratives love/Xmas..hi value non-commems OK, but only large accepted in trade.
Note Want lists available via e-mail upon request.
Societies American Philatelic Society member #72995 since 1973.

Markauskas, Susan
Location Sydney, Australia
Offer Mint ex USSR republics new issues including numerous local post issues, FDCs, PSE's, used local post covers especially Baltic and Ukraine
Want Mint ex USSR republics new issues including numerous local post issues, FDCs, PSE's, used local post covers especially Baltic and Ukraine
Note Trade & sell.
Societies My husband, Leo, has been APS 72995 since 1973.

Markovsky, Dimiter
Location Svishtov, Bulgaria
Offer Mint(MNH)/used Bulgaria--Mint TOPICALS: Flora & Fauna 1984-90 from the countries of the former communist regime
Want Only mint full sets from Europe, Canada, Australia, USA, New Zealand & Japan by wantlist
Note I sell or exchange. Basis catalogues of your choice. I have the Ivert & Michel catalogues. Offer Bulgarian phonecards too.
Societies Member#001435, Union of Bulgarian Philatelists --(UBP)

Markvoort, Wouter
Location Netherlands
Offer Mostly used Worldwide
Want Used British Empire (pre-independence), Canada, Australia, New Zealand and South Africa
Note Trade lower values 1:1 in lots of 100. Trade or sell higher values, or by mutual agreement. Use SG or Michel catalogs. Wantlists & Havelists available at homepage or on request.

Marshall, Lynn
Location Canada
Offer Used Worldwide, Canada, and Great Britain
Want Worldwide and TOPICALS: Tortoises and Turtles
Note I collect mainly used stamps, but also have some mint. Trade on 1 for 1 basis or as requested.

Martin, Jean-Pierre
Location Marseille, France
Offer All French ex-colonies and Europe, and some Worldwide
Want Mint/used French and Italian ex-colonies, Western Europe, especially France, Monaco, Andorra, Switzerland, Germany, Italy and Great Britain - British Empire islands {before independence}, Oceania {Australia, New Zealand & all islands} and any country in complete mint sets or years
Note 1:1 exchanges in packets of 100 or more, or with Wantlist and catalog values. I can sell at 1/5 catalog value if you have no material. I use the Yvert catalog, but can use your catalogue values if you prefer.

Martin, Johnny
Location Jakarta, Indonesia
Offer MNH Indonesia
Want Mint/used large serial from Japan - definitives from Malaysia, Singapore, New Zealand and Australia
Note Please check my web-site. I list my Wants with pictures.

Martin, Luis
Location British Columbia, Canada
Offer Berlin collection on Lighthouse pages, Uruguay, high catalog German, & Russian Empire postal stationery
Want Batum (British Occup), Heligoland and early Uruguay stamps, covers, post. stationery, etc., accumulations of Germany 1948 Building issue & St. Petersburg numerical cancels for study.
Note Want lists available
Societies Member of APS#150132, LAPS#262, and AAPE#2003

Martin, Tony
Location New Zealand
Offer New Zealand
Want Used Denmark, Ireland, Iceland, Sweden, Norway & Finland
Note I'd prefer to exchange on a catalog basis as per Wantlists.
Societies Auckland Philatelic Society & Wellesley Philatelic Society & Postal History Society of New Zealand

Martinez, Ana Karina
Location Trelew, Chubut, Argentina
Offer Mint/used Worldwide, especially from Argentina.
Want Worldwide...also TOPICALS: Environmment and others.

Martinez, Jose
Location Madrid, Spain
Offer Mint/used Spain from 1950 to now...Nearly all European nations stamps, souvenir sheets & booklets. TOPICALS: Fauna, Flora, Transports, Cosmos, Sports & Europe CEPT
Want Mint Belgium, Sweden and Great Britain stamps & sheets TOPICALS: Mint Worldwide Fauna and Flora
Note Willing to trade 1:1 via want-lists. Catalogs: Yvert Et Tellier for Europe and Edifil for Spain.

