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December 20th, 1998 Update

Some recent comments from David Gurevitz of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil:

"The STL does a very good job of stimulating many people to collect stamps again. As you probably know, philately was becoming less popular in much of the world. It was difficult to find traders to help us with foreign stamps.

Now, with the help of the STL, I've made many good trades, and improved my collection quite a bit over the 15 months I've been listed with the STL.

I've been in touch with many old stamp collectors, here in Brazil, who have never used a PC, and showing them the advantage of using a PC and connecting with the 'Net, and using the STL to improve their collections too. Thank you very much for making the STL available to us."

Some...October 1997...comments from Gina Philip of Portugal:

"Not only did I start collecting actively again...thanks to the STL...but I've also made some dear friends. I correspond with them on a very regular basis, besides exchanging stamps. So you see that the STL helps to bring people together, on a truly worldwide basis. Therefore, I suggest that all stamp collectors become members of the STL! Who knows what such things might do for World Peace?"

Michele Giordano made the following comments on January 31st, 1997:

"Thank you for the STL. It's great!! In one year I've almost completed a US collection, from 1930 to 1980, (without spending a cent, except for postage!). Another important thing I've noticed is that a lot of me...started collecting again after finding the STL on the Internet. I think the STL has contributed to helping philately to survive!!!"

Balsells, JaumeDELETED

Dar, TaimurDELETED

Forbes, DanDELETED

Fligg, MikeDELETED

Forsberg, IrisDELETED

Fracchia, AllenDELETED

Friend, FrancoisDELETED

Fristad, JanDELETED


Gelder, Harry deDELETED

Gerecz, MiklosDELETED

Glasner, IllanDELETED

Gorberg, SamuelDELETED

Grainger, Mike & sons: Devon & MorganDELETED

Green, DawnDELETED

Grill, YuvalDELETED


Heinrich, PerryDELETED

Herrera Parada, Luis IlianDELETED

Herrero-Machado, Mario AntonioDELETED

Hong, GuanlunDELETED

Humphreys, DaveDELETED

Hung, Mark WengDELETED

Irwin, DennisDELETED

Jacobs, BernardDELETED

Jansz, CorinneDELETED

Jorgensen, Torben MehlDELETED

Keong, Teo WeiDELETED

Kolata, John D.DELETED

Krebs, WilliamDELETED

Kuriyama, JuanDELETED

Lakusta, AlDELETED

Lang, Robert F.DELETED



Lindqvist, PerDELETED


Lyons, William H.DELETED

MacKay, CarolDELETED

Martin, Reuben L.DELETED

Melanson, RheaDELETED

Mertens, MarcDELETED

Razpet, AndrejDELETED

Santos, Fabio ContiDELETED

Tee, Aik HongDELETED

Alcanzare, VickyNEW E-MAIL ADDRESS
Location Manila, Philippines
Offer Mint/used 1942-1949, Japanese Occupation, Victory series, post cards, and first day covers
Want Worldwide TOPICALS: Everything related to Religions, such as Angels, Shrines, Churches and related themes--Art, especially artworks of great artists
Note Prefer to trade in packets of 25 different, but I'm flexible.

Athina, ToumpariNEW ENTRY
Location Xanthi, Greece
Offer Used Greece and Worldwide
Want Used Worldwide and/or your country
Note I'm a new collector.

Barnes, PeterNEW ENTRY
Location Brampton, Ontario, Canada
Offer Used Worldwide, especially Canada, Spain, Scandanavia, Japan and Europe
Want Used Commemoratives from last 25 years from Africa, Asia, Central and South America
Note I like to trade packets of 150, on a 1:1 basis.