Martinez Camacho, Miguel
Location Madrid, Spain
Offer Mint/used stamps and FDCs of Spain
Want Mint/used stamps & FDCs of Latin America & Portugal
Note Trade on a 1:1 basis, or by mutual agreement.

Martinez Mutay, Jorge
Location Sarandi Grande, Uruguay
Offer Mint Uruguay
Want TOPICALS: Paintings

Martins, Alida
Location Centurion, South Africa
Offer Mint TOPICALS: Horses, Carriages and Pigs on stamps. Can also supply local stamps of other descriptions
Want Mint TOPICALS: Birds on stamps.
Note Would like to trade on one to one basis or in packets of 25.

Martins, Mario
Location Mission Viejo, California, USA
Offer Used USA & Worldwide
Want Used Australia, Canada, Great Britain, Empire, Portugal & UN
Note Prefer to trade on 1 for 1 basis in packets of 25/50
Societies Laguna Hills Stamp Club

Martins Morgado, Carlos Manuel
Location Portugal
Offer Portugal, Worldwide, mostly Europe, singles & old postcards
Want Canada, Brazil, US, Mexico, Israel and Great Britain TOPICALS: Sailing Ships, War Planes, Warships and other War themes.

Martins Reis, Carlos Alberto
Location Bahia, Brazil
Offer Mint Brazil singles, complete sets & blocks - WW TOPICAL sets
Want Mint West Europe, South America & Southeast Asia singles, sets and blocks - TOPICALS: Fauna, Flora, Europe and America-UPAEP
Note I'd like to find trading parters who wish to trade by catalog values. I prefer Yvert, but I can use Michel and Scott too.

Martinson, Anders
Location Lerum, Sweden
Offer Sweden 1875 - 1936
Want Swedish postal history 1885 - 1936
Note I'm only interested in items with special services (registered insured, c.o.d. etc)
Societies G–teborgs Filatelistf–rening, Oslo Filatelistklubb

Martsch, Wayne
Location Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada
Offer Mint/used Canada primarily
Want Mint/Used: Australia, New Zealand, Greenland & Iceland; Used Canada; Mint or Used (preferably) US & general Worldwide to a lesser degree
Note Trade more modern Mint stamps at face value; used at 1:1 in packets of 25/50/100; Scott catalog preferably for more expensive items as appropriate. I'm pretty flexible on arrangements Will probably buy used stamps if I haven't got anything you want or in larger quantities.

Marunenko, Igor
Location Vladivostok, Russia
Offer Mint stamps of Russia
Want Worldwide mint stamps
Note I will answer to all collector or dealers

Mash, William "Bill" E.J.
Location Yorkshire, England, UK
Offer used Great Britain of all periods, some Isle of Man & Ireland
Want Used Australia, New Zealand, Canada and France - will consider some Worldwide
Note I'd like to trade 1:1 in packets of 100 or so. Wantlists are equally welcome. I have SG and Yvert catalogues for GB.
Societies Raflet Stamp Club

Massimo, Lobbia
Location Lodi, Italy
Offer Used Italian and Worldwide
Want Canada, Singapore, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Ethiopia, Papua New Guinea used stamps
Note I would like to make trades in packets of 50-100 stamps, and will work with want lists.

Massone, Antonio
Location Italy
Offer Used Italy
Want Used Worldwide

Matzoll, Matt H.
Location New South Wales, Australia
Offer Mint/used Australia, stamps & FDC's--Worldwide TOPICALS
Want MNH Worldwide TOPICALS: WWF, Birds, aeroplanes, Railways, Ships & Butterflies---Special interest in Southeast Asia, Macau Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Taiwan, Hong Kong
Note I'm a dealer and will buy, sell or trade. E-mail your Wants!!

Maurizio, Meroni
Location Milan, Italy
Offer Used Italy from the period 1945 to 1997
Want Europe, New Zealand, Japan, Hong Kong, USA and Thailand
Note Prefer trades by Yvert et Tellier, or 1:1 for Asian countries.

Maxwell, Maurice
Location Belfast, Northern Ireland, UK
Offer Used GB & Worldwide
Want Used Worldwide

Maybury, Peter
Location Gauteng, South Africa
Offer TOPICALS: (not modern ), Worldwide perfins & USA precancels
Want Worldwide perfins, loose, but especially on cover.
Note I prefer to trade, but will buy.
Societies British Perfin Society and the Natal Philatelic Society

Mayor, Vicente Dominguez
Location Mandaluyong City, Philippines
Offer Mint/used Spain --1850-1980's --and current Philippine issues
Want Philippines (Spanish-American-Japanese Periods)
Note Trade according to Scott numbers and values
Societies APS & PSCS

McAlonan, Frank
Location New York City, New York, USA
Offer Used Worldwide...most of them issued before 1973
Want Want first flight covers flown to, from or within South Africa & South West Africa/Namibia - Kenya, Zanzibar, the Rhodesias, & German South West Africa. Would like to find commercially used Tokelau Islands covers & collateral material like proofs, original artist sketches etc.
Note Happy to exchange information with aerophilatelists on postal rates and routes for Africa to Europe. I'd like to trade stamps on a 1:1 basis, and everything else is negotiable.
Societies American Philatelic Society & South African study group

McArthur, Greg
Location Illinois, USA
Offer Worldwide country or area
Want Austria, Belgium & Germany
Note Prefer to trade in packets of 100-200.

McCain, James M.
Location Texas, USA
Offer Mint Never Hinged Worldwide sets, singles, Souvenir Sheets and Booklets. Many TOPICALS.
Want Worldwide Mint Never Hinged sets, singles, Souvenir Sheets and Booklets...mostly British Colonies, Scandinavia & West Europe
Note Trade by Want list. 1997 Scott Catalog basis. Want and Have lists are online on my WWW Page.
Societies American Philatelic Society #76522 (23 years).

McCamley, William
Location Pennsylvania, USA
Offer MNH UN (Pre 1985 NY, Vienna & Geneva), USA and Canada
Want Any Hawaii, Canal Zone, or high value USA and Canada
Note I use 1997 Scott's for sell & trade values. I'm not buying.

McCarson, Jeanne
Location Malaysia
Offer Used Worldwide, especially Asia and West Europe countries
Want Used Worldwide from your country or others
Note Trade for fun in packets of 50 or more. Would like to have anything except definitives from UK or Malaysia and older stamps in return of my assortment. I'm a flexible trader.

McCartney, David
Location Brisbane, Australia
Offer Used Australia...pre-decimal & decimal...Great Britain, New Zealand and Worldwide
Want Used Great Britain and some Australia
Note Can trade packets of 50 to 200, smaller packets for individual countries, no problem. I use Stanley Gibbons Catalogues.

McCarty, Adam
Location London, England, UK
Offer Worldwide, US, India, Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia & Australia
Want Vietnam, French Indo-China, Laos, Cambodia---Stamps, covers, postcards, etc.
Note Willing to buy or trade.

McClenon, John
Location Virginia, USA
Offer Mint/used Worldwide, particularly early issues
Want Used Western Europe and colonies, including US, used only!!!
Note I Prefer trading.

McCune, Emily K.
Location Virginia, USA
Offer Used Romania, US, Ireland, Great Britain and other countries
Want Ireland, used pre-1980 US and Great Britain
Note E-mail me to ask if I have the country you are looking for. Also, newer US are fine for trade fillers.
Societies JPA

McDonald, Bill
Location Washington, USA
Offer Mint/used Turkey, Greece, Germany, New Zealand, USA, & China.
Want Revenue stamps from Asia, Turkey, Greece, French Colonies and the British Commonwealth, but NO Great Britain or Canada
Note I'm a part time stamp dealer. Trade by mutual agreement/buy.

McDonough, Reita
Location Tyler, Texas, USA
Offer Used Worldwide, US {early commemoratives} and Australia
Want Used Worldwide
Note I collect for the fun of writing letters to other people and being able to send them stamps. I enjoy stamp collecting!!