Bergsma, AldoMODIFIED
Location Wageningen, The Netherlands
Offer Used Worldwide, Netherlands, Germany & Great Britain
Want Used Worldwide, especially Asia, Latin America
Note Trade 1:1 or by wantlist (Michel) Also looking for a recent issue of Scott World catalogues, any offers???
Societies Greek Stamp Federation & de Globe, The Netherlands

Brousseau, StephaneNEW ENTRY
Location Quebec, Canada
Offer Worldwide TOPICALS: Animals, Transportation, Space, Flowers and Art
Want Used Australia & Great Britain - TOPICALS: Disney & Olympics
Note I'd like to trade complete sets.

Buys, FanieNEW ENTRY
Location Gauteng, South Africa
Offer Used South Africa, South West Africa, Zimbabwe also former South African Homelands: Transkei, Bophuthatswana, Venda and First Day Covers and Miniature sheets
Want Used Worldwide and/or from your country - Prefer colourful stamps - TOPICALS: Children, Bicycles and Trains
Note I'm just a trader and love stamp collecting. I will trade on a 1:1 basis in packets of 50. I do not have any catalogues. If you want to buy anything, we will have to negotiate.

Castro Grispo, AlvaroNEW ENTRY
Location Lima, Peru
Offer Used Peru phonecards {pictorials/topicals}
Want Used Worldwide of the last 6 years, especially West Europe, Australasia and Africa
Note I'm interested in large quantities. All offers are welcome.
Societies Sociedad Peruana de Filatelia Tematica

Chee Yuen, AuNEW ENTRY
Location Singapore
Offer Mint TOPICALS: WWF, Flora & Fauna - Recent mint Singapore, Macau, Hong Kong, China, Indonesia, Sweden, New Zealand, Isle of Man and Australia
Want Mint Worldwide TOPICALS: WWF, Hummingbirds, Parrots, Birds of Paradise, Birds of Prey, Whales, Dolphins, Penguins, Turtles, Wild Cats, Orchids, Roses, Mountains, Rivers, Waterfalls and Lighthouses - US, South America & Antarctic Fauna issues
Note I only collect issues in mint complete sets. My primary focus is trading on a 1:1 basis, but I will sell my offers.

Clode, NunoNEW ENTRY
Location Lisbon, Portugal
Offer Used Portugal, Azores, Madeira, Great Britain, France, West Germany and Switzerland
Want Used Portugal, Great Britain, France, Norway, West Germany and West Berlin
Note I'd like to trade on an Yvert-Tellier catalogue value basis.

Conti Santos, FabioNEW ENTRY
Location Sao Paulo, Brazil
Offer Used Brazil Commemoratives the past 25 years - some Worldwide
Want Worldwide commemoratives, especially East Europe, Middle East and Asia, but not exclusively
Note I'll respond to all E-mails.
Societies American Philatelic Society & others

Denier, LauraNEW ENTRY
Location Mundolsheim, France
Offer Mint recent France issues
Want Worldwide TOPICALS: Book Heroes {i.e. Tom Sawyer: Mark Twain} - Worldwide
Note I'm a 15 year old collector.

Engelbrecht, LarsNEW ENTRY
Location Denmark
Offer Used Denmark singles and Mint/used postal stationery
Want Used Denmark postal stationery {1871-1905}

Filipovic, PredragMODIFIED
Location Rijeka, Croatia
Offer Used Croatia..all issues of 1991-1998, some early Croatia from from 1941-1945 & most ex-Yugoslavia of the 1950-1990 period
Want Used Australia, US and West Europe
Note I prefer trading on a Wantlist basis, with similar amounts of catalog value. I use the Michel catalogue, but if you use other catalogues, I'll leave the accounting up to you.

Franco, FranciscoNEW ENTRY
Location Maracaibo, Venezuela
Offer Spain TOPICALS
Want TOPICALS: Soccer, Sports and Olympics

Freier, BabettMODIFIED
Location Koenigswalde, Germany
Offer Europe and Worldwide, mainly Germany, GDR and East Europe
Want Pacific & Carribean Islands, Albania, former Soviet republics, Azores, Belize, Brunei, Ciskei, Transkei, Faroes, Madeira and French Guyana
Note I do not buy or sell! I trade on a 1:1 basis.

Freshwater, EricMODIFIED
Location Kwa-Zulu, Natal, South Africa
Offer Worldwide, especially US, South Africa, Germany and Great Britain, with an assortment of WW Revenue stamps as well
Want Used Switzerland and Germany, but not DDR
Note I use the Gibbons and Michel catalogues. I trade on a 1:1 basis for commons and catalogue value for higher values. Let me know your wants, if they aren't included in my offers, as I might be able to help.

Fuis, VladimirMODIFIED
Location Brno, Czech Republic
Offer MNH/used & FDCs of Czechoslovakia, Czech Republic & Slovakia MNH/used Poland, Romania, Hungary, Bulgaria, East Germany {DDR} & USSR - All TOPICALS from those nations - Used US, West Europe and Worldwide
Want MNH Worldwide TOPICAL: Fish
Note I like trading on a Michel catalogue basis, but I'm flexible. I will sell too. My Wantlist is available via e-mail, upon request and on my WWW page.
Societies Czech Philatelic Society

Gagnon, GillesNEW ENTRY
Location Montreal, Quebec, Canada
Offer Used Canada, both old and recent
Want Used France and US
Note I'd like to trade on a catalogue value basis.

Galinskii, EvgeniiNEW ENTRY
Location Moscow, Russia
Offer Mint/used Russia, East Europe & West Europe
Want Worldwide TOPICAL: railways
Note Trade on a 1:1 basis, in packets of 25 or 50. Will sell at Michel or Scott catalogue values.

Goossen, HansMODIFIED
Location The Netherlands
Offer Used Netherlands and Worldwide
Want Used Greece, Italy, Spain, East Europe, Sweden, Denmark, Cuba, Norway, Baltic States, Finland, Iceland, Germany, Canada, US, Australia, Egypt, Philippines, New Zealand, Thailand, India, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, South Africa, Burkina Faso, Costa Rica and Nicaragua - TOPICALS: Volleyball, Elephants, Christoper Columbus and American Presidents
Note I'd like to trade on a 1:1 basis.

Graney, BillNEW ENTRY
Location California, USA
Offer British Commonwealth, especially Malta, Australasia & Ireland - Vatican City Covers
Want New Zealand - Adson & Postal Fiscals
Societies APS, Vatican Philatelic Society & RNZPS

Guay, Patrick-JeanNEW ENTRY
Location Montreal, Quebec, Canada
Offer Used Canada
Want Used Vatican, Monaco, Japan, US, France, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Germany, Switzerland, Netherlands, Austria, Great Britain and the British Commonwealth
Note I speak French and English.

Haldane, BrianMODIFIED
Location Australia
Offer Australia & New Zealand Frama's, Australia Meters, New Zealand Covers with Inkjet cancellations {Rich in slogans}
Want Frama's on commercial Covers, Meters {pre-1950} on Cover, TOPICAL meters on Cover {air travel}, New Zealand Inkjet cancels on Cover - British Cyprus to 1983, on commercial Cover - Fine used, MNH & MH overprinted SPECIMEN
Note I'm looking for the following pre-1960 catalogues: Atandard, SG Commonwealth, SG Simplified, Robson Lowe Regent, world, Ackland.
Societies FRAMA & CPS Study Group - Queensland; FRAMA & Machine Printed Study Group - South Australia

Heindorff, Ann MetteNEW E-MAIL ADDRESS
Location Farum, Denmark
Offer Used Worldwide and MNH/used Denmark
Want Used Worldwide - TOPICALS: Joy, Happiness and Scouting used USSR before 1991, used Russia after 1991 & Baltic States, preferably pre-World War II
Note Prefer to trade in packets of 25 or more, on a 1:1 basis, but other trading models can be agreed on.