McGinness, Evy
Location Camden, South Carolina, USA
Offer US definitives and commemoratives
Want Scandinavian countries, Spain, Monaco, GB, Ireland, W.Europe, Japan, Central America, South America and islands
Note I prefer trading on a 1:1 basis in packets of 50. 100 (???)

McKay, Heather
Location British Columbia, Canada
Offer Used Worldwide
Want Used Worldwide and WW TOPICALS
Note General collector. Will trade in lots of 50 - 500. Topicals are most welcome.
Societies BNAPS

McKenney, Jack
Location Virginia, USA
Offer 19th Century USA covers, including Confederates, Black Jacks, Union Patriotics, Foreign Destinations, Fancy and Town Cancels Scott #1-200, Advertising and Stampless
Want Collect 'Northern Neck' of Virginia postmarked covers pre-1880, especially CSA material, & U.S. covers with Sc.1-200 addressed to U.S. naval vessels and officers.
Note Part time dealer, attend shows and auctions, so can be on the lookout for your wants. Will buy, sell or trade.
Societies APS and CSA member

McKeown, Allan
Location Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada
Offer Used Canada & Worldwide
Want Great Britain, Hong Kong, Australia, New Zealand, Bermuda, Singapore, Trinidad, Barbados and Channel Islands
Note My Internet access is only via e-mail, not the WWW!

McLaughlin, John
Location New Jersey, USA
Offer Worldwide
Want Worldwide-Anything philatelic-single stamps, sets, mint, used, covers, booklets, revenues, collections & accumulations Foreign material preferred, but I will trade for USA too!
Note I have been trading philatelic material for over 10 years now. I sell or trade. Please send your Wantlists and/or proposals.

McNeill, Lisa
Location California, USA
Offer Used U.K., USA & Worldwide, mostly off-paper. I'm willing to look for requests such as Topicals, Perfins, pre-cancels, etc.
Want Primarily: U.K., Isle of Man, Jersey, Guernsey and USA, with some interest in Worldwide
Note Trade only. I prefer 1:1 trades, or by mutual agreement. Want lists are available at my web page.

McNiven, Andrew
Location Upper Hutt, New Zealand
Offer New Zealand Postal History - machine slogans, hand datestamps, special datestamps etc New Zealand Stamps, Stamps/ Covers with a Railway theme
Want New Zealand Postal History, Stamps/Covers with a Railway theme
Note Exchange 100 NZ stamps for 100 of your country/mixed
Societies NZ Postal History Soc, Taranaki Phil Soc, Upper Hutt Phil.

McPeak, Steven
Location Tennessee, USA
Offer USA (1930-1970), Ireland, Various Topicals (e-mail for list).
Want Ireland, USA, Canada, Mexico, Topicals (e-mail for list).
Note Will trade 1:1, based on catalog value or any agreeable amount Will also buy Ireland new or used.

Medjigbodo, Djidenou
Location UK
Offer Used Worldwide, especially UK, Canada, USA, Nigeria, France, Gabon & Benin
Want Worldwide postally used (no CTOs)
Note I collect all countries!!! Don't hesitate to ask for specific stamps. Concentrating my efforts this year on Benin/Dahomey & would like to get in touch with specialists. I'll trade 1:1 in lots of 20 to 100 .
Societies Union Philatelique Internationale, Royal Mail Col.Club

Medone, Marcelo
Location Baradero, Buenos Aires, Argentina
Offer Mint/Used South America, FDC Argentine, postcards.
Want Mint/Used from Germany, Berlin. Austria, Norway, Denmark, UK, Ireland, Iceland, Finland, Alamd, Greenland, Jersey, Guernsey, Vatican City, paintings from France, sobretax, Europe and more
Note Trade 1 x 1 in packs of 200 or more. Registered mail. Can buy or sell. I'm looking for definitives from Germany and Berlin (+1949), Austria(+1970), swapping 500 x 500 or more, for Mint Used definitives from Uraguay, Argentina, Brazil, Chile etc.
Societies A.F.O