Location Quebec, Canada
Offer Mint/used Canada - US, France, Germany, Great Britain, Cuba, UN, Switzerland and some Worldwide
Want France {classic used}, Germany, Reich {German states & Berlin no DDR} pre-1970 - US {classic used} and Canada precancels
Note Accept all classic stamps with special cancellation for USA, Canada & France {Singles, post cards, Covers NORMANDIE et le HAVRE}. I prefer to trade with Scott, Yvert or Michel based Wantlists, or 1:1, trading Canada for French or USA classics.
Societies APS # 187728

Hocking, FrancesNEW ENTRY
Location Redford, Michigan, USA
Offer Mostly used Worldwide
Want Worldwide
Note I'd like to trade on a 1:1 basis.

Hoflund, BertMODIFIED
Location Sweden
Offer Mint/used Sweden and First Day Covers
Want Used Estonia stamps, covers & postmarks - used USSR & Russia stamps, covers & postal stationery - TOPICAL: Working people
Societies Swedish Philatelic Society #27985

Ibrahim, ZainalNEW ENTRY
Location Ampang, Selangor, Malaysia
Offer Used recent Malaysia
Want Used Worldwide
Note I'd like to trade on a 1:1 basis

Jobst, PatrickNEW ENTRY
Location Austria
Offer Used Germany, Berlin & Austria - Mint USSR & UN {Vienna}
Want Europe, US, Canada and Australia
Note Trade in packets of 100 or 200, on a Michel catalogue basis.

Johnsen, KjellNEW ENTRY
Location Sarpsborg, Norway
Offer Used Norway stamps & Covers - TOPICAL: Mushrooms
Want TOPICAL: Mushrooms Stamps & covers with mushroom in meter or cancellation

Juaini, Indira-Patra A.NEW ENTRY
Location Zamboanga City, Philippines
Offer Mint/used Philippines
Want Mint/used Worldwide
Note I'd like to trade Philippine stamps for those of your country. I'll do my best to provide any Philippine stamps. I'm also willing to accept coins in trade for my offers. I'd like to trade on a 1:1 basis, used for used, mint for mint.

Kam Shing, Tony LeeNEW ENTRY
Location Selangor, Malaysia
Offer Mint/used Malaysia singles, Miniature Sheets, FDCs, Souvenir Sheets and Covers
Want Mint singles & Miniature Sheets from tiny nations such as Nauru, Brunei, Tuvalu, Grenada, Bermuda, Tonga, Solomon Is., Faeroes, Aland, Maldives, Seychelles, Andorra, Kiribati, Palau, Liechtenstein, Barbados and San Marino

Katranovsky, Valentin A.MODIFIED
Location Moscow, Russia
Offer Used USSR, East Europe, Australia & New Zealand - Mint USSR & modern Russia
Want Used British Commonwealth from 1901 to present
Note Will trade on a 1:1 basis in packets of 50 or 100, or buy using mint USA stamps as a medium of exchange.
Societies Moscow Philatelic Club

Location Hedensted, Denmark
Offer Mostly used Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Greenland and Iceland
Want Used Thailand singles and mint/used Thai minisheets - Norway Franking Labels
Societies Danish and Norwegian Philatelist Union

Kennedy, DanNEW ENTRY
Location Lexington, Kentucky, USA
Offer Worldwide, especially Germany, US, Italy, Australia and The Netherlands - Some TOPICALS available in packets
Want Worldwide, Germany, Korea and Italy - TOPICALS: Dogs & Bugs
Note The Topical wants are for my 8 year old daughter, Sarah. I'm too busy to work with Wantlists, and would like to trade on a 1:1 basis with packets by country or $100 catalog value or so. I have packets of 500 & 1000 different US commemoratives.
Societies APS and local stamp clubs

King, StephenNEW ENTRY
Location Sudbury, England, UK
Offer Mostly MNH TOPICALS: Dinosaurs & Prehistoric Animals, singles and Postcards
Want TOPICALS: Dinosaurs & Prehistoric Animals singles, FDCs, Booklets, Postcards and anything remotely connected with prehistoric life & philately

Location Czech Republic
Offer Used Worldwide, especially Czechoslovakia, US, Canada, Japan, Australia and Europe
Want Used African countries, Iceland, Greenland, Ireland, Norway, ex-USSR countries, Pacific Islands, Channel Islands and many other countries
Note I prefer to trade on a 1:1 basis, in packets of 100 or more.

Kosnik, MitjaNEW ENTRY
Location Kranj, Slovenia
Offer Mint/used Slovenia, ex Yugoslavia & Worldwide TOPICALS
Want Mint/used Worldwide TOPICALS, complete sets or quantity
Note I'll buy, sell or trade on a 1:1 basis, or by catalog values.

Kreivys, DariusMODIFIED
Location Vilnius, Lithuania
Offer MNH Baltic States, West Europe, North Vietnam, North Korea, Thailand, Japan, PRC, China and Taiwan
Want Manchuria Local overprint {1945-47}, China & China's Liberated areas
Note Willing to trade or buy.
Societies APS#185684, CSS#4097, CPSL, ISJP#5400 and LPS#1842

Krivickas, KestutisMODIFIED
Location Vilnius, Lithuania
Offer Pre-independent Lithuania
Want Denmark, Iceland, Ireland, Asia countries and Norway WW FDCs & commercial covers {sports & fauna}
Note I'm also interested in viewcards and basketball cards. I seek friendship with other collectors.

Kwok Keung, HoNEW ENTRY
Location Hong Kong
Offer Hong Kong, P.R. China, Macau and TOPICAL: WWF
Want Macau - TOPICALS: WWF, Scouts, Bees and Bee-keeping

Ladefoged, ClausMODIFIED
Location Raleigh, North Carolina, USA
Offer Used Europe, Worldwide, former Yugoslavia & Denmark
Want Greenland, Danish West Indies, Christian X type and Karavel type from Denmark
Note The Danish West Indies are my #1 area of collecting interest.
Societies Danish Philatelic Society, Scandinavian Collectors Club USA, DWI study Unit, USA

Lallena Gonzalez, Miguel AngelNEW E-MAIL ADDRESS
Location Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Canary Islands, Spain
Offer Used Spain, W. Europe, Scandinavia, Canada, Australia - World wide TOPICALS: Christmas, Europe Cept, Butterflies and Birds
Want Used Canada, France, West Germany, Australia, Berlin, Portugal Austria, Switzerland, Scandinavian, Portugal, The Netherlands & Great Britain. TOPICALS: Xmas-Europe CEPT-Butterflies-Birds
Note Will trade 1:1 in lots of 100 or more. High values trade based on equal Yvert or Michel catalogue values. I would like to exchange Wantlists.

Lemos Carolino, Joao HenriqueNEW ENTRY
Location Cascais, Portugal
Offer Used Worldwide and TOPICALS
Want TOPICAL: Sports
Note Can trade on a 1:1 or catalog basis.
Societies Club Filatelico de Portugal

Litz, Bengt-OlofMODIFIED
Location Staffanstorp, Sweden
Offer Mint/used Greece and some used Sweden
Want Mint Classic Greece, overprinted Greece & New Territories like Epirus, Crete, Thrace, Aegean and Ionian Islands, Dodecaneses and likewise unused if possible
Societies Swedish Philatelic Association

Lowe, EdwardMODIFIED
Location Springfield, Illinois, USA
Offer Common US singles, plate blocks & a few Souvenir sheets and booklet panes
Want Mint UN {NY} singles after 1980 - Recent used UN {NY} singles UN {NY} mint cancelled Souvenir cards - Philatelic Exhibition cinderella's - Wilkinsburg, PA Stamp Club Souvenir Sheets

Mansfield, EdNEW ENTRY
Location Rochester, Minnesota, USA
Offer Mint/used US and Worldwide
Want Czechoslovakia {pre 1980}, mint/used 19th century US, mint/used pre-1980 Japan and Yugoslavia
Note Would like to trade on a Scott Catalogue value basis.
Societies APS

Markvoort, WouterMODIFIED
Location Netherlands
Offer Mostly used Worldwide
Want Used British Empire (pre-independence), Canada, Australia, New Zealand and South Africa
Note Trade lower values 1:1 in lots of 100. Trade or sell higher values, or by mutual agreement. Use SG or Michel catalogs. Wantlists & Havelists available at homepage or on request.