Meinhardt Lares, Augusto
Location Caracas, Venezuela
Offer MNH Venezuela & Latin American countries. Mint/used Worldwide, especially Russia, France & Great Britain. TOPICALS: Fauna, Flora, Painting, Cosmos, Space, Ships, Planes, Flags, Heraldics, Weapons, Uniforms and many others.
Want Mint/used stamps for all areas of Germany collecting.Mint/used Russia up to 1992, France & Great Britain from 1840 to present TOPICALS: Mammals, Birds, Fish, Marine Life, Reptiles, Insects Dinosaurs, Lighthouses, Flora, Bridges, Dams, Waterfalls, Space, Paintings, Weapons, Uniforms, Ships, Planes, all forms of Transportation & more--prefer them mint & in complete sets.
Note I've been a philatelist for 30 years, & I have other types of collectibles available for philatelic trading purposes too.

Meininger, Thomas A.
Location Aurora, Ontario, Canada
Offer Worldwide, especially US of all types, including perfins and pre-cancels for the period 1910-1960
Want Worldwide, with particular interest in Bulgaria
Note I'm returning to this hobby now that I've retired. I've much to learn and willing to do so. I'll sell or trade, but have no interest in buying.

Mejia-Valderrama, Sergio
Location Medellin, Colombia
Offer Mint/used Colombia
Want Used Romania and Czechoslovakia
Note Prefer trades based on Yvert & Tellier (first choice) or Scott Not Michel. I will exchange or buy.
Societies APS #184999

Mekhman, Mamedov
Location Nesher, Israel
Offer Mint/used Israel of all periods - Mint/used Germany Bund, Berlin, Saar, Danzig - West Europe & Worldwide classics and recent issues - Israel FDCs
Want Mint/used Israel +tabs up to 1952 - used Israel +tabs issued after 1985 - Germany {all areas}, USSR, Guernsey, Alderney, Isle of Man & Jersey
Note I have Wantlists available. I use the Michel Catalogues. I'll trade on a 1:1 basis, catalogue values, or by mutual agreement.

Melentyev, Alexey
Location Ulyanovsk, Russia
Offer Mint stamps & FDC of Russia, the USSR, Baltic nations & CIS (new states of the ex-USSR).
Want Mint stamps of european countries (especially architecture and EUROPA CEPT) and mint stamps of all countries (FAUNA).
Note I hope for long-time serious correspondence.
Societies Russian Philatelic Society

Melo, Nuno S.
Location Carcavelos, Portugal
Offer Portugal & ex-Portuguese Colonies (Angola, Mozambique, Macau, Cape Verde and India, TOPICALS: Animals and Plants
Want Portugal & ex-Portuguese Colonies (Angola, Mozambique, Macau, Cape Verde and India, TOPICALS: Animals and Plants
Note Trading only! No buying or selling!

Mercer, Bob
Location Canada
Offer British Commonwealth & Worldwide up to 1960, especially Canada Newfoundland & Australia
Want British Commonwealth .. mostly pre-1915, but some interest in 1915 to 1960---Worldwide pre-1915, especially USA

Merchant, Ron
Location Michigan, USA
Offer Mint hinged/used Worldwide up to 1978 issues
Want Mint (hinged OK) Worldwide up to 1980 issues TOPICALS (mint or used, hinged OK) Plants and Insects
Note I'd like to trade based on Scott catalog value. I have a list of items for sale or trade, which catalog for $2.00 or more. The list includes singles, sets and partial sets. I can send the list by E-Mail or Snail Mail.
Societies American Philatelic Society (APS) #94549 American Topical Association (ATA) Life Member #1460

Merino Megias, Juan Jose
Location Linares, Spain
Offer Used Spain and Worldwide.
Want Used Worldwide.
Note Exchange 1:1 in packets of 25-100 stamps.

Mertinelli, Guido
Location Bologna, Italy
Offer Used Italian, Scandinavian, British commemorative stamps/cash.
Want Used small islands stamps, Africa, Asiatics, Central and South America recent (90s) used stamps.
Note It's better for me to trade or buy packets of 100 or more stamps all different.

Mesquita, Fernando
Location Faro, Portugal
Offer Used Portugal
Want Used Europa CEPT from all European nations and former Portuguese colonies: Angola, Mozambique, Cape Verde & Guinea
Note I'd like to trade in packets of 25 ... no Want Lists!

Mesuere, Ronny
Location Belgium
Offer Used Worldwide, Belgium, Europe, Africa, Australia & New Zealand
Want Belgium, Scandinavia, Monaco, San Marino, Liechtenstein, Great Britain, South & Central America, Pacific Islands, Australia, New Zealand, Asia, the Caribbean and most of all interested in stamps of all countries in Africa!!
Note I collect phonecards and am open for any trades involving stamps or phonecards. Let's talk.

Metcalf, Robert L
Location Normal, IL, USA
Offer PRC of China 1980-97& limited others 50's, 60's,& 70's. Used China 1950-97, Mint SS's 1982-97. Mint USA 1930-97, no high values over $5
Want Mongolia Mint Sets, SS's,overprints,B, and C. Indonesia Mint all sets, SS's, Sheetlets, B, and J.
Note Trade at catalog value. For China Use Michael Rogers, Inc. Catalog can be view at & Scott 1998 for USA. Use catalog of your choice for Mongolia or Indonesia
Societies APS # 116210, The China Stamp Society, Inc. # 3369, ASPPP # 910

Michaelevich, Eugene
Location Canton, Massachusetts, USA
Offer Miscelaneous used worldwide from a large stock. The list of packets, separated by regions and countries is available. A small amount of mint and FDC.
Want Used Worldwide. TOPICAL: Animals
Note Batch trade 1:1 in packets of 50 - 200 is preferable. I accept want/have lists by Scott and sometimes by Michel for higher values and I am flexible.

Micheilov, Nikolay
Location Sofia, Bulgaria
Offer All the philatelic materials issued in Bulgaria {mint & used}
Want Mint Worldwide, especially Asia - TOPICALS: Fauna, Flora, Art & Sports
Note I'm 52 years old and have been collecting stamps for 30 years. I'm looking for serious collectors & trading partners.
Societies Asian Cover & Philatelic Circuit, CCCC and others.

Migunov, Nikolai
Location Texas, USA
Offer Polar covers sent from Russian bases in Arctic/Antarctic, drift stations, expeditions, nuclear icebreakers bearing post marks of polar bases, expeditions, vessels, helicopter mail, Russian Space covers and more
Want Mint Worldwide from some specific regions
Societies Member of Space Unit (USA), ASSS (GB).

Miley, Noel
Location Tasmania, Australia
Offer Mostly used Worldwide, Australia and Australian states Tasmanian post marks
Want Austro-Hungarian Empire and Austrian Republic TOPICALS: Stamps on Stamps and Maps on Stamps
Note Stamps, covers, postal history and literature, will trade or buy in singles or packets.
Societies Tasmanian Philatelic Society and Glenorchy Stamp Club

Miller, Irwin
Location Florida, USA
Offer Mint/used Worldwide sets and singles
Want Mint/used Worldwide, but especially the British Empire
Note 1997 Scott Catalogue as a trading basis
Societies APS

Miller, John
Location Pennsylvania, USA
Offer Mint/used USA and some Germany
Want I still have holes in DR, BRD, Berlin and others Especially looking for recent semi-postals from Germany
Note I have Want Lists from both Scott and Michel catalogues.
Societies Member APS, BIA, ATA, PSS, ARA

Milkus, Simon
Location Odessa, Ukraine
Offer Mint/MNH (MNH) stamps, blocks, mini-sheets, FDC's, postal stationery of Ukraine, Belarus & new ex-USSR countries USSR
Want Mint Worldwide full sets & FDC's
Note Exchange on catalogue basis of your choice. I use the Yvert & Michel catalogues. I'm flexible. Also offer other collectibles including banknotes. Please, visit my webpage.
Societies Stamporama (USA)