Martins Reis, Carlos AlbertoNEW ENTRY
Location Bahia, Brazil
Offer Mint Brazil singles, complete sets & blocks - WW TOPICAL sets
Want Mint West Europe, South America & Southeast Asia singles, sets and blocks - TOPICALS: Fauna, Flora, Europe and America-UPAEP
Note I'd like to find trading parters who wish to trade by catalog values. I prefer Yvert, but I can use Michel and Scott too.

Meininger, Thomas A.NEW ENTRY
Location Aurora, Ontario, Canada
Offer Worldwide, especially US of all types, including perfins and pre-cancels for the period 1910-1960
Want Worldwide, with particular interest in Bulgaria
Note I'm returning to this hobby now that I've retired. I've much to learn and willing to do so. I'll sell or trade, but have no interest in buying.

Mongkolluck, KrisanaNEW ENTRY
Location Bangkok, Thailand
Offer Thailand, China, Malaysia, Sweden, US, Denmark and France
Want Worldwide
Note I'd like to trade on a 1:1 basis in packets of up to 50.

Location Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
Offer MNH British Commonwealth commemorative sets and S/Sheets, 1960 to 1985
Want MNH British Commonwealth sets, from 1985 to present
Note I've been a part-time dealer for 18 years, and will be happy to make fair trades. I'm willing to buy, trade or sell, on a Scott catalogue or mutually acceptable basis.
Societies Winnipeg Philatelic Society

Nielsen, Erling S.NEW ENTRY
Location Odense, Denmark
Offer Denmark and most West Europe nations
Want Russia and Baltic States stamps & special issues, letters etc. - Also East Europe stamps
Note I'm willing to buy, sell and trade.

Nurarif, IskakNEW ENTRY
Location Jakarta, Indonesia
Offer Indonesia, Singapore, Thailand & P.R. China recent issues MNH Worldwide TOPICALS: WWF, Fauna, Dogs, Birds, Airplanes, Wild animals, Fish and Ships in complete sets
Want Worldwide TOPICALS: Birds, Fish, Dogs, Wild animals, Pandas, WWF, Fauna, Airplanes and Ships
Note I'm willing to buy, sell or trade and would like to exchange worldwide for new issues on a foreign exchange basis for mint issues, and for older issues on a catalogue value basis.
Societies PFI (Indonesia) and the American Philatelic Society

Pappas, GeorgeNEW ENTRY
Location Burlington, Ontario, Canada
Offer Used Canada & Worldwide
Want Used Greece & Cyprus
Note Prefer to trade on a 1:1 basis in packets of 50 or more.
Societies Burlington Stamp Club

Pinan-Lucarre, PascalNEW ENTRY
Location Lille, France
Offer France & Worldwide Covers, with cancellations {postmarks and railway cancellations}
Want France & Worldwide Covers, with special cancellations, mainly railway cancellations
Note Please check my web page for covers I have available to trade. Trades arranged by mutual agreement.
Societies Mobile Post office Society {USA}, Union Marcophile-France

Puhr, StankoNEW ENTRY
Location Maribor, Slovenia
Offer Used Slovenia, Austria, Croatia & Worldwide - Mint Yugoslavia issued from 1960 to 1990
Want Used Japan, Australia, Canada, Belgium, Netherlands, Brazil, Thailand, Morroco, Israel, India, Taiwan and Argentina Switzerland {only Swiss stamps issued after 1997} International years 1975, 1981, 1983, 1985 and Europa issues
Note I'm ready to trade picture-post cards {10 picture-post cards for 100 stamps} & phonecards {10 phonecards for 200 stamps}.
Societies Slovenia Philatelic Society