Milli, Roberto
Location Genoa, Italy
Offer Mint Worldwide TOPICAL sets - Some Europe and Worldwide sets - Italy, Vatican, San Marino and France
Want Mint Worldwide TOPICAL sets - French, Dutch & British Colonies used Europe {1996-1998}, mint/used Japan - Australia, Iceland, Greenland, Israel, Finland, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Canada, New Zealand and Hong Kong
Note I'm not a dealer, but prefer to trade in large quantities, on a catalogue basis, or by mutual agreement.

Milonopoulos, Michael
Location Athens, Attica, Greece
Offer Mint/used Greece singles and FDCs---and used Worldwide
Want Worldwide, especially used Australia, Europe and the Americas except for the US & Canada
Note I'm a part-time stamp dealer & full time computer programmer. Catalog value for cat.value, Yvert for Yvert. For Greece I use a Greek catalog.

Ming, See Chi
Location Hong Kong
Offer Great Britain and Hong Kong
Want Great Britain, pre-1890 QV for plate reconstruction & revenues
Note Will buy, sell or trade. Want list available.

Mingzhi, He
Location Haikou, Hainan, P.R.China
Offer Mint China against your needs or want list
Want Mint stamps and Used covers or letter card with "A" picture of TOPICAL: Emblem, worldwide
Note I am only interested in TOPICAL: Emblem I can mail you F.D.C. of our new issues.

Miralda Inigo, Jordi
Location Barcelona, Spain
Offer Mint Netherlands, Switzerland and Liechtenstein
Want Mint/used Spain and Worldwide
Note I buy worldwide used phonecards

Mitchell, Chuck
Location Jacksonville, Florida, USA
Offer Cash
Want TOPICAL items re: X-ray, Radiology, Roentgen and the Curies I'm looking for full sheets, FDCs, covers, artist proofs and postal stationery. No singles or atomic energy items needed.
Note I also collect original autographs & letters on my topics.
Societies APS, ATA, ATA medical subjects Unit and ATA Chemistry & Physics Unit.

Mitchell, Joe
Location Niles, Illinois, USA
Offer Used US (past 50-75 years) & recent US FDCs - Worldwide (past 50-75 years) - Just ask me, I might have it
Want Used US from the past 10-15 years, the more recent, the better
Note Will trade stamps, in packs of 25 or more, prefer NO duplicates, but will deal with one or two. Trade FDCs one for one. I have no recent US stamps in my collection! HELP!

Modliszewski, Alan
Location Huntington, West Virginia, USA
Offer MNH USA Regular issue after 1902/ MNH USA Commemoratives after 1930 /MNH USA Airmail, Special Delivery, and Back of the Book/MNH Poland, Marienwerder, Allenstein, Eastern Silesia, and Central Lithuania.
Want MNH F/VF to VF ONLY !! 19th Century USA Regular Issue to Scott #219
Note My collection is extensive with many rare items to trade. My Polish Collection is of the same caliber. Please contact me to trade 1998 catalog for 1998 catalog (Scott, Michel or Gibbons) if you are a serious collector.
Societies Member #1297 0f the American Philatelic Society

Modricker, John
Location Indiana, USA
Offer Used Worldwide
Want Mint Somalia, Kenya, Ethiopia/Abyssinia, especially Somalia
Note Primary interest: African Continent

Moerkeberg, Thomas
Location Jelling, Denmark
Offer Mint/used Denmark, Greenland & Faroes. DK & Scandinavian perfins. Private railway, bus, freight & tax stamps from DK.
Want Worldwide Perfins. Pre-1950 DK postal history. Scandinavian private railroad, bus, ship and tax stamps.
Note I'll buy, sell, or trade. My father is looking for early DK and especially Bosnia/Austria.
Societies Syd-Vest Esbjerg (DK), Dansk perfin samlerklub, The Perfin Society (GB) and many more.