Raanes, PerNEW ENTRY
Location Holmsund Sweden
Offer Used Sweden, Norway, Denmark & Ireland - Mint/used Channel Islands singles and FDCs
Want Used Philippines, Gibraltar, Malta & Hong Kong singles and miniature sheets
Note Trade by Michel catalogue values or on a 1:1 basis. I'm flexible and I'm an amateur collector.
Societies SFF

Ratcliff, StanNEW ENTRY
Location Lacey, Washington, USA
Offer Worldwide
Want Worldwide, as long as they are listed in the Scott Catalogues
Note I have a large Worldwide collection and am interested in just about anything. I prefer to trade, but will sell.

Rellosa, Marlon S.NEW ENTRY
Location Zamboanga City, Philippines
Offer Philippines
Want Worldwide and/or your country
Note I've just started collecting and look forward to hearing from and working out trades with other collectors.

Location Germany
Offer Used Germany and Worldwide
Want Used Worldwide

Rutkauskas, PetrasNEW ENTRY
Location Vilnius, Lithuania
Offer Mint/used DDR, USSR, Baltic States and ex-USSR
Want Lithuania from 1918 to 1940
Note Trade on a Michel catalogue basis, or on a 1:1 basis in lots of 100 to 500 different used stamps.

Schmal, LesNEW ENTRY
Location Sandton, South Africa
Offer South Africa, Southern African nations & most of Europe
Want Greece, Netherlands, Scandinavia, Hong Kong, Malaysia, New Zealand, Australia and Singapore
Note I prefer to exchange by Wantlists and on the basis of equal catalogue values. I use Michel, Gibbons and Yang catalogues.
Societies Founder member of Sandton Philtelic Society in 1983

Silviu, SegallNEW ENTRY
Location Tel Aviv, Israel
Offer Israel & Romania stamps & FDCs - Israel ATM labels
Want Worldwide ATM Automatic vending machine stamps {Klussendorf, Frama or ...labels) - Mint/used Worldwide singles & FDCs

Strydom, EdwinNEW ENTRY
Location Durban, South Africa
Offer Mint/used South Africa - Mint homelands, South West Africa and Namibia
Want Mint/used US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand & Great Britain
Note Used 1 for 1 in packets of 25 or 50. Mint by arrangement.
Societies East London and Natal Philatelic Societies

Taylor, James R. (Jim)NEW ENTRY
Location Calgary, Alberta, Canada
Offer Mint/used Canada, French Colonies, St. Pierre & Miquelong and Worldwide singles and covers
Want Everything from St. Pierre & Miquelon, including pre-stamp covers, Proofs, Essays, Errors, Varieties, Colour trials, rate covers, imperforate pairs, censored covers, air mail & French Colonies general issues postmarked at St. Pierre
Note I also publish the "St. Pierre & Miquelon Specialized Stamp Catalogue" and I am editor of the "St. Pierre & Miquelon Philatelic Journal". Please send me any news or discoveries for St. Pierre and Miquelon.
Societies St. Pierre & Miquelon Philatelic Society, RPSC, BNAPS, APS & am a Life member of the Calgary Philatelic Society

Tee, DanielNEW ENTRY
Location Butterworth, Penang, Malaysia
Offer Malaysia and Worldwide
Want New Zealand, Australia and Hong Kong
Note I'm just starting my Hong Kong collection.

Tomei, GiuseppeNEW ENTRY
Location Rome, Italy
Offer Mint/used Italy from 1880 to 1998
Want Italy Covers and Postcards

Tracey, Sean A.NEW ENTRY
Location Orleans, Ontario, Canada
Offer US & UN Mint/Mint blocks circa 1950-1960s - Used Canada and Worldwide - recent mint US
Want Mint/used Spanish Sahara and Morocco - TOPICAL: Firefighting
Note I'm willing to buy or trade.

Uitz, MartinNEW ENTRY
Location Austria
Offer Used Worldwide, especially Austria, Germany, Switzerland, Belgium, Netherlands, Luxemburg, Liechtenstein, Italy, Nepal and UN-Vienna...Mostly from recent years including new issues
Want Used Worldwide, especially all Asia, Africa & Pacific nations - Europe nations include Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Portugal, Ireland, Great Britain, Iceland, Sweden, Aland, Finland, France, Andorra, Monaco, San Marino, Croatia, Macedonia, Bosnia & Herzogovina, Greece, Cyprus and the Baltic States
Note Will trade for stamps in good condition on a 1:1, or catalog value basis. I use the Michel & have some Wantlists available.
Societies Tutmondo, Salzburg, Austria

Van Cakenbergh, MarnixNEW ENTRY
Location Dendermonde, Belgium
Offer Belgium, Belgian ex-colonials, Luxembourg and Worldwide
Want Worldwide...any stamp I don't already have
Note I have a strong interest in Worldwide phonecards and have Belgian & Worldwide phonecards to offer in trade.

van der Wielen, PaulMODIFIED
Location Bakel, Noord-Brabant, the Netherlands
Offer The Netherlands and Denmark, British Commonwealth {Australia, New Zealand, Canada & India}, Africa and some Worldwide
Want West Africa and Subsahara Africa {pre and post colonial}
Note Like trading packets of 50, 100, 150 or 200 on a 1:1 basis. Trades with Wantlists are possible.

Vilaboa, Jose BernardezMODIFIED
Location Santiago de Compostela, Spain
Offer Used Spain, West Europe and Worldwide
Want Used France, Italy, Germany, Great Britain, US, Japan, Monaco, Australia, San Marino and Vatican

Virstuk, Donald M.NEW ENTRY
Location Richmond, British Columbia, Canada
Offer Used Canada commemoratives (in sets & singles) & definitives - Worldwide, mostly from 1930 to 1940
Want Worldwide especially Australia & New Zealand - For my 13 year old challenged daughter, Theresa, TOPICAL: Animals - Any and all used Canada se-tenant pairs and blocks
Note I'm a 48 year old, who for the past 5 years has been active collecting and cataloguing the different combinations of the Canadian se-tenant issues. I hope to publish my findings in a year or so. All e-mail accepted and replied to, ASAP!

Walker, EddieNEW ENTRY
Location England, UK
Offer Scandinavia, Austria, Great Britain, British Commonwealth and Worldwide, mainly used
Want Mint/used Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Finland and Baltic States
Note I'd like to trade small packets on a 1:1 basis for fun. For mint stamps, I would be happy to send 2:1 or 3:1 for those that I need. I also have some coins to offer.

Weng Hung, MarkNEW ENTRY
Location Sungai Buloh, Selangor, Malaysia
Offer Malaysia, Singapore, & Hong Kong singles & FDCs - Worldwide
Want Peoples Republic of China {PRC}, Singapore, Hongkong, Macau, Germany and Latin America
Societies Philatelic Society of Malaysia

Wynkoop, Peter D.NEW ENTRY
Location Perth Amboy, New Jersey, USA
Offer Mint/used Worldwide, but no Iron Curtain nations
Want Portuguese Colonies, especially African {pre-independence}, I prefer complete sets, but will take singles if I need them
Note I'll offer double 1997 Scott catalogue value for all stamps that I keep from your packets. I recently sold my collection, but missed collecting, so I'm back in action again. I'm interested in just about anything of a philatelic nature.
Societies APS #118809, China Stamp Society, ARA and ATA

Zalewski, Michael W.NEW ENTRY
Location Montreal, Quebec, Canada
Offer Mint Canada {1970's-1990's} and used Canada {1940's-1990's}
Want common squared circle Canada postmarks RF 1-5
Note Found on common stamps Scott #35-37, 41, 44, 53 & up. Found especially on the Admiral issues.

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