Moffat, Robert
Location Michigan, USA
Offer Mint/used USA, Used Canada and Mint Israel
Want Mint/used Ireland
Note Negotiate as you wish on all others.

Moller, Henning
Location Denmark
Offer Europe, mostly Denmark, Germany, Great Britain, Ireland, Poland and Hungary
Want Europe, Australia, North America and South America

Mollitt, Carl
Location Pennsylvania, USA
Offer Albania, Bavaria, Belgium, Bosnia-Her., Brazil, Lithuania, DDR Cyprus, Danzig, Ethiopia, Fiume, Germany, Berlin, Gold Coast, Hong Kong, Iran, Italy, Korea, Lybia, Liberia, Portugal, Syria Russia (early), Siam, UN, Vatican, Vietnam, N.Borneo & Morocco
Want Caribbean Islands, Belize, British Antarctic, British Columbia, Vancouver Island, Falkland Islands, Fiji Islands, Norfolk Island, Papua New Guinea, Christmas Island, Marshall Islands, S. Georgia, Nova Scotia, Newfoundland and Prince Edward Island
Note What I have to offer is from earlier periods.

Moncada Castro, Carlos Enrique
Location Tegucigalpa, Honduras
Offer Stamps from Honduras and other countries.
Want Europe ans South America.
Note Only used stamps.

Mongan, Arthur J.
Location Maryland, USA
Offer Worldwide (mostly used)
Want Merchant trading stamps and collecting booklets. These were given with purchases and were usually redeemed for premiums
Note Have 60+ year accumulation of postage stamps
Societies ARA, SRS, CS&CSS, SRTC, APS, others

Mongkolluck, Krisana
Location Bangkok, Thailand
Offer Mint Thailand
Want Mint/used Worldwide
Note I'd like to trade on a 1:1 basis, in packets of up to 50.

Monteiro, Frederico
Location Portela, Portugal
Offer Used Portugal, Angola and others
Want Used Portugal, Angola and TOPICALS: related to the Sea, such as Fish, Whales, Shells and more
Note Please check my web page for more details on my offers.

Monteiro, Milton
Location Sao Paulo, Brazil
Offer Mint/used Brazil and used Worldwide
Want TOPICAL: Astronomy (mint) & used worldwide, especially Europe
Note Will buy or trade.
Societies #1286 Sociedade Philatelica Paulista (SPP)

Montfort Roura, Tomas
Location Barcelona, Spain
Offer Used Spain and mint series from 1958 of Spain and Andorra
Want Used Worldwide
Note I like to use Wantlists and trade on a 1:1 basis.

Moore, Brian
Location Singapore
Offer Worldwide, including TOPICALS: WWF sets, Olympic Games, Animals, Birds--Pacific Nations (including NZ, Australia and all islands) Antarctica, foreign (especially Eastern Europe); New Issues for Asia, Australasia and the Pacific Islands
Want Timor, Macau, Hong Kong, stamps and commercial mail
Note I'm a dealer, and will buy, sell or trade.

Moore, Daniel
Location Rangiora, North Canterbury, New Zealand
Offer MNH New Zealand, mint/used from early to recent issues, First Day Covers, Errors, Varieties - Australia, Great Britain & US
Want New Zealand MNH/mint/used
Note I'm a dealer & will buy & sell NZ & trade others. I'd like to trade Australia, Great Britain & US on a 1:1 basis for NZ. Will trade by catalogue values as well. I'm flexible! I'll work with Wantlists for NZ & mine are available upon request.

Moorer, Peter
Location Groningen, The Netherlands
Offer Mint/used Europe, South America and Worldwide
Want Used (pre-1950) South-America, Portugal and Malta Specialized publications
Note Like to trade one for one or packets. Use Michel, Yvert & some specialized catalogues (Afinsa (port.), Kneitchel (arg.) and Ciari (Uruguay).
Societies LACA (Dutch Society for South-America), IBERIA

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